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Its a short Joe story.If you cant tell the idea comes from PCD "Buttons" My friend wanted me to write it! Enjoy!

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I dont really like this story, but my friend does and it was written for her. So i posted it. I would really appreciate reviews,and if not on this story then on some others that i posted. I like those! Well.. Enjoy! its Joe! =)

Moving her hips against his slowly he brought his knee up between her legs, rocking against it in a mimic of 'riding him'. Mychele wouldn't really look at him, but their cheeks were just touching. His hot breath scorching her shoulder. Bringing her hand up, it laid around his neck for support as she moved faster. They were against the wall, so normally the girl was doing all the work, and most of the dancing. Joseph moved her head slightly his sharp blue eyes gazing into her hazel ones, as he looked at her lips momentarily before capturing them between his own. Taking a deep breath Mychele melted into his kiss, her hand grabbing his arm to support herself as she continue to grind against him. It had been this way each time they had met up. Hot, heavy and sexually driven.

"Ugh... you're gorgeous" Joe parted from her lips momentarily, as one of his hands wrapped around her just pushing her onto him. The grinding had them just turned into a rhythmic sway.

"I Know" Mychele smirked, pulling from his lips admiring his eyes again. Her hand had grabbed the belt loops under his shirt as she pulled them down a little and she began to massage his pelvis bone,"and what do you plan on doing about it...?" her eyebrow raised as her tongue snaked across his bottom lip her eyes never leaving his face.

Moaning and thrown off his 'game' Joe swallowed hard moving his hand to grab her ass. He had pretty much stopped the little sway he had managed to create. It wasn't like it mattered. She had figured out a while ago he wasn't the dancer, but he loved her moves. "we should go back to my house... and bless every room with your body"

"Every room?" Mychele continued to taunt him,pushing his shirt up. "That sounds like fun, so then why are we still here..?" she knew his arm was tightly around her waist holding her close, so she bent backwards thrusting herself forward. He was quite impressed with the flexibility.

Chuckling Joe held her tightly and after a few thrusts was happy when she brought herself back up, not realizing that the move had made her come out of her shirt. "Just a few special talents your showing off..?" he questioned "and I am enjoying the view" he looked down at her breasts."mM.. id love to play with those all night.."

"You could do anything you want.. I am very open minded " Mychele smiled, fixing herself. A girl couldn't make herself any obvious that she wanted him. She was straddling the line of raping him right there, or stripping for him. The disgusting part was it had been like this each time they had been together. "Oo I love this song!" she turned around against him, popping her ass and pushing against him hard. Reaching her hand around his neck, gently pulling his hair.

Joe allowed his tongue to suck on her collarbone, his hands moving up her body squeezing her breasts through the tight, nipple showing shirt. There was no need for a bra with the shirt she was wearing. The two had become the clubs spectacle and Joe was every man's envy. "You're driving me fucking mad..." he whispered pulling on her ear.

"ooOOoh.." Mychele moaned "I am so hot." Of course, it was meant both ways she was saying. The crowded club, body heat, dancing, made her physically hot, her body glistening against the lights with the sweat but she was hott, and wanted him.

"we could goo all night showing each other our talents.." Joe brought his hand to slide across her stomach.

Turning around she grabbed his face kissing him again. Deeply, hard, rough. "what's stopping you? There is only 3 buttons you need to get through... then everything else slips off" her breathing fast from the kiss. There was something about this guy that intrigued her so much, and she wanted more but didn't know how much more obvious she had to be.

Joe stammered over his words, his brain shut down from that kiss. "I"

"I'll make every last fantasy you have come true. Everything I've promised you, we can do tonight. My tongue on yours, my body all over you, my lips sucking and kissing every inch of your body. ." she began to kiss his jaw and down his neck.

Clearing his throat "that sounds great.. but um Pete..!?" he questioned, as he saw his friends walking towards them.

"Pete?" Mychele stopped and looked up at him confused. This guy was not a guy she usually put soo much time and effort into, but he had been really down to earth, fun to talk to and an excellent kisser. His promises also kept her coming back for more. They had been out a few times and each time it got better but every time it ended with him leaving her. Nothing ever came out of his promises or fantasies which really tortured her.

"Hey...our manager just called. Our plane leaves at four now, we have to go." Pete explained, glancing down at Mychele, giving her a small smile. He had been introduced to her a while ago. Joe also couldn't stop talking about her.

Joe looked down at Mychele frowning, and then back to Pete "four?" he repeated,

Understanding, she removed her body from his "it's okay.." she kissed his lips softly "Now next time, stop frontin. Do what you say, I really wanted you but I guess I was too much" Mychele gave him a small smile, letting her finger to gently trace his lips "Now you'll just have to wonder... " turning around Mychele sauntered over to the table grabbing her bag and going to leave.

Joe groaned throwing his head back against the wall, he should have listened and loosened up her buttons.
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