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Salento, a region rich in beaches and landscapes

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The Story of Salento, located in the Apulia Region, southern of Italy.

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Salento, is a land to discover and cherish placed in the Apulia region of South of Italy, this place is a cheat treasure, and sun-kissed scenario where the Adriatic and Ionian Sea mingle in a wonderful play of light.

It 'a magical place that offers wonderful landscapes, surrounded by fabulous stories and ancient legends.
Salento is a unique and suggestive land that allows you to enjoy all its natural features but also to discover, through history and art, two great civilizations: the peasant, and the seal-side.

Salento is even an extraordinary world where the coast is slowly recline the sea offering, in the eyes of visitors, a real scenario where the sand dunes and beaches alternate with steep rocky shores sea and mysterious caves, ravines, islands and natural gorges.

The presence of two morphologically and physically different marine environments, has allowed the development and growth of living organisms decidedly differents.

In Salento, are really countless unexpected wonders that occur in the eyes of the tourist, and also enclosed in the hinterland.

Walking in the countryside of Salento, it is clear and evident, the majestic presence of ancient olive trees that characterize and surely enrich all the land.
The olive tree has become over the years, and Salentine history, the true symbol of Salento.

And speaking of the olives, we can not help but mention of the true cornerstones of the rural and farming culture of the territory: The Crushers or Trappeti Hypogeum, underground places, where there was the mollitura of olives and olive oil production.

Salento is also a witness to ancient civilizations as they can tell us about the many farms, pajare, dolmens and stone walls.
All these become additional elements that distinguish the entire territory.

Salentine beaches, have become over the years, the major destinations, thanks to their Tropical-like aspect, and even thanks to the convenience of spending a holiday in these locations. illustrates very well this reality and this land, it tells well the Salento, one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Italy.

Finally one of the most rich of attractions, like the renowned pizzica, a popular traditional dance, linked to a healing ritual attributed to so-called tarantate.
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