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Death's Huntress

by Deathstroke 1 review

An international assassin has sold her soul to Death. He repairs her body and her soul visits her. But he may just take what every man wants.

Category: Sci-Fi - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Horror - Warnings: [V] [R] - Published: 2016-04-12 - Updated: 2016-11-19 - 823 words

“I didn’t expect you’d be here already,” Death sounded surprised, which confused me. He always seemed to know when I would come down to the underworld, I’d assume he didn’t know what was happening above. I had been shot three different time by a government sniper, once in the head, once in my left thigh, and once directly in my throat. I died, again, but this time in excruciating pain. But, in the Underworld, my spirit was unharmed. And I looked like a wantabe stripper slut with skimpy clothing provided by Death himself.

I gave Death custody of my soul when I had first died, he healed my body in the mortal world while he kept my spirit down here as long as he wanted. He could never return my soul, if he wanted to be that cruel. But I knew him well, he took care of me for twelve years of my life, ever since my parents died. And I died. I loved Death, I loved him like my soulless mate, but he terrified me more often than not.

I felt his rough inhuman hand slide up my stomach and I grabbed it in my pale hands. I craned my neck to look at his sharp toothed grin and slightly slanted red eyes and the hood that covered his head. The hood concealed his face in a shroud of darkness, only his smile and eyes were revealed. He had a human look to him from the chest down, inhuman muscles rippling through out his body. I didn’t care if he was inhuman, he was the only one who truly loved me without trying to kill me in some sort of way. He knew I used to date while he still had control of my soul, I knew he was jealous while I was dating. But, he was pleased when Grey dragged me into the open and I was ambushed by thugs. I was killed that night and Death had to deal with my fit of uncontrollable rage.

“Jay,” he said with his deep tone. “What happened to you? Was it Grey again?” I squeezed his hand roughly, clenching my teeth.

“He tried to get back together with me,” I spat. “How stupid I was. He led me into a government trap. A sniper took me out and I came here.”

Death pulled me against his muscle covered abdomen and chest, his arms wrapping around my slender exposed waist. He leaned down, his ragged hood brushing against my neck. His hot, smoky breath was warm against my cheek, making me shudder slightly. “Don’t be afraid, my love. Grey will be killed eventually, I’ll see to it.” I let out a sigh, but I tensed up as his hand slid upwards to my chest.

I grabbed his hand before it reached my breasts. “Not yet, Death. You’re moving too fast for me.”

He frowned slightly, but released me. “Forgive me. I forgot that you weren’t ready. We’ll try again when you visit me again.” He lifted my chin and planted a passionate kiss on my soft lips. “My blood thirsty international assassin.” His well-defined shape grew hazy, then vanished as my spirit returned.

I snapped open my eyes, gasping deeply, then coughing up a fit. I shivered violently, my gouged cheeks flat against the blood stained concrete. I pushed off of the ground, glancing around. Grey was gone, but there were government agents dead on the ground and some on the roof. I planted my free hand on the wall, using my other hand to push off of the ground. I used the wall to keep my balance and I craned my neck to peer at the roofs. A small red dot appeared on my head and I ducked as quickly as I could.

“Jay?” I heard a voice that made my blood boil furiously in my veins. “You’re alive?”

“No thanks to you,” I spat viciously. “Thanks a lot, asshole. You led me into a Government trap. How do I know if you’re working for them?”

Grey came out of the shadows, holstering his pistol. “Look, babe. I didn’t know that there were Government agents waiting for us. Please, you have to believe me.”

I was close to tearing my hair out of my scalp, my fingers gripping the long pale blonde locks. “And I should trust you why? After you got me killed?” I still had my back against the brick wall, clenching my teeth to the point where my jaw was beginning to hurt. I felt something hard and metallic brush against my leg and I realized that it was my pistol. I drew the weapon from its sheath and pressed it against my chest, in preparation to nail him in between the eyes.

"You just have to trust me," he spoke, his footsteps grew closer to me.
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