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The Final Chapter.

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You guys asked for it, I wrote it. Don't judge me. Yaoi pairing. Don't like it, don't read it. *Warning, this is definitely for 15+, though nobody's going to listen to that.*

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Scott sighed, "I don't really have much to do, y'know, apart from just sitting here."

"That's fine," Vincent replied.

All was silent for a long time. Scott had seemed slightly on-edge tonight. It was weird, as though he were nervous about something.

"We could watch a movie, I suppose," Scott suggested suddenly, leaning over and picking up the remote. "Got any in mind?"

"How about a romance?" Vincent asked. "To celebrate our getting back together."

Scott smiled, "A romance it is." He flicked through the movies on his DVR, ending up choosing the only homo-romantic movie he had. "It's called Stranger By The Lake," he explained. "I haven't watched it before, but... I have a feeling it'll be good."

Scott started the movie and crawled over to Vincent, cuddling up to him. He hummed quietly, pulling Scott close as the movie began.

It was a good movie, about a guy called Pierre who met a stranger (no prizes for guessing where) called Michael. It ended up that Michael could have been a murderer. At several moments during the movie, Vincent had to stop himself from laughing at the irony.

There were also some... scenes. Extremely intense scenes. Every time they came on, Vincent felt Scott tense up. Seeing as his arms were around him, Vincent could feel his heart racing every time one came on. He chuckled slightly, pulling Scott closer - much to Scott's horror. For some reason, he got an extreme sense of de-ja vu with this movie. As if - in another world - he'd watched it once before.

The scenes didn't last for long, though, and the movie soon went back to the storyline. It ended on an open note: When Pierre found out Michael's true nature, he ran off, to try and hide from Michael. Michael ran after him, but actually passed where Pierre was hiding. Once Michael was gone, Pierre seemed to change his mind. He came out of hiding and called out Michael's name.

That was where the movie ended.

After the movie ended, everything was silent for a long time. Scott looked even more nervous than before the movie for some reason.

"Are you okay, Scott?" Vincent asked at last.

Scott looked up at him, "Me? No, I'm fine..."

Vincent paused, holding Scott's gaze. There was something in his eyes that he recognised. Something he'd seen countless times before. Something that made the both of them realise, with crashing certainty, one thing.

Tonight was the night.

Tension sparked in the air around them as they leaned forward, their lips pressing softly against each other. Vincent kissed him with all he had, and Scott tilted his head, making the kiss deeper and more passionate.

Scott didn't resist when Vincent gently pushed him backwards on the couch, their make-out session becoming more heated, full of fight.

Scott didn't resist when Vincent's hands ran up his shirt, when their hips rubbed against each other, when Vincent began to grind slowly against him.

Scott didn't resist when Vincent pulled away, and breathlessly asked him if he'd like to continue this in the bedroom.


Vincent pulled Scott onto his lap, their lips meeting again in an intimate embrace. The kiss they shared was slow; a different kind of passion. This was lustful, this was full of yearning, this was... erotic.

Scott and Vincent made soft sounds as they kissed. Scott felt Vincent's hands un-tucking his shirt, and he shivered against the larger man as his fingers ran up his spine.

Vincent sucked gently on Scott's bottom lip before sliding the tip of his tongue into his mouth and back out again. In again, a little deeper this time, licking the back of Scott's teeth, and back out. In once more, deeper still...

"Mmf~" Scott made a muffled groan, his fluttering eyes half open and half shut.

The feeling came over them at about the same time; the feeling that simply kissing - no matter how arousing - was no longer enough for them.

Vincent pulled away first. A line of saliva connected them together. Scott leaned up and dragged his tongue across Vincent's lips teasingly, slowly licking away the extra spit.

Vincent gazed at him lustfully, his chest heaving slightly, "You sure about this, Scott?" his fingers ran up and down Scott's back.

"I'm sure," Scott whispered to him. Right now, he was more sure about this than anything else in the world.

"I'll go slow, okay?" Vincent promised him, his voice tinged with the slightest concern.

"I know," Scott purred slightly, shifting forward on Vincent's lap and pressing into his body, "Then how's about we move on to something a little more... interesting?~"

"Please, let's," Vincent leaned down and gently rubbed his teeth against Scott's neck.

