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Inflatable Bubble Tent

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Enjoy a piece of nature while sitting in your comfortable chair! Confused? Well, you can enjoy the beauty and greenery after investing in an "Inflatable Bubble Tent": It is a very favored article amongst avid campers, trekkers and even helps to promote your business!

inflatable bubble tent
The bubble tent is made up of a very strong durable plastic that has been double stitched to avoid tearing at the seams. The plastic material allows for deflecting the harmful UV rays, thus ensuring protection to its occupants. The tent can be inflated by strong batteries which are provided in a wooden casing. The high battery power ensures that you can stay enclosed within its midst 24 hours a day. The dome shaped tent also provides ample space to move around. You can decorate the tent anyway you want, depending on the place you are visiting. Also, the bubble tent is available in transparent and semi transparent options, allowing you to choose your privacy and enjoying your surroundings at the same time.
You can easily install the inflated bubble tent using an electric pump which is supplied along with the pack. This allows for easy installation in the backyards, parties, picnics, beaches or any other place where you need a personal corner for yourself. Create a cozy corner, in the middle of your garden and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, without being bothered by insects or other creepy-crawlies!
You can stand out and make a statement using this inflatable bubble tent when you are trying to advertise your product during trade shows or exhibitions. The tent is very attractive, allowing for a larger inflow of customers to your corner, eventually leading to better business! Even children’s amusement park, theme parks and sport centers all over the world have realized the beauty and simplicity of spiking interest and have installed these "bubble tents": They are fun, affordable and attractive, all at the same time! You do not need to look for rooms or places to stay when visiting a new place or site. Just pitch in your tent and lie back to enjoy your outing to its fullest!
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