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Chapter IX

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Gordon feels his world closing in around him in the aftermath of Harvey Dent's escape from Arkham, but it is about to get tighter as Batman pays him a visit. Meanwhile Harvey meets with the Bird an...

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The night air felt cold and unforgiving to Gordon, despite it being still being Summer as he stepped out of his parked car and looked up at the house.

'All the lights are still on, that's not a good sign.' he thought with a sigh, before walking up the wooden steps to the balcony and the front door. Each one creaked loudly as he stepped on them, making him grit his teeth as he knew there was no way that Barbara and the kids had not heard them.

And before he even managed to reach out for it's handle, the door opened to reveal a rather furious-looking Woman staring back as the Kids watched from the top of the stairs.

"'s actually happened... hasn't it? Why else would we suddenly need to have an armed escort waiting outside." Barbara asked with an angry tone, still wearing the dress from the Wayne Fundraiser as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Can we talk about this later?" the Father said while glancing up at his Children, who simply stared back with innocent and confused expressions.

"Don't want to discuss this in front of the kids.' the Commissioner thought as he started for the Living-room, hoping that his Wife would follow.

"No, we are going to discuss this now...!" she replied with a defiant tone while staying where she stood, gaining a defeated sigh from the Man in return as he turned to face her.

"...since you have had us living with this secret for the past year, condemning the Man who saved our Son while the one who tried to kill him went unpunished…" she continued, only for her Husband to cut her off.

"I know that, but 'my friend'' chose to take responsibility for everything that Harvey did, so that the City wouldn't fall back into the hands of the Mob."

"I don't care about any of that, Jim. What I care about is the safety of our family, which you have put in jeopardy because of this insanity." Barbara spat back, making Gordon look down at the floor with shame.

"Why didn't you just tell the truth, Dad." a younger voice suddenly spoke up, gaining both Adults attention as they looked behind them to find their Son standing at the bottom of the stairs, while little Barbara peeked out from behind the wall next to him.

"Jimmy, it's not that simple..." Gordon started to say, only for his Wife to cut him off again.

"Jimmy is actually right there, James. When has lying ever done more good than harm?" she asked back in a knowing tone, making the Police Commissioner look at his Kids, with only his Daughter staring back at him with an innocent expression, while Jimmy's face mirrored his Mother's.

"Because if the City knew the truth..." the older Man begun to say, turning his attention back to Barbara, only to stop as he saw the resolve in her eyes.

"...never mind."

"No, Jim. You can't hide behind that excuse of...'Gotham would fall apart if it knew the truth', because the truth is you just don't know what would happen, not really." his Wife said, before turning back to their Kids.

"Jimmy, Barb, back to bed….now!"

The elder Child nodded back before taking his Sister's hand, leading her back up stairs and out of sight, while the Parents remained where they were.

"Look, Barbara..." Gordon began to say, only for his Wife to cut him off once more.

"No Jim, I don't want to hear another word..." she replied with a finality to her voice, one that made the Police Chief stop before he could open his mouth and say something back.

"..., just make sure he doesn't get to our children again..." Barbara added, making Jim instantly nod back as she continued.

"...because no matter what has happened between the two of us, 'Jimmy and Barb' are what matter most."

"I know, me too." he replied, making the Woman repeat his previous action of nodding back, before she turned around and started for the stairs.

"Right, I am going to bed."

"Okay, though I think I will stay up a little bit longer." Jim replied as he watched her go, gaining an indifferent expression from Barbara, who glanced back.

"I never asked." she said back while leaving the room, making the older Man take his glasses off and rub his eyes.

'Well….crap.' Jim thought before putting them back on and looking around the room, noticing the bag of garbage lying under the archway that connected the living-room to the Kitchen.

'...guess I am the one who always has to deal with the garbage, no matter where I am.' the Commissioner added with sigh as he walked over to the large plastic bag and took it outside.

The entire area was deathly quiet as Gordon dealt with the Garbage, dropping it in the Bin and placing it's lid back on top.

