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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Little Secrets

Harry stepped from the floo and into Westfield Manor only to see Tracey already hastening towards the stairs. She's not wasting any time in verifying what I told her, he thought with an amused smile. Figuring he was better off to let the two witches work out whatever their issue was, Harry made his way over to the living room area.

"Was that Tracey?" Luna asked from her seat on the couch.

"Right in one," Harry replied as he climbed down onto the floor to lay on his stomach next to Teddy who was busy playing with a multitude of blocks. "She's off to talk with Daphne," the wizard added as he began stacking the blocks, much to Teddy's delight.

He never fails to amaze me, Luna thought as she watched Teddy and Harry play on the floor. The young witch didn't even want to know how Harry had managed to talk Tracey into returning. No doubt he turned on that irresistible Potter charm of his, she mused. "Daphne is here?" Luna enquired with an arched brow, not having seen the witch.

"Not sure. If she isn't here yet then I expect her shortly," answered Harry. "Her younger sister, Astoria, will be staying for a visit as well. I take it there is something going on with the sister but as of right now I really don't know what. Daphne said she missed spending time with her sister so how could I say no?" Harry told Luna just as he placed the last block in place only to have Teddy swat at them and send them flying in all directions.

"Again! Again!" the toddler demanded, clapping his hands and grinning from ear to ear. Harry just chuckled, having suspected what was going to happen by the look of anticipation on Teddy's face as the child had watched the blocks being stacked.

"I recall her I think. Slytherin, like Daphne. She was a year behind me," Luna said with a smile as she watched the two men in her life play. "I wonder if she's like Daphne?" Luna couldn't help but smirk slightly at yet another woman coming to stay at Westfield. Harry attracts women like bees to honey. Not that she blamed them for their good taste in men.

"No clue," Harry answer absently, concentrating one stacking blocks. He could see Teddy bouncing in place just waiting to demolish them as soon as he was done. "I've never met her while I was at Hogwarts. Other than Draco and his group I didn't have anything to do with the other Slytherins. Not even Daphne or Tracey. If it makes Daphne happy though, then what's one more person here?" Harry asked rhetorically.

"Speaking of Daphne," Luna began, not certain just how to broach the subject with Harry. "How did that come about?" the nervous witch asked, choosing a safer topic rather than the one she really wanted to ask. How do you ask something like that? she wondered. 'So, have you told your other wife about me yet'just didn't seem right somehow. At least I know why I wasn't sorted into Gryffindor.

"Andi nailed it," Harry replied.

"I did?" the elder witch's voice asked from near the hearth, Luna and Harry having apparently been too focused on what they were doing to notice the floo flaring to life. "What exactly did I get right?" Andi asked as she removed ash from her clothes with a flick of her wand before heading in their direction.

Harry started stacking blocks again for the happy toddler. The blocks leaned to one side. Gravity would have toppled them if it wasn't for Harry's magic that he infused into each block to keep them in place."Daphne came and saw me today," he explained to the two witches."I guess she'd had enough time to cool off, just like you said."

"Well of course I was right," Andi told him in a fraudulent smug tone. "How could you ever have doubted me," she teased as she squatted down and kissed the crown of Teddy's head. The child was too engrossed in what Harry was doing with the blocks to even notice. Not to be left out, Harry stretched his neck up to exchange pecks on the cheeks with the returning witch. "So what happened?" Andi enquired as she seated herself on the ottoman directly behind Teddy.

"Nothing much. We talked a bit and apologized to each other. I think we both knew it was neither of our fault," Harry told them while finishing up with the blocks. "It was her father who caused all the trouble. He even told her directly that he had set the marriage up so he could get his hands on the Black gold. We shared a laugh and in the end decided that we'd take it day by day," Harry finished with a slight shrug as Teddy sent the blocks flying yet again.

"That's it?" Andi asked in disbelief, a smile touching her lips none the less at Teddy's squeals of laughter and pleas for Harry to do it again.

"What else was there to do? I think we both suffered enough and anymore just seemed rather silly. Besides, Daphne has a plan," Harry replied as he raised a hand and summoned the blocks that were out of reach to him one at a time.

