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Chapter XV

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This is it, the end of the line. With the clock ticking down the last few minutes before Gotham becomes a smouldering wreck, Batman has one last face-off against his former ally turned Villain, Har...

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"Well, here we are. Right back at the place where all of this started..." Two-Face began to say, before pointing over at the collapsed part of the building, all the while keeping the gun pointed at Batman.

"...with the death of my love, Rachel."

The mention of that name gained guilty looks from both the Vigilante and Gordon, though the former's was not so pronounced as the latter's, who looked back down at the trigger in his hands.

"We know, Harvey, it was a tragedy, one that we have to live with for every day that she is no longer with us..." the Vigilante replied, only for the Maniac to cut him off angrily.

"And so you should, since it was your fault!" he spat, making the other shake his head in return.

"I told you before, Harvey, that the three of us were responsible for what happened, because we chose to stand up to the injustice that was infecting 'our' City."

"Yes and yet I was the only one who lost everything, while Jim still had his Family and still had this City." Harvey spat back with rage visible in his eyes, while the Costumed-Man's demeanour remained calm.

"Harvey, please listen to reason." he said back, which only made the former DA react like a Bull to a red flag.

"My name is TWO-FACE..!" he screamed back, before looking down at his Prisoner.

"We have less than five minutes, Jim, before Gotham goes to Hell for it's part in what transpired here. So do your job and save who you can, by pressing that Button!" he shouted, keeping his focus on the broken Cop while still aiming his gun at the Dark Knight.

"Fox, how long?" he whispered, hoping not to catch Two-Face's attention.

"Nearly there, Mr. Wayne." the CEO spoke back in the Vigilante's ear-piece, just as Gordon looked back at him.

"Don't do it, Commissioner, since there is always another way!"

"You will do it, Jim, or are you going to let everyone join your Family and know that you failed them all?" Dent said back, which looked to have chipped away at what was left of the older Man's resolve as he sighed and looked back down at the trigger and took hold of it in his hands.

"Gordon, don't! Harvey is lying..." Batman then shouted back, gaining a hateful glare from the Scarred Man as his Prisoner stared back with a suddenly confused expression.

"...but...What?" he asked back with a mixture of disbelief and heartache in his voice, which made his costumed friend focus only on him, despite the Maniac pointing a gun directly at him.

"Barbara and the Kids are safe, Commissioner. You have my word."

Then just like that, the Police Chief looked as if he had a shot of Adrenalin as he sighed and a more focused and serious expression appeared on his face.

"No..." he then said in a clear and defiant tone, before placing the trigger on the ground in front of him.

", I will not do it." he added, only to look up at his Captor and lock eyes with him.

"I am sorry for what happened to Rachel, Harvey..." he began to say in clear and coherent manner, which only made Dent grit his teeth as hearing that name felt like a knife to the gut each and every time.

"...but I will not be forced to choose who lives and who dies." the older Man continued, while Batman silently observed and noticed how angry the former DA was looking.

"Well, I guess you 'really' are fine with sacrificing others to achieve your goals..." he started to say while looking down at the ground for a second, before suddenly turning his weapon to the Commissioner's head.

"...just like you did with Rachel and I. So enjoy this last moment of life, Jim..." he started to say, before noticing in the corner of his eye that the Vigilante was starting to move.

"...and I would stand right there, Freak, unless you want Gordon here to die prematurely." he added while looking directly back at him as he picked his Coin up out of his pocket, which gave the Police Chief his moment as he suddenly sprung up and attacked the Maniac, grabbing hold of the gun and trying to rip it from the others hands.

"Get off me!" Two-Face spat as he resisted the Cop, countering him by kneeing the aggressor in the stomach and hitting him over the head with the weapon, knocking Gordon out as he fell back to the floor. The Dark Knight then suddenly sprang into action and launches himself at Dent, who quickly turned the gun on him and fired.

"Ugh!" the Vigilante grimaced as the shot hit him square in the side, between two armoured sections of his Bat-suit, knocking him down onto his knees.

"Stay down, Batman, since we don't exactly have time for that now, do we." the former DA said back as he readied his coin, while continuing to aim the gun at the Vigilante.

"He is right, Sir, you only have 3 minutes left." Alfred added over the com-link, making Batman look down at the knocked out Gordon.

"So will you and Gordon die now or at 8:30pm with everyone else? Let's find out." he said, earning a knowing and determined look from the Dark Knight.

Sorry, Harvey..." he began to say as the Manic started to flip the coin into the air, taking something out of his Utility-belt and clenching it in his hand.

"...I will not leave our fate to chance!"

