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Stanley Pines' new roommate, Rick, has a drug and alcohol problem. A little argument turns into a hot, sweaty agreement.

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Stan was sitting in the room reading a magazine when he heard a loud thud from the kitchen.
He sighed and put the magazine face down so he wouldn’t lose his place and walked out to see what the meaning of the loud noise was.

“What the hell is going on here?” Stan grumbled, inquiring to his new- but not improved- roommate
“T-There was a spider Stan, a really big- like huge- spider it was moving above my head.” Rick told him, looking around cautiously. “There it is! Get it!” Rick yelled, pointing to an empty area on the floor in front of them.

Stan brought his hand up to squash it until he realized there wasn’t actually anything there. “Oh my god…” Stan said with realization. “You’re fucking high again, aren’t you?” He narrowed his eyes at him.

“No.” Rick flickered his eyes around the room, avoiding Stan’s.

Stan caught them anyways and noticed how red and puffy they were, not to mention the kitchen table scattered with needles, powder, different types of alcohol, buds and- who knows what.

“Just one day- one day without you going crazy is all I ask for.” Stan rolled his eyes, turning to go back into the room and finish his magazine.

“Oh I’m the crazy one?” Rick pointed accusingly. “Well, what if I don’t like how you walk around here with big, strong arms like you own the place? Always showing them off, helping me move stuff and- and- flexing your muscles when you catch me staring at them. What if I h- hate your arrogance, huh?” Rick said, hiccuping after.

Stan’s face went a little red and he swallowed, making sure to look at calm and cool as he could after what he had just heard. “I… didn’t know you had looked at my muscles or- or whatever… you kind of just told on yourself there.” Stan looked at the floor, looking more bashful than he had hoped for.

“Damn it.” Rick grumbled. “Well I did, but only because you show it off. I’m sick of you and I want you out.” Rick turned away from him, taking a swig from the flask he held.

Stan tried to take it lightly because Rick was just high- but then again- he’s always high. “Okay, no. You’re the one who needs to leave, Rick. You need help. You need rehab.”

Rick straightened up, staring taken aback at Stan. “You told me you’d never take me there.”

“Yeah, I did. Months ago when you didn’t wake me up every hour at night to grab a cigarette and another cup of whiskey.” Stan argued.

Rick paused for a moment, his teeth clenched. He was so fucking mad and didn’t even know why. All of a sudden, he jumped out and slapped Stan across the face.

Stan’s head turned with the smack, only because it caught him off guard. Both of them appeared shocked, but Rick looked more regretful than anything.

“Shit. Stan, I-I-I’m sorry I don’t k-know what came over me I- UH!” Rick groaned, a sharp pain going from his cheek all the way to his toes. He was huddled on the ground and all he could see was Stan standing over him, with his fist out. “T-t-t-that f-fucking hurt.” Rick whimpered.

Stan felt really bad for punching Rick. It was just a natural instinct to hit back. He didn’t dream of hurting Rick that way. But he could never tell him that. If he ever had to do it again, Rick would have thrown it in his face.

Stan walked off, but stayed in the same room. He sighed and leaned against the counter to collect himself for a minute.

Meanwhile, Rick was still curled up on the floor, holding his face.

“I’m sorry.” Stan finally said, walking back over to him and leaning down to pick him up.

“Don’t touch me.” Rick grumbled, smacking Stan’s hand.

“Rick let me help you. Please. You’re going to hurt yourself.” Stan insisted, reaching to pick him up again.

“More than you already hurt me?” Rick snapped, sitting up and smacking Stan’s hand again.

“I didn’t mean to.” Stan said gently, continuing to try to help even though he kept getting smacked. It didn’t hurt him any anyways.

“Leave me alone! I-I don’t need your help, and I definitely don’t need you.” Rick scowled as he went ahead and took Stan’s hand to lift himself up.

Stan grinned a bit, but decided not to mention that Rick still took his help, even if he claimed he didn’t need it.

“Get that stupid grin off your face.” Rick grumbled.