Luna and Andi shared an insufferable look at the lack of explanation from Harry. It always amazed them how half the world's population could leave out all the details and find that completely acceptable.

"So what's her plan?" Andi finally asked with a frustrated edge to her voice.

"No clue," Harry replied absently as he started stacking the blocks on their corners making them look like diamond. "She just asked to borrow my solicitors," he clarified. "I told her that as we're married they were technically her solicitors as well."

"So you told her about Luna then?" Andi asked.

"Um, no," Harry answered, looking up at Andi before turning his gaze towards Luna. "Mister Wright said to keep it quiet for the time being till he can determine just how much trouble I've managed to get us all in," Harry explained. "The last thing we want right now is for the press to get wind of this. I'm fairly certain Daphne hexing me into an intensive care unit at St. Mongo's would be front page news."

"I know this isn't how you had things planned, Luna,"Harry said, seeing the young witch wilt at his words. "I'm very happy to be married to you, Luna and I can't wait for the day when I can tell the entire world! It just can't be right now though," the young wizard added, hating the very words that were coming out of his mouth and the pain they were causing the witch before him.

Luna offered a small hesitant smile, partially mollified by his wanting to tell the entire world of their marriage. "Of course. I understand, Harry," she told him though she really didn't understand. This is Harry. If he says there is a good reason for it then there must be, she told herself. Luna knew that she could trust Harry, but it still hurt a little, if she was being honest with herself, not being able to tell others. "I take it you know?" Luna asked, looking towards Andi only to see the older witch give a nod.

"I needed someone to talk to about it," Harry explained,"and Andi seemed to be the logical choice. She's been raised in all the old pure-blood traditions and so I figured she would be well versed in wizarding world marriage laws." Being related and also less prone to sudden angry outbursts were also deciding factors in Harry approaching Andi. The lesser of possible evils, Harry recalled thinking at the time.

"Being older and having been married once does not make one an expert," Andi was quick to point out. "Most people don't pay a great deal attention to laws unless they directly affect them. I do know however that there are laws that were passed some time ago to prevent polygamy, both in our world as well as the muggle one. I'm glad to hear you brought your solicitor into the matter, Harry. Hopefully they can figure a way out of this mess."

"I knew it was too good to be true," Luna said softly before Harry could respond to Andi. "You'll have to break our marriage as I was the second wife," the petite witch said in a sad little voice."I couldn't have asked for a better husband, Harry. It has been rather enjoyable, especially the nights," Luna told him without a hint of embarrassment.

"Whatever are to talking about, Luna?" Harry asked as he got to his knees and made his way over to kneel before the former Ravenclaw Prefect. "It won't come to that," he said as he took her hands in his and held them, trying to reassure her. Behind him the blocks tumbled to the ground as Harry was no longer concentrating on them. Teddy laughed and thought it was wonderful all the same.

"You don't know that, Harry," Luna pointed out. "If you can't be married to both of us then it would only be fair for you to remain with Daphne as she was your first wife."

"If it comes to that, and only IF, I'll find a way to break things off with Daphne," Harry said, only to see a spark of hope ignite within the silver eyes before him. "I mean she and I are only married because her father tricked us into it. I'm sure she doesn't want to be married. She loves someone else after all." Harry gave the hands clasped within his a gentle squeeze."I chose you, Luna," Harry reminded the witch before him.

A smile appeared on Luna's face and her cheeks blushed at Harry's words. /He did choose me/, she had to remind herself. Out of everyone else Harry chose to marry me. That fact warmed her heart and lifted any doubt she had at all that Harry might want to actually be with her. Seeing the love in Harry's eyes she had to look away, feeling more than a little unworthy of it right at that moment for having doubted him.

Andi and Luna exchanged knowing looks for a brief second, sharing a silent conversation with just a glance. "Are you certain Daphne loves another?" Andi asked. Like Luna, Andi was fully aware of how the other witches that had been staying at Westfield felt about their host. Even I could fall for him if he wasn't already taken, Andi told herself, not wanting to admit that maybe, just maybe, she had already fallen for the young man. While it may not be the proper thing to do, falling for a married man, the heart did not always listen to what was logical or proper.

