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All I See Is You (Frerard)

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Before I write the summary i'm gonna introduce myself first, it's gonna be short don't worry! Okay so hello i'm Benibeca, sooo here's my very first fanfic of frerard, actually i didn't planned...

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Before you read it ijust want to let you know that:

1. You may notice there are unfamiliar names here, well i made them up because i'm a newb

2. Frank is still short

3. I'm sorry

4. I may use a lot of 'fuck' here ha

5. This is my first ever fanfic so sorry if made so many mistakes

Asotm is one of my inspiration on making this one, it's just too beautiful gah so hope you enjoy reading this!


Red painted on my knees, it's like there's a rose stuck on it that wants to be freed and now is crying because it can't do anything. It's quite beautiful i might say BUT MY LEFT KNEE IS FUCKING BLEEDING AND FUCKING STINGS LIKE HELL.

"God you're clumsy as fuck Frankie." Jamia said as she laughed her ass off, that bitch.

I'm still on the ground faced down and moaning painfully, still processing what just happened. "Are you okay Frank? That doesn't look good!" Ray said as he helped me get up and i struggled because it fucking hurts.

"Oh shit, i have an alcohol want some?" Bob leaned forward to see my wound closely. Asshole. He's the one to blame he're but it's me honestly but i'll think it's his fault.

"Fuck you." I grinned at him and hopped towards the metal bench. It's rusty, it might stain my jeans but whatever. Fuck you chair.

We're at the park playing kick ball, bailing school as usual. It's afternoon and it's hot as fuck. I don't want to waste my precious fucking time learning some shit that i'll forget 5 minutes later. Students are dumb enough to stay at the hell hole because they don't want to disappoint their parents and all that shit. My parents don't care about me so why bother, we're rich, money can do anything, no, everything. Maybe they'll pay my teachers this year too, as always. They're all peasants so i'm still burning in hell. It's better if i don't attend school but my oh so lovely parents wants a 'perfect' son that'll always do great things and won't ashame them but shit happens haha they're stuck with me, with their emo, good-for-nothing, useless son who's called Frank fucking Iero.

Ray, Bob, and Jamia continued playing. Those bastards, playing like dumb kids that knows no problems. You can't tell that their eyes have shed thousands of tears, their fists have punched dozens of faces. This fucking wound glued me here missing all the fun ugh

Jamia went off to the rest room, maybe she got the red stuff if you know what i mean or just wants to pee, whatever, who cares.

"Hey Frankie we're gonna buy some drinks!" Bob shouted. He looks awful, sweat everywhere, he looks like a wet fish haha. "Coca cola!" i shouted.

"I'm not asking!" Oh that wide smile, i hate that, it makes me want to punch it 5 times, only 5 times because his my friend, and that makes me a good friend.

I raised my two midfing up in the air, high and proud. He chuckled then off he goes, Ray's probably at the store already i guess , i'm alone now. Alone and hurt. Now i sound very fucking emo. Fuck i forgot to say that i need a betadine or something. Fuck fuck fuck it fucking huuuurts i'm gonna die, well i'm being exaggerated, great.

I picked up a cigarette in my pocket and lit it. I love how dangerous cigarettes are, it slowly kills you, drains your insides but it also heals you, covering up the scars you're getting rid of, making you forget how fucked your life is.

I put my head back facing the sky, eyes closed, the hot breeze caressing my hair it's quite nice actually. Fucking wound, killing the fun out of everything, well if you think about it wounds means bravery but by accident does it count? I don't give a shit anyway so whatever.

"Hey uhm."

I jumped a little oh man that fucking startled me and i fucking moved my left knee a little, fuck you! "I have a betadine here, want some? Your wound's getting worse. " The man sitted next to me giggled, staring at my disgusting wound fuck youuuuu

I stared at him with my brows curled, i hate this man already but i really need that betadine so... uhmm.. fuck.

I just nodded and he poured some betadine on a cotton ball and knelt down infront of me. This man, i think he's older than me but I'm not sure. He has a short black hair, he's quite tall i might say, he's all covered up with his bonet on, a black leather jacket and OH FUCK.

