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"Where is Your Boy Tonight?" aka "Ben the Little Stalker Boy"

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A story based off of the music video for "Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy."

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Pete Wentz was voted "Best Hair" and "Nicest Smile" in a poll for Pinhole Valley High school seniors; he was a soccer jock, and he started a band called Fall Out Boy with his friends where he plays the bass and writes the lyrics.

Jessica Ortis was voted "Most Likely to Succeed", "Most Spirited", "Best Personality", "Senior Smarty" and "Best Wheels" by that same poll; she was the captain of the cheerleader squad; her dad was a lawyer and insanely rich; and she happened to live next to Pete.

"Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third!" his mom yelled, looking through their blinds and watching Joe pull up with his van.

"What?" Pete whined from another room.

"You're not thinking you're having your friends over and making noise tonight. Do you?"

"It's called band practice, Mom."

"I don't' care what you call it. I'm having the ladies over tonight and I can't have you and your friends distracting us."

"But where are we supposed to go?"

10 minutes later

"Why do we have to play outside?" Patrick asked.

"Uh, to give us a feel for the different acoustics," Pete explained.

"Do you mean literally? Because I don't see any outlets to plug our amps in," Joe admitted.

"Fall Out Boy: Unplugged," Pete replied. "Don't worry. It'll be great."

"That's what you said about 'Fall Out Boy: Live from Andy's Unfinished Basement'," Andy reminded him. "Then you broke a hole in the sheet rock and I got grounded for a week."

"Well, there's nothing for me to break out here. Is there?" Pete pointed out.

"Whatever. Let's just play," Joe pleaded.

Ben, the little stalker kid, lived across town and has had an obsessive crush on Jessica since 8th grade. Today, he decided to go visit her, (without Jessica knowing of course) and video tape her. He pulled his van up behind Joe's, got out and headed toward Jessica's house only to be distracted by loud drumming, and Patrick trying to sing over it and barely audible electric guitar strumming. Ben snickered and videotaped them for a while, maybe hoping to put it on MySpace.

Patrick stopped singing and looked around. Were they being watched?

Ben, panicked, ran over to Jessica's as quickly as he could.

Patrick shrugged and jumped back in at the chorus.

Meanwhile, at Jessica's

Jessica knew she had a stalker. The little Ben kid has been following her around forever and he wasn't very good at it. She put on a cute outfit. She's been leading Ben on only because she found it flattering and, even though he was annoying, he had cute hair.

Ben video taped Jessica change. He sighed dreamily. This wasn't going on MySpace, this was going in his closet.

Jessica looked out her window, making sure he was still there.

Ben choked. "Shit!" he mouthed and ran as fast as his short legs could carry him to his van.

Jessica rolled her eyes and also headed to Ben's van.

Panting, Ben threw open the back door and was surprised to find Jessica there.

She pulled him in.

15 minutes later

Pete threw his bass aside, "This sucks!" He sighed and looked at his band mates. "Do you just want to go get a pizza or something?"

"Sure," they mumbled and headed toward Joe's van to pack up.

As they neared, they were surprised to find Jessica getting out and brushing her skirt off.

"What were you doing in my van?" Joe asked stupidly.

Startled, Jessica turned to them, embarrassed, as Ben stuck his head out, his hair sticking in several directions.

"Ew," the band moaned.

"You tell anyone about this and I WILL kill you!" Jessica declared.

The guys stared blankly at her.

Ben picked up his video camera and taped her being flustered for a couple seconds before she finally walked away. He sighed happily.

"Get the fuck out of my van!" Joe demanded. "I have to get it sterilized again," he moaned.

Still smiling, Ben clutched his camera tighter and headed home to put his new favorite video in a safe spot.

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