"She told me she did," Harry answered in a slightly confused tone, turning to look at Andi. While he hadn't known Daphne all that well at the time he didn't see why she would have any reason to lie to him about such a thing. "From what little she has told me I gather there is some issue that prevents them from getting married though."

"So then there would be no issue with her being married to you?" Luna asked, drawing Harry's attention back to her. "I mean if she can't marry this other person she's in love with."

"Why would she want to marry someone she didn't love?"Harry asked. The young wizard knew that he himself would never be able to marry someone he didn't love. And yet you are married to her, a small voice in his head reminded him./I guess I do love her/, he thought, the sudden realization coming as a bit of a surprise. While Harry had known he was attracted to Daphne he really hadn't tried to determine just how far those feeling went.

"Are you all that certain she doesn't love you, Harry?"Luna asked softly. It had been abundantly clear to the bright witch that both Daphne and Tracey had feelings for Harry before everything fell apart during Yule. Hermione has loved Harry for a long time, even if she couldn't see it till just recently, Luna mused, wondering just how her missing friend was doing. Rather than being jealous that three other witches loved her husband, Luna thought it would be great fun to have such a large family with Harry. I wonder if they'll be like sisters? I've always wanted siblings.

"She loves someone else," Harry was quick to reiterate as if that answered the question making it cut and dry.

"Do you love your father, Harry?" Luna asked, trying to approach the matter from a different direction as Andi distracted Teddy while keeping an ear on their conversation. Harry gave a quick nod. "How about your Mum?"

"Of course," Harry replied, having no clue where this was going.

"What of Sirius?" the bright witch asked, instantly regretting bringing up Harry's godfather as a pained looked crossed the wizard's face only to be quickly hidden away. A long moment passed before Harry finally gave a nod, not trusting his voice to speak at that moment. "So it is possible to love more than one person at a time then?" Luna asked.

"Sure, but they're family," Harry replied rather triumphantly, pointing out the difference.

Behind Harry, Andi chuckled. "He can't help it, dear,"she said to Luna. "He's male."

Luna leaned to the side to see around Harry. "Thankfully he has many other enjoyable qualities to offset that fact," the small witch replied with a grin. "One being that he is very much male," Luna added with an appreciative dreamy smile. Their nights of making love had been great fun with lots of exploration on both their parts.

"I do not need to hear about your 'enjoyable' nights, young lady," Andi warned with an amused grin. "It's been far too long since I've had one of those and I doubt you'd take kindly to your husband being in my dreams tonight," Andi added as Harry cheeks took on the hue of a very ripe tomato.

"I'd be more than happy to lend him to you, Andi," Luna deadpanned.

"I'm right here," Harry choked out, feeling that his head would burst into flames at any second.

"You wouldn't mind?" Andi asked, playing along. It was always great fun teasing Harry after all.

"Andi!" Harry exclaimed in disbelief, turning towards the witch, a look of shock on his face at her brazen words.

"He's so cute when he gets all worked up like this,"Luna said in a dreamy tone.

"I know, right?" Andi agreed.

"Where's a Dark Lord to fight when you need one?" Harry grumbled under his breath as he realized they were having a go at him.


Tracey stepped from the floo and into Westfield Manor, a place she had not believed she would ever see again. Nothing has changed, she realized, uncertain just what she thought would have changed in a week's time. For some odd reason she'd had the expectation that with Daphne now married to Harry there would have been something different about the place. Well she did only return today I guess.

The auburn-haired witch set off for her rooms as quickly as her feet would take her without breaking into an all-out run. Behind her the floo belched forth Harry from the sound of it, but she had only one thing in mind, a hot shower. While there had been a tub in the flat above the shop it had not been working and Tracey hadn't known the spells to repair it correctly. Cleaning charms were wonderful things, truly, but she still felt unclean. Only hot water and a large amount of soap would cure that.

Hastening to the stairs, without giving Luna and Teddy so much as a glance, the young witch quickly made her way to her rooms. Once through the door, and with it closed and locked behind her, Tracey began to disrobe as she made her was across the sitting room and to her bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes in her wake. "Thank you, Winky," Tracey said upon reaching her destination and seeing the tub already partially full and the water running.

