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The Panther

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What would happen if Alucard were to ever come across a creature that was unlike anything he had ever encountered before? This is just my take on it using a bit from the Hellsing anime I claim no ...

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The red eyed vampire was out on the hunt not that it was anything really unusual because he did hunt the freaks after all. Tonight something was definitely different he felt eyes watching him from a distance. His senses flared out to find this thing that was watching him only to come up with nothing. How strange he felt the eyes but couldn't find the source of said eyes. He had no idea that the one watching him was so close that he could have touched her.

The eyes watched him curiously as he went on with his hunt, not that she wouldn't lend a helping paw if needed. She doubted he would need her help but one never knew. She knew well enough to keep her mind sealed away from the ancient vampire. She had a few small advantages in that particular department.

She was after all not human even though she could look it she was a far cry from it. For now she sat on her perch in the trees watching now anyone who looked up into the trees would see a panther that was pitch black in color and massive in size. One that was a lot larger that what most people would know as a normal panther. Her small rounded ears flicker lightly listening to the sounds on the air.

She heard the screams that rent the air from the freaks being killed not that she cared any at all about them. They had managed to kill some of the younger ones of her kind, their strength was comparable to hers and she was a fully grown adult. She knew the ancient vampire was a hell of a sight stronger than her. She would not face one as old as him head on, not going to happen she didn’t have a death wish.

Her keen sense of smell told her that human blood had been spilled this night. She lifted her muzzle skyward and let out a mournful yowl into the cold night air. She knew that the human was dead. She was frightened for a moment as the dark haired vampire looked in her direction.

His red eyes centering in on the exact spot she was sitting on. Oh shit she thought this isn’t gonna be good if he finds out I have be watching. She held her body perfectly still and waited with baited breath to see what was going to happen. She felt his power flaring out again but this time she slipped up and had not hidden herself as well as she had thought she had. His low snarl carried to her sensitive ears.

This was not going to be good she knew there was no hiding from him now. So she opted to do the one thing that she normally would not have done and jumped out of the tree to land not that far from the vampire. His lips were pulled back in a snarl but the snarl quieted when his bright crimson eyes landed on the panther that now stood a few paces off from him.

Her own eyes were a soft ocean blue color much different that others of her kind who normally had golden eyes. Her head canted to one side as she stood for now looking over the vampire. She sniffed the air and smelled the blood that had been spilled that night. Ears flicked lightly as she sneezed lightly getting rid of the smell of the freshly dead that was a smell that was hell to get out of the nose.

Her attention was firmly planted on the vampire before so much so that she had not realized another had come up behind her till the soft whistling of wires reached her ears a little to late as she felt the stinging bite of one of them around her throat. Oh now the fight was gonna be on her massive body leapt straight up a good 10 foot off the ground. The wire bite more into her flesh cause a pained cry to come from her.

The man wielding the wires was an older man but right now she didn’t care any at all he had hurt her and that was all she cared about. She twisted her body in mid air as deadly claws whispered out of their sheaths ready to rend and tear flesh from bone. She had managed to change her momentum so that her massive body was hurdling towards the older man who had the wire around her neck.

It was biting into her neck causing her to bleed soaking the pitch black fur under the wire. She knew nothing of who this other man was nor did she really care. She couldn’t cry out for fear of causing more damage to her neck. Granted she could heal with time so long as the wires weren’t silver. If they were silver then it would take a lot longer for her to heal. Just when she thought she would feel the solid thud of her hitting into the other man she hit nothing but the ground.

Whipping her massive body around as the blue eyes searched around for the man who held the wire she saw that he had dodged her attack. This only served to infuriate her all the more so it was back to the drawing board for her. No outright attacks she was still considered to be an apex predator and that was to her advantage.

Well not at this particular moment in time it wasn’t. She had a few other tricks up her paw but as of yet she wasn’t ready to use those tricks. Her massive body crouched back as the long tail lashed back and forth like a whip. Her body was ready for another attack till a voice reached her ears and seemed to penetrate the rage that had been seeking to settle in on her.

“Walter, let the cat go she has not attacked me or anyone else.” She knew that dark voice belonged to the vampire.

Walter looked over to Alucard and shook loose the thin wire that had been wrapped around her neck. She breathed a quick breath feeling the sting that it left behind. Shaking her head a bit somewhat bewildered at why he had told the man to let her go, but she was thankful none the less. She looked over to Alucard trying to figure out the why of the matter but figure it was for the better if she didn’t know the why of it. She turned and started to trot off when he spoke again.

“ Follow me cat, I have a feeling you have been following me for some time and I would like to know why.” He voice was low pitched and filled with darkness and a promise of pain if she didn’t obey.

Turning her head to look at him over her shoulder, she knew he could bring her immense pain if he so choose to. Unlike other vampires he was a lot older and far more powerful than any other. She wasn’t that stupid so she turned and walked to his side. Granted he still stood a good foot above like this as she stood around 5 foot at her shoulder.