Stan looked ahead of him and noticed their hands hadn’t separated yet. He decided to stare at Rick’s face, so when Rick finally looked at him, their eyes would meet. It worked.

Rick figured Stan would’ve been looking away by now so he looked up and their eyes locked immediately. It was then that he too realized he was still holding Stan’s hand.

Stan had never seen Rick’s cheeks so red before. Even being high. And in his red, glossy, puffy eyes, he could still see the old Rick in there.

“W-what the hell are you staring at?” Rick said nervously, clearing his throat and moving his eyes from Stan’s eyes, to the floor, to Stan’s eyes again, and then the floor.

While Rick was looking at the floor, Stan took his hand from Rick’s and grabbed his face, leaning down and pressing his lips to Rick’s. He closed his eyes, kissing him passionately, as if he’d waited to do that for so long.
…He did.

Rick’s eyes widened, and he stood there still, too shocked to even react. He looked at Stan’s face and felt how tenderly he kissed his lips, and soon relaxed into it.

He put his arms around Stan’s neck and closed his eyes, moving his lips passionately against Stan’s.

Stan put his arms underneath Rick’s ass, and lifted him up and against the wall, kissing him a bit rougher than before.

The sudden roughness made Rick moan, but he pulled back and looked at Stan breathlessly. “Wait, wait. What if I’m drunk and high and I don’t actually want to have sex with you?” He breathed out.

Stan looked at him. “Then I’ll go to jail for life. Now shut up.” He told him, slamming his lips back against Rick’s and moving slightly between his legs.

Rick sighed with pleasure, wrapping his arms and legs tighter around Stan for more friction.

Stan moved his lips to Rick’s neck, kissing and biting and sucking on it.

Rick shivered, tilting his head and closing his eyes. Stan had just rubbed against Rick’s pants in just the right way, sending shivers throughout his body and making his cock even harder than before. “Oh god, oh god right there.”

Stan pulled up, a smug smirk on his face. “I appreciate the compliment, but I’m not God.”

Rick was so dazed with pleasure; he couldn’t open his eyes all the way. “You’re right. I bet even “god” couldn’t fuck me like you could.” He purred, biting his lip.

“That, I can guarantee.” Stan said, carrying Rick over to the couch and throwing him down.

“Ow, think you c-could be a little gentler?” Rick complained.

“Not at all.” Stan said kindheartedly, unbuttoning Rick’s pants and tearing them off his short, thin legs. He licked his lips and caught Rick’s dark, lustful eyes. “Keep looking at me like that and I’m gonna have to destroy that ass of yours.” He groaned.

“W-what the hell are you waiting for?” Rick whined, bucking his hips up impatiently as he yanked his own shirt off.

“Don’t rush me.” Stan growled, moving above him and slowly dragging his tongue from Rick’s chest to under his belly button.

Rick pursed his lips together. “Mmmm. Hurry up, hurry up.” Rick sighed, testing Stan.

“I said not to rush me.” Stan clenched his teeth, nipping above the band of Rick’s boxers.

“Or what?” He said softly, then gasped as Stan grabbed his face.
“Or I’ll make you wait even longer.” Stan said sternly. His mouth was slightly open, and he moved teasingly closer as if he were going to kiss Rick.

Rick shook slightly from the sudden intensity Stan had, but he trusted him and opened his mouth too, craving Stan’s mouth against his.

But Stan didn’t kiss him. He pressed biting kisses down his chest and stomach, then yanked his underwear down and off, spreading his legs slightly.

Rick felt a little self-conscious now. His friend and roommate was seeing him completely naked, spread eagle on their couch. But then he relaxed himself by telling himself that he was doing it purposely. He wanted to see.

“P-please.” Rick whined softly, writhing against the air trying to get some kind of friction.

“Shh. I got you.” Stan licked his lips and took Rick’s cock, closing his mouth over the tip and sinking down completely in one try, considering his mouth- and everything else- was bigger than Rick’s, it was easier to get his cock all the way down his throat.