Scott whimpered slightly, twitching suddenly when Vincent's teeth ran over a certain place.

"Hm, what's this?~" Vincent returned to that spot on his neck and kissed it, making Scott flinch once again.

Vincent chuckled, then he bit down hard on that one place.

"Aaahh~" Scott tightened his grip on Vincent as he became lost in a world of pleasure, tilting his head slightly so that Vincent had more skin to nip.

Vincent sucked on the skin, making Scott moan quietly once again into his shoulder. Pleasure ebbed down his spine, pooling low in his stomach.

Vincent pulled away, watching the skin already turning a dark shade of purple, and he growled, leaning in again to leave a second and a third, Scott moaning in time with his bites.

Scott felt him pull away once again, and this time he looked at Scott, "How are you feeling?"

"F-Feeling?" Scott dragged his dazed eyes over to Vincent, the remnants of pleasure still running through him. His face was on fire, burning a dark red. He let out a dry, nervous laugh, "Scared, I guess. Embarrassed, b-but... but mostly excited."

"Embarrassed?" Vincent asked, "What are you embarrassed about? I've seen you naked before, remember."

"Y-Yeah, but..." Scott gulped slightly, avoiding eye-contact with Vincent, "N-Never while I have a... ... when I've gotten an..." He trailed off slightly.

It didn't take a lot to figure out what the end of his sentence would be. Vincent nodded slightly, "I guess not, but does it really make much difference?"

"Yes," Scott nodded, finally working up the guts to look over at Vincent, "I-I've never... I've never seen you with an erection, either."

The response honestly stunned Vincent. He tilted his head curiously, "What difference does that make?"

"W-Well..." Scott sighed, then looked Vincent in the eyes. "What if I freak out? What if... I don't want something... something like that... inside of me? W-What if you want me t-to... to give you a... a blow-job? I-I, what if I get too scared to do anything?"

"Then we won't do anything," Vincent said soothingly, "Look, Scott, if you're not ready-"

"O-oh, no. I'm ready. I... really want to do this with you. To have sex with you. But... as much as this is my first time, it's also our first time, and... I want it to be just as pleasurable for you as it is for me. I... I don't want to chicken out on you," Scott rambled, the words and worries falling out of his mouth.

Vincent chuckled, "You're overthinking it, Scott. Sex doesn't work when you plan it all out. It's like planning your own surprise birthday party. You need to relax; enjoy the feeling. Don't think ahead, just think about now, and we'll see where it takes us, okay? And if we don't go all the way in our first time, we'll just have a really good second time, alright?"

Scott took a few calming deep breaths and then looked up at Vincent, "Alright."

"Good, because your little speech before about sucking me off made me really hard."

Scott laughed a little, burying his head into Vincent's shoulder and mumbling, "I know. I can feel it."

Vincent smiled, "Are you ready to take the next step?"

Scott nodded slightly, pulling away from Vincent's shoulder, "S-Shirts off?"

"Shirts off," Vincent affirmed, reaching down to the hem of Scott's shirt and pulling at it.

Scott leaned back away from Vincent, allowing him to pull Scott's shirt up and off of him. Scott shivered at the cold air on his bare skin, and then began to fumble at the buttons on Vincent's shirt, slowly pulling them open and exposing his chest and torso.

Scott had forgotten how good Vincent looked with his shirt off: his pecs were rock-hard and his stomach lined with abs. Scott was just a skinny noodle thing. Vincent...


"You're staring," Vincent purred slightly, gazing at Scott.

"Yeah, I am," Scott admitted. He looked up at Vincent's face, "I'm allowed to enjoy the view, aren't I?~"

Vincent laughed, "Well, I'm not going to stop you. But, I might distract you a little..." He leaned forward, his hands running up Scott's stomach, up to his chest.

Scott breathed out raggedly, unsure why all of sudden everywhere Vincent touched seemed on fire, even if it was just his chest. When Vincent's fingers rubbed over his nipple, his eyes shot open and his breath hitched, a sharp jolt of pleasure sunning down his spine.