He was watching her as he began to walk and she obediently followed beside him. Not that she had a whole lot of choice in the matter. It was either follow or face the pain he could bring upon her. So it was a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Walter walked slightly behind her and Alucard.

She had a single ear turned back towards Walter listening to his foot steps. She was not all that happy about him being behind her and growled out her annoyance at the idea. Alucard just looked to her and then saw how her ears were turned and just chuckled. She knew if she wanted she could get away from them in a split second but Alucard might not have a lot of problem in tracking her down again now that she was close enough for him to have her scent.

She huffed out an annoyed breath of air and just shook her head. Alucard looked straight ahead once more as they came to a clearing where a chopper was waiting a tall blonde haired woman stood smoking a cigar. She sneezed several times not liking the smell of the cigar any at all. The woman went to the automatic defensive seeing this massive animal walking out beside her servant.

The men that were with her immediately drew guns all pointing at her. This caused her to go defensive herself as her massive body crouched back ready to spring, small ears were now flattened back against her head. The low threatening snarl rumbled in her chest with enough force that all would hear it. The sleek body was bunched up tightly ready to spring if any were to think about firing a weapon at her.

Then a roar ripped through the air and it was not hers but came from Alucard this even shook her out of her want to fight. His eyes blazed with a darkness that frightened her as she started to cower back bumping back into Walter, who was now wide eyed at his reaction. She stood perfectly still now as Alucard looked to the men fury blazing in his eyes. She didn’t know what to make of this she was no one to him.

“I brought this animal with me do not attack her,” he roar out into the night.

The lady she would find out was his master Integra. Not that it made much of a difference to her as she served no one unless it was by her own choosing. The woman looked to the vampire and scowled at him ordering the men with her to stand down. The two exchanged words about the rather massive panther that had walked out into the open with him.

She stood stock still, she felt Walter behind her but at the moment didn’t really care till she felt him brush her back with a gloved hand. She was only slightly startled by his touch as her head turned to look to him over her shoulder. His touch had been feather light and fleeting. Small ears flicked back a bit not in malice but in curiosity of this man.

Walter had been watching the panther and knew by her sheer size that she was no normal panther and had touched her to reassure himself that she was indeed real. She shook her head a bit and blew out a breath of air till she felt the rough grasp of Alucard’s white gloved hand around the scruff of her neck. He literally picked her up off the ground as if she weighed nothing at all.

Well to him she probably didn’t. She squirmed and thrashed a bit wanting loose because this was embarrassing as all hell to be held up in the air like some common house cat. It was degrading to her. Alucard brought her head up to eye level so he could look directly into her eyes. This was not gonna be good at all he would know the instant he looked into her eyes, that she understood everything that was going on.

Well too late Alucard did just that and then a wicked smile caused his fangs to show and in return she curled her own lip up to show hers not in challenge but in frustration as a low growl rumbled deep within her chest. Suffice to say she was not a very happy cat at this present moment in time.

“Will you stop that incessant thrashing before you end up hurting yourself or someone else,” he snarled to her.

Her body went rigid in his grasp as the blue orbs looked directly to him. Her long tail curled itself up around a hind leg almost like a dog might but it was also something that a cat did when they got in trouble. She knew she was in trouble she also heard a few heated words come from the woman who was behind Alucard but he seemed to be ignoring her right now. He kept his eyes locked on to hers.

She felt his power searching for a way into her mind and she didn’t want to let him but it was either let him in or suffer a great deal of pain to keep him out. Again the lesser of two evils is chosen so she dropped her mental shields to let him in. An almost gleeful smile plastered on his face which just made him look all the more dangerous as he latched onto her mind. A low whine came from her because damn it all to hell this shit hurt.

{If you don’t mind you are giving me one hell of a headache with what you are doing so would you be as so kind as to not root around in my mind so much.} She was using him being in her mind to say this directly to him.

The rather shocked look on his face was quickly wiped away as he just grinned even more catching some of her memories and then he backed out of her mind but not fully he kept a tendril there. She just huffed out a breath of air as he set her back down on the ground in front of him. He let go of the scruff of her neck.

She shook her head and then her entire body fluffing out her fur a bit and then it would settle itself back down easily giving her that sleek appearance once more. Her small ears twitched a bit till she heard a voice knowing all to well it was in her head and from the sound it belong to Alucard

{But I do so like digging around in your memories some of them are so violent and filled with such bloodshed. You truly are a creature I have never come across before.} He shot back to her.

Lovely now she really had his attention as he turned on a booted heel and made his way to the chopper climbing in. She stood for now unsure of exactly what to do. She felt that mental pull from him and she knew that he wanted her to follow him. This was going to be absolutely lovely because she hated flying. She rolled her shoulders and sighed a bit.

