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Trials for Love

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This will be a story about ichigo and Soi Fon. Everything in this story takes place after Aizens defeat.

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This is my first Fan Fic, feed back is much appreciated.
Disclaimer:I do not own any of the characters, or bleach it self

“Head Captain. “Said the messenger soul reaper that had just appeared in the head captain’s office.

“Ichigo Kurosaki has requested a private meeting with you.”

Captain Yamamoto raised an eyebrow, wondering what the substitute soul reaper could want. Still Head captain said “bring him here.”

The Moment Head captain finished speaking the messenger vanished with a flash step, and headed towards the senkaimon, where Ichigo would be arriving at shortly. The messenger waited in front of the senkaimon gate for a few minutes and saw Ichigo stepping out, the moment the substitute soul reaper had stepped in the seireitei many captains had sensed his abundant spirit pressure. They all were surprised at the unexpected visit, and pondered why he had come to the soul society.

The messenger quickly told Ichigo that the request to meet the head captain had been approved, when he gave the news to the young man the messenger told the young orange haired boy to follow him to squad one’s barracks. They quickly flashed stepped away at high speeds.

The Captains immediately felt that Ichigo was heading towards Captain Yamamoto’s division, and in a split second most of them zoomed to intercept him before he went in. Six captains had arrived at squad one’s barracks, When Ichigo reached the doors of the office he saw the captains speaking amongst each other. The young man quickly greeted them all with a smile on his face, but the gesture was not returned, as they were all in astonish to see that he was going to see the head captain as they depicted. A moment of silence arose in the group, but was quickly cut short when Captain Shinji Hirako asked “Ichigo, why have you come to the soul society to see Head captain Yamamoto?” all the captains present shook their heads in seeming unison, as to portray that they all wanted the answer to that question.

Ichigo quickly replied while bowing to the captains “I’m sorry, but I cannot answer that question at the moment.”

Captain Shinji’s expression quickly changed while looking at Ichigo with a glaring look as to tell him that he was not pleased with the answer received.

Even with being looked at like that did not faze ichigo as he slowly but calmly started to walk towards the big door in front of him. The Captains all moved aside like Ichigo was the front of a boat breaking the water. The young substitute soul reaper placed both hands slowly on the doors while pushing ever so slightly, as the door opened the contents of the room were reviled.  With one look Ichigo spotted the Head Captain sitting at his desk, as Ichigo looked at him the Head captain gave a small gesture to show the substitute soul reaper to enter the room. At the same time he waved at the other captains telling them that this would be a meeting between the two of them only.

Ichigo slowly walked towards the Head captain thinking to himself ‘I have to convince him to accept what I have to say.’ With sweat starting to form on the side of his face he took a deep breath and waited to be told he could take a seat on the chair across from the Captains desk.

Captain Yamamoto spoke with a calm tone telling the young man “Take a seat if you may.”

Ichigo trying to look composed took a seat saying “thank you!” accidently saying it with a high tone of voice. Immediately after that small accident Ichigo put both hands over his mouth while thinking to himself ‘well that wasn’t how I wanted things to start out.’

Captain Yamamoto broke the silence that fell into the room after the young man’s mishap “What have you come to talk to me for, and why not let the other captains in on the conversation?”

Ichigo slowly took the hands from his mouth, and replied “There is some important information to tell you…” as Ichigo’s words started to get softer in tone as he went on “and some request I want to ask of you.”

Captain Yamamoto raised an eyebrow while asking “what information do you need to tell me that only I can hear? And what are these request you speak of?” as he slowly put down the raised eyebrow.

The young soul reaper was getting ready to reply, but suddenly stopped right before the words could come out of his mouth. He thought to himself ‘what should I tell him first? , what would be the best way to portray everything?’ when a worried look started to from on his face.

As the captain was assessing the situation he decided to say “speak your mind boy.”

Ichigo started to gain his composure, and said “Ok, then if you don’t mind my saying I would like to start the meeting by stating my request.” With a slight pause before speaking his next sentence “I know most people would state the information they have first, but you’ll understand once I finish sating everything.” Ichigo felt confident about what he had just said and looked directly at the head captain waiting for a response to come.

The captain then replied “As you wish.”

Ichigo then started to open his mouth to start talking “I have done many things for the soul society, is this correct?”

The captain then looked at him responding “That is correct, why do you ask?”

The substitute soul reaper had a smile when he heard those words, but shortly shook the feeling and went back to normal. “With that said, I would like to ask three things of you Head captain.” Imidetly after he started to say “My first request would be for…” a brief stop came over the voice but quickly returned “I would like to become a real soul reaper, and live in the seireitei.”

The head captain was surprised to hear this and lost a small amount of his composure when he was about to speak, to reply at the request his voice almost trembled “Why do you want to become one all of the sudden?”

The substitute soul reaper stopped for a sec, but then spoke “that will all be answered in time.”

Soon after his reply he continued “My second request I ask directly pertains to you Head captain.” The captain replied “and what would that be?”

Ichigo soon said “I would like for you to train me, to better use my Bankai, and to learn Kido.”

The head captain had a blank expression on his face and saying “I have not personally taught someone in one thousand years, what makes you think you’re worthy?” he replied with his tone of voice becoming a little higher than usual.

The young man than said “everything will become clear at the end of this meeting, and at that time you can decide if I’m worthy.” After that he quickly went on “My final request is that if the last two are accepted, I wish for you to offer your vote for me to become a captain of the 13 gotei.”

Captain Yamamoto soon replied “These request of yours are no small ones, what makes you want to do all this?” opening his eyes ever so slightly.

Ichigo then replied his question with a question “Captain have you ever been in love?”

The head Captain said “What does this have to do with anything?”

The substitute soul reaper told him “That’s the reason I’ve asked all this from you.” The captain asked “Are you telling me you have fallen in love with a soul reaper?” Ichigo then decided to answer his question “That’s correct Head captain.”

Yamamoto was very surprised from his reply “Well since you answered my question, I’ll answer yours.” “Ichigo kurosaki I have been in love with someone, but that was many years ago and long since passed, May I ask you who you fell in love with?”

The young soul reaper stopped and thought for a little “Will my answer to that question stay between us?” The captain replied “I will not tell anyone without your consent.”

Ichigo looked at him and took a deep breath “The person I fell in love with …” a small stop in his sentence, with a blush coming over him. Ichigo mustered all his courage and got ready to say the name “I ..I fell in love with Captain…Soi Fon.” Relived to have finished saying something so embarrassing.

Head captain almost fell off his chair when he heard this from the orange haired soul reaper. Immediately he tried to get his composure back, “Even if that may be, why does this make you need to become my disciple and a captain?” still baffled by what he just heard.

The substitute soul reaper replied “The women I have fallen in love with is powerful, and has different standards.” “And that’s why I need to become stronger, and be on the same level as her.” He said with a determined look.

The head captain started nodding his head in agreement “It is true what you say about her, and I will take all this into consideration, but I will need some time to think everything over.” He looked at the substitute and kept talking “I will give you an answer to all your request in 2 weeks’ time. Until then head back to the world of the living and wait.”

Ichigo shook his head back at him “I will do just that.” Soon after that was all said Captain Yamamoto dismissed him, and Ichigo slowly walked out of the office and flash stepped towards the senkaimon.
If you have made it this far, I thank you for reading. I will try and post a new chapter weekly. Receiving feed back will help me make more faster.
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