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Paradox Ciphering

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A Gravity Falls story. Two demons escaped the Second Dimension and will settle their different.

Category: Sci-Fi - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2016-03-30 - 618 words

"Well this is spacey," Bill's synthetized voice caused the Time demon to groan and cover his ears with his talons. The timeless void that he had created for him was quiet, until Bill came to visit. The dream demon was a loud one, which added on to his tricky personality.

The green dragon like demon rolled over onto his other side, scratching his neck with his robotic talons. He had lost his entire left arm escaping the second dimension with Cipher, but he mostly blamed him for the loss. He made this void just for him, he could control everything in this place. But so could Bill.

"Aw, come on, Paradox," Bill called, floating over to the sleeping dragon. He nudged him with his ridiculous arms, in an attempt to wake him. Paradox's left wing flared and swatted the triangle away, folding back into its original position.

The one eyed demon spun a few times and quickly stabled himself. If he could frown, he would, but only his eye expressed his mood. He placed his hands on his sides, thinking of a clever way to wake his pal up.

The time demon wasn't usually suspicious of Paradox, he usually spent most of his time with him. But lately, the time demon seemed distracted by something far away. The dream demon had his devious ways, especially with haunting dreams. He tapped his side a few times, debating whether it would be a good idea or not.

Paradox sighed, the huge breath lifting him up and down. He rolled over onto his feet and stretched his jaws wide with a loud yawn. "What do you want, Cipher? That was the best sleep I've had in years." He opened his glowing green eyes and glared at him. The hour glass symbol engraved into robotic arm glowed green as a display of his power.

"Why, what ever do you me, Peri?" Bill asked innocently.

Paradox narrowed his eyes with irritation. "I'm half tempted to rip that eye out of your stupid triangular body." He stood up, stretching his back. He winced at a few sickening spine cracks, rubbing a sore spot on his neck with his robotic talons.

Bill floated around the time demon a few times, leaning on his muscle covered shoulder. He used his cane to poke at the dragon's head to get his attention. Paradox's eyes slid over to his friend, his lips twitching with disgust.

"What?" he asked with enough venom in his voice to kill the Dream Demon. Bill narrowed his eye, floating in front of the demon's snout.

"Why are you so distant?" Bill asked, putting his hands on his sides, like a sassy human. "This isn't like you."

Paradox's growl grew in the back of his throat. "You don't know me in any sort of way. I told you once we left the second dimension, we would part ways and be done with each other. Because I'm done with you." He moved away from the triangle, settling back down in a heap of green. He heaved a long loud sigh that lifted his body up and down in a smooth movement.

Bill's eye furrowed in confusion, but he silently accepted the cranky dragon's choice. He floated over to a cracked throne in the void that floated around. He sat in it, sighing blissfully.

Paradox opened his eyes enough to glare at the dream demon. "What do you think you're doing? I didn't say you could stay."

"You also didn't say I had to leave," Cipher countered, his eye almost looking like a smile. Paradox opened his mouth to spit a venomous retort, but he shrugged and turned away.

"Fine. Try to avoid the passing debris."
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