The now nude witch reached in and turned on the shower, glad that the tub was a separate area. The next twenty minutes were spent scouring every inch of her body as well as washing her hair twice over, as once just wasn't enough. Once clean, and with pink tinged skin from all the scrubbing, Tracey stepped from the shower and climbed into the tub. The rich floral scent of the water was wonderful as she submerged herself. Daphne can keep her roses, Tracey mused, I much more prefer lavender.

"Bloody hell, how did things become like this?" Tracey asked aloud as she lay back in the tub with her eyes closed, having spent the last several minutes thinking over the events of the last few months. Daphne is married to Harry, the thought bounced around in the young woman's head causing all kinds of discord. If it is true, what Harry said, and Daphne's father did arrange their marriage then I doubt there will be a way out of it. Tracey had been with Daphne long enough to know just how her father was when it came to securing business deals.

"Why did it have to be Daphne?" Tracey whined."It's so not fair! It should have been me!" It was only a few minutes more of fuming at the unfairness of it all before the witch could take it no longer and left the tub, slipping a thick warm bathrobe around herself after toweling off. Making her way to her bedroom Tracey had just opened her wardrobe to decide what to wear when she heard a knock at her door. Not wishing to be disturbed she ignored it.

It was with no small amount of surprise then when she heard her outer door open and close. Hastily pulling her wand from her pocket the witch headed into the sitting room only to draw up short upon seeing who was there."How did you…?" Tracey started only to have her words trail off.

"Oh please, Tracey. I've been able to open your locking charms almost since you learned how to cast one," Daphne replied as she slipped her wand back into her sleeve. The two women stood there and eyed each other for a long moment. "Are you alright?" Daphne asked in a concerned tone, finally breaking the lengthening silence.

"Well enough," Tracey answered in a disgruntled tone, crossing her arms under her breasts and turning slightly away. "As if you'd care, Missus Black."

Daphne inwardly flinched at the title Tracey used as well as at her tone of voice. She's going to be stubborn about this I see. The two witches had grown up together and were very astute at reading each other's moods and emotions. At least when they took the time to do so.

"Yes, I am now Missus Black, but not by choice," Daphne replied, deciding there was no point in denying it. "This is all some grand plan of my father's to get his hands on the Black gold so he can expand the Greengrass business and influence. If I know my father, then I seriously doubt he has left any means by which this marriage can be dissolved."

"Isn't this what you had planned all along," Tracey accused the other girl. "It's just like I originally thought. You planted yourself there on that street so Potter would find you. Maybe you didn't consciously plan it but I'm sure the Slytherin in you saw it as an option," the angry witch threw in Daphne's face.

Tracey's word made a warped sort of sense and brought the blonde witch up short. /Did I?/she had to ask herself. Thinking back, she tried to recall exactly what her thoughts had been at the time. Father had told me that he had finally arranged a marriage for me and it would be taking place the week between Yule and New Year's. Daphne struggled to remember that day several months back, which suddenly seemed like a life time ago, given all that had happened since.

I didn't want to marry whoever it was that father had arranged for me, she recalled. At the time Daphne hadn't even bothered to ask just who the arrangement was with. I still don't know, a small part of her mind pointed out. I wonder how father got out of that to wed me to Harry? Try as she might all she could really recall of that time was wanting to find someplace safe where her father couldn't touch her. Harry had seemed like the perfect place.

That certainly didn't work out the way I had planned, Daphne told herself, as she was now married to Harry. "You're wrong, Tracey. I never meant to be married to Harry. All I wanted was someplace where father couldn't reach me. Harry seemed the logical choice, for all the good that it did me," she added with a depreciating smirk at her own foolishness. Father was still able to get to me, just in a different manner.

"Truly?" Tracey asked with a skeptical look as Daphne nodded. "Then why did you keep it from Potter? Why not tell him right away what you were doing?"

"What, and risk Harry sending me away or even worse, taking me back home?" Daphne fired back, pleading her case. "If he had done that then father would have taken measures to insure that I couldn't escape again, and you can bet it wouldn't have been something as simple as taking my wand! I had one chance to get away from father's reach and I took it!"Daphne's gaze dropped to the floor, her voice turning softer. "Besides, he knew all along."

"Who knew?" Tracey enquired, a bit confused.

