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Chapter VII

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Arkham under Attack! The Batman arrives at the Asylum to find Gordon trapped between 'The Bird's Liberators and Harvey Dent, the Man who is supposed to be dead.

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It was deathly quiet in the room where Gordon was standing right now, since he found that he was lost for words. The Police Commissioner really did not know what to think at this very moment as he looked over at the Man lying under lock and key on a restraining berth at the other side of the room. The Man in question was former Gotham District Attorney, Harvey Dent, who to everyone outside the walls of this Mad-House was known to be dead.

"Come on Jim, say something." the disfigured Inmate said while never taking his eyes off the older Man, with only his right eye blinking once as his left continued to stare back eerily. But Gordon could only sigh in return as he tried to break eye contact by look down at his shoes, anywhere rather than at the Man who nearly destroyed his family.

"SAY SOMETHING!" Harvey then spat, snapping the Police Chief's attention back to him as he glared back.

"What...what can I say to you that I haven't already?"

This made the former DA look up at the ceiling as a thoughtful expression befell his face, though Gordon could bow only see his untouched side, reminding him of the friend he used to know.

"Do you know the last thing I remember, Jim?" he asked with an inquisitive tone, only to gain silence from the Commissioner in return.

" wasn't what you would expect me to remember, of how Batman tackled me over the edge of that floor, allowing me plummet to the ground below..." he added, giving Gordon a knowing glance.

"...which of course I remember with crystal clarity..."

This made the older Man feel a chill through his body, before Dent returned his attention to the ceiling.

"...but I will get to that part. No, the last thing I remember was lying in bed on what felt like a lazy Sunday Morning, with the rays of Sun slowly illuminating the room through the gaps in the curtains to my left. I felt so at peace and utterly content, before looking to my right and seeing Rachel lying beside me with a loving smile on her beautiful face. Neither of us said a word to each other as we gazed into each others eyes, for words were not needed in that moment because we were together..." Harvey continued, before Jim noticed that his former-friend's expression began to change as he started to look irritated.

"...but then all of a sudden, Masked-Men broke down the door and barged into the room. They were upon us before I even had a chance to react as they dragged Rachel, kicking and screaming, off the bed and knocked me unconscious with what I can only describe as a sharp blow to the head..."

"Look, Harvey..." the Police Chief then tried to say, only for the disfigured Man to grit his teeth in return as he kept his eyes focused on the ceiling.

"I am not finished...and you will listen..." he said back in a cold and barely controlled tone, making the older Man sigh.

"...because when I came too, I found myself tied down to a chair in a room filled with oil drums that were wired to a detonation device that was counting down, but only this time Rachel was right there opposite me, restrained in a chair similar to my own. There was no one else in the room with us as I tried to free myself from my restraints by rocking my chair left and right, my heart pounding so loud that I could hear it as I only thought of getting Rachel and myself out of harms way. But It did not work as I fell to the ground with the chair still tightly tied to me and knocked over the closest drum, spilling oil all around and under me, soaking half of my body while Rachel watched." the former DA added, earning a shocked expression from Gordon as he listened.

'My God…'

"Bless her heart, Rachel tried to stay calm throughout. She spoke nothing but encouraging words, like 'we would get out of here' and 'they are coming for us'. I have to admit, I would have found that hard to believe as I lied there in a widening pool of gasoline. But because it was Rachel saying those words, just the sound of her voice had a calming effect on me. And so we just looked at each other and waited as the timer continued to count down towards zero and our destruction. But then just as the counter passed into the final minute, the door was kicked open and both you and the Batman entered the room. And as you rushed towards us, I suddenly felt a weight fall off my shoulders, thinking that we would both be saved…" Dent said before looking back at the older Man with a dagger-like stare, gritting his teeth as Jim felt a chill surround him once more.

