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Kirby On Earth (Kirby x IT Crossover)

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Kirby is not in Dream World any more. He is now in the world of Pennywise the clown, the terible clown from IT! Krby gets tricked by Pennywise and theres some lady named Janice in here too. *Dis...

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Kirby fell from the space above with a plop. He looked around he did not recognize the place. It was certainly not Star shaped nor did it have the same dimensions as Kirby. It looked too real and it was dark outside. He better find some place to stay for now. He walked towards the nearest town which was called Water Tower and sat by the entrance. He did not see any form of life. He was not sure which planet he was on. Usually Kirby could tell wich planet he was on but he didnt think this was in his galaxy. Suddenly he heard a creak from somewhere he looked around vigilate on his feet.
"Who goes there" Kirby said in his vernacalar laguage. He heard manicaial luaghter. Kirby gets ready to fight!!!!! "It is i Pennywise" the voice said in English "And I understand ur language. For i am the smartest clown ever." Kirby knew what clowns were they were native only to the planet Earth where all the stupid humans roamed. Oh yikes Kirbys on Earth! Kirby demands that "Pennywise show yourself" "Very well pink blob" Pennywise emerges fromthe shadows and GRIUNs evily
"Why are you here pink blob" "i have fallen from the sky" Pennywise strokes his chin conteemplating this. "Do you know of the name pennywise."
"No" kirby answered because he has little to none Earthen knwoledge. "That is good. I need help" Pennywise said. "I think someone has died." Kirby started floating!!!
"Where Pennywise" Kirby demands. "Follow me" said Pennywsie and he led him to were children were murdered. Kirby gasped.
"Small humans were murdered!" Kirby yelled. Pennywise shushed him. "You see kirby" Pennywise said. "it is rude to wake up humans at night time. they get cranky."
"Then how come you are awake" kirby said "the screaming of the children woke me up I live in the sewers" answered Pennywise. Kirby stops in his tracks "how do you know my name" "you are somewhat of an icon here on Earth many children play your Kirby gmaes" Pennywise whgispered. "Now I need help to dispose of the bodies. If the other humans see their dead children theyll get offended"
"Why is that" inkqiured Kirby, staring at the dead bodies. "Humans are overdramatic sometimes they will blame the deaths on anybody even you Kirby even though you are Super hero" explained Pennywis.e "Come now i know the place to burn the bodies"
Kirby and penny wise dragged the bodies to a fire Pennywise started and Penny wise whent to clean up all evidence of the blod. Kirby baried the ashes so the humans would have treble finding the Bodies.
"Good work kirby now we have saved the day... well night" Pennywise complemented. "We should get some sleep" Pennywise shoued Kirby his sleeping kwaerters in the sewer ssytem. "You can sleep over there" Pennywise told him and Kirby and Pennywis ehad a nice sleep. The next day a woman walked over to the swere system and started screaming Kirby jolted awake and shook wise penny awake "There is a female human yellin down the sweer did we do a bad job!!" Kirby wuestioned and Penny wisae groaned ans sat up and peered o0ut the swere grate "what do you want janice" pennywise said rolling his eyes "it was a one time thing"
"Thats the thing Pennywise!!" the woman named janice said. "If my husband found out that IM pregnat with yur child he will be firois and why is Kirby down there"
"what is a husband" kirby inqwuired. pennywise shakes his head ignoring kirby. "Pretty sure we sed preotection."
"it BROKE pennywsie and i cant believe im having a demon child" janice wept
a demon child kirby questioned to himself. what
"idk about u kirby you need to go hoem!!" janice pladed. "pennywise is a chikd murderer
"you lied to me wisepenwe" Kirby said angery and attacks pennywise pennywise throws knifes at janice and kirby but kirby swallows them and kills pennywise because now he is a knive. Janice started screaming again afraid Kirby was going to hurt her.
"Janice" Kirby said. "Tell the humans that Penny WIse burned the bodies of the childs he murdered last night. Do what you wish with your demon child I must escape!" Kirby then gets out of the sweewe and finds A warp star that someone from Dreamworld must have sent to him
"Good by Jancie" Kirby waved and hopped on that horse and he flew back to D$Eam WOreld.

The End
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