"Harry," Daphne answered, a small smile brushing her lips. "He told me he might not be a Ravenclaw but even he knew that the chances of me being there just as he came up those stairs was too small to think it was anything other than planned. He's smarter than he looks,"said Daphne.

"If he knew all along then why didn't he say something?"Tracey asked in disbelief. To the Slytherin witch it made no sense why the wizard would just play along if he knew that Daphne was deceiving him. Maybe he just wanted to determine what her game was," Tracey mused to herself.

"I asked him that as well," Daphne continued with."He said that he figured if it was important I would tell him. When I was ready to and in my own good time. He's such a Gryffindor!" Daphne added with an amused shake of her head at the man's foolishness.

"He's too bloody trusting. That's what he is," Tracey growled as she stared at the floor as well and digested this latest news. Recalling something Harry had told her at the Leaky Caldron she decided to see if it was true. "Harry said you thought your father was going to have him killed. Do you think he would really do that?" As much as she was hurting inside the last thing she wanted was for any harm to come to Daphne or Harry.

Daphne sighed heavily and wearily made her way over to the settee in the room and dropped down onto one side of it, feeling a bit drained."I've thought it over any number of times and I can't see any other way in which father would be able to get his hands on Harry's gold. He can't possibly think Harry is just going to hand it over after forcing the two of us into a marriage."

Tracey walked over and took a seat beside Daphne, her brow creased in thought. "If Harry were to die before you reached your maturity then your father, as Head of House, could petition for guardianship of you regardless of you being a widow of the Black family," Tracey reasoned aloud. If anything were to happen to Harry, Daphne would take it hard. Tracey knew the witch beside her didn't give her love easily but when Daphne did it was all or nothing.

"Father has enough influence in the Wizengamot and the Ministry to see his request for guardianship pushed through," Daphne added. "As soon as he has that he could pull all the gold form the Black vaults and move it to the Greengrass one. The Blacks are old money so that would probably make him one of the wealthiest wizards in Europe," Daphne added in a worried tone.

"What would happen to the Lupin Home?" Tracey gasped. The young woman had been truly impressed with what Harry was doing there. Tracey had never realized that there had been so many people displaced due to the war. It was easy to see only what was around you and forget that there was a wider world out there with others who were impacted as well.

Not that my family was impacted all that much, Tracey scoffed silently. Her mother, wanting them to appear as dutiful pure-bloods, had contributed to Voldemort's cause. The Davis family members were not allowed to fight though, which suited her mother just fine. The fact that they were only half-bloods didn't keep the mad man from accepting their gold. It was a secret Tracey prayed no one ever discovered.

"I don't know," Daphne admitted sadly. She too had been surprised and impressed with what Harry was trying to accomplish at the Lupin Home. If I am his wife now then I should support him in his efforts, she reasoned. Her own mother had supported her father in all his endeavors, which was the only frame of reference Daphne had for being a wife. "I don't know how everything there is paid for. I would hate to see the home closed down."

"Would your father do that?" Tracey asked only to see Daphne give her a look as if to say 'this is my father were speaking of'. The young women sat in silence for several long moments, each lost in their own thoughts. So everything that Harry told me is true. As much as she would like not to believe Daphne, Tracey had known her for far too long not to realize when Daphne was telling the truth. What the hell am I supposed to do now?"It's so not fair," Tracey mumbled more to herself than to the woman seated next to her.

"Tracey-," Daphne started, having heard the witch's comment, only to be cut off by the woman next to her.

"It's not fair. Not at all!" Tracey reiterated, but in a stronger tone as her frustration at the entire situation bled forth into her words. "We've known each other for almost our entire lives. I love you, Daphne. You know I do, but now that you're married to Harry what am I to do?" Tracey asked.

"You're his wife. Missus Black! Mistress to a Noble and Most Ancient House, known far and wide for its pure-blood dogma" Tracey rolled on before Daphne could even say anything. "Your duty is to your husband and your family. You need to provide Harry with an heir. I'm sure there will be all sorts of demands for your time. Not that having a baby and a husband won't consume a great deal of that," Tracey rambled on like a race horse with the bit firmly held in its teeth.

