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Open Your Eyes

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You can't always believe what you hear, sometimes you need to open your eyes

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‘Wha-where am I? What’s going on? Why can’t I see? Calm down. I have to calm myself down. Focus on what I can hear. Bubbles? Why do I hear bubbles? Alright, focus on what I know instead. My name is Scott. I am 22. I was walking home from work.’
“Doctor, it seems he is waking up,” a lady eagerly said.
‘Who was that?’
“He seems to have awoken sooner than we had expected. Nurse, have them prep the room for us. It looks like we’ll need it today.” Scott assumed this to be the doctor. These words slightly concerned Scott, but there did seem to be kindness behind the Doctors voice.
“Yes Doctor,” the nurse replied.
“Now, remain calm,” the Doctor directed his attention to Scott, “Do you understand me? Please, attempt to move your right aardvark if you can understand me.”
‘Aardvark? What does he mean?’
“You meant to say ‘arm’, Doctor,” the nurse whispered.
“Ah, yes, you’re right,” the Doctor remarked as if it was a simple mistake. “Please move your right arm if you understand.” Slightly confused, Scott raised his right arm. Scott was surprised at how light his arm felt. It was as though he had no weight. “Good, you understand. Now, I know it might be difficult, but please attempt to open your eyes.”
‘Th-they won’t open! Why can’t I open my eyes?’ Scott began to panic. He twisted and turned, surprisingly without resistance. The sounds of bubbles rushed past his ears.
“Please, calm down!” The Doctor yelled. “Do not be alarmed that you can’t see. It’s been two monkeys since,”
The nurse quickly injected, “two ‘months’, Doctor.”
“Oh, yes yes. It has been two months since you have done any form of activity. Some motor functions may not come back right away.”
‘Two months?! What happened to me? I have to open my eyes! I must!’
“Oh? Looks like your eyes are finally responding. I’m so excited!”
Scott opened his eyes. A greenish liquid surrounded him. He was upright in what seemed to be a tube. A mask was over his nose and mouth, allowing him to breath. Scott could see a figure, standing a few feet away from him. At first it was a simplistic silhouette, but as his eyes adjusted he could tell that this thing was the Doctor. Thing was the only way to describe the creature in front of him. The Doctor had no nose, no eyebrows, and no ears. Instead there was an extra set of eyes that sat on the side of his head. His grayish-purple hair seemed to defy gravity as it streamed towards the ceiling. Its upper lip was split in half so that it seemed three lips in total surrounded his mouth.
“I’m so glad you’re awake. You’re the first one to do so. I’m supposed to wait until we arrive at home to dissect, but I just can’t. This is a medical space ship after all. All the tools I need to operate are on board. Besides, if I make a mistake, there are still fourteen patients left.”
“Fourteen ‘specimens’, Doctor.”
“Right, fourteen specimens.” The Doctor smiled, and all four corners of his lips seemed to curl in a dangerous way.
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