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Chapter XI

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Tragedy strikes for Gordon as Harvey attacks City Hall and the Major Crimes Unit, leaving Batman with a dilemma of where he can help.

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" god!" Garcia gasped as standing before both Gordon and himself was the scarred former District Attorney, complete with a new suit though it's left half was heavily burnt to match the man himself. He had a smirk on his face while staring at his stunned former colleagues, while being flanked by a group of Mercs with two on either side of him with silenced-rifles.

"Hello, Mr. Mayor..." Harvey started to say before his eyes turned to the Police Commissioner, making his right one narrow as his smirk became more sinister.


"Harvey..." the older Man said almost under his breath as he slowly went for his side-arm under his blazer, only for one of the Mercs to notice and step toward him as he looked at him through the sights of his rifle.

"Don't even think about it." the masked Man said back, gaining the Scarred Man's attention as he looked between the two, a knowing look appearing on his face.

", Jim, that's not very friendly."

"Harvey, what can we do for you today?" the Mayor then asked with a calm tone to his voice, trying to hide the fear he was currently feeling as he spoke, not that it fooled Dent as he showed that he was holding his own silenced-pistol in his left hand and his lucky coin in his right.

"Well I will get to that in a moment, but I could not help but notice that you don't look that surprised to see me. Your Staff though, they looked like they had seen a we killed them..." he began to say, making Garcia and Jim's eyes widen as they heard him say that, which brought an innocent smile to his face.

"Now, now. It's not like we just came in guns blazing..." he carried on before flicking his coin into the air and catching it.

"...I had to make a choice first, but as they are all as guilty as the two of you with everything that happened to Rachel and myself. so I let 'fate' decide theirs."

"But they had nothing to do with what the Joker and his Men did to you and Miss Dawes, no matter how terrible and tragic it was." the Mayor answered back, face showing how appalled he was as he stood up behind desk in an almost defiant manner, earning a surprised and unsure expression from the Police Commissioner as he remained seated.

"Oh, but they did, 'Mr. Mayor', as they are a part of your municipal government..." Harvey replied as he walked up to Garcia's desk, stopping next to Gordon as he turned his gun on the former.

"...and it was you, who gave Jim here, the green light to create his own special crimes Unit, which he then filled with crooked Cops..." he continued, which made the Police Commissioner want to speak up against his words. But before he could move, the older Man felt a hand grab his shoulder and looked around to see one of masked-Mercs stand next to him, holding his rifle at his head.

" in fact, everything that Rachel and I went through at the hands of the Joker, turning me into who I am now, actually started with 'you'. And though I did come here to pick up my old friend, 'Jim'. I should see that you receive your rightful punishment, should 'Fate' see it so."

"Harvey, you're not making any sense..." the Mayor began to say back as he found himself staring between the Scarred-Man and the business end of the gun that was being pointed directly at his face. Harvey then grit his teeth as he heard his name spoken as it was, making him tighten his hand around the Pistol's grip.

"It's so easy isn't it? Not accepting the blame for your part in what was done to what I lost!" Harvey then said with venom underlining his words, bringing both confusion and fear to Garcia's expression as he stood there, while Gordon just sat there with barrel of a gun at the back of his head.

"Look, this isn't the way to do things and it won't fix everything that has happened. But I can get you the best psychological and cosmetic help possible, so that you can be once more Harvey Dent…the White Knight of Gotham." the Mayor then said with a sincere smile, selling that line with as much confidence as he could muster up, despite looking directly at the Scarred-Man and the gun being aimed at him. This brought a moment of pause to the former DA as he looked at his Pistol, a thoughtful expression on his twisted face as his hostage took a deep breath and waited for his answer.

"Even if that were possible, I would still be living without the one person that makes it all worth while..." he then started to say as he returned his attention to Garcia, with his right eye narrowing as he spoke.

"...and either way, I am no longer Harvey 'Dent'."

Meanwhile in the Garage that was a number of floors below, Bruce drove his car at speed as he made his way out, all while listening to every word of their conversation.