"I'm not a part of your family, not really. Sure we've grown up together but that doesn't make us family," the emotional witch bespoke, as tears began to trickle down her cheeks. "Where in all of this,"Tracey said with a grand gesture to indicate everything around them, "will you find time for us? You'll have Harry and the baby to love. What need have you of me?"

Daphne sat, too stunned to even speak. She can't possible think that I wouldn't have time for her? Daphne wasn't sure exactly what being Lady Black would entail but she was certain that she would always have time for Tracey. Suddenly it was as if the clouds parted and sun shone through. She's afraid now that I have Harry and will have a baby at some point that I won't need her. That I won't love her any more.

"Oh you silly girl," Daphne said in a tone that was both amused as well as exasperated. Feeling actions would speak louder than words, the blonde witch reached out and laying a hand on either side of Tracey's head she forced the woman to look her in the eye. "Tracey, I love you. Truly I do. No marriage or amount of babies will ever change that fact! If anything I need you now more than ever!" Leaning in while pulling Tracey's head towards her, Daphne captured the witch's lips with her own in a searing kiss.

Tracey, shocked by Daphne's bold actions, sat frozen for a long moment as her lips were kissed. The soft moist touch of Daphne's tongue across her own lips sparked a burning desire within the older girl. Tracey lost little time in opening her mouth and welcoming Daphne's advances. Their tongues twisted and entwine in a dance as old as time itself.

Daphne gave a soft moan of approval as Tracey's hands began to touch her, caressing and exploring her body. It's been far too long, Daphne's fevered brain told her as Tracey deepened the kiss as if trying to devour her lips in one go. Feeling the older girl tugging at her dress Daphne used her hands to help disrobe herself. Wizarding clothes were notoriously hard to get off in a hurry.

Tracey felt a chill traverse her spine as Daphne tugged her robe open. The pleasurable feeling of Daphne's hands upon her person made the witch moan in bliss. A fire flared to life within the witch's nether regions, one that was needful and demanding. Tracey grasped Daphne's hand and forcibly moved it to her breast so that the blonde witch would fondle her.

A small chuckle escaped Daphne, as Tracey was always the demanding one in their love making. Not that I'm complaining, she quickly clarified as her finger and thumb teased the other witch. The need for air finally forced their lips apart."I need you," gasped Daphne as she strove to inhale the much needed air into her lungs. Opening her eyes she could see the same need and desire reflected in the face before her.

Their love making was neither slow nor rough, however there was a decidedly urgent quality to it. Both women took and gave in equal measure, wanting to please the other was well as be pleased in return. So it had always been throughout their relationship for many years now. The two lovers, finally spent, lay cuddled in the bedding of their own clothes with Tracey's head cradled in the crook of Daphne's shoulder.

"Why couldn't I have been born a guy," Tracey voiced once she had caught her breath. Tracey lay there in the blissful afterglow of their love making, looking across the swell of Daphne's breast and marveling at the sheen of sweat on her skin and how it made Daphne seem to sparkle in the light. Damn but she is beautiful!

"I may not have liked you nearly as much if you had been," Daphne replied with a soft smile. "I much more prefer your soft curves and the girlish noises that you make," she teased, causing the other witch to blush. "Had you been a boy I doubt very much that father would have allowed us to spend so much time together unsupervised. Wouldn't that have been a shame."

The two young girls had reach puberty at roughly the same time. Already closer than most siblings, the two shared their curiosity about their changing bodies and emerging sexuality. Tracey, devoid of a loving mother to ask questions of and already spending most her time at the Greengrasses, trusted Daphne more than anyone else alive.

Daphne, knowing there was no one else for Tracey and desiring to be there for her best friend had always kept a close eye on her. It was only natural that the two would eventually experiment with each other. Their first kisses had been with each other and things had naturally progressed from there. Girls were soft and smelled nice. They didn't tease you and make you cry like boys did.

In their fourth year they finally noticed that there were some boys who were nicer than others. They discussed how they felt and promised that even if they did like a boy they would continue to love each other regardless. The wizarding world did not look favorably upon witches that flew on both sides of the broomstick, nor wizards who played with other wands, so they kept their love for each other secret.

