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The Story Of Frieza

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About Frieza

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Read my first Fanfic to understand a few parts of this one
This is a fanfiction about the race of frieza

Frieza's kind, the Arcosian is a mutated species of alien. the first arcosian was a creature named Frazz and Frazz had a nik level of 0.1. He got killed by Zalama but before he got killed he had three sons Fruzz, Frozt and Firz. Fruzz killed Frozt and Firz but they had had many sons before that time. Fruzz had alot of sons but Frieza's ancestor was named Froz. Froz was said to be incredibly powerful and had been on hunt for the super dragon balls since Fruzz died by the hands of Zalama. Froz found all the super dragon balls and was about to make a wish until he found out that he didn't know the god's language. He went to to find Trint and asked him to say the wish for him. Trint told him that he'd do it after 30 years. when thirty years had passed Froz had had many sons. He went to Trint and Trint killed Froz. He then went and took the super dragon balls and kept them hidden under rocks on him planet. Whis asked why and he said that it was none of his business. 1 million years passed and the son of Froz, Kilz had had a son named Zil that had a son named Ka that had a son named Cold. At that point Trint was about to die and had raised two sons named Champa and Beerus. They hated each other. Flak had already died and there was another god of destruction in the 6th universe named Fai. When Trint was about to die he said that Beerus was supposed to become the new god of destruction. Trint died and Champa got so angry that he went to the 6th universe and killed Fai. Vados had no other choice and asked Zeno if Champa could become the new god of destruction. Zeno was okay with it and Champa became the new god of destruction (sorry for bringing this up i just really wanted to finish my last one :P). Cold was born with a power level of 200 million and had to hide his power in forms. He had a son named Frieza and he taught him to how to create forms to Hold Frieza's immense power level of 120. Cold was stronger than frieza but it took up to an hour to change up to his next form (that's why he got killed by future trunks XP). Often Cold told Frieza to train becouse he said that one day he might find an opponent stronger than him. Frieza always said that that would never happen becouse if it would happen than it would have to be a sayian. He thought about his words for a bit and then said ''Father I'm going to kill all the sayians!''. But he didn't answer. He went to him and saw him on his knees in front of Beerus. He asked cold what he was doing and he told Frieza to go on to his knees as well. He did and Beerus told them to get up. They did and Beerus pushed Cold away. He said that he wanted to talk to Frieza! They had a talk and Frieza asked him about what he thought about destroying Planet Vegeta. Beerus said that he didn't care if they didn't have good food. (Yes i am aware of what they said in the battle of gods movie but when Beerus told Frieza to destroy planet vegeta there it was a mistranslation on funimation.) Frieza went and told everyone to come back to the planet except Vegeta and Nappa (He spared nappa because he didn't want him to just randomly go away from vegeta and exactly die then). He killed all the sayians but then he heard about that he had missed one, his name was Raditz. Frieza was furious becouse he couldn't just randomly kill him. Then vegeta would start to suspect something. Then he found out that another was alive and sent Raditz to go kill him immediately. Raditz said that he was on a planet far away so that he couldn't go there until 20 years from then. Frieza was okay with that. Raditz was actually lying becouse he wanted to be with Vegeta and Nappa destroying planets so, he did that for 20 years. Frieza never figured it out though. In those 20 years Cold had become King after Friezas grandfather, Ka died. before Ka died he told Frieza that on a planet called Namek things called Dragon balls existed. Frieza asked '' You meant the super dragon balls?'' he said '' No, these balls are way, way smaller''. He also told him not to tell Cold becouse if he would, Cold would find them first and Wish for immortality. Ki died and Frieza decided to wait until cold died so that he wouldn't figure it out. when Nappa had died and vegeta had lost and left planet Earth Frieza got impatient and went to namek. He told Cold that he was only going to go to planet Namek to kill the namekians for fun! Cold told him that he already knew about the dragon balls and that he wasn't interested in becoming immortal. So Frieza left and lost to Goku like in Dragon Ball. When they had made Frieza metal he told Cold that he wanted revenge and that he sould go with him to planet earth and kill Goku. Cold laughed at him and said ''Hahaha you can't even beat a mere sayian!''. They went to planet Eareth and both died by the hands of Future trunks.
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