'If only it was this easy to throw away all the garbage in our lives.' he thought while looking out at the Neighbourhood, noticing the Police Car still parked alongside his house as he stood on it's balcony. The older Man could see the pair of Officers sitting inside the vehicle, completely oblivious to him as they chatted.

'Unbelievable, they are supposed to be watching my home...' he started to think with a disappointed expression, before he took a step towards the balcony's stairs.

'...I should...' he then began to add, before being cut off as a familiar voice spoke up from above him.

"Commissioner, we need to talk."

This made the older Man glanced up at the wooden stairs that ran up the side of the building and the Dark Knight, who was squatting on it's railing, staring back with an unreadable expression.

"It's been a while…" Gordon started to say while he remained in place, returning his attention to the street ahead of him.

..but after what happened earlier tonight, I knew it wouldn't be long before you would show up."

"Then you know what we are about to talk about, don't you?" the Vigilante responded, gaining a nod back from Gordon who looked back with a knowing expression, trying to hide the dread he felt behind his eyes that he had been feeling

"Well my 'friend', go ahead and ask your question already." he said back before silence descended between the two Men for what like an age to the older Man, only for Batman to cut through it with his response.

"I thought Harvey Dent was dead, how did that 'not' happen?"

"I have no idea, since the whole thing was a surprise to me as well..." Gordon began to reply as he leaned on the railing in front of him, keeping his attention on their surroundings as the Dark Knight listened from his perch.

"...but and I can't believe that I am saying this, but when Stephens and I discovered that Harvey was still alive, albeit in a coma. I am ashamed to admit that I wished he was actually dead, since having him alive brought up quite a few problems."

"You had to make a choice, either keep a secret that spares the City knowing the truth, or condemn it to oblivion." Batman quickly replied with a knowing tone, earning a nod from the older Man in return.

"Yeah, some choice. Of course I chose to keep the secret, not that it has actually improved anything. I mean has Gotham really changed at all..." he started to reply, those words weighing heavily on him as he spoke them, only for Batman to cut him off before he could add another.

"Things have improved, even if the changes are not as noticeable as we might want them to be. A wiser Man than I once said 'that things were always going to get worse, before they got better', which is exactly what is happening right now. I do not know what has happened to you over the past year, but please do not go deluding yourself into thinking that having the Mob running amok in the City would be a good thing."

"But...this secret has been like a cancer on my Family, eating away at the good that we once had. I have all but lost my Wife and Son since they now believe me to be a coward, a coward who allowed a better Man than he to take the fall for him..." Gordon began to confess as his voice began to break, making the Vigilante's eyes widen se he witnessed his Ally bearing his soul to someone he didn't even know, not really.

"...but I chose this, it is my burden to bare..." he tried to continue, only to find himself cut off by the Batman.

"There will be no need for any confessions, Gordon. Certainly not to me..." he started to say, gaining a sigh of relief from the Police Chief.

"...but we now have a very big problem, with Harvey out there in the City."

"I know, we have to find him before anyone else discovers that he is still alive and 'insane' no less." Gordon replied with a knowing look, while keeping himself from physically acknowledging his Ally.

"Then I should get started…" he started to say while equipping his Grapple-gun and turning away, only for the older Man to physically turn and face him.

" Batman, wait…." James began to say, making the Vigilante stop in mid-action and look over his shoulder at him.

"…before you go, I want you to know that I am sorry. Because with everything you have had to endure in this past year, trying to do your job while having my Police Force breathing down your neck. I am sorry, because in the end, I guess it was all for nothing." the Commissioner added with a regretful tone, gaining nothing more than a stoic expression from the costumed-Man in return.

"That was my choice, to take on the burden of what the Joker and Harvey had done, remember? How were we supposed to know how this would ultimately turn out? Believe me Commissioner, you have nothing to apologize for…certainly not to me." Batman replied, earning a sigh from the Police Chief as he looked down at the ground with a relieved face.

"I know you don't like to be thanked…" Gordon then began to say, before looking back up at his friend, who was now nowhere to be seen.

"…damn it, every time." the older-Man then finished, as a slight smirk appeared on his face as he re-entered his home. Meanwhile up on the top of the building across from it, the Dark Knight knelt on it's edge and watched his friend disappear inside.

