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From Bad To Worse

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Follows X1. Logan's life is forever changed when he rescues an infant girl named X23 from a group called Hydra and raises her as his daughter. Then one day, they become entangled with a group known...

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Daddy's Girl
Chapter 7: From Bad to Worse


It was a crisp, chilly morning on the shores of the New Jersey coast. Families were relaxing on the beach, people were jogging up and down the boardwalk, and local vendors were just opening up for business. It was too cold to go into the water, so nobody really watched the wavy shore all that much.

Everything seemed normal. Nothing was amiss.

But the calm of the untouched salty sea was suddenly broken when the surface of the water was broken by a new presence. Only this presence wasn't exactly human.

"Mommy what's that?" asked a small child as a few people took notice.

As others began to walk up to the sandy shores, the figure became clearer. And when people saw the strange humanoid form arise from the water in a dazed state, they all gasped in horror.

His skin was pale and somewhat warped, almost as if it were that of a squid. He moved as if he were more blob than human. He also bore none of his previous clothing. He was gasping hard, still dripping wet from the cold water. He felt as though it was a hassle just trying to hold himself together.

"Oh my God," gasped one of the hot dog vendors.

"It's a mutant!" exclaimed one of the mothers as she pulled her kid away from the figure.

Upon hearing those cries, Senator Edward Kelly cringed. He hated hearing being called that which he fought so hard to stop. But at the moment, he had much more serious things on his mind. He didn't have time to deal with the stigma. He needed help.

"Land..." he found himself saying.

Ignoring the strange looks he was getting, he walked up onto the beach and grabbed a spare set of clothes. He didn't know the exact nature of what Magneto and his Brotherhood had done to him, but he had to find out. They had turned him into a mutant, but that's all he knew. And if they could do it to him, then they could do it to anybody.

It was that final fear that sealed his next course of action. There was only one place he could go now for help. And if he could hold himself together long enough, he was going fight this.

"Must get...To...Xavier Institute."


Logan felt as though he had just woken up with a fifty pound weight on every bone of his body. Letting out a deep grunt, he forced his eyes open into the cold glare of the fluorescent lighting. No hangover or bar brawl aftermath could compete with what he was feeling now. He was down, out, and in a heap of pain.

His mind was still fuzzy with images over what happened. He remembered the girl, he remembered lashing out with his claws, and he remembered attacking her. After that, it was all pretty hazy. Had he hurt her? Was she okay? And what about his daughter?

"Ugh...My head," he groaned.

"You're very lucky, Mr. Howlett," said a familiar voice right next to his bed.

Turning to the source of the voice, Logan realized that Professor Charles Xavier was by his side and that he was once again in the infirmary. Looking around, he saw that there was another bed beside him with muffled sheets, but it was empty. Although judging from the familiar scent, Laura had been there. Yet at the moment, she was nowhere to be seen.

"Laura...The girl...Is she okay?" he asked, slowly lifting his sore body up off the bed.

"She's fine, I assure you," said Xavier with a calm smile, "Apparently she startled you and was seriously hurt. But since she absorbed your healing powers, she was okay."

"Absorbed?" said Logan with a confused look as he rubbed his sore head, "Just what the hell did she do to me?"

"It's just a part of Rogue's mutant powers," explained the Professor, "Whenever she touches someone, she absorbs their life energy. And that includes mutant powers, such as your healing ability. However, it has the unfortunate side effect of restricting her ability to make close contact while also seriously draining whoever she absorbs."

"Ugh...I believe that," he groaned, his head still ringing, "How long have I been out?"

"At least twelve hours," answered Xavier, "But rest assured, the effects of Rogue's powers are merely temporary. She didn't hold on long enough to cause any serious damage. Although if she had, I doubt you and I would be talking right now."

That was a sobering thought to a man who had looked death in the eye more times then he cared to recall. Everything was still throbbing, but he could feel his healing factor kicking in. And as his mind became clearer, he began to remember the grim details of what had happened.

"I could've killed that kid," he mused as he reached over to grab his shirt.

"You could have, but you didn't," said Xavier, "It was an accident. I understand that."