"Then what are you?" the Mayor could he heard saying, Bruce recognizing the growing fear in his friend's voice as he spoke.

"Gordon and his fellow Cops had a nickname for me, back when I was working in Internal Affairs. Didn't you, Jim?" Harvey then replied.

"And what was that?" Garcia said back.

"Harvey Two-Face, a name far more fitting for me now, wouldn't you agree?" the former DA could be heard saying, while the Billionaire drove his Super-car back onto the street with a determined expression on his face.

"Look, Harvey..."

"Sshh, like I said earlier. I would love to kill you right now, but it isn't up to me." Harvey then replied, cutting off the Mayor as the sound of a coin being flipped was then heard.

"I am sorry, Anthony, but Fate is not on your side."

"NO!" Gordon could then be heard shouting, before the sound of a gunshot cut him off. This made Bruce's eyes widen as he continued driving, with the Billionaire gritting his teeth and tightening his grip on the steering wheel in return as the sound of a body dropping to the floor could be heard.

"Okay, Jim, time to go." former DA then said, before silence then took over the remainder of the eavesdrop, making Bruce tap his other Cuff-link.

"Damn it, Phone, call Alfred and encrypt."

"Master Bruce, your GPS has you leaving City Hall in the direction of our Bat-Bunker in the City. Does that mean you have heard the news?" the Butler then asked, while the younger Man kept his eyes on the road as he over took three cars and a taxi in quick succession.

"Harvey just appeared and kidnapped Gordon, but not before killing the Mayor and the majority of his Staff currently in the building."

"Forgive me for asking, Sir, but why didn't you try to help." Alfred said back, making Wayne shake his head in return.

"I was eavesdropping on Gordon and Mayor Garcia's meeting from down in the Garage, when Harvey and his men suddenly appeared. And besides, I don't have my 'suit' with me. So next time I say that I want a Bat-suit packed into the trunk of each of my cars, please don't call me paranoid." he replied, gaining a sigh from the other end of the call.

"Very well, Sir." the older Man said back, before Bruce's expression changed to one of confusion.

"Wait a minute, what news were you on about just now?"

"It came over the Police bandwidth just a few moments ago, Master Wayne. Several Mercenaries that match those that broke the Bird out of Arkham, have just attacked the MCU. It appears that they are after the rest of the men who were arrested there and since the bunker is closer to that building than City Hall, you can make it there before this unpleasant situation ends." Alfred replied, only for the Billionaire to shake his once more.

"Can't do that, Alfred. Besides, I read up on the MCU's Chief - Crispin Allen. He is a good Officer and should be able to handle them."

"But, Sir, these Mercenaries must be part of the same group that is working with Mr. Dent and the Batman should be there to stop them from regaining their full strength." the Butler replied with a disapproving tone, while Bruce turned a corner sharply and passed several more vehicles.

"Of course they are, Alfred. But since Harvey has now captured Gordon, I know who he will be after next and I must get to 'them' before him or his men…" he started to explain before an unsure expression befell his face, while he drove the car into the Wayne Enterprises owned Dock where his Bat-Bunker was located.

"…but I don't think that the Bat-Pod will be enough for what I have in mind." he added before bringing the super-car to a halt inside an abandoned warehouse on it's premises, creating a small dust cloud around it from the force of the stop.

"Well, Sir, I may have some more news for you on that front since Mr. Fox had called only 30 minutes after you had left the Manor. He said that the prototype he had mentioned to you the other day was ready for deployment, and he can have it at any location that you require it." the Butler replied, earning a smirk from the Billionaire as he prepared to exit the Bugatti.

"Sounds good Alfred, tell me more on the way down to the Bunker."


'How did it come to this?' was all Gordon could think as he sat restrained in some kind of vehicle, or at least he thought it was a vehicle. It was not an easy thing to tell, since as soon as Harvey and his men had take him, they blindfolded him and made the Police Chief wear a pair of sound dulling headphones. So the older and wearier Man was basically in the dark about where he was and where he was being taken. But still, it did not stop his mind wearing down on him with the thought of what the choice he had made last year had cost.