'I will stop Harvey, Commissioner. That is a promise.' he thought before standing back up, turning around and running over to the building's other side, quickly leaping off and gliding away. Though unbeknownst to the Vigilante, he had been spotted. But it was by neither Gordon, nor the Cops sitting in the Patrol-Car that was parked in the street. Instead it was the Commissioner's Daughter, who had been watching from her bedroom window. She just quietly watched as the Batman disappeared from view, a slight smile appearing on her young face as she stared out the window.


The sun slowly rose up and shone it's light upon the windows of Wayne Manor as the new day began, but there was no one in the Mansion to enjoy it as Alfred once more exited the elevator and entered the dark and dank atmosphere of the Cave, noticing his younger Master right away as he sat at the Bat-Computer.

"I see you've taken the nocturnal approach to life a little too literal, Master Bruce." the older Man said, gaining the other's attention as he glanced over to him.

"I don't have time to waste Alfred, not with Harvey Dent out there in the City somewhere."

"I still cannot believe that the former District Attorney is actually alive, yet alone stalking the streets of Gotham." Pennyworth replied, bringing a stoic expression to Bruce's face in return.

"I would not have believed it myself, had I not seen Harvey with my own eyes." he said back, before a more unsure look appeared on his face, which his Butler noticed immediately.

"What's wrong, Master Wayne?" he asked with a curious tone, which made the Billionaire turn his chair away from the computer and stay into the darkness of the Cave.

"I could have ended it then and caught Dent there in the Asylum, but I hesitated and gave him the chance to escape."

"You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, Master Wayne. It's not everyday that you see somebody who is supposed to be dead, anyone else would have had the same reaction." Alfred replied, before noticing that Bruce's expression had not changed as one of the Cave's many Bats flew overhead.

"Why do I get the feeling there is more to this than Harvey Dent's sudden resurrection, what is really bothering you?" he then asked with a knowing look, one that Bruce could not ignore as he sighed and turned his chair back to his friend.

"It was something that I was told during the Fundraiser, which caught me off guard." he replied in a cryptic tone, though Alfred soon figured it out as a look of realization crossed his face.

"You are referring to what Lt. Foley had said while you spoke with Commissioner Gordon and Sebastian Lamont..." he then began to say, earning a nod from the sullen Billionaire.

"...why would you take stock in anything that Man has to say, because even though I did not know him that well and I am thankful that I did not. I could tell from the first second he spoke, that he was an arse-hole."

This brought a surprised look to Bruce's face as he stared back at his Butler, who looked back with a determined expression.

"Alfred, please remember to use some etiquette." he replied, making the older Man shake his head in return.

"I am sorry Sir, I truly am. But I cannot in good judgement do so, not when an idiot like Foley has you questioning yourself. I have to remain truthful to you, Master Bruce. After all, you are a good Man and I don't want you to forget that." he said back with an affectionate tone and smile, one that the younger Man wanted to mirror. But he instead remained solemn as he sat in his chair, looking down at the ground with a thoughtful expression.

"Thank you, Alfred. But what Foley said brought back something to the forefront of my mind, something that had been weighing on me in the days following our defeat of the League of Shadows."

"And that would be, Master Bruce?" Alfred asked with a curious tone, though deep down he knew what the answer was going to be.

"That even though I swore that Batman was going to be a symbol, something that could not be corrupted or destroyed. That night I faced Ra's and let him die, that one moment did in fact corrupt what Batman was supposed to represent and I became a killer because of that choice." Bruce replied with a regretful tone, making the Butler's eyes widen in response.

"No, no, Bruce. Did you put your hands around his neck and strangle the life out of him? No you didn't, you left him to the fate that he had created for himself."

"How is that any better...?" the younger Man then said back, turning to Alfred with a regretful expression.

"...I may not have done the deed, but because I had the chance to save his life and chose not to, that makes me responsible for his death..."

Bruce then stood up and walked over to the Bat-suit as it was displayed in the Armoury, staring at it as though he was examining all of it's details.

