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The Fight

by miwildcat

And the fight breaks out

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He dreams left her in peace this time. Not a single dream came to her as she slept. She slept the entire day, but woke when Walter brought in the blood for Alucard along with a couple of bloody steaks for her. Her nose twitched as she caught scent of the blood then her head came up slowly as ocean blue eyes blinked a few time to clear the sleep away.

Slowly she got to her feet and stretched out groaning a little as muscles protested her sleeping on the floor. She padded over to where Walter had left the steaks for her and began to eat. She had just finished eating when Alucard rose. She was in the midst of cleaning the blood from her muzzle when she felt a gloved hand brush her ear. Flipping her ear lightly at the touch.

She heard his laugh as he got out of his coffin and drank down the blood that had been brought for him. Yawning a bit she stretched out her massive body once again to make sure she was ready to face the night. She really wanted to shift and go take a shower but she didn’t trust Alucard to leave her in peace that long.

Tipping her head to look to him as she wondered what was on the agenda for today.

{What is going to happen to me while I am here?} She asked curiously.

Alucard wasn’t exactly sure about that one himself because it wasn’t as though she could train with the soldiers unless he got her to take on a more human look. It was a thought because he was curious as to how well she could fight.

{I want you to spar with the soldiers so I can see how well you can fight. For now you will be fighting with us when we go out on missions.} Oh now this was gonna be just damned well lovely.

She didn’t want to embarrass the men here because she could take on all of them with the exception of Alucard and Walter. Those two no matter her form could probably use her as a dust mop all over the floor. She huffed out a breath of air and shook her head slightly, letting out a low growled complaint .

{If that is what you want it can be done so long as no one takes offence when I wipe the floor with them.} She said easily.

Alucard always had his gun on him not that anyone ever saw it until it was way too late. Her weapons were claws and teeth when in true form like this. If in hybrid or human it was whatever she could happen to get her hands on. Alucard lead the way to the practice area where soldiers were sparring and training.

They all stopped dead in their tracks when he stepped into the room with the panther walking beside him. Her head canted to the left as small ears flickered wondering why in the hell they just stopped. She gave a roll of her shoulders and sat down beside him watching as they slowly went back to training and sparring with each other.

{Now what?} She asked easily.

Alucard called out to the men to clear the center of the area and make a circle but leave most of the room open well this part of it was completely open. He took off his coat and hat and tossed them into the nearest shadow as they just disappeared. Her eyes watched him as he went out into the center and then motioned for her to follow him.

She gave a roll to her shoulders and walked out with him knowing what he was doing. If he had paired her off with a human she might have killed them by accident but with him that wasn’t going to be an easy thing. “I want you to attack me and don’t hold back little cat.” He spoke out loud to her. If she could have frowned she would have been at being called little cat, she was a far cry from little.

Her massive body moved with a sleek grace as she began to pad around him in a wide circle. She was sizing him up to see how to best go about this without getting her ass handed to her on a silver platter. This was a test to see how well she would do against the freak vampires out there. Then again they were nothing to her because she has strength and agility on her side.

A massive paw would flash out now and then to test and see if he was going to flinch at her movement nope nadda thing from him. His own red eyes watch her move, he watched how the muscles rippled under her sleek coat. The way she made little if no sound whatsoever as she moved. It amazed him that she was every bit as much a predator as he was.

He kept his attention on her just as she did him. He watched the way muscles twitched and jumped seeing if there was a tell as to her moves and there were a few small ones. Her tail and ears were the biggest tell she had but freaks wouldn’t know that at all. He grinned when she made a sudden leap straight over his head no run nothing just up and over him. He reached out quickly to grab a back leg but got nothing but air.

He had a bit of a puzzled look on his face for a second then he heard her behind him as her weight crashed into his back sending them both to the ground as the two tumbled snarls and growls filling the air. Some fur was flying as he grappled with her. He felt her claws bite into his flesh but that didn’t bother him any at all it was her teeth he was a little more worried about because they could do some major damage.

Not that he couldn’t heal any damage she did but he would prefer not to have to heal a lot of damage before the next mission. She moved with an amazing grace as she twisted her massive body getting claw shots in on him. She never did try to bite him though which he thought was a little strange. Their fighting went back and forth for a few hours neither one showing any sign of being tired.

Her breathing was still slow and steady she was showing signs of wear and tear as some fur was missing in places. Oh but she still has a trick up her sleeve and she was about to show it regardless of who was present. She made a mad dash towards him dropping her body to the ground shortly before reaching him.

Twisting during the slide to go to her back but she did a quick shift into a more hybrid form. So she still had the fur and feline like features but her body was more human in shape. Well save the face which still was feline in nature.

She slid herself right between his legs but in the process of it she slashed out with the wicked claws that tipped her hands. Scrambling up to her full height behind him which looked to be right close to 6 foot give or take an inch here and there. Her long tail swayed in a lazy manor behind her as she watched him. Blood dripped from her claws where she had gotten the insides of his legs.

“So it would seem you are full of surprises little cat,” Alucard laughed.