'God damn you, Harvey, things would have been much simpler had you just died that night.'

But this made Jim flinch, since this train of thought did not sit well with him as he felt wherever he was suddenly shake like it had turned sharply.

'Definitely inside a vehicle, which kind of feels like a van.' the Policeman deduced.

'What are you planning, Harvey?'

But before Gordon could ponder on that question any further, he suddenly felt the headphones being removed from his head.

"Hey, Jim. I hope you haven't fallen asleep or anything, believe me I know what it's like to lose a few of our senses, making you question what is going on around you as you feel completely and utterly helpless." he said with a calm tone, though the venom behind his words was still very much present.

"After all it was you and the Bat that cost me all that I cared about. And then the latter cost me the chance to 'end it all', making me become a prisoner in my own body as I kept reliving my tragedy over and over for an entire entire Year!" Two-Face then almost shouted, making the Police Commissioner flinch as he felt the force of the scarred-Man's breath on his exposed face, gaining a curious expression from the Gordon in response.

"You still want to die, Harvey?" he asked back.

"I told you a year ago, Gordon, that there was no escaping this. That you would pay and suffer for what you made me lose, but what the Batman did to me only delayed it. Because I have had a year...a year to think about this, nothing but this and I can promise you that what I have planned is only going to get worse for you...and the Bat." Harvey replied with a sinister tone.

"But, Harvey..." the older Man began to say back through the darkness around him, only to be cut off in return.

"We can talk more once we have picked up 'everyone' we need to begin..." he began to explain, which made Jim's eyes widen behind the blindfold.

"Who? Who are you on about?" he demanded to know with a fearful tone in his voice, for deep down the Police Chief knew what the answer would be. And even though he could not see the Man holding him captive, Jim could feel the dark smile that his Captor had on his scarred face as he moved closer.

"Oh, you know of who I am speaking of, Jim..." he started to say in a dark and teasing tone, which made Gordon bite his lip as his heart-beat sped up once more.

"...because like I just said, there is no escaping what is to come and this time everyone you love will suffer."

"No...!" Gordon then began to scream as all his emotions just exploded and he tried to fight against his restraints, only to be cut off as he suddenly felt something being forced into his mouth, gagging him as the headphones were placed back on his head, plunging the Man into the empty void once more with nothing more than the fear he felt for his family.

Two-Face watched Gordon fight against his restraints, a look of glee on his face as he enjoyed seeing the Police Chief's panic and anger coming to the surface.

'Just you wait, Jim.' he thought before one of the Mercs sitting at the front of the van turned around and gestures to him, holding a phone in his hand.

"It's Wintergreen, Boss." he said, gaining a nod from he scarred-Man in return as he took the device in hand.

"Thanks." he replied before putting the receiver to his ear.

"Two-Face here." he said, before his second in command replied.

"Mission successful, Boss, all of our guys are accounted for."

"Excellent, Wintergreen, and what about your other objective?" Harvey then asked with a curious tone, while looking between his captive and where another one of his mercs were driving their vehicle.

"I have the account details, which were exactly where you said they would be."

"Of course they were, I knew that neither Gordon or the rest of GCPD would have touched nor moved the rest of the Mob Money that they had confiscated from the remainders of the men that had sided with Joker last year." the former DA explained.

"Well, they are currently locked down and need a code to access them." the Merc Leader replied, with Two-Face noticing the disappointment in his subordinate's voice.

"Don't worry, I can get the code that unlocks those accounts. But that will only happen, after my plan has been put in motion, understand?" he said back, those last few words carried a subtle hint of authority.

"Yes, Boss, of course." Wintergreen quickly answered, earning a slight smirk from the former Lawyer in response.

"Good, now you can track the GPS of our Van, so you can meet us at the next objective."

"Alright, will do." the Merc replied, before the call came to an end


Meanwhile in the Gordon Household, Barbara was rushing about as her and Jim's kids stood around fully dressed with their coats and shoes on, watching her with amused expressions, especially little Barbs.