"Sorry i think i pushed a bit hard." He mumbled, not breaking contact to my knee and continued rubbing.

I hissed. "If you can't do it right then you shouldn't have asked!" Asshole! Well actually i'm being the asshole here but the pain just drives me insane like hell.

"Woah there babe, calm down i got this and i'm almost finish so shut it." Still eyes on my knees.

Ha, babe, is he a fag or something. Well if you look closely at his face he can really pass as a chick, I would bang this if he is one honestly but OH MY FUCKING GOD

"There! It's finished!" he said then he throws the cotton ball to the trash can.

"Is it really necessary for that one last hard push? Jesus." My brows curled even more.

He stands up woah this man is quite huge. He's wearing a super tight jeans wow i'm really starting to think that he's a fag. "Haha, just wanna see that irritated reaction again." He smiled, fuck that smile. Why does every smile I receive makes me want to punch their faces geez

"Fuck you." I glared at him.

"You're welcome." Still not wearing off that smile. He sat down beside me, he then puts his bag on his lap and puts the betadine inside. Is that a unicorn plushie? What a faggot.

I grabbed the unicorn. "Ha why'd you have this? Wait I'll guess, it's the only friend you got and you tell it stories about how fucking gay you are?" I examined the unicorn, i think he made it well he shouldn't have because it's hideous as hell.

His smile turned into a frown. He looked worried like he's about to cry. "Give it back." He reached out but I backed off.

I stared at him for a second then I placed the plushie on my thighs now laying my eyes on it. "It's ugly anyway."

"Just give it to me." I swear he's about to let a tear out haha what a crybaby.

"Then take it." I reached out the unicorn to him but when he's about to grab it I threw the unicorn at the mud infront of us. I want to see him cry, just for my own amusement.

"Oops." I just looked at his expression and oh boy he's mad as fuck, here it comes.

I expected him to burst out but no, he silently picked up the plushie and cleaned it with his shirt then placed it in his bag ha i stained it pretty well. All i see is his back ugh what a bummer.

I closed my eyes and put my head back."Now get lost fag." I placed my cigarette in my mouth, what is taking them so long?!

Before my senses caught up, a cold wet stuff is pressing against my cheek. "What the fuck!?" I opened my eyes and saw Jamia handing me a coca cola.

"So the princess didn't need a kiss to wake her up but a coca cola did, how boring." She smirked.

"You should have kissed me then, i'm sure it's enough to wake up the princess." I smirked back then i grabbed the coca cola. She grinned and sat next to me drinking her own thing.

"Oohhh someone just got jinxed!" Bob teased. Jinxed? Who?

"Bob don't make fun of it this is serious." Ray hit Bob on the shoulder.

I gave them a confused look. Taking a sip before i let out a word. "What?" Bob just sat next to Jamia, inhaling his cigarette, i'm really confused.

"That boy you just talked to, don't you recognize him?" Ray said with a concern look. This makes me interested.

"That faggot? Uhm no, i haven't seen him in my entire life. I didn't know he even existed." I mumbled. Ray looked like he needs to dispose a dead body and can't think of a way to hide it. This looks serious. I looked at Jamia and Bob but they just kept silent.

"Just fucking say it, what's with him?"

Still no answer. "Oh fuck it i'm going home." I stood up and started walking, i'm sure i look stupid right now, with my weak leg and my fucking wound.

"You need any help?" Ray offered. "Don't bother." I didn't looked back and just walked.

"Hey Frank just be careful going home." Jamia shouted. I just raised my left hand still not looking back. Well that's strange, Jamia isn't the one who worries about other people.

I didn't noticed it's getting dark. My house is not that far but it's far enough to have million thoughts about that unicorn guy. I'm really intrigued who he was. Why does Ray, Bob and Jamia knew him but i didn't? What's with him that Ray can't say a single word about him? Is he a killer that will murder you once you talk about him or something. Oh this will make me stay up all night.