"…but then you both stopped and looked at us, first at Rachel and then down at me. I could not help but feel confused as I told you both to get her out first. But then Batman freed me and pulled me to my feet, but not Rachel too, so I fought against him. But the Vigilante was too strong and he dragged me away with you in tow, as Rachel just watched in shock. I screamed at you to go back and get her, but both of you simply ignored my pleas as we left the room, so all I could do was cry out Rachel's name while we left the building before the whole place exploded and the Love of my Life was incinerated." the disfigured Man added as for one second, his expression saddened as a tear ran down the scarred side of his face.

"Harvey, I am sorry...but..." the Commissioner began to say, only for Harvey to cut him off once more.

"…and then I woke up back in bed with Rachel, like it had never happened….only for the whole thing to repeat itself…again and again…"

'That would be enough to drive any…' the older Man started to think as he glanced away from the Prisoner for just a split second, only to have his attention dragged back as Harvey spoke up.

"Am I boring you?" he said back, looking directly at the Police Chief with his full face in view.


"Then don't look away…" the former DA said behind gritted teeth as he clenched his fist and budged his mechanical restraints only ever so slightly, but it was enough to get Gordon to keep his focus on him.

"…because I am not finished…not even close. And don't interrupt me again." Dent added before returning his stare to the ceiling, which brought a slight sigh from the Commissioner.

"Do you know what it is like to watch your Love die before your very eyes over and over again, like a damned loop?"

" But Harvey, it didn't happen that way?" Gordon replied with a confused tone, one underlined with a slither of fear.

"IT DID HAPPEN! I SAW IT HAPPEN! Don't you dare try to tell me it didn't, after what you and the Bat did..." Dent spat back in a rageful tone, fighting against his restraints as much as he could while never taking his eyes off the Commissioner.

"...when I woke up and found myself in a dark, dank cell with no idea where I was. There was a brief moment when I thought that the whole ordeal was just a Nightmare that I had finally awoken from, but then I felt my skin sting once again and my heart sank as I knew that Rachel was truly dead..." the former DA continued before his right eye narrowed at Gordon, making the older Man nervously adjust his glasses.

"...and everyone who was responsible still has to pay for it."

This made the Police Chief clench his fist as he suddenly thought of Barbara and the Kids, while staring back at the restrained Dent.

"I am sorry for what happened to you and Rachel, Harvey, I really am. But you already tried and failed to get my Family and you will not be getting a second chance, that I promise you." he said back with a serious and unwavering tone, which brought a slight smirk to the disfigured Man's face.

"But I will, Jim. As long as I live, I will see your World crushed so that then, you will finally understand my pain."

Gordon was about to reply to that, but was then cut off by the light in the room suddenly shutting down, throwing both Men into darkness.

"What the Hell?" the Police Commissioner said with a confused expression as the emergency lights switched on, bathing the pair in a red glow while Harvey looked at their surroundings with a curious smirk.

"What's the matter, Jim? Don't you feel like you're in control of the situation?"


Meanwhile elsewhere in the Asylum, a pair of Orderlies were walking through one of the Old Building's many corridors which were too bathed in the red glow of the emergency lighting.

"Just when I thought this place couldn't get any creepier..." one said to the other, gaining a nod back.

"I couldn't agree more and since we are closest to the generator-room, it falls to us to find out why the back-up's not kicking in." he said back as the pair turned a corner, only to stop in their tracks as before them stood a group of heavily armored and masked-soldiers.

"What the hell is..." one Orderly started to say, only to be cut off as the soldiers opened fire with their silenced-weapons and riddled the pair with bullets.

"This is Team-Bravo to Team-Alpha..." the masked-Man then started to say into his com-link, while the bodies of the two Arkham Staff fell back onto the floor with a thud.

"...objective two is complete, we are now on our way to the East-Wing to rendezvous with you, while Delta-Team guards the Asylum's perimeter." he continued to say as he and the rest of his team then walked past the corpses in formation, watching their surroundings through the iron-sights of their weapons.

