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Caillou Discovers, Part 2: Caillou, Rosie, and So Much More

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In this chapter, 3 months have passed since Caillou and Rosie had their "playtime" alone. Once again Caillou must watch Rosie while their mommy is busy. However, unknown to Caillou, this playtime w...

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It had been 3 months since Caillou and Rosie’s little fun time. After the first time, they promised to each other that they would not do that again, no matter how good it felt.

It was Friday and Caillou had just come home from daycare with his mommy. As always, Rosie was there to give Caillou a big hug when he got home.

Rosie: “Caillou, Caillou! You home!”
Caillou: “Hi Rosie.”
Mommy: “Caillou, why don’t you take Rosie up to your to play. I have some work to do in the kitchen.”
Caillou: “Okay mommy.”

So Caillou and Rosie ran up the stairs to Caillou’s room to give mommy some peace and quiet. Caillou walked right over to his game shelf and pulled out a board game.

Caillou: “Come on Rosie. Let’s play this.”
Rosie: “No Caillou. I want to play this…”

And then Rosie proceeds to pull her pants and panties down (revealing her vagina) and starts to touch and rub it. Caillou runs over and grabs her hand to stop her.

Caillou: “No Rosie…that’s bad!”
Rosie: “That not bad. That feel good.

Caillou could not argue with that fact but still, he didn’t want to break his promise.

Caillou: “Rosie remember, we made a promise not to do that again.”
Rosie: Still fondling her Vagina. “Me not care. Me like it!”

Caillou could not resist much more. He had very naughty feelings about his sister ever since that day 3 months ago. His penis started to get hard and erect. Rosie noticed this immediately.

Rosie: “What happening to your pee-pee?”
Caillou: Looks down at the bulge in his pants and covers it up, his face turning red. “I…I don’t know Rosie. Maybe because I’m seeing you half naked.”
Rosie: “Caillou now see me fully nakie.”

And with that, Rosie takes her clothes of completely and shows it all off to Caillou. Caillou can’t resist it any more. He strips off all of his clothes too (revealing his little erect penis) and shows off to Rosie.

Rosie: “YAY! Caillou did now!”
Caillou: “Shhh Rosie. Keep it down. We don’t want mommy hearing us.”
Rosie: (whispering) “Okay Caillou.”

So then they both jump on Caillou’s bed, lay down on their backs, and start playing with their privates.

Rosie: “That feel so good.”
Caillou: “Yeah.”

Then Caillou got an idea…

Caillou: “Hey Rosie?”
Rosie: “Yeah?”
Cailliou: “Can I…touch your pee-pee? You can touch mine.”
Rosie: “Okay.”

So Caillou reaches over and puts his hand on Rosie’s vagina and starts to rub it. He starts slow at first but then speeds up as Rosie was moaning with pleasure.

Rosie: “Stop Caillou! Me need to pee!”
Caillou: “No you don’t. Trust me.”

So Caillou keeps pleasuring Rosie until she finally has a dry orgasm. She just lays there, panting, face all red and a little sweaty.

Rosie: “Caillou that feel super great!”
Caillou: “I know. Now you do me.”
Rosie: “Okay.”

So then Rosie reaches over and takes hold of Caillou’s little erect penis. She starts to fondle and rub it just like she had seen Caillou do to himself before. She then pulls the skin on the head of his penis back, revealing the head, while Caillou is laying there, moaning with utter delight.

Caillou: “Oh Rosie…don’t stop!”

So Rosie licks the exposed head of Caillou’s penis. Then she starts sucking on it. This causes Caillou to let out a quiet pleasured scream. That was all he could take and he had a dry orgasm. He just lay there, all red faced and panting, just as Rosie had been when he finished.

Caillou: “Wow Rosie…that was amazing!”
Then Caillou gets another idea…

Caillou: “Rosie?”
Rosie: “Yeah?”
Caillou: “I noticed that your pee-pee is like a hole. Maybe my pee-pee is supposed to go in there. Can I try?”
Rosie: “Sure.”

So Rosie laid on her back while Caillou got on top of her.

Caillou: “I’ve seen mommy and daddy do this so I think this is how it goes.”

He then guides his penis over to Rosie’s vagina. He inserts it into her vagina and then stats thrusting. Caillou and Rosie let out load, pleasured screams that catch the attention of their mommy, although they don’t know that. Caillou continues thrusting for another minute until they both reach their limits and have another dry orgasm.

That’s when mommy bursts into the room and sees the scene, Caillou naked on top of a naked Rosie with Caillou’s penis in Rosie’s vagina.

Mommy: (angry tone) “What’s going on here?!”

Caillou and Rosie both turn around to look at the door and see mommy standing there, looking very upset. Caillou jumps off of Rosie and trys to play innocent.

Caillou: “Um…we…were…just playing.”
Rosie: “Yeah.”
Mommy: (still angry) “Really?! Well what do you call this game?!”
Caillou: “Um…the…happy game?”

Mommy gives Caillou a stare that, if looks could kill, Caillou would have been dead 3 times over.

Mommy: (really angry now) “Well you know VERY WELL that you are never…NEVER supposed to do that! And to your sister no less! SHE’S 1 YEAR OLD! (she spanks Caillou) SMARTEN UP!

At this point, Caillou starts to cry and mommy grabs Rosie and her clothes and takes her out of Caillou’s room.

From that point on, mommy never let Rosie and Caillou be alone together ever again. But every night, both of the would jack-off in their own beds and relive the fantasy they shared.
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