"They're already hard..." Vincent growled, running his hands over Scott's nipples once again, rubbing and teasing. "You're excited for this, aren't you?~"

"Mmm~" Scott moaned in reply, his own hands finding their way to Vincent's chest, and trying to return the favor. Vincent wasn't as sensitive there as Scott, though, so he merely shrugged it off.

Then Scott was being pushed back down onto the bed, and his breathing became more un-even. He liked it better when they were sitting. Now, he really felt like this was it. There was no turning back now.

Vincent's warm tongue ran over his nipple and he gasped, a moan escaping his lips. "Ngh~"

Vincent sucked gently on the nipple, while his hand rubbed against the other one.

"Ugh~" Scott groaned, pushing his chest up into Vincent's hand and leaning his head back on the pillows, pleasure pulsating through his body constantly, turning him on, making him want more.

Vincent pulled away from Scott. "Tell me, Scott," he whispered, his voice rough and husky. "You want me to go lower?"

Scott bit his lip, raising his head to look down at Vincent, who was gazing patiently up at him. He swallowed thickly, and nodded slightly.

Vincent hummed, and ducked down on Scott's body, littering his stomach with soft kisses. "How are you feeling?" He asked again between kisses.

"T-That tickles," Scott giggled helplessly as Vincent's lips pressed against his skin, and his stubble scratched against him.

Vincent looked up at him, "So, you're feeling good? No concerns? Are you ready for me to go lower?"

Scott smiled down at him, the familiar feeling of love fluttering through his veins. "Yeah, I'm feeling good. Thank you."

Vincent sunk down lower again, and the kisses began again. This time, just above the line of Scott's pants. He was filled with an indescribable feeling, something that was half lust and half anticipation. His skin felt like it was on fire; he was so unused to anybody touching him there. He almost squirmed.

"How about now?" Vincent whispered. "You want me to go... lower?~"

Scott felt his heart thump in his chest as he thought of what Vincent was suggesting. He wanted to suck him? Just that thought of that scenario made him hard, the thought of Vincent's soft lips wrapping around him. Was he ready for that kind of contact? There was only one way to find out. He took a deep breath, "Y-yes, please, Vincent."

Vincent growled deep in his throat, "Gawd Scott, you're making me so horny. I just want to fuck you right now~" He hands made their way to Scott's pants before he had time to reply, and Scott jumped slightly when the button popped open, and the zipper slowly zipped down.

Vincent slowly began pulling down his jeans. It seemed like forever that they were peeling off of him before finally the came free, and Vincent dropped the clothing to the floor.

Scott's legs spread slightly as if on instinct. He looked down at Vincent to see him with his eyes fixated on the bulge in his boxers.

"I knew you were big," he said. "But gawd, are you big~ I'm glad I'm not bottoming."

Scott felt a lump form in his throat as Vincent inched closer to his erection. This was it. Vincent was going to blow him, and then probably fuck him afterwards. Oh, gawd.

Vincent leaned up all of a sudden, leaving Scott's tent and instead leaning over him. "You sure about this, babe?" He asked. "I promise, it'll feel really good."

Scott froze, a mix of emotions swirling in him. Half of him thought Vincent's concern was sweet. The other half of him just wanted Vincent to deepthroat him already. "Yeah," he forced out. "I'm fine."

"Good," Vincent leaned down and kissed him passionately, and Scott melted away, both of them closing their eyes as their tongues swirled together messily. It wasn't a focused kiss, it was a needy, desperate kiss filled with sexual desire.

Scott felt Vincent's hand start to rub at his thigh, and he groaned, the wait becoming too much. Vincent's hand continued to caress him teasingly as they kissed, the kiss becoming more and more distracted until Vincent's hand finally slipped onto his boxers, gently stroking him through the fabric.

Scott broke the kiss and leaned his head back on the pillow, biting his lip hard to stop the moans that were built up in his throat from escaping through his mouth. Pleasure washed over him, running through his veins as Vincent stroked a little more, a little harder.

Then Vincent's mouth was at his ear, whispering to him, "Scott~ You have such a beautiful voice. Why don't you let me hear it?~" He gave a little squeeze to Scott's shaft and Scott broke his vow of silence with a keening moan, bucking his hips just slightly into Vincent's hand.

