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The World is Round

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The World is round.

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The World is Round

One probably does not think about the people that had to change his/her thinking as scholars were making the case for a spherical or a round Earth. One would think that the people of that time simply went along with whatever the new theory was.

I recently received a hysterical telephone call from one of my Army Buddies Helen. I thought something had happened to one of her children or her beloved husband. After I helped calmed her down just a bit, she began to tell me about her new washing machine. Her husband had purchased a new washing machine, he thought that he was doing a good thing. I do not usually write about such girlish chit chat, but I wanted to share this with you because I think it is important for us to analyze our thinking when presented with a new theory or concept.

Her husband evidently refused to put one more dime into Helen’s 20+ year old washing machine. She explained that her old washer had a soaker tub and she used it regularly to help clean the whites. It was the best at getting out the stains, Helen explained. The new machines do not have a soaker tub, and you cannot tell it how much water to put in the machine. Does this sound bizarre to you as well? Keep reading it gets even sillier. Helen, I said gingerly the new machine will get the clothes clean too. No, it is impossible to get stains out without soaking the laundry it is impossible. My kid’s clothes have to be clean. I know how to wash clothes she screamed! When her husband said the clothes looked better with the new machine, well it seemed to have sent her over the edge, prompting her telephone call to me.

Now I know that Helen sounds like a mental patient at a local hospital. She has a degree in Computer Science and analytical theory, she writes algorithms for fun. But in her defense or to explain, her archaic stance, she comes from a long line of clothing washers. Her Great, Great Grandmother Julia took in washing and was known to have the whitest whites you could ever see. Helen’s great grandmother Nana Odessa Watlington- Midgette washed the clothes by hand for decades she had mastered the craft. In the 1920’s her husband Tim purchased brand new washing machine. Her Nana confessed that she only used the wringer mechanism of the machine. The wringer of the machine was the only part she found useful. Helen’s maternal grandmother Mable also took in washing and ironing. Her shirts were crisp and the collars made the men feel like a million dollars. Helen’s mother could make a sweat sock look brand new even though it had been trudging through mud all day.

And finally Helen, who has and knows all this history and taught that you have to dunk, soak and scrub the clothing in lots of water. “The originally teachings” Helen brags feeling privileged that she had the secrets of washing clothes.

After two hundred plus years of teachings, Helen has to reroute her thinking. She needs to believe that all you have to do is spin the clothes at an accelerated speed while sprinkling water and soap powder to get the clothes clean. No need to soak in a tub of water for hours or days and the clothes will still get clean.

I reminded Helen of scripture Mark 3:29. Jesus tells us that the only unforgivable sin is to blaspheme and rebuke against the Holy Spirit. We should always allow the opportunity for the Lord to be a part of our life. Remember the Lord makes all things new. It is the personal relationship day in and out with Jesus that makes our lives whole. Not because we think we have a formula from an ancestor and that we should follow its old ritual forever.

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