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Things I Don't Understand About Us Humans

by drarry 1 review

Just like the title. Are we really the superior race?

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Are our advances really advances? As far as I know, the advances we have so far have good points as well as bad.

We are damaging the Earth, for our "greater good." If it is for the greater good, why are we harming the Earth? We all know that not everyone replaced the earth's natural resources and our lifestyles use up a lot of them. According to different websites, a single human will on average, use up three and a half earth's in a year. And there are seven billion people in the world.

Technology. Are we an abusing it? We have our phones and kimdles neglecting the outside world. We are getting lazy. There are no other words for it. We sit around all day and it won't change any time so. There are window blinds that open by themselves. This is sad..really sad. It's good we have technology, but are we abusing it?

not my best. Just a little introduction to further writing
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