I think it's 6 by now. I looked up at the stars as I walk. Woah that looks like a dick, i think i'm gonna call it Dicksaurus, the mighty Dildosaur because it's really huge you should see it. My house should be here on this block. Aaahh can't wait to burry myself on my bed. As I keep on walking, something suddenly hit me at the back and left me lying on the ground. Before I can process what just happened, all i see is a blurry light. A rough surface rubbing my cheeks, i hear nothing, i feel nothing. I see someone going closer to me but my eyes won't let me look further. As i tried to understand what is happening, I felt something i don't want to feel. All the pain rushing in my body at once, devouring me slowly. Oh fuck what just happened.


I watched the lockers as we pass by. If you think about it, you are your lockers. For example, that locker is crushed, beaten. It's pushed so hard that it's sides are ripped open, letting them see what's inside, letting them see what your weakness is and it just makes you scared that they'll punch you again until you're wide open, making you feel ashamed of what they have seen. And that locker over there has full of words written on it, bitch, hooker, cock sucker, and all those shit. It has so many words that you can barely see the locker's color. Lies blocking what she truly is, lies devouring her making her forget what she wanted to be. Bet she had enough of that and decided to become those names they pushed into her. They forced her to become one.

We've walked so far that i can make a poetry out of all these lockers, i didn't even know that i have this in me ha. Finally we stopped and he opened his locker. I don't know him personally but his name is Jeff, just met him on fb, he said that we're schoolmates and he's selling drugs and stuffs, it's been long since i sniffed some so why fucking not. He's wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans and he's quite tall, God i need to find someone smaller than me, i'm getting tired being down here.

He looked at me with tired redish eyes, I think he's stoned. He held out a packet of meth. I gave him the money but when he's about to hand it over Ms. Holler came out of the door next to us.

"Good to see you Iero, the class's about to start I don't want to mark you late." She said with a blank expression. Fuck I didn't planned to attend to calculus, I didn't even planned on going to school! Guess i'll run with him but fuck, he's gone, he fucking disappeared, with my money! Well, not that i'm worried about the money, I just need that meth right now ugh what a bummer.

"You coming?"

"Yeah yeah."


"It's so boring." I mumbled. I'm currently doodling some vampires and all that shit. I don't have time to understand calculus, where do we need it anyway? Just think about it, if i want to be a chef, will i need this formulas to get the chicken roasted? Will it feed my customers? No. I hate calculus. I just fucking hate school in general. I'm on my second year now. School isn't the way i imagined it to be. I started off as a student that wants to be a doctor. Now that i entered this hell hole, i just want to kill everyone in it. I just don't care anymore.

Ms. Holler is being herself as usual, a hollow human that only knows one expression, a blank one. You give her a smile, you'll receive nothing, you give her an angry look, you'll receive nothing. That's what she's full of, nothing. Ha what a bitch. I bet she's near on cutting her throat but needs to make money, well that's how all it goes, can't escape it, can't run from it, you have to stay and endure living in hell.

"Just look like you're listening, i've done it a million times you know ha i'm a good actor." Bob whispered.

I'm gonna introduce to you the dumbest in the gang, Bob Bryar. Everybody needs a dumb person around, you know, to make you look smarter. I don't even know why he's my friend. All i know is that he's a dickhead. It sucks to be Bob. He has a big family, really big i tell you, and he's the only one going to school because his parents can't afford giving all their kids the education they need, plus he's the eldest so the pressure's on him. But this bastard spends most of his time running away from school and all those shit which makes me wonder, why is he here?

"I don't give a shit, besides my parents already paid our teachers so i don't care about my grades." I didn't bother to look at him and continued doodling.

"Fuck you and your parents."

I just gave him a grin.

2 weeks had passed since that accident happened. I was hit by a car and it appeared that the driver is drunk. It damaged my body pretty bad but i'm okay now. I got a scar on my left jaw, it looks cool actually, guess i'll stick with it for the rest of my life. My parents didn't bothered to see me, well it didn't surprised me but Ray, Jamia and Bob visited me at the hospital so i didn't got that lonely. I'm wondering if this had to do with that boy. They haven't talked about him as usual and I didn't bothered to ask because i'll get the same answer.

