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A Summoner's Faith

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A series of connected vignettes of Yuna's training and growth as a summoner, focused on Besaid Temple.

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Yuna dawdled outside Meri the weaver's hut, pretending to investigate the cheerful red flowers Meri had planted outside. Lulu was further down the street, talking to Lady Ginnem, who had just summoned her first Aeon in the circle outside the temple. Lulu would be leaving on Lady Ginnem's pilgrimage tomorrow.

Yuna thought it was entirely unfair that Lulu was leaving on a pilgrimage as a guardian when she and Wakka had forbidden Yuna to train as a summoner. She wanted so badly to go on the pilgrimage to the ruined city of Zanarkand, to pray to her namesake Lady Yunalesca and bring the Final Aeon.

Lulu and Lady Ginnem turned toward the temple. Wakka was nowhere to be seen. Yuna checked the street one last time before scurrying to Lord Kieran's house and knocking on his door.

"Come in."

Yuna opened the door just wide enough to admit her slender frame and slipped inside, shutting the door carefully behind her.

Yuna bowed and made the gesture of prayer, which Lord Kieran returned graciously. He was a tall, sparely built man with a short, neatly trimmed grey beard and long grey hair tied back in a queue. His face was weathered and wrinkled, but his brown eyes were kind. He wore summoner's robes, neatly patched and mended, and leaned on a tall wooden staff Kimahri had carved for him last winter when the ache in his joints had made it difficult for him to walk.

"Good day to you, Yuna," he said.

"Good day, Lord Kieran." Yuna smiled.

"Do you seek counsel?" Lord Kieran asked when she did not say anything further.

Yuna nodded. "I want to become a summoner. I was hoping you would teach me."

Lord Kieran hesitated for a moment. "Sit down, child," he said eventually.

Yuna knelt on one of the floor cushions and clasped her hands in her lap. Lord Kieran lowered himself to the other cushion with a little grunt and rested his staff crosswise on his lap. "Why is it that you wish to be a summoner, Yuna?" he asked her.

"I want to bring the Calm, as my father did. I remember how everyone in Bevelle was laughing and celebrating when my father's Aeon defeated Sin. Everyone was so happy. I want people to be happy, to not have to live in fear of Sin's destruction." Yuna laced her fingers together and held her breath.

"Hmm. You are very young to begin the training. Most summoners won't start training until they are older." Lord Kieran looked at her intently. "And not everyone can become a summoner. Just because your father was able to does not mean you will be able to summon the Aeons. It takes great strength, and great determination. The fayth may not accept you, or you may not be able to call forth the Aeons."

"I know," Yuna whispered.

"Learning to summon the Aeons is very difficult, Yuna, and that is the least of your struggles as a summoner. You must learn to give comfort to the grieving, to heal the wounded, to fight against the fiends. You must bring peace to the dead with the Sending. A summoner is a public figure, and summoners do not show their emotions, save for compassion. Your life will no longer be your own."

"My life has not been my own since my father defeated Sin. I am always Yuna, daughter of Braska." Yuna straightened her shoulders. "I want to learn to be a summoner. I want to do as my father did, and defeat Sin, so that the people of Spira will be happy again."

Lord Kieran studied her for a moment, then nodded and set his staff aside. "We will begin with the history of the temples and the names of the Aeons, then. The first High Summoner was Lady Yunalesca..."
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