"Roger that, we are nearly in position ourselves." the Leader's voice spoke back over the com-link, just as the group came across three more of Arkham's Staff and took them down as quickly and quietly as the previous two.

As this was happening, Warden Sharp had left Dr. Cassidy and Bullock waiting outside of the room where Gordon was talking with Harvey Dent and instead went to see Penelope Young, since the Intern was still shaken from her encounter with the former DA earlier.

"Warden Sharp! What's going on?" the young-Woman asked in a slightly startled manner as he entered the room and sat opposite her, with a calm and friendly expression on his face.

"It's nothing to worry about Miss Young, for I believe that main generator's just failed. I am sure it will be back online in a few minutes."

"I see." she replied with an uncertain tone, while he sat down at the opposite side of the table facing her.

"Anyway, I am more interested in you right now." he said, gaining a curious look from her in return.

"You are?"

"Of course. Here at Arkham Asylum, we make every effort not to expose our newest and youngest Staff to the fractured and crazed minds of those within our walls that will never be cured. But unfortunately our measures were not enough this time to protect you my dear, and for that I am sorry." Sharp said back, which made Penelope give him a slight smirk in return.

"It wasn't your fault, I was the one that put myself in that position."

"But you did it to help others, that is a quality that is very important to me, as I feel very strongly that we should be helping those that are afflicted with mental issues. And Dr. Cassidy has informed me that you have demonstrated this quality plenty of times in the last few days, as well as a high aptitude for the science. This is more than most of the Interns that have worked here in the same number of days, which is very impressive in my book." Quincy replied with a proud tone, making the young-Woman's smile wide a little more as she almost blushed.

"Well, thank you Sir. But why are you telling me this now?"

"Because I hope that this incident hasn't made you want to relinquish your position here at the Asylum, since I would consider the biggest of mistakes. Not when I can see you having a long and successful career in this field..." the Warden said back, bringing a thoughtful expression to the Intern.

"…and you do look very shaken by tonight's unpleasant experience." he added, gaining a knowing nod from Penelope as she looked back at him more determinedly.

"That is true Sir, but I knew when I chose this career that it would not be without dangers. And though I did not think that I would come face to face with such dangerous Patients so soon..." the Intern continued to say before taking a breath, while Sharp listened intently.

"...believe me when I say that I am not about to quit now." she added, earning a proud smile from Quincy in return.

"I am very glad to hear you say that, Miss Young. You really are going to be a fine addition to our Staff, but take a couple of days off in the meantime, just until we have dealt with this current situation."

Penelope nodded back with a understanding-look, before a more thoughtful expression befell her face.

"Okay Sir, but why did City-Hall and the GCPD tell us that Harvey Dent was dead if he clearly wasn't?" she asked, making the Chubby balding Man look back with a knowing look.

"I am afraid I cannot say at this time, but since you signed a non-disclosure agreement…" he started to say, only for the Intern to nod back in return.

"Of course, Sir."

" when you come back, not only will Dr. Cassidy and I brief you on Mr. Dent's situation, but also guarantee that you will not be put in such a dangerous situation until you are ready."

The Intern then gave him an acknowledging smile before she then opened her mouth to reply, only to be cut off by an unknown male voice to speak up from the doorway.

"Pity that promise didn't include right now, huh."

Both suddenly looked in that direction to see one of three Masked-Soldiers standing there, aiming his weapon at them. To the surprise of Penelope, Sharp quickly got up from his seat and stormed over to the new arrivals.

"What is going on here? Who the hell are…" he spat, only to be cut off as the lead-Soldier hit him in the face with the but of his weapon, knocking the older Man onto the floor.

"We are here for 'The Bird' and you are going to help us get him, that's all you need to know." he said while the Intern rushed to her Boss's side and helped him up.

"Any tricks and we will kill you, now let's go." he added, gaining a feared nod from her as she and Quincy followed him out of the door, only to be surrounded by the other two Soldiers who were watching their six.