Bob poked me but I ignored him, i don't have time to deal with his bullshit right now, i'm in a middle of an important mission here, killing Ms. Holler by cutting her stomach open and swirling her guts around, now that's pretty hardcore. My drawing's not that good but you'll get the point.

Bob poked me again, harder this time.

"What?!" I hissed.

A shadow is covering me. Ms. fucking Holler is in front of my desk staring at me with a blank expression. Her eyes darted on my drawing, I tried to cover it with my hands but it's too late, she already saw it. She didn't react, ha I guess i'll try harder next time.

"Iero, on the board. Now."

I hear Bob giggling, asshole. I got up and started walking infront, my hands on my back with a midfing sign, letting Bob know what a fucker he is.

"Well fuck you too." He said that louder than I expected. I hope Ms. Holler heard it. Please please please.

"Bob, on the board. Answer question number 2."

"What?!" Bob almost yelled at her. Ha! You fucking deserved it!

Ms. Holler just gave him a blank expression, as usual, and is waiting for him to go in front. Well Bob doesn't have any choice so he went towards me, still not writing anything on the board, what do you expect?



I chatted Jeff a thousand times but all i get is nothing. This fucker better give me my meth, i haven't sniffed some for 2 months! I didn't slipped any at the hospital, they're strict as fuck. I need a meth so bad.

I'm at the cafeteria which is currently empty because you know, it's class hour. I decided to bail all my subjects after calculus. Guess i'll look for him, he doesn't look like he goes to class so i might see him here somewhere, selling drugs to other students or maybe he's out but i'll look for him here first, my guts tells me that he's here.

"Frankie boy."

Someone tapped me on the shoulders. There's only one person i can think of who calls me that. I turned my head and saw Tommy. His mustache is getting longer, i like it, he looks like Mario now.

"Oh glad you're still breathing." I smiled at him.

"This old man ain't dying yet!" He laughed then sat in front of me. It's nice to see him again. Tommy is one of the school's utility staff. He worked here for almost 20 years now, he's in his 60s I think. He's the only one i can trust in this school. Tareen and Holler? Naaahh. Ain't gonna trust them. Don't wanna. I like Tommy, it's easy to talk to him. He always looks happy whenever i see him, well Tareen is like that but Tommy's, not pretending. You'll get to know her later.

He placed his cap on the table. "How are you? Heard you were caught in an accident?" he said worriedly.

"Naah it's nothing." I said.

"You sure son?" He narrowed his eyes, placed his right hand on his chin.

"What? You think i'll let that bother me? I'm not a weakling." I lowered my brows. No need to treat me like a little kid, i'm like 17 now geez

"Hmmm." He stroked his chin further.
"Stop fucking around." I said and gave him a glare. Now he's having fun.

"Just messing with you." he laughed.

I gave him a smirk. I took his cap and put it on. "So, you caught Shadow yet?"

"Nope, not yet. It's doing worse than before. It's making my job harder. Darn that cat."

Shadow's just a stupid cat that steals food and messes up with everyone's stuff. Tommy and the other staffs really want to catch it but that cat knows how to stay hidden so that's how it got the name Shadow, plus it's black so yeah

"Hey Tommy! The faucet is broken, come here and fix it." a fat lady with an apron shouted. Ha she's wet.

Tommy looked at her and waved his right hand. "Be right there!" he shouted. He then looked at me, grabbed his cap on my head and puts it on. He sighed. "Duty calls." He got up. "Be a good boy now Frank." he smiled then off he goes.

Ha good boy. I wish I could. Now what am i going to do again? Hmmmm ah, Jeff. Wait maybe Tommy had seen him. I called him and asked. He said that maybe he's at the third floor


I'm at the hallway of the senior's area, third floor, my favorite floor. This area is quiet and creepy, just how i like it. Some say that it's haunted but that don't scare me, they're like my thing, ghosts, bloods and all those gorey stuffs it just makes my heart warm. Ray is somewhere in these rooms oh wait there he is. Good thing the door's glass here are see through. Ray is easy to spot on, with his fuzzy hair and all that, he's being a good student as always.