" the days after that, I told myself that I had no choice but to leave him. That no Prison was going to be able to hold a Master-Assassin such as Ra's for long, all so I could justify the decision I had made. And it appeared to work, since I just carried on as Batman like that moment had never happened. But then..." he explained, only to stop and go quiet, earning a knowing look from Alfred.

"...You killed Mr. Dent, or so you thought." he cut in, making the younger Man nod back.

"With Harvey, I just went on instinct and reacted. I mean he was going to kill Gordon's Son, right there in front of the entire Family. I couldn't let that happen, but I would be lying if I said that how it happened didn't prey on my mind afterwards."

But as the Billionaire stood there and stared at the Bat-suit with a solemn expression, his Butler walked up to his side with an understanding look on his face.

"But Sir, after all this time, you still do not understand..." he started to say, before pressing a button on the control-panel located on the side of the Armoury, which made the transparent doors of the Case close and reveal the faded reflections of the pair staring back at them.

"...Instead, you have allowed yourself to see only the bad things that you have done and not the many good things, which in my opinion far outweigh the former..."

As the Man who raised Bruce carried on, the younger man just stood there and listened intently.

"...Now when I look at you, I see a man who not only made sure that the darkness he had lived through had not dragged him down, but instead took a hold of it in his hands and used it to create something good and pure. You might think that you have poisoned that creation with the death of Ra's Al-Ghul and the attempted murder of Harvey Dent, but to me Batman is the one person who will do whatever it takes, even the things that seem impossible to do and so are out of reach. Ensuring that no one will suffer like that 11 year old Boy who lost his Parents, because of a Coward with a gun. You go out into that cursed City every night and put your life on the line for it's people. There is a name for a person like that and that is 'a Hero'. That is what you are, Bruce." Alfred continued as a proud look appeared on his face while looking at the Billionaire, who couldn't help but allow a slight smile cross his face as he turned to his friend and Confidante.

"You don't know how much I needed to hear that, Alfred, thank you."

"Oh I think I do, Master Bruce. And you're most welcome." the older-Man replied with a humble tone, making Wayne place a hand on the other's shoulder as they smiled at each other.

"Okay..." he then started to say before taking his seat at the Bat-Computer once again, while his Butler stood at his side.

"...but from now on, Batman must stand for even more which has to include no more killing, no matter what. You said that he is the one that will do whatever it takes. But now I believe that Batman should be the one that always finds another way, one that does not include the taking of a life. Because I have to believe that the system can work, that those who harm innocents will face justice for what they have done, even if I have to work outside of it to help ensure that it does." he continued before trying to hide a yawn, gaining a knowing nod from the Butler in return.

"Very good, Sir. But may I suggest that you turn the bat-Computer off and get some sleep, because even though you are Batman, you are still just a Man and like the rest of us, you too must rest." he said with a hint of wisdom to his voice, which Bruce smirked at with a tinge of reluctance, because he knew he had no defence against his Confidante's words.

"Okay, I will go to bed. But can you stay down here and monitor the Police bandwidth and Media, in case there is any mention of Harvey or his location?" he asked while getting up from the chair, which Alfred then sat in and began typing on the device's keyboard.

"Of course, Sir. Now I believe your bed is waiting for you." he replied, earning a sigh from Bruce as he walked toward the elevator.

I'm going, I'm going." he said back before yawning once more, making the old Man smirk as he glanced at the young Man he thought of as a Son, who then disappeared into the elevator and left him alone in the Cave.


Meanwhile in a Warehouse down at Gotham City's Docks, the Bird and the lead-soldier entered it's largest room and were greeted by many more masked-Soldiers, earning a surprised look from the former.

"Oh, I thought you had brought everyone with you to get me out of the Asylum." he said with a puzzled tone and expression, making the squad-Leader shake his head in return.

"You seriously think that I would risk my entire team on this mission, just to get you out. No, you are not worth that much." he replied with a disgusted tone, making 'the Bird' stare back in shock.

"Then why did you get me out?" he asked, making the other Man stop and look back at him with a knowing look, gaining similar stares from the rest of his men as they did the same.

