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Part One

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Shaun and Liz finally go on that holiday that he promised her. It doesn't go smoothly. Not at all. And he still hasn't switched from beer to red wine. Rated M for violence and language.

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TITLE: The Fourth Promise
AUTHOR: Quicksilvermad
SUMMARY: The holiday that Shaun promised Liz. It doesn't go smoothly. Not at all. And he still hasn't switched from beer to red wine.
GENRE: Rom Zom Com.
RATING: M (language, violence, gore)
SPOILERS: The movie timeline, of course.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own /Shaun of the Dead/, unless you count a copy of the DVD and the soundtrack. Edgar Wright and Rogue Pictures take the rights, though.
DISTRIBUTION:, and whoever wants it can have it. Just ask.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I just had to write it! :D And am I the first one to write a Shaun/Liz fic here? Also, the places I mention are real. I'm not making them up.

/Chapter 1:/

After spending over an hour in airport security, Shaun Riley decided that there was something out there worse than the reanimated corpses of hundreds shambling after him.

Though, during this inadvertent form of self-inflicted punishment, he wasn't alone.

Liz flopped down into the highly uncomfortable airport terminal seat beside him with two Cokes in hand. She slung her legs over his knees and handed him one.

"Cheers, Flash," she said.

Shaun offered up a tired smile and cracked his soda open. "Promise me," he said, "that the next time we go on holiday, there will be no flying involved."

Liz smiled. "Promise," she said.

Shaun sipped his drink and sighed. Still watching his face, Liz's smile broadened and she leaned in and gave him a long kiss.

"What was that for?" he asked once his brain kicked back into gear.

Liz shrugged and opened her own soda. "I just wanted to. Thanks for doing this."

Shaun smiled-warmly this time.

"It's going to be a long flight..." Liz mused. "What made you pick the States?"

Shaun mimicked her shrug and rested one hand on her leg. "Dunno. It seemed far enough away to relax."

Liz looked him over for a second and took notice of the lines in his face that hadn't been there before Z-Day. She frowned slightly and ran her fingers over the creases between his eyes. "I'm sorry, love."

Shaun shook his head. "You didn't do anything."


"If anyone should be sorry, it's me."


"I hid Ed out in the shed and didn't tell you."

"Yeah, but when I did find him, he...well... He was actually tame."

"It's still no excuse."

Liz sighed roughly and grabbed his chin. "It's fine," she insisted. "Don't be so hard on yourself."

The tender moment was ruined by the sound of the PA system kicking to life.

"All passengers for Virgin Atlantic Flight 162, nonstop to Fort Lauderdale, preflight boarding for rows one through fifteen will now commence. That's rows one through fifteen."

Shaun smiled and grabbed his and Liz's carry on baggage. "That's us," he said.

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