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Momma's Bar Fight

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This is an excerpt from “A Corrupt Village” authored by Genexxa in 2011. This excerpt was intentionally left out of “A Corrupt Village” in that we wanted to keep subject of book as posi...

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I was looking out the window of the bus. I was so happy to be out with Momma. She was looking good. Like the Queen that I am she would always say. Then Daddy would say then act like a queen instead of you running around here naked and cursing every two seconds. She would say a shut the “F” up, pheasant.
“Momma are we going to church Bible study? I promised Ms. Dorthea that we would be there tonight. And, I promised Nana. Momma, you promised too.” I said defiantly. “Nana will know you are not there.” Momma said, “Well you do not worry about that, I’m gonna have me some fun.” She said as she tickled and then squeezed me tight.
A few minutes later Momma took off her sneakers and put on a pair of silver and white heels. They were something, she was something. When we got off the bus, Momma fixed herself up, we walked a few steps in front of a noisy bar. It had a nude woman or a cartoon character of a nude woman spinning around. I was so mesmerized by all the twinkling lights and people around.
Momma hailed a cab driver leaned over the window and the like kicking her legs up laughing in the like. Momma grabbed me by the hand and we ran into the twinkling bar.
“Who wants to buy me a drink?” Momma announced when she went into the bar. A few men jumped up but most waived their hands at her. Momma said something they went out. I felt dismayed for a second but I heard my name being called. “Little Helen!” I turned and it was big Ms. Shirley, she use to visit us often at our house on Champlost street. They would party and the like, especially when Daddy was on the road with his brothers for months at a time. Ms. Shirley used to have an affair with one of Daddy’s brothers. They are Grand friends Momma would say. I was kind of frozen when Ms. Shirley grabbed me by the hand and sat me in the nearby booth. Ms. Shirley made some of the patrons that were at the booth, move to the other side. It was funny seeing her nude breast. I would giggle but she would say these girls make me a lot of money.
“I’ll be right back she hurried off.” I can see her at the bar running back and forth and I smiled when I saw her putting 5 cherries in the drink and that I knew it was for me. “Shirley where is my drink!” A man yelled at her. “Hold your horses you drunk bastard!” Shirley replied equally annoyed. She brought me my Shirley Temple, and carefully placed it in front of me. “Thank you!” I yelled cheerfully. There was Momma coming in the door with some guy, like she and him were newly married. They proceeded to the bar, and Momma, breezed right past me and sat at the bar. It was a game we played she pretended she did not know me until she was sure she had enough money for this and that she would say. Ms. Shirley walked briskly back to the bar, I could see the tassels on her shiny low heel white boots.
I was enjoying myself looking at all the sights. I watched the couple dancing slow amidst all the other gyrating couples. The loving couple was dancing as if they were in their own world. It was something. All the fancy dressing of the attendees. The nude girls dancing on the stage were funny to me. It seemed no one was watching, the show. Everyone was just dancing and drinking or doing both.

After I finished drawing my picture I jumped down and walked to the bar where Momma and Ms. Shirley were talking. Momma slurred “Ooh that is so pretty.” I sucked my teeth as she was trying to hug me because I knew she was drunk beyond reason. Ms. Shirley said “Here give it to me. I will hang it up on the mirror.” I told Momma it was time to get home. Nana will be worried. “They not like we were!” Momma yelled over the bar at Ms. Shirley ignoring me totally. “Yeah, but we too old now nobody wants to see these old girls.” Ms. Shirley said fluffing her bosom up like a proud peacock. “Momma!” I yelled again. , “Hhmm, they want to see mine.” Momma said, swinging her hair back. “Where the bouncers at?” Momma asked Ms. Shirley. “Hmmm. You know where loafing off somewhere.” Ms. Shirley said shrugging her shoulders. “And Tony” Momma looked smiling mischievously. Ms. Shirley said, while wiping down the bar. “Still the same comes in at closing time to pick up the money. Should be here any moment now.” Momma began disrobing, “Let me show these bitches how it is done!” The men seem to perk up, from a drunken slumber as Momma walked towards the stage. The two girls dancing began to try to muscle Momma from getting on the stage. “You bitches you look like little boys you aint got nothing get off the stage!” Momma hollered while towering over them.
One of the dancers called her a big Amazon bitch get off the stage. “Make me bitches!” Momma said while twirling around and dancing. You would have thought it was a bar full of men instead of the 2 or 3 yelling and hooting. They were throwing money at Momma and she was picking it up. The other dancers got off the stage complaining to Ms. Shirley to get her girl. Go eat something you skinny bone bitches. One of them in a rage jumped up on the stage and began trying to pull Momma down. Momma kicked her hard. The girl was able to get in a good punch blood was dripping near Momma’s cheek. Momma pushed her so hard that she slid after falling right into a wall. The girl quickly crawled and grabbed Momma by her leg, saying I am going to kill you big Amazon bitch. Take that she bit Momma in the back of her calf and Momma went down like a big Christmas tree falling from being cut down. Momma wailed you bit my leg, Momma began looking around like a crazy woman, picked up a beer bottle you bitch it better not leave a scar as she lounged at the girl.
Ms. Shirley began calling the police from the emergency telephone behind the bar. It was red and I can remember her showing it to me.
You could hear police cars on their way and finally the bouncers were back trying to pry Momma off the girl that had bit her in the leg. It’s funny why wasn’t she concerned about her face, that was bleeding.
I went running when I saw the police running in. I hid in a closet in the kitchen. I began praying for Momma and everybody, if she had just went to Bible study none of this would have happened. I could hear Ms. Shirley talking to the cops, but she was lying for Momma. She said she did not have anything to do with it. They just began attacking her you know how it is for us working with the darkies. The cop seemed to accept that and thanked her for calling. But, we have to take her in, she had the bottle in her hand. That was to defend herself, sir really she is innocent, she said genuinely and sincerely.
I came forward when I realized the fighting had stopped. “Hey Shirley, I could close you down for having that girl in here.” The officer said seriously. “She just came in not too long ago cause my shift ended and I was packing up to leave.” Ms. Shirley continued with her theatrics. “Momma, let’s go home!” I said as if not to see the handcuffs on Momma. “Mam, do you have someone to call, so they can come pick up your kid?” The officer said. “See Momma, I told you we should have went to church, Nana is going to be crazy angry” I said scolding and waiving my finger at her and sounding like Nana. The cop looked at his partner. “It is up you ladies, do you want to press the charges?” The officers asked the two other dancers. Momma, perked up and gave them a scowl that rivaled Satan. “No we cool, as long as you take that big Amazon out of here.” One of the dancers said taunting Momma. (Momma would later say the girls did not want to make a police report because it would reveal their age and they were well below 21). The police officer un-cuffed Momma, and Ms. Shirley came blazing out of the kitchen with 2 brown bags, here she said thankfully. Please, come back when you are off shift I will show you all a good time.
“Hey Tony” Shirley said nonchalantly. “What the hell is going on here!” he yelled. The officer said it is okay Sir we have it all under control. Well Shirley began the girls began beating up on and before she could say anything the younger girls began yelling again. Hey, quite Tony said in a loud authoritative voice and everyone quieted down. The police officers left and the girls began again. But, before they could attract his attention, I jumped up in his arms, hey Uncle Tony. Hey squirt, what is going on here. This is my informant, what your Momma up to. I just waived my hand at everyone and Uncle Tony told Ms. Shirley to get me a Shirley temple.

The End
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