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Leafshadow's Trial

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Leafshadow is a medicine cat from LeafClan. But he must take on an apprentice. He is reluctant, but he is apprenticed Lynxpaw.

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"Hello, young one," the red tabby mewed. The white and brown tom peeled open his eyes, his patched tail twitching. He tipped his chin upwards to gaze at the massive warrior before him, his whiskers twitching. He stood stiffly on his paws, his head only reaching his chest.

The red tom bent down and licked the top of his head. "I can see that you are in pain." When his rough tongue swiped over the medicine cat's head, all of his aches faded away, leaving him sighing with relief. "My name is Redleaf. I was the first LeafClan medicine cat under the leadership of Leafstar." He blinked his wise amber eyes and gazed down at the aging medicine cat. "I have an urgent message for you. The storm will rage until a cat with the knowledge of the stars is able to rise and be the light to the darkness. The tom's starry shape began to fade, leaving the medicine cat in darkness.

"Leafshadow? Leafshadow!" a young voice called urgently. A paw was shaking his weak and tired body and he let out a growl. Peeling open his green eyes, his vision revealed the young kit form of Lynxkit. Her sharp and piercing yellow eyes were wide with fright, her short stubby tail straight in the air. Her light gray brown were looked sleek, she was close to becoming an apprentice. The young kit was the only one who survived out of a litter of three, devastating Arcstorm and Snowbreeze. She had small black tuffs at the tips of her ears that always swayed when she moved.

"Hm? What is it, Lynxkit?" he asked, his voice still groggy.

The kit grinned widely. "My apprenticeship is at sunhigh!" She bounced around in a circle, her mewling making him snarl. He slapped his one white paw down on her tail, ceasing her bouncing.

"Why are you telling me?" he rasped, narrowing his eyes.

She jumped into a play crouch. "I've asked Vinestar if you could be my mentor! I want to be a medicine cat just like you!"

Once she starts learning, that enthusiasm will fade, he thought with a twitch of his whiskers. Slowly rising, he felt his back pop painfully and he drew in a sharp breath. He rose into a sitting position, he shook the clumps of moss from messy pelt. He drew his tongue over his pelt a few times, smoothing the brown and white fur down to a sleek shine.

"Lynxkit, you should head back to the nursery," a light brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws padded over to the medicine cat den. Her green eyes held confidence of many lives ahead. She smiled as she watch the kit bound over to her white mother, who greeted her with a purr.

Leafshadow looked at Vinestar with a twitch of his ear. "When were you going to inform me that she asked you about being my apprentice?" His lips twitched ever so slightly. "I told you, I don't need an apprentice."

Vinestar sat down in front of him with a sigh. "Leafshadow, I know you think an apprentice is a waste of time, but consider your age. You have been so busy with treating cats with the greencough outbreak. A young healthy mind is a good thing for you to mold and make into the next medicine cat." Her eyes held sternness, but concern.

Leafshadow growled lowly, his claws unsheathing and sinking into the ground. "I guess you're right. But, why Lynxkit? Avalanchekit and Solarkit would be just fine."

Vinestar brushed her tail tip over his lips. "Lynxkit is old enough to be apprentice. Avalanchekit and Solarkit are one three moons old. It would be good for you, my friend." She gave him a quick lick on his cheek then stood up. She padded out into the lush clearing. "All cats old enough to climb a tree, gather beneath the Old Oak!"

Leafshadow grumbled under his breath as he stood stiffly. He shook his legs out and his tail tip brushed against the sleeping cat's nose beside him. The thin black tom weakly opened his eyes, coughing.

"L...Leafshadow?" he rasped. The warrior's voice was hoarse from coughing. "What's going on?"

Leafshadow sighed. "Vinestar's going to apprentice Lynxkit. I'll be back as soon as I can, Thinwhisker."

Thinwhisker shifted his legs. "Am I well enough to go see her become an apprentice?"

Leafshadow curtly shook his head. "No. You're still contagious. I'll tell you how it went when I get back." With that, the medicine cat padded out over to the crowd of gathering cats. He sat down beside a light ginger warrior he knew as Sunnystone, her tail swishing happily.

Vinestar cleared her throat. "Cats of LeafClan, Lynxkit has reached her sixth moon and she is ready to become an apprentice. I believe she will make a great addition to our Clan and she will receive a mentor willing to teach her. Lynxkit, until you receive your medicine cat name, you shall be known as Lynxpaw." She looked over at Leafshadow. "Leafshadow. It is time for you to take on an apprentice and pass on the legacy of LeafClan's medicine cat. I am assured that she is being put is safe, wise paws as you pass your knowledge to her."

Leafshadow stood. "I will show her everything I have been taught." He bent down and touched muzzles with the new apprentice.

"Lynxpaw!" the Clan chanted. "Lynxpaw!" After a few more chants, the clan returned to their duties.

Leafshadow turned with his apprentice and padded over to the medicine den.

"What are we going to do?" Lynxpaw asked excitably. "Are we going to explore the territory?"

Leafshadow shook his head. "No. First, you need to make yourself a nest. Then, we're going to familiarize yourself with the herbs."

Thinwhisker looked up from his grooming. "Oh, so Lynxpaw is your apprentice?"

Leafshadow lashed his tail once. "Yes." Then he added under his breath: "Against my will." He licked his pad, dabbing it into the pile of poppy seeds. He shook his white paw, flicking the extra seeds off. Walking over to the deputy, he stuck the pad out. "Eat these. You need some sleep."
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