"Because we didn't want you singing like a Canary to the Cops, telling them everything about 'my' operation you are running here in Gotham." a familiar and sophisticated male voice said, making the new arrival look over at the wide-screen TV that was standing on the main table at the far end of the room, with the shadowed image of a Man on it, with his silhouette being the only thing they could make out of the Man.

"But Mr C…." the Bird started to say with a grovelling tone, only to be cut off as the Man on the TV slammed his fist onto the desk in front of him.

"Imbecile, how many times have I told you!" he spat back, his voice echoing through the room from the speakers on either side of the device.

"Sorry I forgot Mr….Chester. I know not to use your 'real name', since somebody could be listening in, if they know about us of course. I mean I am not a complete idiot." the Bird replied with an embarrassed tone and look, gaining what he could tell was a disapproving expression from the Man on the TV, despite his face being unseen.

"You say that, but I'm not so sure. Wintergreen, please tell me, did he say anything to the Cops?" Mr. Chester asked with a curious tone, gaining the Lead-Soldier's attention as he removed his mask, revealing a Caucasian Man with a diagonal scar running over his nose, who then looked between both the TV and the Bird, giving the latter a knowing look.

"I personally can't say, but if what the Joker said was true…" he began to reply, gaining an angry and shocked expression from the Arms-Dealer as he stepped forward.

"You seriously going to take that Clown's word as fact, I mean he is a Lunatic."

"You make a legitimate point, Bird. But tell me, honestly. Did you tell the Bat and the Cops anything?" the man on the TV asked with a knowing tone, which made the bald Man's defiant stance waver as he glanced at the ground.

"Well…" he started to say, before returning his gaze back to the shadowed Mr. Chester, who had picked up the glass of Vodka of his desk.

"…I didn't tell the Police anything, but I may have mentioned a number of our depots to the Batman." he finished, which made their Boss clench the glass in his hand so tight, that it started to crack, earning a wince from the Bird in return.

"You told that costumed freak about my depots?" Mr. Chester asked with a building anger behind his calm tone, while the glass in his hand continued to crack.

"With all due respect, you haven't met the Man…if he is even a Man. I had to tell him something, so I gave him only a few of our locations." the Arms-dealer said back in a pleading-like tone, which made the glass in Mr. Chester's hand suddenly shatter as he stood up and placed his hands on the desk before him, making him look very intimidating as the bald Man gulped.

"I think you should be more scared of me at this moment, because all I have to do is nod to Mr. Wintergreen over there…" he started to explain with a tempered anger in his voice, while the Bird glanced over at the lead-Soldier, who pulled his pistol out of it's holster and readied a bullet.

"….and he will put a bullet in your head."

"Don't you think that action would be a little hasty?" a voice then spoke from the direction of the main entrance, gaining the attention of everyone in the room as the soldiers all aimed their weapons toward it.

"Who's there, show yourself!" Mr. Chester blasted, making the stranger slowly walk forward into the light, earning gasps from all as they saw the half disfigured figure of the former District Attorney.

"Harvey Dent? I thought you were dead?" the Man on the TV questioned with a puzzled tone, while Wintergreen and his Men kept their guns trained on the visitor.

"I have been told that a lot lately,, I am not." he replied before gesturing to the burnt and crispy side of his face as he walked closer to the TV and the group.

"…and now I want to make those who had a hand in making me this way suffer for what they did, and you're going to help me." he added while pointing a finger at the shadowed Man on the screen.

"Am I now. Well before I agree to this, can you tell me how exactly you found this place?" Mr. Chester asked back with a curious tone, which made Harvey smirk in return.

"Of course, you're Man Sloane told me how to get here, after I helped him escape the Bat."

"And where is he now?" Wintergreen asked, gaining the scarred-Man's attention.

"He's dead." Dent replied in a half interested tone, making the Lead-Soldier grit his teeth as he kept his gun pointed at the other guy.

"What, why did you kill him?" he spat back.

"I had no say in it one way or the other…" the former Lawyer began to reply, removing the Coin from his prison-top's pocket, earning confused looks from the others.

"…but let's just say it was his 'fate'."

"You son of a…." Wintergreen started to spit as he began to squeeze the trigger of his weapon, only to stop as Mr. Chester spoke out from the TV.

