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Star Wars: War of the Sith

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Darth Baneus is angry with the First Order as they have tooken over 50 planets and destroyed 5. The Sith Council declare war on Kylo Ren and his army of Sith.

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War of the Sith
"Lord Baneus, what shall we do against the First Order?" Darth Infeus asked.
"Call Darth Vision, Darth Plague, Darth Oxidus and Darth Shandoo," Lord Baneus answered.
Baneus was called 3 names, Darth Baneus, Lord Baneus and Emperor Baneus. He was the leader of the New Empire and Counciler of the Sith Order and trained lots of Darths. He was strong with the Force, for he has meditated thousands of times.

Later on, all the Sith arrived.
"You called us Lord Baneus?" Darth Plague said.
"I called you to an important meeting. The First Order have gained too much power. However, we are strong enough to destroy them. We must fight them and gain their power to crush the Resistance and rule the Galaxy," Lord Baneus started, "Who is helping?"
They all nodded, so they knew what they had to do.
They will fight the First Order and will approve against Snoke.

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Exiled overview: Darth Infeus is exiled as the murder of Darth Substance wasn't approved by the Sith Council.
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