The Batman then threw up a bunch of coins into the air with Dent's, making the latter's eyes widen as he lost track of his coin in the rest as they fell back to the ground.

"No...!" he cried out as the coins hit the ground, making him fall to his knees and look for his own amongst them.

"...where is it, where is it!"

The scarred-Man then turned his attention back to his enemy, with an enraged expression as he gripped his gun tightly.

"What have you done, you freak?!" Two-Face then spat as he raised his Gun at the Dark Knight, but the latter this time quickly lunged at him and disarmed the former before knocking him back down to the ground with a punch to the face.

"It's over, Harvey, now shut down the Bombs!" the Vigilante said back in his disguised voice, which made Dent roll on to his back and chuckle as a little blood trickled down the left side of his cheek from his mouth.

"Heh heh, someone hasn't been paying attention, has he..." he started to reply, which only made his Adversary more frustrated as he bent down and grabbed him by his suit.

"Harvey..." he started to say back, making the Maniac's eyes narrow as he quickly pulled a pen knife out of his trouser pocket and stabbed it into the Dark Knight's wound.

"Arrgh!" Batman cried out as he let go of Two-Face and fell back onto his own knees, while the latter stood back up and glared back at him with hate.

"I told you, it's TWO-FACE!" he spat back furiously, before looking at his watch.

"And it looks like you screwed up, Batman, just like you did with Rachel and myself. You really are not good with following through on that whole inspiring people with hope...are you?" he asked with an implying tone, while the vigilante looked down at his armour and saw a small trickle of blood pouring from it.

"Because you have just failed the entire City and condemned it to burn, just like I knew you would..." he started to say, before noticing that the remote was still lying there on the floor and that the Batman was staring at it.

" you want the honour, Batman, since Gordon turned it down? I mean you are obviously the man that makes the tough calls, considering that you took the blame for what I had already done."

The Dark Knight though simply stared down at the remote, ignoring what the Maniac was saying as he stood over him.

'I can't let everyone die...perhaps...' he started to think as a conflicted expression appeared on his face, only for him to then grimace and shake his head subtly.

', I can't, I won't. I will not save people by killing people! There must be another way...!' he started to think, only to have his eyes widen as a look of realisation came to his face.

"So what will your move be, Dark Knight?" Two-Face asked as he looked down at his enemy, only for the latter to sigh in return and look back with a calm expression.

"Harvey..." he then started to say, which then made it the former DA's turn to widen his eyes, because the voice he heard was not the disguised one that he was used to, but one that he had heard two times before.

"...what...! Who are you?" he asked back in confusion, with the Batman responding by removing his cowl and revealing his true face to his former Ally.

"It's me, Harvey..." he started to reply in a calm tone, while Dent's expression was one of shock and bewilderment.

"B..Bruce...Bruce Wayne? You're...the Batman?" he asked in a disbelieving tone, gaining a nod back from the costumed Billionaire as he slowly got back to his feet, making the scarred-Man take a step back with a twitchy reaction.

'He's confused. Okay, Alfred, time to see if this works.' the Vigilante thought, while the Maniac muttered in disbelief.

"I don't understand...all this time?"

"Yes, Harvey, and I know exactly what it feels like to have all that pain and anger weighing down on you, the need to seek justice for those you have lost..." he started to explain, only for the still shocked Dent to cut him off.

"Because you lost your Parents, who were gunned down in front of you." he said back, making Bruce nod back knowingly.

"That's right, but that isn't the only thing we have in 'common', because there is something that we share..." the Billionaire continued calmly, only to hear Alfred's voice in his ear-piece.

"2 minutes, Sir."

"...and that is that we were both lucky to know 'Rachel' as well as we did."

The mention of her name made Two-Face's eyes widen in response, showing the unmasked Batman the chink in the former DA's armour.

"You were Rachel's childhood friend, I remember her telling me all about your friendship."

"Yes, so that means we are both probably the only people who knew her the best. I know that you are doing this for her, because you believe that we..." Bruce continued while gesturing to himself, Harvey and the unconscious Gordon lying on the floor beside them.

"...all failed her, but now you're letting that rage and pain poison you into thinking that the entire City is guilty of the same crime."

Harvey's eyes started to narrow back as he gritted his teeth, which the young Wayne noticed but still stayed calm.

"They did, everyone failed her and so deserve to suffer the same fate." he spat back with a venomous tone.

"You really believe that, Harvey? Do you think Rachel would want this...?" the costumed-Man asked back as he gestured to their surroundings.

" I loved her as much as you did, and I know that there is no way that Rachel would want this, that she would condone your actions here..." he continued, with his tone and demeanour becoming more serious and worried, since he knew time was running out.

