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Everyone dies.

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Death is not a law. It's a question about the durability of a machine. This machine called life grows and develops, but eventually breaks.

Naruto is broken. His bones are brittle, his muscles flabby. His hair lost his colors and now even his eyes.

Sasuke died a few years ago. Of his generation, Naruto is the last. His Uzumaki blood preserved him.

Naruto, however, will die like everyone else.

A hero is just a human after all. The preparations were made. Kurama will be transmitted to another host: a young redheaded child, a clone of Karin, all according with the plan of the deceased Sakura Haruno.

Naruto barely walks outside of his room right now. That's good. Because if he knew how the world is out there ...

Naruto is unique. No, there's nothing really in it that would indicate that he is the avatar of Asura in his body.

His legend is. The legend of the boy who brought peace to the world with the help of his "prodigious generation."

This generation, as already said, is dead. And more importantly, the boy who tamed a beast with tails and the man with the Rinnegan are dead.

Despite their efforts, Sakura could not replicate the Rinnegan of Sasuke or Madara.

We don't know how to find the reincarnations of Asura and Indra.

Foreign nations made their moves. They planned. They spied on. Two Leaf ninjas controlling the balance of power in the world? This caused envy, it wounded prides. The Fourth War veterans are dead, they can no longer suppress or prevent the ambition of his descendants.

Naruto is still feared, but only because the Leaf keeps him hidden and protected. A genin could kill him with a stone now. The tailed beasts have been found and recaptured, and again put in hosts against their will.

The truth is, the peace that Naruto created was only temporary. Even those who came after him were able to equal him, spies analyzed and armies tested his techniques extensively. A ninja with the Flying Thunder God technique as used by Minato and Naruto is no longer invincible. The peace that a man creates is as long as his lifetime. In the moment the news that Naruto died becomes public, or as soon the other kages they think they have nothing more to fear, wars will start again.

Nothing changed. Humanity will continue its warlike ways. The era of Naruto will only be remembered as a golden age that preceded an era of chaos and destruction. A man's dream dies with him.
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