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Im With You

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When Avril moves to Nj and meets Gerard a romance sparks.

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I sat there for what seemed like days. Staring blankly in my desk trying ever do Hartford stay awake for my last class of the day.
"Gerard!" I snap out of my gaze to see what my teacher wanted.
"Yes?" I answer.
"What's the answer to number 10?" She asked with an attitude. I roll my eyes and start flipping through my worksheets but before I could answer the bell rang, thankfully. I bolted out the door to find my brother, Mikey, and my best friend Frank.
"Hey dude what's up?" Frank asks. I shrug and continue walking down the hall as Mikey and Frank had their daily argument over something nerdy. I took my ipod out of my bag and turned on some music so I didn't have to listen to them. When I looked up, at the end of the hall I saw a beautiful girl I don't think ive ever seen before. She was wearing baggy pants and an orange tee that said "Napanee Hardware Store" written on the front of it. It was hard to see her face because her long brown hair fell right in front of her face when she looked down. Once she looked up I noticed she wore dark makeup and she looked rather confused. I decided to ditch the guys and see what she needed.
I tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey… do you need help with anything? You look kind of lost." I said
"Hah. Yeah I am a little lost." She showed me her map of the school."I'm trying to get over there.." she said pointing to a highlighted part of her map.
"Yeah I know where that is. Lets go." I said taking her hand and leading her through the hectic. Halls of Bellville High School. I took her down a flight of stair and down two halls then let go of her hand.
"This is the exit you're looking for." I told her.
"Thanks.." she seemed shocked by something. Did I do something wrong?
She suddenly extended her hand. "I'm Avril." She introduced herself. I shock her hand. "And I'm Gerard."
"Well thanks for getting me here. I would've never found it myself." She said.
"Uh, yeah, no problem. So I'm guessing you're new here?" I asked. "Hah. Got that right" she responded. "I'm from cananda, this little town called Napanee, its in Ontario. There was only 5000 population, so everyone knew each other, it was nice but-" suddenly her phone rang and she answered it. A minute mater she sighed and hungup. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Oh its nothing, its just that my mom wont be able to pick me up from school today and its pouring outside. "Well. Do you wanna go to the cafeteria and do homework with me?"
"Uh yeah, I guess." Once we got to the cafeteria I realized I didn't want to do homework. I wanted to learn more about this girl. She fascinated me.
"So what were you saying?" I said as we sat down.
"Oh nothing, just about how I liked living in Napanee but I don't know.. I never really fit in. There were too many groups, too many populars… too many jocks.." she kind of trailed off and I noticed she was carving something into the table. It looked a little like a star.. a lopsidsd star. "So tell me about you. What are you hobbies? Talents?" She asked refocusing on the conversation. "Well I like singing and-"
"Me too!" She exclaimed. "Ive been singing my whole life." She tells me.
"Yeah I'm kinds the school joke, little singer boy." I shrug. She looks at her phone. "Jeez I'm looks like I have to start walking home." She says, and looks up at me. I start looking closely at her face. She has flawless skin and dark black eyeliner.
As we continued to talk it turns out we live near each other and its no where near school. But we started to walk home together. We came to the stop light outside of school and it turned yellow as we reached it and, unbelievably, it started raining harder. So I grabbed her hand once again and ran across the street. She covered her head with her bag and fan with me. She smiled as we ran. A quick half hour later we were at her house. "Well it was nice to meet you." I said as I let go of her hand and walked backwards into the ran.
"SEE YOU AT SCHOOL!" I yelled as I started running to my house. I saw her wave one last time. It took me about 5 more minutes to get to my house and by the time I got there I was completely soaked. I ran up to my room and changed clothes then headed downstairs.
"Hey Mikey" I said greeting my brother.
"Yo where did you go after school? You were with me and frank one second then gone the next" he asked.
I shrugged. "I was just hanging out with people. Anyway I think I'm gunna go take a nap" I said avoiding the conversation. I went back up to my room and laid in my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what happened today. I have never been so intrigued in a person before. Avril was almost like.. mysterious. I hardly know anything about her but I know I want to learn more. Before I knew it I shut my eyes and fell asleep for the night.
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