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Judas Unleashed

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A typical day on the rescue front turns deadly as a covert group plots to get the secrets of International Rescue. Will they succeed or will IR be able to protect their own.

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Judas Unleashed

Authors Notes: This is a joint story between Lillehafrue and myself and takes place two years after the events of the movie.

Chapter One

Scott Tracy sighed as he put his book down on the table. He was laying on the couch in the lounge, bored out of his mind. He put his hands under his head and stared up at the ceiling. It had been nearly two weeks since they had last been called out on a rescue, and he was beginning to go stir crazy looking for something to do. It could be worse I suppose, he thought, I could be stuck up on Five.

A shout and a splash from outside caught his attention. He sat up and looked through the door in the direction of the pool. He saw Virgil climb out, fully clothed, and shaking his fist while shouting something, at someone which was presumably his younger brothers. He then turned and marched into the villa, an angry glower on his face.

He stopped in front on Scott, water dripping onto the floor, and cast one last look behind him.

"Why? Why did our parents decide to have more children?" Virgil asked. Scott chuckled.

"Which one?" he asked.

"Does it really matter?" Scott burst out laughing.

"What happened? What did the terrible two do this time?" Virgil shook his head.

"Little punks told me Dad wanted to see me downstairs. So, like an idiot I believed them."

"Ambush huh?"

"Yeah, the little tykes grabbed me and pulled me in the pool with them." Virgil shook his head again. "I'm going to change before Onaha kills me. See you later."

"Bye Virg." Scott waved as he watched his brother leave the room. He got up and walked out to the pool, making sure to keep well away from the edge. "Hey, you two!"

Gordon waved and swam over to the side. "Scotty! What's up?"

Scott took a few steps back and glared down at his younger brother, folding his arms across his chest. "Virgil is going to kill you."

"Why? What did I do?" Gordon batted his brown eyes innocently.

"Nice try Gordo. You too Sprout." Scott turned his gaze on Alan who just grinned as he swam up next to Gordon. Scott shook his head. "Watch your step. He's really pissed this time."

"Yeah, like we're afraid of Virgil." Gordon snorted.

"What's he going to do, throw his hair gel at us?" Alan added. Gordon burst out laughing and fell back into the water, Alan jumping after him. Scott rolled his eyes.

"Hopeless, utterly hopeless," Scott muttered and headed back inside the villa. He was about to sit down when his wristcom bleep for his attention. Raising it Scott answered the incoming signal hoping and praying it was something to do, as his father's face appeared on the tiny display screen.

"Scott, I need you in my office," Jeff said.

"F-A-B, Dad, I'm on my way." He hurried to his father's office, taking the steps two at a time. He burst through the doorway. "Dad! What is it? I didn't hear the alarm!" Jeff looked up, startled at his eldest's sudden entrance.

"Easy there Scotty, you'll give the old man a heart attack." He pushed a file in Scott's direction. "This is a company Tracy Corp. is considering taking over. I'd like your thoughts on it." Scott's face fell and his shoulders slumped, he had been so hoping it was going to be callout for International Rescue.

"A corporate take over?" He sighed and picked up the file. Jeff frowned he could see that something wasn't right with Scott.

"What's wrong Scott?"

"Nothing. I'll take a look at it." Scott sighed wearily and started from the room.

"Scott, wait." Jeff walked over to his son. "You didn't answer me. What's wrong son?" Scott shrugged.

"Just bored I guess Dad."

"When was the last time you took some leave?" Jeff asked.

"Over a month ago. Went to a class reunion in Kansas remember." He sighed. "I'm fine Dad. I'll go look this over and let you know."

With that Scott turned and left the room. Jeff watched him leave before standing up deciding he would follow Scott and see if he could do something to cheer him up. He knew well that Scott was something of an adrenaline junkie and that he didn't handle long periods of quiet very well, it just wasn't in his nature. Before Jeff could take a step however his computer bleeped for attention indicating an incoming call from the space station. Instantly Jeff sat back down and answered the hail.

"John what can I do for you," he said as John's face appeared on the computer screen.

"I could sure use a pizza Dad," John replied. "You know a place that delivers?" Jeff smiled.