Walking up to the chopper she looked to the woman who just scowled at her and carefully jumped up inside laying the bulk of her weight down on the floor putting her paws carefully over her ears as she closed her eyes knowing all to well if she didn’t she would get sick. She heard a laugh in her head as Alucard caught on to why she was closing her eyes and covering her ears. She hated flying with a deadly passion it made her sick.

She felt the chopper begin to lift off not knowing who was flying the metal contraption, she really didn’t care right now. She was concerned with not losing the contents of her stomach all over someone’s shoes. She began to purr a deep, low, rumbling purr which helped her to relax and make sure she kept her sanity during the ride to Hellsing manor. She was ever so glad to feel the chopper touch back down that it took her a split second to leap out of the chopper onto solid ground.

Thankfully for her the doors were big enough for her to walk through. The soldiers weren’t sure what to make of her but all they got was a huffed growl as she walked along side Alucard down into the basement. She continued to follow him till he reached his own chambers and opened the door waiting to see if she would go in willingly.

Her head canted a bit unsure of what to do if she went in of her own free will it could spell disaster for her later. She gave a mental shrug and padded into his chamber. Like him she could see very well in the darkness. His chambers had very little furniture in it more like none at all save his chair and coffin.

{Lovely now what in the name of hell have I gotten myself into?}
Her mental voice was filled with doubt about her decision to enter here of her own free will.

{You have gotten yourself into a lot of trouble little cat. But the painful trouble will come later for you depending upon how you answer my question.} Came his voice but it was low and almost harsh sounding to her. Her body shuddered involuntarily at the sound.

{Well what is your question?} She shot back at him as she finally paced a couple of circles and then curled up on the floor her head was still held high watching him but she was keeping her distance.

{How long have you been following me?} He questioned her. She wasn’t rightly expecting that question but it seemed reasonable enough that he would want to know.

{I have been following you for sometime now. I would venture a guess as to around a year or so give or take a few days here and there.} She replied back easily.

She saw no reason to lie to him about how long she had been following him.

{Now why have you been following me?} He shot back at her but this time there was no real malice in his voice. Well mental voice anyway.

She thought for a moment or two about what he had just asked her. There was no reason for her to lie to him because he would just dig through her memories to find the answer.

{I was in hopes that you would lead me to the vampire that killed my litter mates.}
She said.

She hoped that was enough of an answer to suffice him but something told her he wanted the entire truth behind her following him for as long as she had. Yes there was more to it but she didn't feel like sharing the other reason just yet.

{Well then little cat you should continue to follow me till you find this vampire.} She both heard and felt his laugh.

She knew he meant for her to stay at the manor and most likely he wanted her to stay in his room. She had really gotten herself into a heap of trouble. There was no going back now. She gave a mental roll of the shoulders as her eyes watched him for a moment longer.

{If I choose to stay where will I be sleeping?} She asked even though she already knew the answer to her question.

That question brought a downright evil grin to Alucard’s face. Rolling her eyes as her long tail curled around her.

{You will be sleeping in here where I can keep an eye on you.} He replied.

Her head lowered down to her paws as she yawned a bit licking her lips a little as her eyes began to drift closed. Her body began to relax as she fell asleep curled up on the floor. Her breathing slowed a little bit. There was still a steady rise and fall of her side showing she was breathing and very much alive.

Alucard watched her fall asleep thinking she would shift in her sleep but she didn't.

{My shift ability isn't like any were you have ever encountered before.} Came the sleepy sounding mental voice of her’s.

He just chuckled and shook his head leaning back in his chair sipping the glass of blood in his hand. Her mind finally settled into sleep as well as her body. Her breathing was slow and steady, he watched the steady rise and fall of her sides as she slept.

When he felt the mental summons from his master he sighed and went to her.

“What was the idea of bringing that creature here to the manor servant?” She snarled out.

“She is an unknown to all of us, we have never encountered anything like her before so why not bring her here so we can watch her.” He shot back.

“She could be a danger to us all.” Integra growled.

{The only thing I am a danger to are the ones who piss me off.} Came the weary mental voice.

Alucard couldn't help but laugh at her comment. This only irritated Integra that her servant was laughing.

“What do you find so funny servant?” She growled.

“It would seem the intrepid feline can hear our conversation my master. She said the only thing she is a danger to are the ones that piss her off.” He said with a chuckle.

Integra got furious that her servant was able to talk to the cat but seemed no one else could. More like it was her choice who she let into her head and who she choose to communicate with. She was not among the typical were breeds who could not communicate at all when in animal form.

“If that cat gets out of hand I want her destroyed immediately!” She ground out.

“As you wish my master” Alucard responded easily, bowing and exiting the room to return to his.

The sun was about to come up so he retired to his coffin but not before setting wards in place to keep the feline from leaving his room. Her ears twitched as she listened to him place the wards. She gave a mental shrug and went back to sleep knowing she would awaken as the sun started to set.
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