"I still could've killed her!" he said, that thought not leaving his mind, "I shouldn't be here."

"Oh I disagree. I think this is the best place for you at the moment. It's clear that you bear a large burden upon your shoulders...A burden I'm sure you're trying to protect your daughter from. I made this school to help people like you and if you just give me a chance, then maybe I can..."

However, Logan didn't let the Professor finish.

"Damn it! I nearly killed someone! I nearly killed a teenage girl! How can you let me stay after a bit like that?!"

"Because I wish to help you," he said the Professor, not flinching in the slightest, "Say what you will about what I fight for, but I do believe that I can help. But it's up to you to finally accept the fact that you need it. Last night should have been the clearest sign."

Logan fell silent. He had gone through these nightmares enough in his life to have grown accustomed to them. But they never went away. No matter what he did, they always stuck with him. And they didn't just hurt him. They hurt his daughter as well.

This guy may have been naïve, but he was more than just some peace loving dreamer. He had let him and Laura into his school, helped them make sense of what was going on, and didn't blame him for assaulting one of his own students. It was impossible to ignore.

However, the demons that had haunted him were his and his alone. He never liked to share them. But he couldn't hide forever. He didn't care if he had to suffer, but Xavier was right about doing it for Laura.

"I don't know," he found himself saying.

"Please, I wouldn't ask you to make a decision now. Just take some time to rest and discuss it with your daughter when the time is right."

"Yeah...Sure," he said with a sigh, "Where is she anyways? Did she sleep down here?"

"Yes, she was rather adamant about not leaving your side," said Xavier, casting him a reassuring smile.

That actually got Logan to smile. It was strange in a sense that after everything he did to protect her, she sometimes wanted to protect him as well. She was a fighter, that was for sure. And he was damn proud.

"I better talk to her," he said, forcing himself off the bed.

"Please Logan, I think she may need some space," said Xavier in an effort to stop him, "She's been rather distant since the ordeal."

Logan sighed at that. He knew his daughter had a tendency to be very reserved. It was one of the many traits she picked up from him. And if she was as shaken by this as he was, then maybe it would be best if he gave this mess time to sink in.

"Yeah, that's probably for the best," he conceded, "If there's one thing I've learned about raisin' my little girl, it's that ya gotta leave her be when she wants to be left alone."

Not arguing with the proud father's words, Xavier let Logan rest. But hopefully, they would give his offer some consideration. They were two very tortured souls and they clearly needed help. And hopefully, he could be the one to give it to them.


As Logan rested up in the lower levels and Professor Charles Xavier returned to the upper levels to report to his staff, another ominous presence fell upon the strange, high tech world that existed just underneath the affluent mansion. Yet to the naked eye, it didn't look ominous at all. It was Bobby, someone who had been down this corridor many times before.

Yet just beneath the surface, a far more sinister presence lurked within the deceptive cover. And as 'Bobby' checked down the halls for any signs of interference, his eyes flashed yellow and s grin formed upon his face.

"Almost too easy," he said to himself as he made his way into the core of the sub levels.

Once privacy was assured, the figure shifted back into her true form...Mystique. And as she neared a large, reinforced door with an optic scanner, she used her powerful shifting abilities to mimic the retina of Professor Xavier.

"Scan accepted. Welcome Professor," said the computerized voice.

With a sinister grin, Mystique entered a large chamber that was shaped like a giant sphere. And at the center of it all was a console with a helmet containing many electrodes and advanced neuro-enhancing components.

"Cerebro," said Mystique in her somewhat modulated voice, "It's even bigger than Erik said it was."

Not wasting any time, the shape shifter went to work, installing a little 'surprise' she had concocted for the good Professor into the hardware. Seeing as how Erik helped build this thing, she had the insight she needed to make the necessary adjustments. And by the time Xavier realized what she had done, it would be too late.

It didn't take long for Mystique to install what she needed. It was only a small vial of concentrated neuro-chemicals and it would hardly be noticed with all the other components that made up the system. Now Xavier didn't have a chance at stopping them.

Finally, with this little matter taken care of, it left one final piece of the puzzle.

"Now for the final step," she said with in insidious grin.