"There we go~" Vincent purred. "Good boy~" And then he left Scott and sunk down slowly, slowly against his body. He began to pull at the fabric of his boxers, slowly taking them of and finally exposing Scott's hard member, standing full at attention.

By the time Scott figured out what Vincent was about to do, his tongue had run right up from the base to his tip.

"Aaaahhh~" Scott's back arched up off of the bed, pleasure exploding in his mind and through his body. Oh, gawd, nobody told him it was gonna feel this good!

"Vincent~ Ohhh, Vincent~" Scott moaned as Vincent's tongue ran over the slit, his hands clutching at the sheets like a life-line.

Vincent began to take Scott's erection into his mouth, as much as he possibly could. It was unreal. The pleasure was unreal. Vincent's mouth was warm and wet and soft and tight and crazy around him.

"Mm~ Ngh-Ohhhh~" Scott sighed out, pleasure sweeping though his body. He already felt close to his climax, kept at a permanent state of intense pleasure just about to teeter over into orgasm... it was heaven.

Vincent bobbed his head up and down, and Scott gasped, letting out a high-pitched moan. His eyes rolled back. He let out a, "Oh~! Vincent, ugh~ fuck~!" and suddenly, all he knew was blinding pleasure.

Vincent pulled away, his eyes wide. He swallowed what was in his mouth, and looked up at Scott. "That was quick."

Scott lay on the bed, shuddering violently. His orgasm had been incredible! Better even than when he'd learned to touch himself in his teen years. He let out a shaky moan, pleasure still running through his body, making him feel electric.

As the feeling of intense pleasure drained out of him, though, it was replaced with intense shame. He jolted up into a sitting position, "Oh gawd. Oh, gawd that's so embarrassing. I climaxed so quickly, didn't I? I'm so sorry."

Vincent chuckled, crawling up to Scott and kissing him, "I thought it was hot~ You shoulda heard you moaning like a virgin~"

"I am a virgin," Scott reminded him.

"Were a virgin," Vincent licked his teeth. "Not anymore, hon." He sighed. "So, how are you feeling? Is that all for tonight?"

"What?" Scott blinked at him, "Is that all? I haven't even given you a- I mean, I still need to return the favour, don't I?"

Vincent's grin paused, slowly melting off his face, "U-uh... you... you were serious? A-About... giving me head?"

Scott chuckled, getting to his knees and slowly pushing Vincent back onto the bed, "Well, I am a man of my word, remember."

Vincent spluttered flusteredly, trying to make up excuses, "I-I'm not sure if-- I mean, not all the way in one night, r-right? I w-wouldn't want to pressure y-you... U-Um- Scott?"

Scott shut him up with a kiss, pushing his tongue forcefully into Vincent's mouth. It was his first time ever using tongue on somebody else. Vincent's mouth tasted amazing. Remembering how Vincent often liked to lick the back of Scott's teeth, he did the same to him. Vincent's teeth were smooth against his tongue.

Scott pulled away to find Vincent blushing heavily, like a high-school girl after her first kiss. He snickered. "Hm~ What do you know? Acting dominant makes you melt~"

Vincent laughed nervously, "L-Look, S-Scott, I mean... th-this is really... really hot, b-but..."

Scott cut him off by leaning down, biting on his neck.

Vincent inhaled sharply, biting his lip, "S-Scott, I- I mean it- y-you really don't... h-have to do this..."

"Mm, but what if I want to?~" Scott pressed his teeth together a little harder; blood suddenly squirted out from between his teeth. Feeling just a tiny bit sick, he pulled away.

Vincent clutched his hand to his neck, his eyes wide-blown, "Y-You bit me~ O-Oh, g-gawd, you bit me~"

Scott chuckled, "I had a feeling you had a thing for blood." Before Vincent could say anything, he was back to it again, leaning down to nibble on his purple collarbone. Seeing as he'd discovered Vincent's nipples weren't that sensitive, he dragged his nails gently down Vincent's chest instead, leaving scratch marks on his skin.

"N-nn..." Vincent breathed, "Holy shit, Scott... w-where'd you learn all this stuff from?"