"You did it again, Mummy." she exclaimed with a giggle, gaining a knowing and reluctant look from her Mother in return.

"I know, but if you two could help me find them, then we would be able to get going."

"Did you look in the third Cup to the right on the Mug rack, Mom?" Jimmy asked, making the older Barbara stop and think for a second before sighing and rolling her eyes in annoyance.

"...of course." she muttered and turned to the rack, finding the keys exactly where her Son had suggested.

"Good catch, Jimmy. Now turn off the TV and let's go." she said, earning nods from the pair of youngsters as the older of the two walked over to the device and was ready to deactivate, only to stop as a news Bulletin played on the screen.

"The Batman spotted on the streets of Gotham!" it read, making he watch as the footage showed the Vigilante speeding through the City on his strange-looking Motorcycle.

After a moment or two, Barbara walked in with his little Sister following in her stead as she gave her Son an annoyed expression.

"I thought I told you to turn off the Television." she said, gaining a surprised look from the Boy as he pointed at the screen.

"But, Mom, it's Batman...during the Day!" he replied, making both Mother and Daughter turn their attention to the screen, only for the doorbell to suddenly ring and snap her focus back.

"Ugh, I have to deal with this. Just turn it off, or else we are going to be late." the former said back as she rolled her eyes and left the living room, while little Barbara just kept watching the footage with her Brother as her eyes widened as she noticed something.

"Jimmy, isn't that Joey's Mom's Haircut place?" she said as Batman was shown speeding past a shop, earning a surprised look from the older Brother.

"Yeah, it is. He's in our area!"

"Police have been alerted and are mobilizing as this is being reported." the Newscaster was heard saying over the footage.

Meanwhile, Barbara reached the front-door and prepared to open it as the doorbell rang again.

"Just a moment!" she called back, before beginning to unlock it.

'I swear if this is just some...' she started to think while opening the door, before stopping as her eyes widened at the sight standing before her.


"Hello, Barbara. It's been a while." Two-Face then said as he was joined by two masked-Mercs, which made the Woman think of the only thing that was important to her.

"Kids, RUN!" she screamed while trying to slam the door back in the Scarred Man's face, only for Harvey and his Men to stop it and force it back. As that was happening, Jimmy took his Sister's hand and pulled her away from the screen just as it showed Batman making a sharp turn.

"Come on!" he snapped with an urgent tone, making the little Girl focus her attention back on their situation.

"What about Mummy?" she cried back as they ran past the hallway on their way to the Kitchen, just in time to see her grab an umbrella and attack the intruders with it.

"She told us to run..." the boy snapped back, while both kids suddenly remembered that night a year ago, having recognized the disfigured Man with their Mother.

" we run. Let's go through the back." Jimmy added as they approached the back door, only to stop momentarily as they suddenly heard their Mother being knocked to the ground as that familiar and terrifying voice spoke over it.

"Now, Barbara, that's no way to treat guests."

"Mummy!" the youngest then cried out as Jimmy reluctantly returned his attention to the task at hand, opening the back door and pulling his crying sister outside, only for the pair to instantly get grabbed by another pair of Mercs that were waiting for them.

"Good, bring them into the front room." Two-Face then exclaimed with a smirk as he and the others brought Barbara out of the Hallway, noticing that the others had stopped the kids.

A moment later and the Mother and her children were on their knees in the middle of the Living Room, surrounded by the former DA and his Mercs.

"What the hell is that?" Harvey asked as he noticed the TV, which was still showing the news footage of Batman.

"He's heading this way, Boss." one of the Men then said, having recognized where the Vigilante currently was. Gaining little Barbara's attention as she glanced at the screen.

"He's coming." she whispered, making both Jimmy and their Mom look at her as they heard what she said. The Disfigured Man meanwhile, pulled out his phone and put it to his ear.

"Wintergreen, please tell me that you are here now." he asked with just a hint of urgency to his voice, while looking down at their hostages.