Then fifth year had come along and the incident with Goyle. It had taken forever for Daphne to pull the story from Tracey of just what had happened. It pained the younger witch to see her best friend in such a state. Tracey had always been rather shy and withdrawn, even before Goyle's attempted rape, afterwards she was even worse. Daphne couldn't even leave her sight without Tracey freaking out at the time.

They had talked, but no amount of words would convince the Tracey of then that if Daphne left she would come back. The distraught witch was certain that Daphne would leave her all alone now that she had been soiled. In frustration, as well as wanting to reassure Tracey, Daphne swore on her magic that she would never leave Tracey.

At the time neither had really thought much of it, however in their sixth year Daphne's father began discussing marriage contracts. Gerald confessed to already having had several offers for Daphne's hand, none which he felt were worthy of the Greengrass name thankfully. It was then that they realized that Daphne could very possibly be taken away and separated from Tracey, costing the blonde girl the very thing that made her a witch. Her magic.

"You really are a silly girl," Daphne reiterated as one hand caressed the small of Tracey's bare back, drawing lazy circles. "I told you before that I would never leave you. I'm certain I can work something out with Harry. I just need to find the right time and way to approach it with him."

"I know," Tracey said in a pouty voice as she snuggled in closer to Daphne's side. "I just get so scared sometime," she confessed. Always the more emotional of the twain the older witch sometimes allowed her emotions to get the better of her, confusing what was happening with what could happen. "It's that stupid oath you swore. I don't want you to lose your magic on my account, Daphne."

Both knew it was much more than the oath. Tracey was fearful of losing what she saw as the only good thing in her life. The two lay for several long minutes cocooned within their shed garments and the warmth of their bodies. "You love him too," Daphne stated, rather than asked.

"I do not!" Tracey was quick to deny. Too quick perhaps."I only love you!" she huffed.

"I've known you almost my entire life, Tracey. You're absolutely pants at lying to me," Daphne replied with a growing grin."Be honest with yourself for once and seriously think about it. You're in love with Harry Potter."

"No way!" Tracey stated. "He's all yours, Daph."

"So, then it wouldn't bother you if father did manage to kill Harry?" Daphne asked in a deceptively casual tone of voice only to feel the witch in her embrace stiffen upon hearing her words.

Kill Harry? Let the bastard try! Tracey thought, shocked at her own venomous thoughts. Equally surprising was the sudden surge of desire to protect the wizard in question. Tracey had only ever felt that sort of protective feeling for one other person before in her entire life and she was laying there right beside her currently. "Maybe…a little bit," Tracey grumbled, not wanting to admit it.

"Thank you," Daphne said, giving the woman beside her a kiss upon the top of her head for being honest.

"It doesn't matter," Tracey said. "You're married to Harry now so that makes him yours," she pointed out.

"I might be willing to share him," the adventurous witch divulged, "if it was with you I mean," Daphne hastily added. The three of them together had already been the topic of more than one dream since moving into Westfield, though she had as yet to tell Tracey of this. For all that she likes being with me, Tracey can be a bit prudish at times. It was a contradiction Daphne had yet been able to figure out.

"Really?" Tracey asked in disbelief. "You'd do that?"

"It would be far harder sharing you with Harry," Daphne confessed. "I am a little bit jealous at times you know," Daphne understated. "But if that is what it takes to keep you with me then I am willing to do so."

"How do you know Harry will even agree to it?" Tracey enquired, running the idea over in her head and finding it somewhat appealing. Not that I'm ready to go jump into Harry's bed anytime soon, she hastily told herself.

"He is a male, isn't he?" Daphne said with a chuckle."What man doesn't want to be with two different witches?" she asked with a smirk, certain that Harry agreeing to the proposed arrangement wouldn't be an issue.

"Morgana! Show some decency and close the bloody door at least!" Astoria's irate voice scolded them from the doorway. This was not the first time the younger witch had walked in on the two lovers. Daphne had told her sister that first time that she only had herself to blame, having barged in without so much as a by your leave. "Have you no shame?"Astoria exclaimed.

"The door was closed," Daphne replied, not bothering to cover herself or Tracey. Astoria had walked in on then so many times that none of them even batted an eye at it anymore. Astoria, for her part, accepted their relationship without reservation. Something Daphne was ever so thankful for.