"Where to?"

"Where do you think? The East-Wing of course." the Leader spat back, before gesturing them with to move with his gun as the group started walking in that direction.

Back in the small Meeting-Room, Harvey was still restrained to his mobile-berth as Gordon pulled out his Radio and spoke into it.

"Bullock, what is happening out there?" he asked, completely oblivious to the disfigured Man watching him quietly from behind.

"There's apparently been a power-outage here, it should be back on momentarily." the younger Officer replied back over the Radio, earning a nod from the Police Chief.

"Okay, but do we have to worry about the Inmates? I mean they are still locked up right?" he asked while Harvey, having overheard that suddenly looked down at his restraints with a thoughtful expression on his disfigured face. He started to slowly move his arms, while the conversation continued next to him.

"No Sir, Cassidy here tells me that the Cells are the old-fashioned Lock and Key kind, so no worries of a Prison-break." he added, earning a sigh from Jim in return. While the former DA could only smirk as he found the mechanical restraints had unlocked and opened slightly, before looking back to see that the Commissioner had not noticed.

"Wait a second…" Bullock then continued with a more worried tone, regaining his Boss's attention as Gordon felt his Heart slowly starting to beat faster as he feared what words would come next from his Colleague.

"…apparently the mobile-Berths are Wi-Fi connected!"

This suddenly made James eyes widen before he spun around to find Harvey free and lunging at him, tackling the Head-Cop to the floor.

"Oh no you don't Jim…" he spat back as the two wrestled before the Lunatic got the upper hand and punched his former-Friend in the face.

"…I told you I wasn't done yet." he added before taking Gordon's Side-Arm and quickly kicking the downed Man in the stomach for good measure, making the Police-Chief cough hard as he gasped painfully for air.

"Now I could easily kill you now, Jim..." Dent started to say as he pointed the weapon at it's former Owner, the latter looking up at him with a shocked expression at how everything had suddenly fallen apart. But before the disfigured-Man could finish his sentence, Bullock suddenly burst into the room and aimed his gun at the armed escapee.

"Hold it right ther..." he started to warn, only to stop as Harvey looked over his shoulder and stared daggers back at him, making the Officer's eyes widen in response as he looked like he had seen a ghost. The former White-Knight took advantage of the younger-Man's pause and quickly turned round and fired his weapon, hitting Bullock in the leg.

"Arrgh" he cried out in pain while collapsing onto the floor and dropping the gun, while Dent looked back at Gordon who was still recovering.

"...but I will not deny Fate the right to judge you ...or your Family. I'll be seeing you." he added before then leaving the room, earning a scream outside from who could only be Doctor Cassidy, before she was suddenly silenced by what sounded like a heavy smack to the face.

'How the hell did this happen?' was the only thought going through the Police Commissioner's mind as he looked over and saw his Colleague slumping against the bottom half of the door, before his attention was suddenly caught by the sound of an alarm blaring through the corridor.

'What now!'

Meanwhile near the entrance to the East-Wing, the reason for the blaring noise to go off was because one of the Arkham Staff had managed to activate the emergency alarm, only to be shot in the back by one of Soldiers guarding both Sharp and Young as they neared their objective.

"Okay Warden, open this door and let us in." the Leader ordered, which made the older-Man shake his head in return.

"N...No, I will not." he replied defiantly, making the Head-Soldier sigh in return.

"Really..." he started to say before shooting the hostage in the his right arm, earning a cry of pain from him as blood started dripping from the fresh wound.


Now open that door before the next bullet goes somewhere you really wouldn't want it to go." the Leader spat while aiming his gun for the Warden's groin, while pointing towards the East-Wing's door with his free hand, gaining a pained but alert nod from him.

