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The Seduction Series, Chapter 6

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The story takes place after Christian Troy is raped, a crossover between seasons 3 and 4.

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The Seduction Series,

Chapter 6

By LKraemer

Disclaimer: Not recommended for children, Offensive Language, Rated R, Sexual Situations.

Julia gasped, her hand to her mouth. "Sean! Christian! Kim-" Julia's voice trailed off. In a quick frenzy she stormed out of the recovery room.

Sean began to pull his now-limp d* out of Kimber instantly, cringing, "How am I going to explain this one to Julia?!"

Kimber looked pretty sheepish, quietly slipping her clothes back on.

Christian, sitting on the edge of the bed now, placed his head in his hands covering his sweat-covered face.

'Shit, Shit, SHIT! Sean!" Christian repeated in a panic.

Sean zipped up his pants, then pointed his finger in blame towards Kimber. "Someone has a lot of explaining to do," Sean demanded.

"Me!?" Kimber retaliated.

"Yes, YOU! Sean argued.

"Someone's going to have to talk to Julia!" Christian snapped, interrupting, glancing at Sean. He suddenly realized that both Sean and Kimber's eyes were looking at him.

"Oh, NO! NO damn way!" Christian pleaded.

"She'll listen to you, not me, Christian!" Sean insisted.

Christian crossed his arms, whining, "Not today, Sean, my ass** hurts!"

"Well, give her a little space, she'll probably need a little time to settle down," Kimber explained.

Both Christian and Sean stared at her.

"Let me remind you, Kimber, YOU were the one who came onto us," Christian concluded.

"Whatever, Christian. Like you two didn't enjoy it!" she argued.

Sean put his hands in the air.

"OK! Enough you two!" Right now I have to arrange a new anaesthesiologist since I just fired Liz a few minutes ago," Sean pointed out.

"Funny, Sean, last I looked in the books there were no surgeries planned for the next two days. Won't that give you enough time for interviews?" Christian asked with curiosity.

He glanced at Sean, noticing he had a serious look on his face. He was also avoiding eye contact with him all of sudden.

"What, Sean?!" Christian demanded. "I only need a local!"

Sean's voice lowered.

"Christian, you're gonna need a general anesthetic. I'm sorry. The tearing was more internally located in your rectum. A local, I'm afraid, won't be enough."

Christian sighed. "His ass** began to throb worse, just thinking about the prospect of surgery.

"I'm outta here, so you two can talk shop. Good luck with your surgery, Christian!" Maybe Sean can make your ass** a perfect 10 for you!" she interjected, blowing a kiss at Sean and Christian as she picked up her purse, turned and marched out the door, slamming it on her way out.

"That's it, Kimber, love us and leave us!" Christian shouted sarcastically after her.

Sean slowly shook his head.

"So, Sean who are you going to hire?!" Christian eagerly asked.

"Don't worry, Christian, I have someone in mind," Sean replied.

"Male or female, Sean?" Christian teased.

"I don't need to consult with you on this, Christian!" Sean replied smartly. "I'm the one who will be performing the surgery, NOT you!"

"But it's MY ass**, Sean!" Christian argued.

"Never mind, Christian, leave it to me, trust my judgement, will you? You've had an exhausting day so far, go home, for a bit, rest, don't eat, or drink anything ....and oh! I'll get that prescription for the stool softeners," he added as he walked back to his office to get his prescription pad. "I'll meet you in there."

Christian was so glad to get changed into his clothes. "Not long again before his ass** would be at mercy again," he shuddered, thinking to himself.

Christian met Sean in his office.

"There," he said, handing Christian the prescription. That will help ease the pain but you can always look up ghostbusters if the phantom pain returns," Sean added with a devilish grin. "And by the way, I'll call you when I've hired," Sean reminded him.

"It'd better be a female, Sean!" Christian added, putting on his sunglasses, quickly glancing over the top of his glasses at Sean, giving him the "look" over the rim of his glasses as he walked out the door.

Sean rolled his eyes. He began to look for his phone book on his desk. He needed to find Alison's phone number, a back-up anaesthesiologist he'd had for awhile, however never needed to call upon in the past.

"Hmmm, hopefully she'll remember me," Sean hoped as he looked through the phone book. With hesitancy, he dialed her phone number. The phone rang a few times he'd noticed, before being picked up.

"Hello?" a woman's voice answered.

"Hello, this is Dr. Sean McNamara, "I went to med school with you years ago, do you remember me?" Sean explained with sincere caution in his voice.

There was a pause on the other end for a few seconds.

Finally, the soft, female voice reappeared.

"Oh, yes! I remember you, Dr. McNamara, " she stammered on her words.
"How are you?....I mean, how has your business been all these years?"

"Pretty good, Alison, business has treated Christian and I well," he replied.

"Oh! Christian still works with you, does he?" she asked with enthusiasm.

"Yes, he does, we're business partners," Sean explained.

I was wondering, I'm in a bit of a predicament...I'm in need of an anaesthesiologist as soon as possible, I was wondering if you might be available to work for me for awhile?"

"Sure! I can help you out, when would you like me to begin?" she asked.

"Today I have surgery booked in a few hours. I'm so sorry, it's such short notice. Do you remember where my office is, Alison?"

"Yes, I do. What time would you like me to meet you there?" Alison replied.

"How's 4 pm sound?" Sean questioned.

"I'll meet you there, bye for now, Dr. McNamara."

"I'll look forward to seeing you at my office, Alison, and thank you, I very much appreciate your help in this matter," Sean said.

Sean hung up the phone and then immediately dialed Christian's cell phone number. "Christian, I've found a replacement, meet me at the office at 4 o'clock," Sean reminded him.

"My ass** will really look forward to that, Sean," Christian fired back.

"I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice, Christian!"

"Who's the replacement?!" Christian demanded to know.

"I'll see you at 4 o'clock, Christian, don't be late!" Sean warned in a threatening tone.

A few hours later.......
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