"Just because I'm - I was - a virgin doesn't mean I don't get dirty sometimes~" Scott purred against Vincent's stomach as he began sinking slowly downwards. "I've had plenty of nights home alone, as well... I'm not that naïve..."

Vincent shuddered slightly, thoughts of Scott alone in his room pleasuring himself filling his mind. It was too much. All of this was far too much. He was going to explode with tension.

And now Scott's fingers were digging into his pants, sliding them off, pulling them down...

He was going to explode!


Scott inched down Vincent's pants, sliding them past his knees and then off altogether. He didn't look at his boxers, knowing if he did, he'd chicken out. He hooked his thumbs in them while looking at Vincent's stomach, and pulled them down.

Finally, he allowed his eyes to drag down, past Vincent's hips, to his crotch.

Oh my gawd. Oh my fucking gawd.

He felt his heart racing in his chest, pounding through his body. He... He wanted to put that in his mouth?! I-It was ridiculous!

"S-Scott," Vincent said, looking down at him, "Listen- t-this... y-you don't have to do this, o-okay? I-I'm p-perfectly fine without you... you... s-sucking my dick...~" He breathed the last few words, his voice seemed clouded over with an uncontrollable amount of lust.

Scott chuckled slightly, hiding his inner nervousness, "That's funny, babe. Your words are telling me I don't have to... but the way you're saying makes me think... you really want it~ Have you ever thought about it, Vincent? What it would be like to... to force me down onto your cock? I've thought about it...~"

Vincent whined, the sexual tension really getting to him now. "S-Scotty, f-fuck... s-stop talking dirty to me like that..."

"Why stop?" Scott breathed, leaning in slightly, feeling Vincent tense up, "You want me to do it, huh, Vince?~ I want you... I want you to throat fuck me, force me to deepthroat you, even if I choke..."

"O-Oh my gawd~" Vincent practically moaned, leaning his head back, "Stop t-teasing me, please... If you're going to do it... just... do it....~" He was silent for a moment, and then, "P-Please~"

Scott had to hold in the grin that almost sprung out across his face. He did it. He actually got Vincent to plead with him. Surely he couldn't cockblock him any further... Scott leaned in, pressing his lips against Vincent's erection.

He heard a sharp gasp from Vincent, "S-Scott, ugh, f-fucking suck it already~"

"Only since you asked so nicely...~" Scott stilled his nerves, took a deep breath, and put the tip of Vincent's boner in his mouth.

"Ohh~" Vincent let out an immediate hum of delight, his arms reaching down to tangle his fingers in Scott's hair. Scott felt him push slightly against his head, and a little bit of nervousness started in him. What if Vincent really did force him to deepthroat him...?

Nevertheless, he sunk down lower, more of Vincent's dick disappearing into his mouth.

"Mmmm~" Vincent drank in the pleasure, letting out a throaty moan.

Scott had to admit, hearing Vincent moaning was more than enough reward. He was getting hard all over again. No wonder Vincent liked it when Scott moaned...

Following the pressure of Vincent's hands on the back of his head, he sunk down again, taking in as much as he possibly could, the sounds leaking out of Vincent's mouth enough to keep him motivated. Finally, he felt the pressure on the back of his head lessen, Vincent's breathing deep and ragged. He'd taken in as much as he could.

Scott lifted his head up and sunk down again, sucking as hard as he could on Vincent's cock.

Vincent's back arched off of the bed, "Ohhhhh~ Mm-aah~ T-That's it~"

Scott swirled his tongue around while he sucked, the only thought on his mind to give Vincent the ride of his life as he bobbed his head up and down.

"S-Scott~ Oooooooh~ You sure you're a - ohh - virgin? You're a natural~"

A moan escaped Scott's own lips, Vincent's encouragement turning him on like nothing else.

"A-Aah~ S-Scott, mm~!" Vincent gasped as the vibrations travelled up his body, blanking out his mind with pleasure. "Oh gawd~"

The pressure on the back of Scott's head returned, he panicked just slightly as he felt Vincent's hips push up, forcing Scott down deeper on his erection. He tried to relax so he could take him all the way, and the effect was immediate.