"Thirty minutes or its free right," he replied. "So what's on your mind?"

"Just checking Dad," John said. "How are things going down there on Planet Tracy?"

"Quiet. Alan and Gordon are up to their normal tricks, and Scott's getting a little bored."

"Ugh oh. Everyone duck for cover and not from the terrible two's pranks. I'd rather try flying through a hurricane than putting up with a bored Scott." Jeff chuckled.

"He's not that bad John."

"No? Remember what happened when he was grounded for two months last year. After he broke his leg on that disastrous skiing holiday he went on?" Jeff winced at that memory; Scott had been very, very hard to live with those two months with in the end all his brothers wanting to basically throttle him as he had been driving them up the wall.

"All to well," Jeff replied.

"Then I rest my case." Jeff chuckled slightly.

"John where did I get you from?"


"No that was Gordon, and they refused to take him back but who could blame them," Jeff said. John laughed and Jeff couldn't help but join in, his platinum haired second sons laughter could get quite infectious, just like his mothers had been. "But don't worry about Scott. I've given him something to do now. I've given him the details of that company I'm thinking of acquiring."

"The aerospace one?"

"Yes that one. I wouldn't give him details on the other two I'm after. Those are more your field of expertise."

"True. Still that file on the aerospace company will keep Scott busy for awhile," John answered. "Though he's probably disappointed that it wasn't a callout."

"Knowing Scott definitely." John chuckled.

"I'll let you go Dad. I have a few things I would like to work on up here. I'm taking advantage of the lull in rescue calls to work on my next book." Jeff smiled knowing that John had another bestselling astronomy book in the pipeline; he had already published four of them.

"F-A-B, John. I'll talk to you later."

"Talk to you later Dad," John agreed and signed off leaving Jeff to carry on working his way through the virtual forest of paperwork on his desk.


Swimming Pool

Treading water Alan and Gordon watched as Scott came out of the villa with a folder in his hand, before moving onto the path that led up to the library. Scott seemed to them to be fed up and disappointed about something.

"What's his problem," Alan asked wondering what had gotten into their oldest brother. He had become increasingly difficult to live with for the last few days, getting more and more moody.

"Life in general," Gordon quipped which promptly earned him a splash of water in the face from Alan. Alan followed Scott's path until he disappeared from there sight.

"It's been quiet on the rescue front for awhile," he said thoughtfully.

"So?" Gordon replied. "It's a nice lull."

"Yeah but Scott lives for flying and for bossing us around in the danger zone. He hasn't been able to fly Thunderbird One for two weeks so he's bored stiff. And you know how impossible it is to live with Scott when he's bored."

"Yeah well Captain Adrenaline can go to all the rescues he wants," Gordon stated. "I for one am quite happy with the way things are at the moment. It's not our fault that Scott's got no life other than flying."

Alan rolled his eyes even as he silently acknowledged that Gordon did have a point there. He took a deep breath and dove under the water for a few moments. When he came up again he saw a familiar mischievous glint in Gordon's hazel brown eyes.

"I know that look Gordon. Your thinking about something," he said and was rewarded with a wolfish smile from Gordon.

"I think that Scotty needs to loosen up a bit," Gordon replied.

"Hmmm...We could short sheet his bed?"

"Nah, not good enough."

"Dye his underwear pink?" Gordon grinned and placed his hands on Alan's shoulders.

"That, my young apprentice is what I have been training you for," he said doing his best Sith Lord impression before he hauled himself out of the pool and extended his hand to pull Alan out. "C'mon! Now before he comes back!"

Alan grinned back his own blue eyes twinkling with the same look of mischief that was in Gordon's. This is going to be so much fun, Alan thought, even though Scott will probably want to throttle us afterwards. Grinning evilly the two youngest Tracy sons disappeared into the villa to put there dastardly scheme to play a prank on Scott into effect.


Thunderbird Five
A Few Minutes Later

John frowned thoughtfully at the notepad he had open in front of him, something wasn't right with the paragraph he had just written, he knew it was but try as he might he couldn't find what the oddity was. I know its here somewhere, he thought, just where. I can't do the next bit unless I find the bit that's wrong.