Suddenly, her shape shifting form became active once more and a new figure took shape. This time, it was Logan. And in this form, she could succeed where Sabretooth had failed and get what they needed to make Magneto's master plan a reality.


Outside on the vast front lawn of the Xavier Institute, Laura Howlett was sitting at the base of a tree looking back at the large mansion she had caused so much conflict in. She had tried to avoid any and all eye contact with the residents inside. By now, they probably heard about what had happened and would no doubt look at her with a certain level of reservation from now on.

She had gone berserker again, the state where the animal within her overcame her human side. For years, her father had taught her to manage it and there were plenty of times when she lost control. But she had never lost it like this before. She had come too close to killing her new friends. Although now, she had a feeling that 'friend' was the last thing they were going to call her.

"Hey. Want some company?" came a familiar, gruff voice.

Knowing that tone all too well, Laura looked up to see her father standing over her with a wolfish grin on his face looking as healthy as he ever was.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, shooting up and throwing her arms around him, "Are you okay? The Professor said you were in a coma for a while and I..."

However, Logan didn't let her finish, gently putting his fingers on her lips and stopping her before she got too hysterical.

"Shh, it's okay darlin'," he told her softly, "I'm okay now. My head still feels like it's just been rammed by a Chevy, but I'll manage."

"Are you sure?" said Laura, still sounding very much worried for her father's well being.

"Hey, you know me. I take a kickin' and keep on tickin'."

That little comment seemed to be enough for Laura as she finally managed a smile, glad to see her father back in his full form. Yet that smile quickly faded as she remembered their current situation with the residents of the Xavier Institute.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. Really, I didn't mean to go berserker again," she said, looking away from his gaze, "But when I saw Rogue knock you out I just...I lost it. I totally lost it and I nearly tore into them!"

"I know, darlin'. I know," said Logan in an understanding tone, "I understand. Don't think for a second that I don't."

"It's not you I'm worried about though. What about the Professor and the rest of the students? We attacked them for crying out loud!"

"I know...Which kind of brings me to why I'm here," said Logan, his tone shifting a bit, "I don't think I've gotta tell you just how steamed the Prof was about me nearly killing one of his students."

"Yeah, big surprise there," replied Laura, rolling her eyes, "Me going berserker probably didn't help much either."

"Not gonna argue with that, but either way I think we've overstayed our welcome. Xavier and his staff are already voting on whether or not they should kick us out. But judging how pissed they were when they met, I don't think we have to stick around for the verdict."

Laura's face fell. She couldn't believe her luck. Just when she had found a place where she could fit in and make some real friends, her feral nature has to catch up with her. It was bad enough she had almost killed that girl, but to know that she had come so close to finding somewhere she belonged left quite a bit of hurt on the young girl's soul.

Maybe she just wasn't meant to fit in. It hurt, but she couldn't avoid who and what she was.

"So what do we do?" she asked, a hard lump forming in her throat.

"Well they're kicking us out anyways, so we might as well get a head start," he told her, "I already called a cab. It'll take us to the train station and with a little luck we'll be back in Toronto by this evening."

Laura's expression remained solemn. As much as she missed home, she felt as though she was leaving something behind here. This was the one place people like her could fit in and she had destroyed any chance of them being able to stay here. It hurt the reserved young woman as she simply leaned in closer to her father and hugged him tighter.

Logan seemed a bit taken aback by this. It was almost as if he hadn't expected it. But he quickly hugged her back, not knowing what else he could do as he hid the confused look on his face.

"Hey, come on, kid. It'll be okay," he said, trying not to stammer.

"Please. Let's just go home," she said, sounding like she was on the verge of tears.

With a warm smile, Logan attempted to ease his little girl's fears. Yet she still looked so distraught about having lost her chance at this place.

"Hey, don't worry kid. Let's just get your things and get out of here. I promise ya, by this time tomorrow, this whole mess will be behind ya."


Inside the mansion in the den, Rogue had been huddled up on the couch. Last night had really shaken her up. She just couldn't believe she had been so stupid. She should have known better. And it could have gotten somebody killed.

Rumors were rampant, many of which centered around Laura going crazy, Logan falling into a coma, and Rogue being in the middle of it all. It was yet another demonstration of how much her mutant powers could mess things up.