"Rachel loved you, Harvey. She knew you were a good Man..." Bruce added, while Two-Face just listened as his own expression became less angry as the former could see a slight semblance to the Lawyer he once knew.

"...and she 'chose you' because of that. Just look at yourself and tell me, do you really think that she would want this, because I highly doubt it and I believe that deep down, past Two-Face, that you know it too." the young Man finished, bringing a thoughtful expression to the scarred-Man's face as he looked down at his hands for his Coin and yet saw nothing there, making his eyes suddenly widen as a look of realisation overcame his usual angry and hateful expression. Because for the first time, he did not know what to think or decide as his mind was again overcome with memories of the times that he had shared with his love.

"You're Gotham's White well as mine own."

"I love you, Harvey Dent."

His eyes began to well up as this opened his thoughts to further memories, which bombarded his mind like waves crashing against a Cliff-face, reminding him of the Man he used to be.

"Whatever decisions I make as District Attorney will be made with Gotham's best interests in mind. The moment I fail to do that, no matter the circumstances, is the moment that I become everything I stand against."

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

"My God, what have I done? Please...Rachel, forgive me." he muttered under his breath while falling to his knees, before returning his attention back to the costumed-Billionaire, who received another update via his ear-piece.

"1 Minute, Sir, please hurry."

"Harvey, turn off the Bombs! There is still time to stop this madness." The unmasked Batman then pleaded, while the former DA just stared back with a dumbstruck look to his face.

"Harvey, please?"

"They can't be stopped, Bruce...not by me...not by anyone." Dent replied with dazed tone and act as he knelt there in a shaken state, which made the Vigilante look around them with a worried expression.

'God damn it! There must be...' he began to think, only to have his thoughts interrupted by a familiar voice in his ear.

"Mr. Wayne, I have managed to disrupt the signal to the main bombs, none of them will explode now..." Lucius began to explain, making Bruce smile back as he sighed deeply.

"Thank you."

"I am sure Gotham will be thankful, but you have just over 40 seconds before the bomb directly under you goes off and I have not control of that one." the CEO then replied, snapping the younger Man's attention back to the situation at hand.

"Roger that." he said back before turning his attention to the still knocked out Commissioner and the shaken-looking Harvey just aways from him,

"Harvey, we have to move!" Batman then said with his disguised voice as he quickly re-equipped his Cowl, making the latter shake his head.

"Leave me...I'm the Villain now, I don't deserve to live for what I have done." he said back, the tone of his voice was one of self loathing, making the Dark Knight shake his head as the former's words reminded him of something he once said.

"I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you."

"No, Harvey, that would be too easy for you and I doubt Rachel would approve." he replied, while kneeling down and turning his attention to the Commissioner.

"Gordon, wake up!" he said while giving the older make a little shake, making the latter stir from his unconsciousness.

"...urgh...Batman? What's...?" he started to say, only for the Dark Knight to cut him off.

"The bombs have been taken care of, but we have to get of here." he replied in his disguised voice, before looking over to Dent.

"Harvey, help me." he ordered, gaining a nod back from the Scarred Man, which brought a surprised look from Gordon as the two helped him up.

"...Harvey! What the?"

"No time, So let's go before this place blows." Batman the ordered the pair as the three of them moved quickly to the far end of the derelict, while the timer on the bomb below them continued to silently count down.

"Sir, Foley and his men have rounded up the last of the Mercenaries that has escaped the building, but you have 10 seconds, 8..." Alfred then spoke through the Vigilante's ear piece, only to be cut off by the latter.

"Not now, Penny-One!" he spat as they reached the edge of the floor, turning his attention to Gordon and Dent in the meantime.

"I don't know if this will work, but hold on to me!" he ordered, which made both men do exactly that. And then just as the last few seconds ticked down, the three of them jumped off the edge as the Batman spread out his cape, allowing them to glide away just as the bomb exploded and enveloped the derelict in a massive fireball. The resulting shock-wave then knocked the wind out of the extended cape, forcing the trio down as they hit the ground and rolled over a couple of times.

"Okay, I'm awake..." the Commissioner then stated as he slowly recovered, while Harvey and the Batman followed suit.

" are you going to tell me what is going on?" he added with a confused tone, before Harvey got to his feet and helped him up.

"What is going on, Commissioner..." he started to reply, stopping just to glance over his shoulder at the Dark Knight with a knowing expression, gaining a mirrored look back.

" you are taking me in." he finished while holding his hands out at the older Man in a submissive manner, which only made the former look more confused.


"It's true, Commissioner, the bombs were stopped and Harvey has decided to give himself up.

