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Role-Play Background Story ~ Kät ~ WIP

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Basically this is my character's backstory for a Pathfinder Role-Play me and a group of friends have going ...

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2016-06-10 - Updated: 2016-06-10 - 243 words

Mother: Elf
Father: Dwarf
Before I was born, my mother was out foraging in the woods that neighboured a dwarf kingdom. She was unaware however that she was entering the home of a large bear and continued to collect the wild berries that were growing there. Her trespassing didn’t go unnoticed by the bear which had located her and was about to strike down upon her. My mother was too busy to realise and the bear attacked her by surprise. The bear came down on her, severely injuring her, before rearing up for another attack. However before the bear could deliver the killing blow, a mighty roar came from my mother’s left and a great body mass collided with the bear, taking it to the ground. The mass was of different fur skins so it appeared and it had an array of belts and weapons slung across it. As they were rolling around on the ground battling for supremacy and dominance my mother saw this as her chance to get out of the way and survey her attained injuries. She collected her gathering supplies and hightailed it to safer ground, but still within view of the scuffle. She could see that the body mass that had gallantly intervened was winning easily. Within minutes the bear was slain and the other had won. My mother called out to let the other know her location, which the mass then proceeded to make towards.
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