Rick squeezed his eyes shut and slammed his fist on the couch, pulling it tugging at the cushions. “Oh f-fuck yeah.” Rick moaned, his eyes nearly rolling all the way back into his head. “Oh god it feels s-so good, it’s been too long since-ah…”

Stan pulled off slowly, staring at Rick’s expressions as he did, then slid back down quickly and sucked him up.

“O-Oh god d-damn it, I-I- I… I don’t even know what to say Stan…” Rick groaned roughly.

“Then don’t.” Stan said after pulling off. He stood up, and Rick’s eyes went wide when he saw the HUGE bulge in Stan’s pants.

“Okay t-that thing is going to literally kill me.” Rick’s voice went shaky, and he hated to admit he was actually a little intimidated.

“Oh don’t back out now.” Stan tried to persuade him. “Yyou’ll be fine, I promise.” He undid his belt and pushed his pants to the floor, his legs, arms- cock- so big in comparison to Rick’s.

“O-okay, hell, I’m not scared of anything. Especially not this.” He muttered.

“Good.” Stan said with hidden relief, pulling off his shirt and taking his hat off. Next, he pulled his underwear down and his giant cock sprung out.

Rick was stroking his cock, staring in amazement at Stan’s body, then he reached out and meekly started to stroke Stan’s cock along with his. He could barely even fit his hand around it, despite his long fingers.

Stan took a deep breath and let his jaw drop, looking down and watching Rick sensually. “It’s a bit dry, why don’t you help with that and use your mouth, sweet thing?” Stan suggested with a gruff voice.

Rick nodded, standing up to let Stan sit down, his hand still rapidly stroking his cock.

“Don’t cum so fast, Rick.” Stan leaned down and pulled Rick’s hand off his cock and pulled him down to his knees, then scooted up and grabbed his own cock, rubbing It against Rick’s lips.

Rick slowly let his tongue out over it and got as much saliva as he could around it to lube it up nicely, considering it was most likely going to be inside him soon. Then he sank down, half way down when he couldn’t go anymore. He gagged a bit, then pulled up a bit and used his hand to stroke the rest instead.

“Don’t throw up on me.” Stan warned, trying not to put his hand on the back of Rick’s head and push him all the way on his cock. “Mmm you can’t go any further than that?” Stan asked.

Rick pulled off and started pumping Stan’s cock faster now that it was all wet. “Not unless you want me to throw up on you.” He rolled his eyes.

“No thanks.” Stan conceded, then was pleased when all of a sudden Rick moved onto his lap, sitting there and rubbing their cocks together.

“Gnh-“ Stan whimpered, putting his hands on Rick’s ass as Rick kissed him lustfully, licking and biting and sucking on his lips. “Mmm y-yur a horny t-thing aren’t you?” Stan said in between Rick’s chaotic kisses.

“Damn right I am. I’ve been so frustrated- just… looking at those big arms of yours.” Rick ran his fingers over his arms, squeezing the muscles and sighing.

“Rick can I- can I fuck you now?” his cock was starting to ache as his load built up, just waiting to bust all over- wherever Rick wanted it.

“Yes.” Rick said positively, despite how nervous he was about it on the inside.

“Good.” Stan said, slowly spreading Rick’s ass cheeks and rubbing his tip against his hole.

“Wait wait wait wait, what are ya crazy? Y-you trying to actually kill me?” Rick interrupted.

Stan blinked at him in confusion. “What now?” he sighed impatiently.

“Stretch me out first. Slowly.” He demanded.

Stan chuckled at him. “You sure you don’t have a pussy? Cause you sure are acting like one.” Stan teased.

“Fuck you.” Rick spat.

“Mmmm.” Stan moaned, putting his fingers in Rick’s mouth, which Rick thoroughly licked and sucked, making them perfectly wet. Then he pushed one finger into Rick.

Rick winced and groaned. “Fuck.” He kissed Stan deeply, moaning against his lips as he adjusted to the mixture of pleasure and pain brought on by Stan’s large, thick finger. “You’re a fucking monster.” Rick griped, but yet writhed against his finger eagerly.

“Yeah I fucking am.” Stan chuckled, pushing his next finger in.

