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Star Wars: Controllers of Light

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One year after the events of Episode VIII, The New Jedi Order has a task: destroy the New Galactic Empire alongside the Resistance.

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Author's Note: This has been my first post for three months. I have been very busy and I will return here and write here more often.
Quick Reminder: If you haven't seen my Episode VIII, this contains spoilers for it. If you have, this is set AFTER the events of it.

"Jake," a voice said. "Jake..."
Jake opened his eyes to see his father, Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker hanging over him.
"What?" he said, rubbing his eyes.
"I have a job for you. Meet me in the Council room soon," Luke demanded.
Jake put on his bright Jedi cloak, robes and shoes and started to walk to the Council Room on D'Qar, the new planet of the Jedi Order.
On the way, he reunites with Leia, his aunt.
"General Organa! Is Master Skywalker at the Council room?" he asked.
"Yes he is. My brother just walked past," she said.
"Thanks. Good luck on your final assault on the New Empire!" he wished, running to the council room.

Jake soon arrived at the Council Room, taking his seat at the Co-Leader/Master of the Order seat on the Council. Sitting next to him on his left, was Luke. At his right, was his former apprentice and now Jedi Master, Harry. As well as these three, there were nine other Jedi Masters which included: Rey, Ahsoka Tano and Kyle Katarn. In the background, stood Jedi force ghosts: Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Yoda stood behind Luke, Anakin stood behind Harry and Obi-Wan stood behind Jake.
"I have called the Council - oh and Force Ghosts - here today to discuss our role in the final attack on the New Empire. I admit, after Ren massacred my training Jedi, I didn't expect the Order to regenerate to over 1000 Jedi in six years. I am all very grateful of your support, and I am grateful for your Padawans and the Jedi Knights existing, and even the younglings! Anyway, the roles will be: Jedi Padawans will stick with their Masters; Jedi Knights will defend the soldiers attacking the base and attack the soldiers at the same time; Jedi Masters will go and attack the Sith, and the High Council and I will take the fight straight to the Sith Council. All we have, will be all we use. Every single Jedi we have will attack the Empire with the Resistance and a small portion of the Republic fleet, while the rest of the Republic deal with things that we can't while we're all away. We must maneuver safely through the base's defenses and if we do this right, today will be the end of the Empire. And we will only have the First Order to deal with. Katarn, Tano, all Skywalkers, including myself will leave now. All the rest of you inform the rest of the Order their roles and meet us on Corusant, the same place Windu fought Palpatine during the Clone Wars." Luke said. "May the Force be with us all."
The Skywalkers, Katarn and Tano left the planet, ready for whatever happened next. The Jedi were not afraid of the Empire, as they've beaten bigger with smaller numbers before. With every single Jedi, except the younglings and one or two Masters, fighting around 100 Sith and regular soldiers (remember the Resistance and the Republic have their back) they are definitely going to defeat them. The Jedi were large in numbers, but if it wasn't for guidance from Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker, Jake Starkiller, Rey Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, Ahsoka Tano and Harry Baxter, the Order would be going nowhere. And fast. As soon as they arrived at the office, the gang were immediately greeted by millions to billions of troops for the Army of the Empire, but the Republic and the Resistance combined were far greater than their numbers. The soldiers from all teams fired at each other, many dying quick, while many were killing lots. The Jedi were cutting through soldiers themselves and attempted to reach the Council of Sith and once they reached a door, they opened it and escorted all five of them into a dark room. The lights flickered, and their lives flashed before their eyes, before red lightsabers activated, revealing five Sith Lords. The Jedi activated their naturally growing crystal powered lightsabers and before they engaged the Sith, Oxidus yelled, pointing at Jake,
"Starkiller! Get him!"
Only one Sith Master engaged the Jedi Master, while Oxidus engaged with Luke, Plague engaged with Rey, and the other two Sith engaged with Kyle and Ahsoka.
Then suddenly, troops kicked down the door, forcing the Jedi to escape their engages with the Sith and attack the troops.
"Halt!" Oxidus yelled.
"Is that all you've got?!" Jake yelled.
"Jake!" Luke yelled.
"Sorry, father," Jake apologized.
"You're incredibly out-numbered. Surrender now." Oxidus said.
The Jedi raised their sabers ready to deflect blaster fire. Oxidus, squeezed his hand, forming a fist, and the Jedi found themselves deflecting hundreds of blaster bolts.

Read Chapter II soon!
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