"Wait!" he called, making the Merc stop and look back at the screen with a shocked expression.

"Why? He killed one of my men...and for nothing!" Wintergreen blasted back, which made his mysterious Benefactor point at him.

"Don't make me repeat myself."

The Lead-Soldier then reluctantly lowered his weapon, before gesturing for the others to do the same.

"I want to hear what Mr. Dent has to say..." Chester added as the Mercs all lowered their weapons, before he returned his attention to Harvey.

"So what are you suggesting Mr. Dent? A partnership?"

"Actually, I am not sure, since I have come to know who you really are." the scarred Man replied, making the Man on the TV sit up straight and narrow his eyes back at him through the shadows, which made Dent shrug and gesture back with a wave of his hand.

"Now don't worry, I am not going to reveal your identity. I had that decision made for me when I was outside..." he started to explain, glancing between Mr. Chester and the Coin in his hand.

"...but I was this City's District Attorney, in what feels like a lifetime ago. And I had access to all of Gotham's files and historical records. So it wasn't difficult to determine who you actually are, Mr. Chester, not when the name of this building gave it away."

"Okay, if I remember anything of the Man you were, it was that you were a Man of your word. So, I will ask again, do you want A Partnership with me and my team here?" the Unknown Man on the screen asked, which made Harvey hold out his Coin before him, gaining curious and confusing looks from both Wintergreen and the Bird.

"Let's see what the Coin says, heads I accept or tails...well you know what that means." he said before flicking the small metal object into the air above him.

'What should I do, Rachel?'

The coin then fell back into his hand, prompting the scarred Man to then lie it on top of his other, revealing it's blackened side to everyone.

"Okay? What does that mean Dent?" Mr. Chester asked with a confused tone, only to be answered by the former DA pulling out a pistol from behind his back and pointing it at the screen.

"That's a no." he replied before pulling the trigger and firing a bullet into the TV, causing it to short-circuit and break down, cutting them all off from Mr. Chester.

"What the hell was that!" Wintergreen then snapped as he and his men raised their weapons at the scarred-Man once more as he flicked the coin back into the air and caught it easily with the same hand, while the Bird just watched with a unsure expression.

"Tell me something, you are all just Mercenaries right? I mean you basically work for the highest bidder?" Harvey asked as he turned to the lead-soldier with a calm expression on his face.

"Your point being?"

"How much were you being paid to work for this….'Mr. Chester'?" Dent asked, making the Mercs all look at each other, not one of them willing to answer him.

"He was paying them $1 Million each, Mr. Dent." the Bird then answered nervously, gaining both his and the rest's attention, making Wintergreen shake his head disapprovingly.

"I guess the Joker was right about you." he replied, before the former DA smirked and looked back at the latter.

"I want to make you a proposal, if you're willing to hear it?"

This gained a curious look from the lead-Merc in return, before he then gestured to his men to lower their weapons again.

"Say what you've got to say then."

"Alright. I want you and the Bird here to forget about 'Mr. Chester' and work with me instead…" he started to say, only to be cut off by Wintergreen.

"And what do we get for our troubles?"

"I can guarantee you a pay-day so large, that you will never have to work another day of your lives…ever again." the scarred-Man said with a confident smile, making the other guy grimace a little as he saw the bare and burnt muscles of the scarred side of Dent's face contract and flex.

"And…where would you get this money, assuming it actually exists?"

"You remember the Mob right?" Harvey asked back, earning a nod from Wintergreen in return who stared back curiously.

"Well, I can get you their Life-Savings which if I remember correctly, are worth Billions." he added.

"And how would you get us that, exactly?" the Bird quickly asked, getting the question in before the Merc-Leader could open his mouth, making both Men look at him.

"As I said before, I was the District Attorney, so I know where to look. I will require your help in retrieving it…" he started to reply, before looking back at Wintergreen.

"So what do you say….or should I flip my coin again?" he finished while moving the lucky charm in his hand, while the room went quiet as everyone else looked at their Leader, who merely stared back as a smile appeared on his face.

"Okay, what do we do then."
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