"Okay...okay, I...will open it." he replied with a panicky tone before fumbling through his trouser-pocket for the item, with Penelope watching fearfully as he then swiped it through the Door's Card-reader. This gained a loud unlocking sound from the door once again, before the Soldiers then opened the door and shepherded their two hostages inside.

"Hey Johnny, we have Visitors!" the Joker called out as he rushed over to the bars of his Cell and looked at the new arrivals, a sinister smile widening on his face as he recognized the two Hostages.

"Hey it's Sharpie! Still sporting that balding look I see, And…" the Clown started to say before looking directly at the young-Woman, his eyes widening with glee as he chuckled.

"…Hello again!"

"What's with all the racket, Joker? I was trying to slee…" Crane then started to reply with a sheepish tone as he walked over to his bars with a sleepy expression before his attention was caught by the sight of the Soldiers, snapping him out of his haze.

"…what is going on here?"

"I think we might be getting time off for bad behavior, I am so going to celebrate…" Joker started to cheer, only to stop short with a thoughtful smile.

"…but what should I do? Kill a few Gang-Bangers or blow up some School-Kids…nah, that's so last year…" he carried on, only to be cut off by the Lead-Soldier.

"Shut your mouth and stand back, Clown. We are not here for you." he ordered, making the Maniac's smile turn to a sad frown.

"Party Pooper!"

But the Soldier simply ignored the Lunatic as one of his squad-mates gained his attention, pointing at the next cell.

"Here he is."

"Oh thank god, you're here to get me out." the Bird exclaimed loudly as he rushed to his bars, only for the Leader to stand opposite him while everyone watched.

"You haven't told anybody anything, have you?" he asked in a direct and chilling tone, earning a shocked and almost hurt expression from the Arms-dealer.

", of course not. Why would you even..." he started to answer, only for the Joker to cut him off mid-sentence.

"Oh...but he was going to, weren't you...little guy." he replied with devious tone and grin, showing off the scars on his mouth as the Bird's eyes widened as he stared back at the Soldiers.

"No, No! I was never going too!" he spat back fearfully, which made the Clown laugh out loud almost uncontrollably.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha! Oh please, Birdy. Both me and Johnny saw you pleading with the Cops..." he began to explain, gaining a half-interested nod from Crane in return as the Masked-Soldiers simply listened.

"...please, I will tell you everything. Just get Me out of here! Ha Ha Ha Ha!" the Maniac continued, trying to do an impression of his scared neighbor, but barely keeping himself in control as he held on to the bars of his Cell and stared back at his audience.

"Believe me, I have experience with Squealers. And this guy really was a little Birdy, while Batman got him to sing his little tune..." he added before looking to the ground with a slightly disappointed expression.

"...I miss Batman." he sighed, earning confused looks from Sharp and Penelope at his sudden shift in tone.

"Whatever, we can deal with that later..." the Leader replied before pointing at the Warden, who was still cradling his injured arm.

" open this Cell." he spat, gaining a fearful nod from the older Man in return.

"...Okay..." he replied in a submissive manner, before taking out a special-looking key from his trouser pocket and using it to unlock the Bird's cell-door.

"Thank you!" the weary and fearful man exclaimed loudly in a relieved tone as he quickly barged out of the cell, knocking Sharp aside and causing the Warden to drop the key less than a meter from the bars of the Joker's.

"Okay, we have the Package. Beta-Team, you better be outside the East-Wing now?" the Leader then said into his Radio, ignoring the looks of both Joker and Crane as he stared towards the main door.

"We are Boss, covering your six." a voice spoke through the device, earning a nod back from him.

"Good, the Beta-Team come in here now and Delta wait for us at the perimeter."

A second later and the Beta-team was inside the large room with the others, making Joker stare back at them with even more curiosity in his eyes.

"So many people here and me without my Pencil…." he started to say in a disappointed tone, while everyone just ignored him as the Clown then looked down to the ground, his eyes quickly moving onto the lone Key lying on the ground near him.

