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Leave Me Alone (Sirius Black x Reader)

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(Y/n) doesn't feel appreciated. She feels left out, left behind. She has a swirling abyss of emotions just waiting to burst, but she bottles them all up. She's suffered through pressure, abuse, and...

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(Y/n) doesn't feel appreciated. She feels left out, left behind. She has a swirling abyss of emotions just waiting to burst, but she bottles them all up. She's suffered through pressure, abuse, and sheer exhaustion just from living. She's still clinging on. Her mother's last words still rung clear in her mind: 'Be strong, and keep on keeping on, even when you feel terrible. Just keep... Swim-'
She's still numb ten years later, and with OWLs approaching, she needs help.
She suffers while he watches.
He suffers in silence.
They're both broken beyond repair.

(y/n)= Your name
(l/n)= Last name
(h/l)= Hair length
(h/c)= Hair colour
(e/c)= Eye colour
(s/c)= Skin colour
(Y/n) walks silently down the stairs leading from the girls' dorm to the Gryffindor Common Room, head down, a grey hoodie shielding her face. Today is Saturday: No classes. For most students, that means chilling near the Black Lake, doing homework, or, in (y/n)'s case, studying for the upcoming OWLs. Not that (y/n) usually studies, but she has nothing better to do.
She observes the chairs and couches, before deciding on a couch near the roaring fireplace, where she will be guaranteed privacy for a few hours at best, but only if she's lucky.
But when has (y/n) (l/n) ever been lucky?
Thinking she's alone, (y/n) pulls down her hoodie to reveal (h/l) (h/c) hair and amazing (e/c) eyes. With one delicate (s/c) hand, she opens her Transfiguration book to a random page, which happens to be page 106. 106... That was the amount of days after (y/n)'s fifth birthday that her mother was diagnosed with Witches' Bane, a terminal disease occurring in only witches.
With a sad expression on her face, (y/n) continues to read her book, grazing it for any important pieces of trivia and facts.
"Hello, Love," a familiar voice cut through her thoughts, "What is a lovely lady such as you doing up here, all alone?" What a flirt, (y/n) thought to herself, calling me 'Love'?
"Leave me alone, Black." (y/n) speaks in a dark tone, her (h/c) brows predicting the scowl that is imminent.
"Oh, it's nice to see you too," Sirius Black feigns hurt, "You just broke my poor heart..." His lips showed the beginnings of a smirk.
(y/n)'s scowl became even deeper
"Honestly, can you not just let me be!?" she cried out, exasperated.
"I will if you smile. Just even once," Sirius was completely serious- pun completely intended- all of a sudden. (y/n) laughed dryly.
"And why would you want that? All that my father wants to see me do is suffer. And I can't smile: My life has too many holes in it. My mother? Dead. Father? Abusive. My friends? Fake. How am I supposed to trust you, a guy who I barely know?" (y/n) had made a very good point, but the answer that Sirius Black gave was even better.
"You can trust me because when I look at you, I kind of see myself as well. Not like personality-wise, just... We're both afraid to go back to our summer homes and face our parents. We both suffer. I just hide it better than you." (y/n) stared for a long while before responding.
"Sometimes, do you just want to curl up in your room forever and just never have to come out?" (y/n) questioned.
Sirius nodded, "And sometimes you'll pinch yourself in hopes that it's just a nightmare, and that when you wake up you'll have two parents who care about you. But you never wake up."
(y/n) looked into the mystical grey eyes of Sirius Orion Black, and, for the first time in years, smiled.
Sorry if Sirius is kind of OOC, this is actually my first Marauders Era fanfic... I hope you enjoyed! I made this for the entertainment of others.
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