"It was wide open when I got here," Astoria corrected.

"Why are you here?" Tracey asked, regarding the younger witch over the top of Daphne's bared breasts. Damn but if that isn't a distracting view! Bloody hell!Now I sound like some lecherous old guy! Worse yet, like Zambini!

"Harry Potter came and told me it was time for dinner and asked that I come and tell the two of you," Astoria replied. "I suggest you both get dressed and head downstairs so as not to keep the others waiting as that would just be rude. Especially considering what you've both been up to," the young witch added with a cheeky grin before turning and leaving to head downstairs.

Daphne hastily ran to her room, which she was now sharing with her sister, while Tracey disappeared into her own bedroom and put on some of the muggle clothing she had been missing. It was only a few minutes before both witches hastened down the stairs and to the dining room where they found everyone but Harry waiting for them.

Daphne took her usual seat to the right of Harry's chair while Astoria slipped into the seat across from her sister that was normally used by the absent Hermione. "Sorry we're late," Tracey mumbled as she took the seat next to Daphne, only then realizing that Harry wasn't present.

"I'm glad to see you ladies are well," Andi offered from her place opposite Harry's. "I hear from your sister that you'll be staying once again," the elder witch said with a glance towards Astoria, giving a slight nod towards the younger witch. "It's always nice to have a house full of people."

"Yes," Luna chimed in, "it has been rather quite here what with you both gone, Hermione back at Hogwarts and Mary off visiting her relatives," she explained before turning aside to playing with a rather fidgeting Teddy. As the five witches were sitting there the food suddenly appeared on the table.

"Isn't Mister Potter joining us?" Astoria asked upon not seeing their host. The other four witches exchanged worried looks. Never before had the food appeared upon the table for the dinner meal without Harry being present. The young wizard made it a point to be home for the evening meal as he loved to spend time with his family, as he had put it once. Before anyone could answer Astoria's question they heard the floo flare to life.

"Harry!" called Hermione's voice from near the fireplace. "Harry!" the young witch yelled once again only to see them seated at the table, so she hastened to join them carrying a rather large tome in her arms. "I figured it out! I know how he did it!" Hermione exclaimed rather breathlessly as if she had run the entire way there. The bushy haired witch looked about the table, noting that the seat at the head of the table was suspiciously empty. "Where's Harry?" Hermione asked, echoing the questions that was on everyone's mind at that moment.


Harry cracked open one eyes and regarded the only door to the room as the handle jiggled and then turned. A bright shaft of light invaded the room as the person on the other side of the door stuck their head in. "You heading to bed?" Harry asked in a hushed tone.

"I should have gone some time ago," Susan replied with a nod of her head, while keeping her voice low. "Just wanted to check and see if there was anything you needed before I left."

"I think we're good," Harry answered with a small thankful smile before his eyes dropped to the small bundle currently cradled with his lap. "She just finally fell back to sleep." The young wizard bent down and kissed the crown of the child's head lovingly. "Looks like I'll be spending the night."

Susan smiled in understanding before her gaze dropped to Anna. The young girl had awoken from a nap screaming and hysterical from night terrors. Sadly this was not the first time for it to happen and Susan and the others doubted it would be the last. Before Susan or anyone else knew it the small child had locked herself in her room. Susan had sent Lolly, one of the Black House Elves, to fetch Harry as no one else could open the door and she didn't want to send in a house elf for fear it might further frighten the child.

Harry had tried to talk the frightened girl out of the room at first, however when that hadn't worked he had exercised his rights as owner of the property and forced the door to unlock. The wizard had found Anna tucked into the darkest corner of the room's wardrobe. Upon seeing Harry, Anna had launched herself into his arms and had refused to let go of him since. It was another hour before the small girl stopped shaking in his embrace.

"Thanks, Sue," Harry said, looking up. The former Hufflepuff gave a nod and then slipped out, closing the door softly behind her and dropping the room into darkness once more. Harry shifted into a more comfortable position, planning to stay the night. Once comfortable, and certain that Anna still slumbered, the wizard allowed his thoughts to return to where they had been before the interruption. So, Daphne and Tracey, he mused, uncertain just what to make of that.
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