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Silk And Blood

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The vampire Zhang Xiamei is looking for sexy men to put in her Harem,First; she goes to Wu in the search for "The handsome Zhou Yu".

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Zhou Yu - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2016-02-03 - 461 words

OC: Zhang Xiamei
Age: 400(22)
Hair: blackish grey
Eyes: ruby red
Skin: deathly pale
Race: Chinese vampire
Likes: sanguine mating, and reading
Dislikes: kids and other vampires
Wears: fully clothed in red traditional robes
Powers: basic vampire powers and seductive enslavement
Anime personality: yandere
Bio: 400 years ago; Before her demise, Xiamei was a normal human woman, until one day she was strangled to death by a jealous bitch,without a proper burial she came back as a member of the undead.With a want to collect handsome DW men.

I'm writing this story with my younger sister, This will become a dirty as fuck! sanguine story, About a vampiress who disguises herself as a concubine , She who is beautiful, but so fucked up in her undead brain and she wants to taint all! I hate this bitch all ready!

Within a small village rustic leaves fell from trees that an autumn scent within scent. A young Zhou Yu of 22 summers left a tavern. This village was his home and tomb. But he never thought of the city as tomb because it was bustling with people: laughing, drinking to their hearts content and sharing their lovers' tenderness in vacant alleyways. He might as well been dead without company his friend Sun Ce had join for wine, spirits and above all entertainment.Distracted by flute music,the mildly drunk Zhou Yu left Sun Ce alone in this dark alleyway.
" Zhou Yu ... where... aree youuu?" Sun Ce muttered in drunken stupor leaning against a wall in an alleyway.
A thief lurked away from the shadows into the moonlight. The thief unsheathed a dagger.
"Isss thaat youu, Zhoou Yuu" Sun Ce sputtered losing his balance.
"Give me your money, you bastard or I'll kill right now!" The thief threatened he said with a dagger at Sun Ce throat.
" I'm not gonnnna ... giiive you ... anyythiing. I'm lorrd Sunn Cee, I cann kiick youur aass! " He drunkenly grunted attempting to push the dagger away from his throat.
Before the thief could stab Sun Ce, A small hand with a golden topaz ring; clasped around the thief's neck strangling him. He struggled as his body was dragged into the shadows. A stream of blood began to flow along the cobble street from the shadows. "Zhouu Yuu waas thhat youuu?" Sun Ce said as he fell onto bloody street his clothes stained with blood as he lay inert.
MAN!Sun Ce is a dumbass drunk (he will get smarter,or not) and Zhou Yu is an asshole friend, This will be a much dirtier story later on, (its only the beginning) so don't get butt hurt all you pervert fan-girls/boys!The Wu pretty boys will get theirs!But you won't cuz you don't deserve it!hahah!luv u all!
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