"Yes, we are just arriving now." the lead-Merc quickly replied, making Two-Face's smirk widen into a smile.

"Good, then block off the street and prepare to take out a flying rodent that is on his way here."

"Will do." the other Man said back, before the call ended and Harvey put the device away and smiled back at the Family at his feet.

"There we go, all done. Now, Barbara, I am going to need you and your children to come with us and join your Husband." he said, earning a hateful look from her in response.

"We are not going anywhere with you, not this time." she snapped back defiantly, which made Two-Face look on with an amused expression.

"You have more spine than your Husband, that's for sure. But you are all coming with us regardless... He started to reply, before looking down at Jimmy.

"...or should I just continue where we left off." he continued as he took out his pistol and aimed it at the Boy with his left hand, while revealing his Father's coin with his right.

Meanwhile Batman was nearing their location as he sped down the street on the Bat-pod, weaving in and out of any traffic that was in his way, earning surprised looks from all who saw him.

'Come on, faster.' he thought before making one last turn, only to widen in his eyes as he saw the fake SWAT Van from Arkham blocking his way at the far end of the street, complete with a team of mercs standing in front of it with their weapons aimed directly at him.

"There he is, open fire!" Wintergreen shouted, making them all pull the triggers of their weapons and unleash a barrage of gunfire at the Dark Knight.

'Damn it!' he thought as he took evasive action and began strafing go the left and right, with the bullets either hitting the ground beside him or hurtling passes his Cowl.

"Batman, the Prototype is active and I am sending it to your location now...ETA, two minutes." Fox then spoke over the Vigilante's Com-link, which made his narrow his eyes in return.

"Thanks, then I don't need this any more." he said back, before pushing the throttle down hard and gaining a burst of acceleration from his vehicle.

"What the hell, the freak is coming right at us." one of the Mercs then said over the gunfire, earning a smirk from the Merc-leader behind his Mask.

"Good, then he will be harder to miss. Give him hell, boys!" he exclaimed as they continued to barrage their enemy with bullets.

The Batman meanwhile laid forward as low as he could on the Bat-pod, feeling the air hit the exposed parts of his face hard as he sped toward the blockade.

'That will do.' he then thought before noticing a deactivated street lamp that stood just behind the armored Van, so he pulled out his grapple-gun and fired it at the tall object.

"What the...?" one of the Mercs asked out loud as they witnessed the action, before the grapple connected to the lamp and pulled him off the vehicle and through the air toward it, leaving the Bat-pod to continue toward then without a driver.

"Wow!" another Merc reluctantly admitted as he watched the Dark knight sore over them, before Wintergreen panicked in return.

"It's gonna hit us, get out of the way!" he screamed, making them all dive for cover before the Bat-vehicle collided with the Van, taking the larger one with it in an explosion, whose force knocked the mercs onto the walk. As this happened, Batman quickly disconnected the grapple and let his inertia launch him into the sky, before activating his cape's glide function once again, allowing him to soar through the sky overhead as he zeroed in on the Gordon residence.

'I hope I am not too late.'

Meanwhile, back at the house. The explosion outside in the street had caught the attention of everyone inside, earning a curious expression from Two-Face as two of the Mercs holding the Family at gunpoint looked over their shoulders in it's direction.

"What the hell was that?" one asked with a nervous tone, earning a nod from the guy next to him.

"I know, right. Wintergreen's team weren't carrying explosives with them, so what caused that?"

"You two, shut up! I want to enjoy this moment…" Two-Face then said, focusing instead on

Gordon's Son as he aimed his pistol at the Boy's head and prepared to flick his Coin.

"How's the saying go again, 'second time's a charm'." he added before flicking the keepsake into the air, a sinister glint in his prft eye as he watched the Dollar spin as it rose up above him.

But just as it then started to descend back down into the disfigured-Man's hand, Batman suddenly smashed through the large Living-room window and landed next to the group. This action made everyone stare at him, from the surprised Soldiers and Barbara, to growing looks pf glee on both Jimmy and his Sister's faces. But the most telling look was of Two-Face as he stared wide-eyed and shocked, completely forgetting about the coin as it fell to the ground and landed with heads facing up at his feet.

