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Before The Dragon Ball Z Timeline

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This is a fanfiction about what happened before the dragon ball z timeline started.

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Hello and welcome to my dragon ball z fanfiction.
I hope you like it. And if you do tell all ur friends about it! ;)

It was before Majin Buu was created that an evil spirit arrived. It was called ''Habos''. Habos was not a touchable creature, he existed before air existed he was the first anything that ever appeared. He had five sons they appeared all at once so none of them was the oldest. They were named Habros, Rabos, Habor, Hrabos and Harbos. Habros was the strongest, Rabos was the smartest, Habor was the most evil, Hrabos was the nicest and Harbos was the most bold. When they became 3 billion years old Habos died. When he died quantilions of creatures came out of him and that including Majin Buu and Zalama. Habros died in war with Frieza's ancestor, Fruzz and Rabos and Habor decided to create something called fusion. It was a success and they managed to fuse together. With their power they managed to defeat Fruzz and became the most powerful being in the universe. Hrabos became scared of their power and decided to make his own fusion with Harbos They fused, but their fusion only lasted 30 minutes they found Rabos and Harbor and they had a name called Rabor. Hrabos and Harbos had another name called Hrarbos. Rabor and Hrarbos had the biggest battle the world had ever seen. After 4 years Hrarbos finally managed to beat him. It was way harder for Hrabos and Harbos becouse they only had thirty minutes eatch time and had to wait 20 minutes til they could do it again. When Hrarbos won Zalama came and killed both of them when they died they created a force that Zalama took and put into seven balls to control their incredble power. This power was so great that when you get all of them together you could fulfil any wish. He decided to call those balls ''The super dragon balls''. When he had created them he got scared of Majin buu and his incredible power. He decided that it woukd be a good idea to seal his power He was going to do it but the super dragon balls had allready scattered over the whole 12 universes. He was looking for them and when he had found 3 of them a thing called from his race (a namekian to be exact) came he said that he had been looking for him since the death of Hrarbos to tell him that Hrabos had 2 sons one of them was called Idibib and another was called Bibidi. The namekian also told him that Bibidi had gotten hold of Majin Buu's power and was using it to destroy the world. Zalama went and found Bibidi and Buu They fought but in the end Zalama lost. The reson why he lost was not becouse he was less powerful. It was becouse Bibidy managed to weaken him with his magic. Idibib got mad and killed Bibidi when Buu wasn't looking. Idibib had extraordinary power and had a nik level of 0,01 (nik levels are more exact power levels. To tell you exactly what they are I'll just tell you that Whis has a nik level of 1 and majin buu (kid) had a nik level of 1.7). Idibib didn't want buu to know that he killed Bibidi so he created a clone of him. He knew that he only killed Bibidi so that he would stop doing evil things so he just made his clone Bibidi a little bit more nice then he was and made him not want to do anything with the super dragon balls. Idibib went and was happy with what he had done and and went to see a man that was the ruler of the universe. The man was named Zena. Zena was called to be immortal. He was the son of Hrabos and was pure good. He only became a god becouse he had the first wish of the super dragon balls and his wish was to bicome the god of everything. Idibib went to him and asked him if he wanted to destroy Majin Buu and he decided not to kill him but change his nik power from 1.7 to 0.01. When idibib asked why he didin't kill him he said that it was because he had never killed anyone and didn't want to start now. Zena asked him if he wanted to help him with that problem he said ''Yes of course'' and then he gave him a nik level of 2 and split him into 2 beings a female and a male both of them had power levels of 1 and the male was named Whis and the female named Vados. Then Zena said that because idibib wasn't pure good he had to put blu rings around them so that if they were to disobey he could control them with it. Although if he ever wanted too he could just ask him to remove them and change him back to his original form. Then he said that he was going to pick the strongest people in the universe and make them gods of destruction. He picked two men called Trint and Flak their power was equal (0.5 nik). Zena said that he was going to find 12 of these gods of destruction and then split the universe into 13 universes. Each of the universes would copy each other 1 copies 12, 2 copies 11, 3 copies 10 and etc. The 13th universe on the other hand would be his universe called the god's universe. Later after that Zena died and had one son named Zeno. He became the god and Zena never told him about Vados and Whis so Idibib could never go back to his original form.
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