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The Seduction Series, Chapter 6 (Part 2)

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The story takes place after the raping of Christian......a crossover between seasons 3 and 4.

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Sean had left then arrived back at McNamara/Troy by 4 o'clock. He checked his watch, sighing. "It was 4:10 pm now, Christian was late. He was getting impatient," he thought to himself.

Alison walked into the scrub room where Sean was vigorously washing his hands.

"Who is the patient, Dr. McNamara?" Alison asked with curiosity.

Sean looked up at her. It's someone you haven't seen in many....." his voice trailed off as Christian walked into the room.

"Years!?" Christian piped, sarcastically.

Surprised, Christian immediately stared at Alison.

Alison also made instant eye contact.

"Dr. Troy?" she smiled shyly.

"Alison?" Christian mused.

Alison began to reminisce Dr. Troy's looks from years ago in med school. She sighed. "He still had his charming good looks, but noticed how much he had really matured and aged nicely over the years," she thought to herself quietly.

In a daze, she suddenly realized then that Dr. Troy's piercing, blue, staring eyes were traveling up and down her body.

"I only wish it were under better circumstances, Alison," he replied with sarcasm. "You're assisting in my surgery," he added.

Alison looked confused at Sean.

Sean cleared his throat, coughing a little.
"Er hum, Christian has some rectal fissures that need to be repaired, Alison."

"But he only needs a local for that," Dr. McNamara. She quickly pointed out.

Sean paused.

"They're too internal," Sean explained.

Alison turned back to Christian, who was blushing. "What happened?" she asked softly.

Noticing how uncomfortable the conversation was making Christian feel, Sean suggested that Christian go change.

Christian headed to the bathroom. While undressing, he began to let his mind wander, thinking naughty thoughts of Alison. "She was so breathtakingly sexy," he sighed.

On his way back to the OR, Christian realized a bulge had formed under his gown.

He laid down on the OR table, trying to hide his ever-growing erection. He knew Alison had caught a glimpse of it, though.

She smiled, her face flushing.

Christian coughed, breaking the silence. "Where's Sean?"

"He'll be back, Dr. Troy, he went to go answer the phone," she explained.

Christian gulped, a lump formed in his throat, while watching her get the IV ready.

"I-I-I need to use the washroom one more time," Christian stammered on his words. He quickly slipped off the OR table, trying to hide his bulge again.

He ran to the bathroom, locking the stall door behind him this time. "No damn way I'm going to let a 10-inch d* go to waste in surgery,": he muttered to himself. He closed his eyes, standing in front of the toilet and began to masturbate, daydreaming about how beautiful Alison was. He was so damn horny, if he masturbated quickly, he'd get instantaneous release," Christian figured.

Thinking he was on the verge of climaxing, he heard the door open to the bathroom. The sound of heels walked across the tile floor, realizing it was Alison.

"Dr. Troy?"
"Dr. Troy.... are you OK?" Alison asked.

Christian froze.
"I'm takin' a piss!" he answered matter-of-factly.

Alison could see his bare feet under the stall, facing the toilet. "I can tell you're not urinating, Dr. Troy, I could tell by the sound of your breathing that you were masturbating....." her voice lingered off.

"Open the door, Dr. Troy, please," she pleaded.

She heard a click.

Christian, still with a bulge, stood directly in front of her, looking down her top. He then leaned down and began to passionately kiss Alison. "The smell of her perfume was intoxicating to him," he thought.

Taken by surprise, she noticed his d* stabbed her womanhood through his gown.

She knew Dr. Troy was trying to seduce her on every level.

Her breasts tingled in excitement as his one hand reached for her one nipple, teasing it through her silk blouse. She became noticeably aroused. She knew he could see her hardened nipples through her thin blouse.

"You want it, don't you," he teased, grinning.

His kissing became more intense, his tongue flicking and thrusting inside her mouth. His lips then traveled down the front of her neck, kissing her more as his fingers started to frantically unbutton her blouse, undoing her bra too.

He began to suck on her one nipple. His hot breath on her one breast made her shiver, moaning in pleasure.

Alison unbuttoned her pants, pulling a condom out of her one pocket before Dr.Troy lustfully yanked her pants down her legs to the floor.

He then slipped a finger into her welcoming c* to see if she was ready.

Dr. Troy then gently picked her up by the waist, and carried her to the bathroom sink vanity, her long, slender, smooth legs wrapped tightly around his waist, his tell-tale erection almost ready to explode through his gown.

He gently situated her on the vanity, kissing her more. Alison reached for the front of his gown, lifting it up, slightly, touching the tip of his penis, with her finger she felt a little pre cum there.

Dr. Troy entered her swiftly, urgently penetrating. Alison cupped her hands under his rock-hard ass.

He gently stroked his fingers up and down her back. The mirror, behind them, reflecting their bodies intertwined as they came together.

They gasped in their ecstasy.

"I came in to the bathroom to seduce you, Dr. Troy," Alison confessed softly, stroking his wide, broad shoulders.

"I'd say it was the other way around," Alison. I believe I seduced you," Christian winked, replying with instant sarcasm in his voice. He pulled out of her, yanking the condom off, turning and throwing it in the garbage. He then straightened his gown.

Alison began to dress. Her hands trembled as she tried to button her blouse. She blushed.
"No man had ever aroused her like Dr. Troy just did. Her body was tingling in extreme pleasure.

He then walked triumphantly out of the bathroom with a cocky little grin on his face, knowing that he had succeeded, sexually satisfying her desires.

Dr. Troy and Alison slipped quietly back into the OR, unbeknownst to Sean, who was still in his office.

Christian got back onto the OR table with ease.
Sean walked into the OR right afterwards, turning on the OR stereo.

"Christian, I thought we'd listen to something appropriate for this special occasion this time," Sean grinned with a smug look on his face and pushed play. The tune, "Ring of Fire," by Johnny Cash echoed throughout the OR.

"Your compassion is uncanny!" Christian snapped.

Sean replied, "Only the best for my favorite patient!"

"Count backwards from 100, Dr. Troy," Alison added.

The last thing that Christian remembered as he passed out were the words in the song, "I fell into a burning ring of fire...."

To Be Continued
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