"What...!" he then started to exclaim as he stared at the new arrival, before remembering about his Coin and so looked down at the ground to see it. But before anyone else could even react to the Vigilante, he tossed a couple of smoke pellets into the center of the room.

"Hold your breath!" he then warned the family, before the devices exploded and enveloped the room in a white smoke.

"Do as he says, Kids." the Mother said, earning nods from the pair as they did exactly that. Though both tried to watch as the Dark Knight then turned his attention to Mercs, disappearing before their eyes as he slipped away into the smoke.

"Where's the freak..." one started to say, only to be stopped as his gun was suddenly pulled out of his hands, with it's but then being rammed into his chest, making him lurch forward as his mask was then shattered by an armored fist, knocking him down onto his back.

"Just kill him!" another cried out, before he suddenly had his feet swept up from under him, which made him hit the floor face first.

"I can't see a thing!" one of the two remaining masked-Men said, before he then bumped into his friend.

"Me neither, but let's stay close and go back to back. The Bat can't get the drop on us then." the other replied, earning a nod back as they both did exactly that and kept their eyes peeled for any Bat-shaped movement in the slowly dissipating smoke.

"I think the smoke's fading, I can see the Boss." one then said, having noticed Two-Face on the floor on all fours as he searched for his coin.

"And I see Gordon's family..." the other started to reply while looking directly at Barbara and the kids, who were still on their knees as she held them both close. But before he could say anymore, the whole building began to shake as the sounds of a jet engine came from the roof.

"What the hell is that?" both Mercs asked simultaneously as they, Harvey and even their hostages looked up in it's direction with curious expressions.

"That's my Ride." A deep, gravelly voice then spoke from behind the pair, making them both spin around to find the Batman standing there. But before either could react, he quickly grabbed their heads and smashed them together, shattering their masks as they then fell to the ground unconscious.

"Go to the roof, now!" the Vigilante then said to the Family, gaining a nod from Barbara as she grabbed both kids hands and pulled them away, while he returned his attention back to Two-Face.

"I am sorry, Harvey." he then said calmly, gaining the scarred-Man's attention as he looked up with hatred in his eyes.

"That's 'Two-Face' and this isn't over, not by a long shot." he spat angrily, before grabbing his gun and aiming it at his enemy, only for Batman to knock it out of his hand with ease and punch him in the face.

"I know." the Dark Knight replied with a uneasy tone as he watched his former Ally fall unconscious and collapse on the floor.

As this was happening, Barbara and the kids reached the roof as they exited the interior. But what they were greeted with made their eyes widen as they looked on in a dumbstruck manner.

"Awesome!" Jimmy exclaimed at the sight, while his Sister merely smiled.

"Okay, we are leaving..." Batman then said as he joined them, making the three turn and look back, still with surprised expressions on their faces.

'What's up with...oh!' the Vigilante suddenly thought as he saw what had landed on the roof, before an ever so subtle smirk crept on his face.

"Alright, get in." he then added, before gesturing to the Family to do so.

Meanwhile in the street, Wintergreen and his Men slowly recovered as the wreck that used to be their Van continued to burn.

"We need to give the others some back up, so let's go!" he exclaimed while picking up his rifle, the others doing the same. But suddenly the sounds of a jet-engine powering up caught their attention as they all looked in it's direction.

"What the..." the Lead-Merc began to say with a dumbstruck expression, one that was shared by his team. For they all saw the same thing, witnessing what looked like a futuristic fighter-Jet, clad in jet-black as it hovered over the Gordon Residence.

"...hell?" Wintergreen managed to finish, before the Jet then fired it's afterburners and flew away into the distance, disappearing as quickly as it had appeared and left the Mercs standing there in the street as Sirens could be heard faintly in the distance.

"Oh Crap...okay, let's get the Boss and get out of here!" he then ordered, with the others following as he then ran into the building.
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