“Oh I have more tricks up my sleeves than you can image,” she growled back at him lowly.

She had the small rounded ears of the great cat that were perched on top of her head. They were turning and listening to the sounds of the men around them but her attention remained on Alucard. She gave a quick shake of her hands to discard the blood that was on her claws.

Her body was covered in a fine coating of black fur that seemed in this light to have a slight blue tint to it. She had long midnight black hair that streamed down her back to well past her ass. Her feet were more feline in nature being more like paws instead of actual feet. Even her feet were tipped with small wicked looking claws.

Her quick shift and subsequent speaking got a lot of gasps and dropped jaws from the other men. She paid no attention whatsoever to those around her nope she kept her attention on Alucard it was the safer bet. Her weight began a slight shift from foot to foot as she readied herself for another attack against Alucard. She wouldn’t use the same trick a second time.

She made a standing leap up into the air flipping and twisting her body gracefully through the air this time she aimed to smack the back of his head but Alucard was quicker and she kind of forgot that. He quickly had her by the throat. She just growled curling her lips back showing off the still razor sharp teeth meant to do severe damage.

“Enough with the growling little cat before I toss your pretty hide across the room,” Alucard growled back to her.

She just laughed and in an instant she was gone from his hand and was now standing about five feet away from him smiling. “Aren’t you just the bag full of surprises little cat,” Alucard laughed.

“You know ya walking corpse I do have a name it is Ariellia,” she growled out.

She was not happy about being called little cat it annoyed the living hell out of her that he called her that. He was pretty much doing it for just that purpose. Kind of like poking a bear with a stick you do it to annoy and pray you don’t get killed in the process.

She couldn’t kill him she could maim and hurt but not kill. Ariellia knew that all to well she was not match for an ancient vampire.

The men in the room suddenly parted as Integra walked in. Ariellia tipped her head just slightly as she stood tall letting her tail remain swaying as Integra stopped dead in her tracks seeing Ariellia standing now as she was. “What is the meaning of this?” Integra shouted!

“Ask your walking corpse over there he wanted to see how well I could fight so here we are.” Ariellia snarled back.

Alucard stepped up sensing the building tension in the way Ari was growling her words not to mention he could almost taste it in the air. “My Master I needed to know her fighting ability if she is to remain here, she may be helpful to us.” Alucard spoke lowly to Integra.

Integra just glare at Alucard and then spun around walking back out, this time Walter followed her out. He knew he would hear more about this later from his master. Turning back to face Ari who had shifted her weight into a more relaxed stance.

“Little cat you EVER try to harm that woman I will kill you!” Alucard told her coldly.

She nodded her head to him knowing she would never harm the woman unless she happen to get in her way. Then again Ari was not one to harm people without one hell of a good reason. It was just in how she had been raised. Her soft eyes watched Alucard as he went to the shadow and retrieved his coat and hat.

“So now what?” She asked quietly.

“Now that I know you can fight and hold your own against me you will be joining the ranks to help.” He told her as he started to walk out of the room.

She followed him mostly out of curiosity. Her soft eyes looked around taking in every detail of this place. She wanted to go exploring in the daytime so she could see more and learn what was looking more and more to be her new home. Ari followed him back down into the basement, to his room.

She gave a slight growl as she entered the room but was surprised to see a bed now occupied the room. There was also a fire burning in the fireplace that she hadn’t noticed before. Well this might not be all that bad after all. She still didn’t trust Alucard as far as she could throw him.

Ari didn’t trust many as it was because she had no reason to trust. Tipping her head a bit as she looked back to Alucard curiously. He was now sitting in his chair drinking blood from a glass. He was a curious creature so different from the freaks she had faced before.

Then again he was a true vampire and not one created by theses damnable chips. They were annoying as hell and seemed to be all over the damned place. Shaking her head a bit fanning out the long black hair against her back. She began to pace just slightly growling softly to herself about her current situation.

“What are you growling about now?” Came Alucard’s low voice.

“Nothing you need to worry about you walking corpse.” She shot back irritated.

This just made Alucard laugh be knew something was irritating her by the way she was pacing and growling.

“Suit yourself then little cat.” He said smoothly.

Oh that just irritated her all the more as she spun on a pawed foot to face him. Her small ears flattened down against her head as lips pulled back in a snarl.

“I have a name use it or the next fight I won’t be holding back anything.” She snarled out.

His nickname for her just irritated the living hell out of her. She still wanted to go to her human form and take a shower but her ability to trust was little to none. She looked around the room and was slightly miffed to see there was no bathroom here where she could take a shower. She knew that Alucard had no use for one but hey she was still among the land of the living.

“Is there a bathroom in this place at all?” She asked.

He looked to her and just laughed out loud. She growled under her breath at his raucous laughter. He knew by now that she could take on a full human form if she so choose to. To him it was funny that the one thing she asked about was a bathroom.

“I don't believe one was ever put down here little cat.” He chuckled.

Her head shook small ears were still pinned back against her head because she was still irritated as hell. She had stopped her pacing around as the ocean blue eyes did a very quick survey of the room taking note of everything that was here. She really wanted a shower about now. Her body felt sticky and nasty as anything from the sparring match.

