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Mega Man Saves France (Les Miserables x Mega Man Crossover)

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Mega Man is just another superhero. But then he runs into Cossette from Les Mis his faovrite movie. Now hes saving France. *Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Mega Man or Les Miserables.

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It was a dark n stormy nite. Mega Man had just finished battling the baddies. He wipes sweart from his forehead. "Phew" he says. "That was a lot of work" He then walks home for the day but suddenly he runs into Cosette "Holy shnickes its cossette from Les Miz!" Mega Man cried "that is my favrte miovie." He apologizes like the Nice Guy he is. Tipping his fedora, he says "How are you today Coset" Cosetet started to weep "Like its really terrible. The French economy is terrible again" Megaman looked sad for a moment but remembered he was a SUPERHERO!
"Do not worry citizen" he reassured cosset. "I will fix the ecceonmy." Cosettetes eyes sparkled like Edward Culen's.s "Would you really do that for the civilans monsier blue guy" cosetete squeaked. "yes" Mega man asnwered. "but my name is MEga mean. You gotta remember that. please." And so he clicked his boots on and flew into the sky! Cossseete was soo razzeldazzled by this they fainted. What is this magick sorcery that was brought into the 19th century.!! COset thoguht later when they woke up now Megfaman is yelling at the French royalty. "Hey you lazy bums fix the economy now" Mega Amn demanded waving his blaster around and looking imdinitating. The French king looked bored. "What the heck do you want" King sad in French frowining. Megfa AMn blinked he was not expecting the language of French why couldnt the king tlak to him in English like god this was America and America rewquires there to be ENglish language indirectly. its as if the French king red Megamasn thoughts. "foolish blue one" the king bellowed in english this time. "you are not in america. yu are in france! my kingdom my sanctuary my crib." mega Man's etes widende. he starts gasping for aitr. How could he have mixed France upw tih his beloved home of Amoerica. Where everything was perfect and white. He pioitsn his basler at the King.
"Goimme your momey i need to go home" Mega man satd now angrey. the king laUHFGS. "BLUE ONE" he yells in English. "are you sure thats any way to tlak to someone of reoyal decance." "yes it is sir" mega man said tipping federa. "the ladies love how much of a nice guy i am. i am a ladies man" "um no blue one you ugly lol" king bullied at him "Thats it mega man YELLEd and sued Techno Blast on the French king it wasnt very effective and the king started laughing and transforming into Arceus the god of Pokemon
"FOOL." Arceus bellowed. "Tour silly blaster waster is not of effect against a Deieety. I am not even the Fernch king get out of my classreoom." Megaman screamed this deitetr was too tough for him Megamn was levcel 23 and Arceyusw as level 100000000000000000000000000000. wat was he goona do.
"Sorry wrong room" megaman said insereculy and waltzed out,. Mega Man hit himself in the forehead. Stupid stupid he thought. I cannot believe I shimmied into the god of all Pokemans liar. I gotta find the true French king
it took him 2 weeks but he found the french king
he was eating Crossants and drinking Goat Milk.
"ah." the french king said in French. "Magnifque." (THat means MAgnificant in English) Megaman barges into the French kings room and pummels him
"THats one way to greet someone" the king winked and said in ENglish but very Frecnh accent. mega man punched him in the Wenus. (its opart if youre elbow if you didnt know) the King started to cry "Stop punching me wenus" he wept "w-what do you want from me"
"ficx the economy NOW." MEga man demanced. "or ill punch ur wenus again"
"no" french king answered this cuahgt MAn Mega off guard
"wdym no i threatened you" Megaman was getting enfuyriated. "FIXXXXX IT"
"no" the king said, quieter this time. And thus the French economy was fixed, with Mega Man learning to say please Senpai, and the French king becoming his husband. Cossette said that it was because of their faith in Blue Guy that strengthened Mega Man's grasp for victory. "I love friendship" Cozet said. "Its sooo magical"

The End
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