There's a boy sitting at the back, separated from the other students. Does he have a virus or something. Wait. He looks like the boy who treated my wound, yeah the faggot. Oohh maybe he has aids, that's why no one wants to sit next to him haha. Maybe i'll call him Virus.

"No.... No no no, this.... this can't be happening no...."

Someone bumped me and I almost hit the door. I have enough embarrasment on calculus and i don't want any on this class. What the fuck's wrong with this kid.

"No I don't want to do that no no but maybe.... Yes! Maybe.... Maybe i can do it won't work." his voice is shaking. I turned around and saw Jeff. He looks scared, eyes wide open, body's shivering, hands pulling his hood making his face burried in it, i think he's hiding from someone or maybe he's just stoned.

"Hey uhm about earlier, disappearing like that is a dick move. Look just hand over my meth and we'll get this over with. I just need a fucking meth right now."

He turned away and just stays there. I got a strong feeling he's stoned right now.

"Jeff just give me the fucking meth."

Still no answer.

He stared at the window. I don't fucking know what is running in his head right now but ugh he needs to give me my meth.

I grabbed his shoulder. "Jeff." My tone's getting grumpier.

"What the fuck's going on with....."

He looked at me. "WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME? I DON'T WANT TO GO." He's crying. Wow. I gave him a shocked look and didn't say a word.

He then sat on the floor, leans to the locker, knees on his chest, sobbing. I don't know what to do. I just wanted to get my meth and this happened, great.

"Okay uhm i'll just get it tomorrow."

Still weeping. I don't want to baby sit him, guess i'll go wander off, somewhere, anywhere that'll not kill me, this school
it killed my ego already, i don't want them to devour me and chain me until i've become one of it.

"I don't know what to do... he fucking deserves to die, he's a.... he's a murderer...."

I stopped and looked at him. Now i'm intrigued. I went back and stood infront of him.

"What do you mean? Murderer?"

He looked at the floor. "I... I... He.. I just can't.. No.. No no"

My brows furrowed. "Tell me Jeff."

I waited for him to speak but he didn't.


No answer.

Ughh this is bugging me. I seated next to him.

"He... He killed Lindsey.... and now he's gonna kill me.... No.... i'm already dead..."

"Lindsey?" I asked.

"NO I CAN'T ... I.... DON'T WANT TO.. NO..." He hugged his knees tighter.

Wait i'm really confused. Is he having hallucinations or is this real? He smells like marijuana, yeah maybe he's hallucinating right now. But i think i heard Bob talking about a student here being killed and i think Lindsey is her name, hmmmmmm, nope, i'm not sure.

We seated there, waiting for something to break the silence. It's so quiet that it's deafening. An empty hall and a crying boy. All i can do is listen to his sad song.

Suddenly Jeff got up, he went towards the window and i followed him, he's actually stoned right now, i don't want him to act crazy and jump there and die, well if that's what he planned to do and I hope it's not but Jeff just stands there, looking at the sky. He seems to be calm right now guess i'll be off. I'll ask him tomorrow i guess.

When i turned around, i saw the boy, Virus, standing there looking at Jeff. He looks sad. He just stands there, eyes looking only to Jeff, he's like waiting for something to happen and I just looked at him, frozen. Their class isn't even over yet, i wonder what he's up to. Virus walked away still not wearing off those sad eyes. I tried to follow him, i need to ask him about what the fuck's going on but hearing the window open stopped me from doing that. I looked back, he's gone. I looked outside and wished that i'm just hallucinating. Jeff is lying on the ground. Jeff's dead.


Ugh i spent 5 days on this one, so many sleepless nights such eyebags so wow

I think i did good on this chapter, maybe, i guess hmmmm i'll just think i did xD So what you think? Please share me your thoughts! I'll work on chapter 2 later iihh hope my brain will cooperate

So that's it for now see ya!
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