Looking down at her hands, Rogue cursed her so called 'gift.' If she had held on any longer to that man, she could have done some serious damage. And if that had happened, Laura would never have forgiven her. It was bad enough her powers had messed things up with her family. She didn't need it messing up with that of another.

Sitting on the TV, she found herself just watching the news, which had been doing a story on this big summit all week. It wasn't much, but it did distract her to some extent.

"That last batch of European and Middle Eastern leaders arrived today at JFK. The President was there to meet them and plenty of spectators were there as well, some of them bearing signs of protest as this summit hopes to touch on everything from the growing economic sector to the burgeoning mutant controversy which has polarized much of the world. Sources say that the President..."

Suddenly, the TV was turned off and Rogue looked over to see Bobby standing beside her with a rose made of solid ice in his hand.

"News is so depressing," he said as he handed her his little gift, "You'll only make yourself feel worse by watching it."

Taking the ice rose in her hand, Rogue managed a slight smile to her boyfriend as he sat down next to her. Bobby always had a knack for cheering her up. She didn't know why he was so drawn to her. It wasn't like they could get close or anything. But he still had a way of making her feel good about herself and that was something she wasn't about to waste.

"So how are you feeling?" he asked, as he draped his arm around her.

"Better," she answered simply, "How's Logan?"

"Up and about last I heard. But he and Laura jetted about an hour ago."

"What?!" exclaimed Rogue.

"I know. I was just as surprised as you. I tried to talk to them, but Laura wouldn't even make eye contact with me."

Rogue's face sank. She had been hoping that she would have at least had the chance to apologize to them. After all, it was mostly her fault. But now it seemed as though she wouldn't get her chance.

"Just mah luck," she muttered in solemn tone, "Add another mess to these dang powers! I put mah first boyfriend in a coma, run away until mah parents send Xavier to find meh, and now this!"

"Hey come on," coaxed Bobby, gently stroking the white streak in her hair, "They're the ones who left."

"But Ah was the one who pushed them away!" she said, feeling tears form in her eyes, "If Ah hadn't...If Ah just..."

Suddenly, Scott entered the room just in time to stop her from breaking down. He noticed her distraught look and he couldn't blame her. This whole ordeal had been especially difficult on her. But Bobby seemed to be doing a good job of being there for her and he planned to leave them once he found out what he needed to know.

"Hey, have you two seen Laura around?" he asked, drawing curious looks from the both of them, "We need to talk and we've been looking everywhere for her."

"Yeah, I just saw her leave with Logan about an hour ago. She told me they were catching the next train out of here. That's pretty much it."

Scott just looked back at Bobby with a confused look.

"They left?" he repeated.

"Yeah, I saw them leave and so did John. What, do you want Dr. Grey to read our minds or something?" said Bobby in a half joking tone.

"I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I was just talking to Logan with the Professor. He's in his office right now."

Now it was Bobby's turn to be confused and even Rogue began to grow curious as well because in a house full of mutants, there was always the possibility for something strange and unforeseen to happen.

"That's impossible. I saw them. I swear," said Bobby adamantly, "How in the hell could he..."

Then suddenly, just as Bobby was about to finish, Logan entered into the room and both he and Rogue fell completely silent.

"Where is she? Is she in here?" said Logan, scanning the area for his daughter.

He watched as Bobby and Rogue looked at him with a blank expression. It was as if they had just seen a ghost or something. It just didn't make any sense.

"Mr. Logan..." said Bobby, looking back at him with a bewildered expression, "I thought you and Laura left."

"What are you talkin' about popsicle?" scoffed Logan, "I've been stuck in that damn infirmary all mornin'. How in the hell could I have left?"

"But I watched you two leave! She told me you were going to the train station! You even called a cab."

"Wow, calm down Bobby," said Scott, knowing something had to be up with this.

"No, hold it!" said Logan, walking up to the young man and studying his face as if it were a map, "You say you saw Laura walk out of here with me?"

"Positive! I swear I saw it! John saw it too! Ask him!" exclaimed Bobby.