"...but that will do." he added in an almost whisper, a slight smile appearing on his face as he then glanced back at the group who were getting ready to leave.

"Okay, Alpha-Team will now extract the Bird while Beta-Team covers us..." the Lead-Soldier started to say, earning nods from all there.

"...but not before executing our hostages first, since they are now useless to us." he added coldly, bringing panicked expressions to both Penelope and the Warden's faces.

"What!...but we did everything you said!" Sharp spat in a tone laced in both anger and fear, making the Leader turn to him.

"And we thank you for your assistance, but you're nothing but dead weight to us now..." he replied, before looking at the Beta-Team.

"Kill them once we have left."

"Understood." one of their number said back with a nod, while the Leader tapped his radio.

"Delta team, you just need to hold the perimeter for another few minutes." he then stated, only for no reply to cone back over the radio.

"Delta Team, report?...Delta Team, respond….Anyone?" he then said and even though his face was covered by his Mask, everyone there could hear that the tone of his voice was starting to get worried.

"Boss?" one of the other Soldiers then asked, bringing his attention back to the others.

"We are leaving, let's go."

Beta-team and their hostages simply watched as he and the others then left the room, with both Penelope and Sharp looking more fearful with every second that passed as one of the soldiers then turned and raised his weapon at them. He started to aim it at the Intern first, only for the older Man to suddenly speak up.

"No! If you are going to kill someone, then kill me." he said in a determined and fearless manner, surprising Dr. Young after his earlier behavior. But the Soldier simply chucked from behind his Mask, before shifting his focus towards the Warden.

"It makes little difference to me what order you two die in, but if you want to go first…" he began to reply, only to be cut off by the young Woman.

"NO!" she screamed before the sound of the Gun being fired echoed throughout the large room but then went deathly quiet.

"…I am happy to oblige." the soldier added as Sharp's body then fell back onto the floor with a thud, only for the Joker to start laughing hysterically as Penelope fell to her knees and looked down at her Boss's corpse with a shocked expression.

"Ha Ha Ha, that was priceless. The way Sharpy fell on the floor like that, can we see it again?" the Clown asked eagerly while gesturing to both himself and Crane, who just stood behind the bars of his Cell and watched indifferently.

"Alpha-Team here, we are virtually out." a voice then spoke from one of the Group's Radios, earning their attention as one looked to the others.

"Okay, let's finish this and leave." he said before looking back at the traumatized Intern and readying his weapon, gaining her attention as she looked up at the barrel of the gun and then into the black visor of his mask.

"Not exactly the repeat I was hoping for, but it could still be funny." the Joker observed with an intrigued grin, while Moonlight started to shine through the large window behind everyone and illuminate them as the storm outside had finally subsided. "Aren't you afraid?" The Scarecrow then asked with a curious tone as he watched Dr. Young simply stare up at her would-be Executor, but she just ignored him and closed her eyes as she waited for the Soldier to pull the trigger.

Though suddenly the Moonlight disappeared from the Window as if something had blacked it out, which did not go unnoticed by the Soldiers as half of them turned around to look at it.

"What the he..." one began to ask, only to be cut off as Batman leaped through the window, shattering it into a thousand pieces as he flew through with his cape fully spread, casting a familiar shadow on the wall, which brought a smile to Joker's face as he recognized the new arrival who slammed into the back of the Soldier with his feet, knocking him out before he could pull the trigger.

"Oh, it's my Dark Knight!" the Clown exclaimed before getting his hands and knees while Batman quickly turned around and roundhouse-kicked one of soldiers in the face, cracking his visor and sending him flying into the nearby wall. This caused Penelope to open her eyes and see the Vigilante mopping up the rest of the Beta-Team, disarming another soldier before slamming his head into another and knocking the pair out.

"Batman?" she then said out loud, making the Dark Knight look back to both her and the corpse of the Warden lying next to her.