“Ow-shit!” Rick whimpered, looking down and seeing Stan’s cock pulsing slightly, pressed against Stan’s thick, sweaty stomach, pre cum leaking from the tip and then his fingers pumping rapidly in and out of his hole. “One more finger and then I- then I think I’ll be ready to have- to take that huge big cock of yours.”

Stan spread his fingers apart to stretch him out extra, then did as Rick wished and pushed his third finger in. After a while of Rick slowly writhing against his fingers, he stopped him. “Alright. Now what I’m about to do will give you only a little bit of an idea of what is about to happen…”

Rick said nothing, just nervously waited for what Stan was going to do.

Suddenly, Stan sped up immensely, slamming his 3 fingers in and out of Rick’s hole, pounding his prostate over and over.

Rick cried out slightly, digging his nails into Stan’s shoulders. “Oh fuck- you fucking- fuck oh- oh yes right there- right there.” Rick cried, panting and squeaking a bit at the bursts of pleasure each time Stan’s finger rubbed him just the right way.

Stan smirked proudly, his cock tingling at the little sounds Rick was making off of just his fingers. He’d definitely hear about that later. “You ready?” Stan asked.

“Fuck- I don’t know.” Rick breathed, getting himself together now that Stan had stopped moving his fingers.

Stan pulled his fingers out and took his cock, lining it with Rick’s hole. “You can bite me if it helps ease the pain enough to get used to it.” Stan offered.

Rick grimaced. “Why’d ya have to be so big?”

“Why’d you have to be so small?” Stan replied.

“Fair enough, you piece of shit.” Rick smiled a bit, kissing Stan’s shoulder.

Stan started to rub Rick’s back and kiss his head in return for Rick’s kisses, but then suddenly he felt Rick sinking down on his cock, and his teeth sinking into the flesh of his shoulder. “Agh- damn Rick that hurts!” Stan hissed, but moaned at the same time, when Rick started to bounce on his cock.

“Yeah- doesn’t hurt so bad now, d-does it Stan?” Rick smirked, soothingly licking over the intense bite mark on Stan’s shoulder.

“Not at all- mmm not one fucking bit.” Stan moaned, rolling his head back and squeezing his eyes shut. “You’re so tight.” He gasped, gripping his hips tightly. “Can I fuck you?”

“Fine, you ass, but I swear you’ll be my servant while I’m on bed rest.” Rick said, half joking.

“Thank you.” Stan smirked, spreading Rick’s legs a little more and balancing himself.

Rick braced himself, his nails digging and dragging down Stan’s back Intensely as Stan went to work, moving his hips up and pounding up into Rick, sinking deeper with each thrust.

“unffmmmff…” Stan slapped Rick’s ass in the heat of the moment, making a loud popping sound.

“Ow you asshole! I did- didn’t- I never told you you could s-slap my ass!” Rick slurred a bit, so distracted by the pleasure of Stan’s huge cock inside him.

“Mmm I love it.” Stan stood up, holding Rick on his cock and started to fuck him while holding him in the air.

Rick’s mouth dropped, holding onto Stan’s neck for support. “Show off.” Rick whispered, leaning down to give Stan a wet, sloppy, opened mouth kiss. He was too horny to find it gross now- and so was Stan.

Stan licked Rick’s tongue and moaned, sucking and tasting the alcohol and old cigarettes on his tongue. “Is it really showing off though, if I know that you really fucking love it?” Stan beamed, moving Rick up and down on his cock with his hands.

“You could be right.” Rick shuddered, nipping at Stan’s lips. Both of their lips were extra pink, puffy and swollen from the biting and sucking they’d been doing. “If someone asks why our lips are all purple, why you have a bite mark and scratches all over you, and or why I have a black eye, it’s cause we got into a fight, k?” Rick managed to get out through his moans.

“The black eye part is true, though. I did punch you…” Stan shrugged, laughing lightly as he laid Rick back down on the couch and rolled his hips up against his ass, so deep you could hear the smacking of his balls.

“GNH- Wha-whatever. Oh fuck, fuck.” Rick whined, stroking his cock quickly. His body suddenly locked up, only moving because of Stan’s intense thrusts.

