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Star Wars: Resistance Series 1

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As the First Order regains power after their defeat, a group of resisters team up to fight in battles.

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Episode I - Spark of Resistance Part I of III
One day, a young boy who goes by the name Jake was walking around on the peaceful city of Corusant. He was a very special boy, with powers he never knew he had. While he was walking around, suddenly a TIE fighter crashed down onto the planet. Afraid and attempting to assist other civilians in their escape, the TIE aimed at him and a group of civilians. Scared, the group ran away, however, someone tripped Jake up and he was presumed left for dead. He jumped up and shielded himself with his arms, pretending he was a Jedi, as he'd always wished to be one. However, the Force tapped into him and he disintegrated the bolts.
"Um..." he stammered, "What just happened?".
"What happened," a voice started, "Is that the Force saved your life, knowing your body is strong enough to use the Force.".
Jake turned around to see a figure in a cloak. The figure lifted his cloak off of him and revealed himself to be a legendary person, a savior of the Galaxy alongside many other Rebels and was Luke Skywalker.
"Who are you?" Jake asked.
"You've never heard of me?" Luke asked.
"Yes, I've never heard of you. Just tell me who you are!" he demanded.
"I am Luke Skywalker. The Grandmaster of the New Jedi Order, hero of the Galaxy and commander during the Galactic Civil War. I have recently came out of hiding to start a new order of Jedi and I'd like you to join it.".
"Are you serious? I've always wanted to become a Jedi!" he cheered.
Luke simply said to Jake, "Follow me.".

Eventually, Luke and Jake came across a ship. Luke knew what the ship was and it's crew; however, Jake didn't.
"Where are we?" Jake asked.
"You'll see later," Luke stated.
"Hello!" someone said.
What the heck? Jake thought, Who are they?
"Welcome to the Saber!" another voice said.
I'm literally gonna walk away in a second, Jake thought again.
"Well don't," Luke demanded.
"What the heck? How can you hear my thoughts?" he asked.
"Jedi, remember?" he big headedly said.
"Oh, right. Where are we off to?" Jake asked.
One of the voices revealed themselves to be called Hem and she said, "We are off to D'Qar. You'll know why soon. By the way, my name is Hem, his name is Jeb and his name is Wells. We are a team fighting secretly against the First Order and the Second Banite Sith Order, led by Darth Baneus, leader of the second Galactic Empire. He calls himself 'Emperor' although he's only captured 20 planets, when all of the Resistance and the New Republic have liberated 25. Ah, here we are!".
The ship landed on D'Qar, the planet of the Resistance and met up with Poe Dameron.
"Welcome to D'Qar!" Poe said.
"Hello, old friend," Jeb said to Poe.
"Not you. I've had enough of--" Poe was interrupted by the sound of TIE Fighters zooming across the planet.
"OK, girls, you're both pretty! Let's get fighting!" Jake yelled.
"Wait! Are you sure you know how to fly a ship?" Luke asked.
"Trust me, OK? I've discovered I'm Force-Sensitive today so I must be able to fly a ship!" Jake said.
"Force-Sensitive? Wait, it can't, it is!" Luke happily said.
Jake hopped into a Starfighter and took to the air and started shooting at the TIE Fighters, along with Poe and other Resistance pilots.
"Woo hoo!" Jake yelled.

Read on in Star Wars: Resistance Series 1 Episode 2: Spark of Resistance Part II of III.

Authors Note: So, some of you may be confused. Let me explain: this is set BEFORE my fanmade Episode VIII, not after. I'm not having any story after Episode VIII, except a fanmade Episode IX when Episode VIII comes out. And boy will that be big!
Anyway, this is the episode when Jake finds out that he is Force-Sensitive and for those people who have read Chapter XV of my Star Wars Episode VIII, I think people might know what Luke realized...
If you haven't, I ain't giving spoilers...
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