This was clearly starting to get out of hand. Something was going on here. It just reeked of something very sinister. Scott could feel it in his bones and from the looks of it, Logan felt it too.

"Easy Bobby, I believe you," said the young leader, "Now you say they were going to the train station?"

"Yes, that's what Laura told me. And I swear, you were with her!" he exclaimed.

A cold feeling suddenly fell over the feral man. It wasn't like the anger of his berserker rage. It was more this deep, powerful rush of raw anger that someone or something was playing him. And worst of all, whoever it was, they had his little girl now and she probably didn't even know it.

Someone had already attempted to kill them once. Naturally, they wanted to rectify that mistake, only instead they decided to outsmart them instead of fight them. And what made Logan the angriest was the fact that it worked.

"I'm going after her," he said with a grunt, turning back towards the foyer.

"Hold on, Logan!" said Scott, grabbing his shoulder before he got too far, "There are other forces at work here and we can't just run into the fire without knowing what we're up against."

Logan, however, was not in the mood for this. He didn't even process Scott's words as he grabbed his hand, put him in a strong hold, and threw him back against the couch where Bobby and Rogue had been sitting.

"Mr. Summers!" exclaimed Rogue as she and Bobby went to his aid.

"Plan all ya want, Shades!" growled Logan as he dashed off into the foyer, "But I'm goin' after my daughter! I don't care who's behind this, but they'll have to answer to a Wolverine!"

"No wait!" said Scott, setting aside his bodily pain as he shot up from his position and ran after the feral man.

However, Logan was too fast for him. His daughter was in trouble and he wasn't going to let anything keep him from going after her. He tried to follow him, but by the time he got to the garage, the door was already open and his motorcycle was missing.



Back in Xavier's office, the Professor was discussing further plans concerning Logan and Laura with Jean and Ororo. Last night had really shaken things up, but it only seemed to add a greater sense of urgency towards this matter. They were clearly in need of help and with the Brotherhood on their trail their importance was more serious than ever.

"Are you sure about what you sensed, Jean?" asked Xavier as they went over some of the details of the previous night.

"Positive Professor," affirmed the redheaded psychic, "I sensed a lot of things from them, but the one thing that seemed to dominate is this strange rage that seemed more animal than human. It's like this raging state of consciousness exists just below their regular cognitive state and..."

Suddenly, Scott burst into the room with an urgent look on his face. And for Jean, someone who shared a psychic link with the young man, she knew it was quite urgent.


"He's gone!" said Scott in a grim tone, "He stole my motorcycle and he's going after his daughter!"

"Going after her?" said Ororo in confusion, "What are you talking about?"

"I don't know that yet, but something's up! Bobby said he saw Logan and Laura leave for the train station an hour ago."

"But that's impossible. Logan was here," said Jean.

"I know...Which leaves only one possibility."

There was no further need for inquiry after that. It was clear now just who was behind this.

"The Brotherhood," said Xavier, the expression on his face turning to one of dread.

"Looks like they're finally making their move," surmised Ororo.

"Which is why we must act fast!" said Xavier as he wheeled out from his desk, "Scott, you and Ororo must get to that train station before it's too late. Jean and I will follow behind. We must get the both of them back. Although I fear as though we may already be too late."


Out on the open roads of the Westchester countryside, the roaring sound of a supped up engine echoed through the trees. And along the winding roads, Logan sped along the hot asphalt at breakneck speeds, kicking this little toy into high gear as he followed the signs to the nearest train station. As stiff as Cyclops may have been, he sure had good tastes when it came to motorcycles. Whatever he did to make this thing run, he did it in all the right ways.

He was already going over 100 miles per hour. But judging from the sound of the motors, this thing could go way faster. Looking down at a small control bad just between the handlebars, he noticed a rather large button shaped like an X. And with his curiosity to guide him, the feral mutant pressed it and felt a sudden rush of speed that would have put drag racers to shame.

"Holy shit!" he grunted as he felt the wind sheer through his burly face.

He was really on the move now. With speeds beyond that of what any regular machine could muster, he plowed ahead in search of his daughter. And whoever this imposter was, he was going to have to answer to him.

"Hold on, Laura! Daddy's coming!"


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