She knew when she went to human form she could shift with clothing on it was a neat trick she had been taught by her mother long ago. There was still the tiny issue of her trusting Alucard that much. Her thoughts were completely chaotic with all her thinking but her body was now stock still.

Alucard watched her as her body went stock still as her mind began to get chaotic with all the thoughts. He could tell her biggest issue was trust, not that he could really say that he blamed her any. He didn’t trust many either and it took a lot for him to be able to trust others.

{If you want to shift to your human form we can see about getting you settled into a room of your own.} His though cut through the chaotic din of her thoughts as her eyes snapped over to him with a rather shocked look showing in their depths.

Her small ears shot up instantly as her body seemed to relax and begin to move a little on its own. She didn’t really know what to say to that one.Did she trust him to go to human form and see if he would try to get her assigned to her own room where she would have some privacy. She didn’t really know which way to go stay as she was and remain in this room locked up with him or show him how she looked as a human and see if he would get her put into her own room.

Her long tail started to sway again in that same lazy and almost careless manner showing she was starting to relax. He wanted her to relax so she didn’t send herself into a frenzy that would not be good. About the time that thought started her head snapped in his direction as she let out a soft and low growl.

{It may already be too late for that ya walking corpse.} Came her mental voice that was strained and almost sounded broken.

He watched as her body began to shake violently and then it went back to her natural state. The massive black panther, it didn’t take him long to realize something was wrong. He worked quickly setting wards in place so she couldn’t leave and no one could enter.

The wards were in place when her eyes changed to a blood red color that matched his own eyes. Her body tensed up and leapt at him as the high pitched scream that was rage filled left her. He took the hit as he rolled her to the floor and this time her teeth were seeking to rip his throat out.

This was no spar her mind was chaotic and filled with a blood rage that he was unfamiliar with. Her mind was in kill mode she was nothing more than a killing machine now plain and simple. He kept her from biting him because he did remember she hadn’t bitten at him earlier and now she was trying to rip him apart.

Something had sent her into an absolute frenzy her mind was in kill mode. The wards he had set would keep her in here and keep others out. He heard the pounding on the door and Walter’s voice wanting to be let in after hearing that high pitched scream. He wasn’t going to let anyone in until her mind was settled.

Her body was twisting and turning in his arms as her claws got several good shots in on him. He was bleeding in several places but he missed her muzzle as she sunk teeth into his arm and began to shake her head back and forth ripping into the flesh. Her teeth were meant for ripping and tearing and that was exactly what she was doing right now.

Once his blood entered her mouth even he felt something lock between them he felt all the rage and fury that was fueling this blood rage of hers. Her eyes slowly began to change back to their normal ocean blue color. She let go of his now mangled arm and jumped away from him crouching in a corner her eyes were locked onto him.

Her massive body was shaking but he felt it was out of fear because her mind was still chaotic trying to figure out what had happened. He still had not released the wards. He didn’t want anything else to upset Ari.

“Walter everything is alright I will release the wards soon so be patient” He shouted.

The knocking stopped but Alucard knew he was still just outside the door. He was watching Ari as she seemed to be calming down as the shaking slowly began to subside. Her head lifted up and then went wide as dinner plates as she as well now felt the locked connection between them.

{I bite you didn’t I?} Came the broken and shook up mental voice.

{Yes you did little cat you tore into my arm pretty good.} He responded back lifting up the mangled arm showing her the damage before he healed it up.

Her head dropped and then her massive black body followed. She let out a low and pitiful sounding whine as her body began to shake again and then it went to her human form this time. This is what Alucard had been waiting for but not under theses circumstances. Her mind was completely still and quiet now like she was asleep.

He walked over and picked her now naked form up holding her close to him as he moved in such a way to get his coat over her to cover her body. Then he mentally dismissed the wards so Walter could come in. Alucard wasn’t going to part with the now naked woman in his arms till he had some answers.

He was sitting back down in his chair when Walter walked in seeing the mess that had been created by the fight. Alucard held Ari close to him in an almost protective manner which seemed strange to Walter but he wasn’t going to push the issue any at all. His blood red eyes watched Walter as he set to cleaning up the mess that had been made.

Once everything was cleaned up and put back in order as he should be for the vampire Walter went to leave the room

“Walter I need you to set up the room next to mine for Ariellia.” Alucard said.

Walter stopped and looked over to Alucard nodding his head curtly.

“It will be done before the sun sets.” He replied evenly.

With that Walter left the room and set to setting up the room next to Alucard’s. He had a bathroom set up knowing the cat wasn’t like the vampire she was alive. He had a nice bed brought in as well as had a rather large cat bed as well if she got in such a mood to sleep as the cat. Walter couldn’t help but wonder why Alucard had seemed so protective of her.

He would need to look up some information on the vampire when he was done but as far as he knew they had no information on what Ari was. She was an unknown to all of them. He had never heard of such an animal as her. Werewolves yes but a creature like her he had not a clue.
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