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Captain America: Civil War

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A fanfiction inspired by the upcoming Marvel film Captain America: Civil war. Tony has one more person to join his side, if only he could find her.

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"It's been a while," her voice caused Tony to smile widely. He had never thought that he would ever hear from this woman ever again, yet here she was. In her suit with her skull like mask over her face, her red eyes almost glowing. The cloth that was wrapped around her waist, blood fresh on the fabric. Her weapons holstered all over her body, her slender, yet muscular form.

"Yes it has," he replied, taking a few steps forward. "Where have you been?"

She blinked slowly, her fingers twitching. "Busy. I heard about your feud with Rogers." She took a few steps forward. "If you can find me, I will join your ranks." She traced the lines in his scarlet suit with her fingers, looking up at him with fearless eyes. "I will help you destroy that pathetic super soldier." She pressed her thin body against his armor, her hands moving to his face. She pulled his head down, kissing him passionately. She drew back, whispering softly in his ear: "You must hurry. I don't think I will last long."

Tony started awake, his heart rate pounding in his ears and sweat dripping from his body. He pressed the palm of his hand against his forehead, panting. He didn't feel Pepper's body against his and he assumed she had gone downstairs to sleep. Tony didn't blame her, he had troubled sleep more often than not. He threw the covers off of him, planting his bare feet against the cool floor, pushing himself up. He needed Jarvis to run a diagnostics on him to see if he could rid himself of those odd dreams.

The woman he had seen in his dream had been a dear friend to him. He saved her as a teenager from the aliens that invaded New York, but she had been injured severely. With Jarvis' help, she was up and active with in a few days. She almost became an Avenger, but when he had refused to help her kill someone, she stormed off and disappeared. He hadn't seen her for thirteen years and he needed to find her to help him fight Rogers.

"Sir, it's two in the morning," Jarvis stated, turning on his workshop.

"I know that," Tony said. "I can't sleep any more. I've been having nightmares again."

Jarvis sighed deeply, waking his little tinkering room up. "About Ultron again?"'

Tony shook his head. "About Deadblade. I need to find her."
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