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Caillou Discovers, Part 1: Caillou and Rosie

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n the opener of my little series Caillou (3 years old) is tasked with watching his little sister Rosie (1 year old) while his mommy works. But when Rosie sees Caillou in a private moment, they have...

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Caillou is now 3 years old and he has a sister named Rosie (age 1). This begins with Caillou in his room playing when his mommy comes in.

Mommy: "Caillou, can you watch Rosie while I go work in the garden?"
Caillou: "Okay Mommy."

So Rosie and Caillou start playing together and then...

Caillou: "Um Rosie?"
Rosie: "Caillou"
Caillou: "Can you stay here for a few minutes while I go pee?"
Rosie: "Me too."
Caillou: (grabs his penis) "No. You wait here."
Rosie: "Okay."

So Caillou ran into the bathroom and closed the door. After that he pulled down his pants, fondled his penis a little, got up on his stool, faced the toilet, grabbed his penis to aim and got a big smile on his face as he started to pee.

Caillou: "Ahhhh."

A few moments later he is done peeing. So he shakes off his penis, gets off the stool, fondles his penis a little, pulls up his pants, leaves the bathroom and returns to his room. Little did he know that Rosie had been watching the whole time.

Rosie: "Caillou looked neat."
Caillou: "Rosie! Were you watching me?"
Rosie: "Yeah."
Caillou: "Rosie thats supposed to be private."
Rosie: "Me do now."

So Rosie pulled her pants down (revealing her vagina) and laughed. And then...

Rosie: "You different."
Caillou: "Rosie. You look different there. (He points to her vagina)"
Rosie: "Caillou do."
Caillou: "Rosie, I cant.""
Roise: "You do. You do."
Caillou: "Oh...okay."
Rosie: "Yay."

So Caillou also pulled his pants down (revealing his penis) and then...

Caillou: "There. Are you happy now?"
Rosie: "What that?"
Caillou: "'s my...pee-pee"
Rosie: "Pee-pee? That what you did."
Caillou: "No, I went pee."
Rosie: "Oh."

Caillou gets anxious.

Caillou: "Rosie, can you leave my room for a few minutes? I want to play with my pee-pee now."
Rosie: "Me stay."
Caillou: "No Rosie."
Rosie: "Yes."
Caillou: "Oh fine. I'll wait then." (Caillou pulls up his pants)
Rosie: "No. NO!" (Rosie pulls up her pants)
Caillou: "It's ok Rosie. I'll do it later." (he sits on his bed)
Rosie: "Rosie want to do." (she sits beside him)
Caillou: "You want to do it too?"
Rosie: "Yeah."
Caillou: "Okay. If you can since your different there."
Rosie: "Me can do."
Caillou: "Okay. Lets do it."
Rosie: "Okay."

So Caillou gets off his bed and stands up. Then Rosie also gets off the bed and stands beside him.

Caillou: "Okay. Here we go."

So Caillou grabs his pants and pulls them down (revealing his penis). Then Rosie also grabs her pants and pulls them down (revealing her vagina). Then they both sat down on Caillou's bed.

Caillou: "So are you ready Rosie?"
Rosie: "Yeah."

So Caillou reached for his penis and Rosie reached for her vagina. He then put his hand on his penis and Rosie put her hand on her vagina. Caillou then started to touch and fondle his penis and gets a big smile on his face.

Caillou: "Ahhhh. That feels good."

Rosie then starts to touch and rub her vagina and gets a big smile on her face too.

Rosie: "Ahhhh. That feel so good."

So Caillou and Rosie continue to touch, fondle and rub their penis and vagina respectively for about another 3 minutes until...

Caillou: " pee-pee feels weird."
Rosie: "Mine too."
Caillou: "I think I need to pee."
Rosie: "Me too."

So Caillou and Rosie both pull up their pants and run to the bathroom. Then Caillou and Rosie both pull down their pants (revealing their penis and vagina) and Rosie sits on her potty and Caillou sits on the toilet.

Caillou: "What is this stuff?"
Rosie: "Don't know."
Caillou: "I dont need to pee so I just need to wipe it off I guess."
Rosie: "Same here."

So Caillou takes some toilet paper and also gives some to Rosie. Caillou then wipes his penis clean and Rosie wipes her vagina clean.

Caillou: "I think I am done playing with my pee-pee now so why dont we just go play now. Okay?"
Rosie: "Okay."

So Caillou and Rosie both pulled up their pants and went back to Caillou's room and continued playing until Mommy came back in.
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