Stan watched him, biting his lip. He fucked him extra hard now, knowing what Rick was about to do. “Yeah, come on baby. Cum for me.” Stan said through clenched teeth, dominate eyes peering into Rick’s soul.

“Ahnn.. gnhh yeah…” Rick trembled intensely as cum squirted from his tip, all over his chest and stomach.

“Good, good boy.” Stan strained, his body jerking involuntarily as he felt himself about to cum. “Where do I blow my load? I-It’s a lot, I can tell…” Stan bit his lip hard, trying to hold it in as long as he could.

“Inside me. NO! On my face- NO in my mouth- No-“

Stan interrupted him. “Fuck, shut up.” He groaned deeply, so low that Rick felt like he had absolutely zero chance of ever being the more dominate- manlier one of the pair. He felt a warm liquid seeping into him and he closed his eyes, staying quiet so he could listen to the hot groans that Stan let out. He then pulled out, cum seeping from Rick’s hole. He felt so filled up, despite Stan’s giant cock leaving him. He was just so filled up with cum.

“Open your mouth.” Stan strained, rushing Rick.

“Wait you STILL hav-“ when his mouth opened, Stan wasted no time letting what cum he had left squirt out into Rick’s mouth and over his face.

Then, Stan moved Rick’s legs and sat beside him to catch his breath.

Rick swallowed the cum in his mouth, then swiped what he could feel on his face and licked it off his fingers. “Mmmf.”

Stan glanced over at Rick. “How do you feel?”

“Sticky. And like I can’t get up or I’ll make a mess, and probably fall over because my legs are numb and my asshole feels like it got set on fire. How about you?” Rick narrowed his eyes at Stan.

“Amazing- like a million bucks. Refreshed and ready for round 2.” Stan smirked, putting his hand on Rick’s thigh.

“My ass.” Rick smacked his hand and shoved it away, pretending like he could’ve stopped that even if Stan really wanted to touch him. Because face it, if Stan wanted to have his way with Rick at any point in time, he wouldn’t have to try that hard to hold him down. Which made Rick feel good. He’d never admit it, but he really liked the idea of someone loving him and never hurting him- even if they very well could.
But Stan didn’t love him. He was just..

“I’m joking, I wouldn’t put you through that, I love you too much.” Stan said, gazing lovingly at Rick.

Rick’s breath hitched in his throat. It was as if Stan read his mind. And my goodness, it was as If Stan meant it. “ILoveYouToo..” he said quickly. “You big dumb, monstrous piece of shit.” Rick followed soon after. Stan just laughed.

Later that night, after they had taken turns taking a shower and getting nice and clean- and after many failed attempts to get the dried cum off the couch- Rick sat in a chair next to the living room window, which he opened to blow out the smoke from his cigarette.

Stan walked in and looked at him, his arms crossed a bit and a pleased look on his face. “You opened the window? It’s a miracle! Considering I constantly ask you not to smoke inside and you don’t care.” Stan shrugged.

Rick shrugged back, taking a puff from his cigarette and blowing it out the window. “Guess I stopped liking the smell too.”

Stan laughed. “Yeah.” After a long pause, he said, “You also haven’t gotten a drink in a minute. I’m kind of impressed.”

“Well it hurts to move, and I think I still have semen in my stomach so…” It didn’t relate, but something about the idea of Stan’s cum inside him- in a very twisted , strange way, turned him on like crazy.

“Right.” Stan smiled, walking closer to Rick.

“I mean jeesh, who has that much cum in one load?” He continued, tilting his head up to look at the man towering above him.

“A person who has been very sexually frustrated for a long time, and then has sex with a gorgeous, sexy, irresistible man on the first day back.”

“Really- y-you think it’s cause of me?” he smirked.

“Who wouldn’t cum that much when looking at that sweet, dirty little face of yours riding all over their cock?” Stan pointed out.

“You’re soo full of sh-“ Rick got cut off, but he couldn’t get mad, because he got cut off by Stan’s kiss- and he could kiss Stan forever.
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