"Are you…" he started to ask, only for his attention to be caught by the sight of the Joker, who was stretching his arm out from between the bars of his Cell as he tried to reach the Key.

"…Joker!" he then growled, making the Clown stop and look up at him with a surprised face, before his signature smile appeared.

"Oh, my favourite person in all the World has come to visit me..." he then started to say, quickly getting back to his feet while the Vigilante merely watched indifferently.

"...I knew you couldn't keep away." he continued, before Batman's eyes looked down at the Key and then back up at him, earning an embarrassed smile back.

"Oh that is nothing Bats, I was just doing some stretching exercises..." he started to reply, before getting close to the bars while looking at his rival with admiration.

"...I have really missed best friend!" he said with a hopeful tone, which Batman replied by quickly reaching in and grabbing the Clown by his shirt. He followed through by yanking the Pale-Man towards him and making him slam his head into the cold metal bars, before dropping him back onto the floor of his cell as blood started to pour from his broken nose.

"Quiet Joker, or I will make sure you won't be able to eat solid food ever again." he growled back, only for the Maniac to ignore his threat.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha!" the Joker started to laugh, completely ignoring or oblivious to the pain his face was currently in as he just looked up at the Dark Knight with a disturbingly caring smile.

" you do care about me. I always suspected, Bats."

But the Vigilante ignored him and returned his attention to Penelope Young, who had picked up the key and got back up.

"Are you alright?" he asked again, gaining a nod from her in return.

"Yes I am okay, but Warden Sharp is dead." she replied, making Batman look down at the Corpse.

"I am sorry." he replied with a somber tone, before a more serious look appeared on her face.

"Thank you, but you have to go after that group or else the Bird will get away."

And as if on cue, the pair heard a noise to their left and looked over there to see one of the Soldiers getting back to his feet.

"I'll handle this, find somewhere safe to hide until the Police arrive." the Batman said before chasing after the enemy, who had started to run as fast as his aching legs could carry him.

"But aren't they after you too?" she asked back with a confused expression, though he disappeared out of sight once he passed through the doorway.

"Alert, the Batman is here!.." the panicked-Soldier began to shout into his Radio as he sprinted down the corridor, running passed the dead bodies of various Arkham Staff that he and his comrades had gunned down.

"...I repeat, the Batman..." he then continued to scream, only to be stopped as he was suddenly knocked down by what felt like an electric shock.

"Urrgh!" he grimaced slowly as he found himself lying face first on the floor, his senses in a daze as he tried to recover. But then two armored boots appeared before him, earning a groan from the Soldier before he was suddenly pulled up back onto his feet and came face to face with the Batman once more.

"Who are you and what do you want with 'The Bird'?" he growled, only for the other Man to mumble as he was still suffering the effects of the stun. So the Vigilante then ripped off the Soldier's mask and slapped his face, snapping him out of his daze.

"Oh my God!" he then exclaimed in fear with widening eyes as he realized he was in the Batman's grasps, making the Dark Knight narrow his own eyes and tighten his grip on the Merc's Armor.

"God won't help you here, now tell me what I want to know!" he shouted back, only for the Soldier's eyes to look over Batman's shoulder. This made him drop the man to the floor and spin around to confront whoever was behind him, but his eyes suddenly widened as he found himself staring at Harvey Dent.

"Harvey...?" he muttered in complete shock, for he could not be believe that a man he knew to be dead was standing before him.

'It can't be!' he thought, oblivious to the fact that the former DA had dropped one of the Soldiers flash-bang grenades on the floor in front of him, exploding in blinding flash of light that caught the Dark Knight completely by surprise as it made him recoil and cover his eyes.

'Damn it, Bruce! Get it togeth…' Batman started to think before a blow to the back of the head knocked him to the ground.

"You're going to pay for your part in this as well, Batman, I can promise you..." the Vigilante then heard Dent say before everything went black as he fell unconscious.
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