A sudden bleeping sound jolted him out of his musings, looking up John's expression became all business as he recognised an alert from the stations computer. The sensors that constantly monitored the planet below had picked up something, something that could require International Rescue's attention. Putting his pad down John got to his feet and left his quarters and made his way to the control room.

Crossing the control room to the main console John's eyes widened when he saw the scanner display. A number of explosions had just occurred in Toronto, Canada. The explosions were in multiple places in the city on both the surface and the in the underground railway system, the sensors showed major damage from all the explosions. Pulling up an overview of Toronto John noticed that all the explosions had occurred at major transportation or at power grid hubs, a glance at the sensors showed that there was massive power failure in Toronto. The power distribution grid for the whole city had gone dead. John recognised the pattern, this was no random occurrence - though multiple explosions at different points in the city simultaneously were a statistically impossible occurrence - someone had done this deliberately. Terrorists that's the only explanation, he thought knowing there were going to be a lot of casualties down their, Scott wanted some action. He's got his wish.

Sitting down in front of the console John pressed the control that would sound the International Rescue alarm down on Tracy Island.


Scott's Room
Tracy Island

Alan had just finished rounding up all Scott's clean white underwear ready for himself and Gordon to dye it pink when the alarm went off. In almost perfect unison both himself and Gordon groaned.

"Oh man that alarms timing really sucks," Gordon moaned. "Put those down Alan, lets go and see what's going on. Scott being bored must have jinxed us."

"Must have," Alan agreed dropping the clothes he was holding before racing out of the room with Gordon in hot pursuit. They arrived in the corridor just as Virgil came out of his own room.

Virgil gave his younger brother a curious look having seen them coming out of Scott's room. They must have been plotting to play a prank on Scott, he thought, hmm looks like big bro and me are going to have to come up with a prank of our own to pull on the pranksters. Without talking to Alan and Gordon, he was still miffed about what they had done to him in the pool; he joined them in heading for their father's office, wondering just who needed their help this time.


That Same Time

The moment the International Rescue alarm went off Scott leapt to his feet and started running out of the library abandoning what he had been doing for his father. To his mind it was more than time they had a rescue to go to, he was going to get to fly at last. Don't be happy about someone's misfortune Scott, he told himself firmly as he raced out of the library onto the path that led down to the rest of the villa, even though its giving you chance to fly Thunderbird One again. Someone's gotten in trouble to give you that opportunity.

Feeling a bit more sober yet not quite able to ignore the butterflies of expectation fluttering about inside him he raced back to the villa.


It took Scott only a few minutes to get back to the villa and into his fathers office. He wasn't surprised to find everyone else already there and the office already transformed into the high tech command and control centre of International Rescue. He was also not surprised to see Brains already sitting at the control console.

"What have we got Dad," Scott asked his father.

"A series of major explosions in Toronto, Canada Scott," Jeff replied. "Multiple locations, both above and below ground in the underground rail system, according to John the city has no power at all and there are serious injuries in multiple locations and people trapped."

"Sounds like terrorists," Scott replied shaking his head wishing there was someway to permanently get rid of all the worlds various terrorist groups. But no matter how many you stopped, how many organisations you destroyed, there were always more to take their place.

"Indeed it does Scott," Virgil agreed. "But that's not our concern. We just need to get out there and save those innocents who have gotten hurt or stuck through no fault of their own."

"Then what are we waiting for," Scott said starting for his portrait. The panel slid up out of the way and Scott stood in his individual lift compartment. Overhead the light turned blue to indicate that he was going to Thunderbird One. Jeff and Scott's siblings followed his example and went into there individual lift compartments though there lights turned green to indicate that they were going to Thunderbird Two.

"Thunderbirds Are Go," Jeff said speaking the coded command that would get the lifts moving. The lift doors closed and the portrait panels slid back down as the lifts began the journeys down to the silos.

Manning the main console Brains watched the Tracy's leave for the silos. Hang in there Toronto we're coming, he thought turning his attention to the console and carrying out the required preparations to launch the Thunderbirds on another life saving adventure.
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