"Oh, baaaby~" Vincent groaned, "F-Fuck, you're good at thiissss~ Ugh~"

Vincent's hips jerked up again, and Scott felt him hit the back of his throat. He couldn't help it. He felt his natural reflexes kicking in, forcing his throat to close up. He pulled away, coughing and hacking. Oh, gawd. He didn't just ruin the mood. He'd completely obliterated it!

Vincent was silent for a while, taking deep breaths to quell his extreme sexual frustration. He'd been getting close... so close...

Scott swallowed slightly while he waited for Vincent to say something, anything. He couldn't believe he'd choked. His face flushed with embarrassment.

Finally, Vincent propped himself up on one arm, looking down at Scott. He smiled, "I, uh... Guess we'll have to work on that some other time, then."

Scott groaned, hiding his face in the sheets of the bed, "I can't believe I choked. It's so embarrassing! I'm sorry, Vin."

"N-No, it's... It's okay..." Vincent swallowed, "You did... you did amazing for a first timer... that was probably one of the best I've ever had... even if it wasn't all the way... I'm the one who should be sorry, for forcing you down like that... I-uh... guess I just... lost control..."

"It's fine..." Scott looked down at Vincent's still-hard, throbbing member. "Sh-Should I try again, or...?"

Vincent shook his head, "Not tonight, babe. If you're fine with it, I wanna move on to somethin' a little more... fun~"

((And the rest, as they say, is history~))


Mike walked into the break room, sitting down with his bowl of cereal. He'd had absolutely no time to eat this morning, so he'd just decided to eat here instead.

Surprisingly enough, both Vincent and Scott were in the room. Vincent had at least five different kinds of toast on his plate, and for once, was eating as fast as Scott usually did.

Scott had a bowl of cereal, and was leaning nonchalantly against the wall. "Hey, Mike," he said.

"Hey, Scott. Why are you standing up? You know they say eating while standing up shows that you live an unorganised life. Come here, sit down!"

Scott blinked at Mike as if taking some time to recognise what he said. Then his face shaded with pink and he shook his head.

"Why not?" Mike asked, frowning. "Are all the chairs covered in whoopee cushions or something? Is this a prank?"

Vincent paused from eating his toast, putting the slice down. He looked up at Scott, "Yeah. C'mon, hon, why don't you sit down?"

Scott's face coloured in entirely with red. Shakily, he walked over to the table and put down his cereal.

Slowly, he began to lower himself into the chair, stopping every once in a while to wince or hiss.

Mike looked over at Vincent. He had an extremely possessive look on his face, staring down Scott while biting his lip.

Scott sat down and then returned Vincent's gaze coolly, before picking up his cereal and continuing to eat. He looked rather uncomfortable.

The cogs slowly turned in Mike's head. Without warning, he shot up out of his chair with such force that the chair was knocked over backwards, "Oh, shit!"

Vincent and Scott looked at him, looking perplexed.

A huge grin spread over Mike's face, "Ohohohoho! Wait until the fangirls hear about this! Vincent fucked Scottyyy~!"

Scott's eyes widened, "Mike!" he hissed. "Shut up!"

"What?" Mike glared at him. "Are you denying it, huh? Are you telling me he didn't?"

Scott hesitated. "Well..."

"Ha! I knew it!" Mike laughed. "This is too good. On a work day, too? No wonder you're so hungry, Vincent. Think you went a little too hard on your boyfriend, here~"

"He asked for it," Vincent mumbled.

"Vincent!" Scott hissed, whipping around to glare viciously at him.

"What?" Vincent shrugged.

"Oooh, Scotty-boy likes it rough, huh?" Mike was absurdly amused by having caught his co-workers out (like he could talk).

"Shut up, Mike..." Scott mumbled, his face as red as a beetroot.

Vincent chuckled, "So now you get embarrassed... You weren't embarrassed this morning... I believe it was me that had to remind you that we couldn't stay in bed and do it again, that we had to go to work."

Despite the absolute mortification that washed over Scott, he knew not to give Vincent a reaction. "Continue like this. Go ahead. You see if we ever spend a night together again."

Vincent shut up abruptly, his grin disappearing. He turned towards Mike, "Yeah. Stop perving on our sex life, you creepy weirdo."

Mike laughed, "If you say so."
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