"But..?" Gordon started to say back, only for Dent to cut him off.

"I was wrong and I should face the consequences of my actions. Wouldn't you agree, Commissioner?" he said with an honest and earnest tone, before the Vigilante joined their side and gave the Police Chief a pair of Handcuffs, just as sirens could be heard in the distance.

"I should go and pick up your Family from my safe-house." Batman then stated, earning a nod from Gordon in return.

"Alright, but where will you drop them off?" he asked back, stopping the Dark Knight in mid-motion as he started to turn away.

"On the roof of the GCPD, safe and sound, Commissioner, I promise."

"Very well, you better get moving." the older Man replies with an appreciative tone, gaining a slight nod from the Vigilante as he glanced ever so slightly over his shoulder and then started to walk away into the surrounding darkness, leaving Gordon and Dent as they awaited the Police reinforcements.

A moment or so later, once he had made it a far enough distance away from the Sirens of the Police, who had then arrived and surrounded the burning building of 250-52nd Street, the Batman then activated his com-link.

"Penny-One, I am going to need a pick up." the Batman said as he kept walking, which brought his ear-piece to life in response.

"I am already on my way, Master Bruce, and should be at your Suit's signal-location in 20 minutes."

"That's good. In the meantime, I should have no problem evading any Police-searches, if they choose to conduct any in this area."

"Oh, of that I have no doubt, Sir. But tell me, considering how tonight's events have played out, how are you feeling at this moment?" the Butler asked with a curious tone, gaining a similar expression from the Dark Knight.

"Were you eavesdropping the entire time, Alfred?"

"I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I was not monitoring your situation continuously, Master Bruce. But you didn't answer my question, so I will ask again. Considering how tonight's events turned out, how do you feel?"

This brought a thoughtful expression to the Dark Knight's face, as he made it into the cover of the next area's buildings.

"If you are referring to the fact that this latest crisis did not end with any loss of life, then I can tell you, Alfred, that it feels really good." the younger Man replied in his disguised but relieved voice, which made he smile as he knew that his Confidante and friend would be as well.

"I am glad to hear it, in fact, it is already coming in over the news that people believe that the Batman saved the City, despite his current standing with it." Alfred replied, making the costumed Billionaire sigh in response.

"Well I can hear all about it when I get back to the Cave."

"Of course, Master Bruce, I should be there with the Rolls Royce very soon." the Butler said back, before the Vigilante's attention was caught by the sight of Man cowering at the feet of another, who stood over him with a knife at the other end of the alley he had just entered.

"Alright, Penny-One, though there appears to something that I can occupy myself with in the mean time." he replied back.

"And what is that, Sir?" the old Man replied over the com-link, which only made Batman's grin widen as he narrowed his eyes at the distracted criminal.



An hour or so later...

"Daddy!" little Barbara exclaimed joyously as she ran into her Father's arms, with the older man giving her a loving hug back as he was joined by both his Son and his Wife, both looking a little less welcoming as they joined him in the GCPD HQ, having been dropped off by the Batman on it's roof.

"We flew with the Batman, in his Plane...twice!" she excitedly told him, gaining a pleased smile from Jim in return.

"I'm just glad that you all are safe." he replied while turning his attention to the others, which made his Son crack the slightest of smiles back.

"Yeah, you too, Dad. Batman kept his word and saved you too." he said back, making his Father pull slightly away from his youngest so that he could put his hand on Jimmy's shoulder.

"Is the scary-faced Man gone, Daddy?" his little-girl then asked with an innocence that only children of her age could show, gaining a reassuring smile back as he returned his attention to her.

"Yes, Barbara, he is gone and won't be bothering us again, I promise." the older Man then added, before he found his smile weakening as he looked at his Wife, who walked up behind her Daughter and placed her hands on the little one's shoulders.

"Well, I personally think that the kids have had enough excitement for one day and should get some sleep." she said back with a controlled and tired expression, making little Barbara turn around and show her dislike in return.

"But, Mommy, we just got to see Daddy."

"I know, Sweety, but I think Daddy has got more pressing things going on." she answered while turning her attention back to her Husband and looking over his shoulder, making the Commissioner turn to see Lieutenant Foley and Officer Eckhart join them.

"It's good to see that everyone is safe, just as the Batman had said. Though it would have been nice if he had stuck around." he said, gaining a knowing and annoyed look from his Superior.

"What, so you could arrest him, and after everything he just did tonight?"

"The Law is the Law, Jim, despite what people might think..." the younger Man started to say, only to stop as a reluctant look appeared on his face.

"...but I am not here to talk about that." he added, which made Gordon narrow his eyes back in return.

"Well, I appreciate you checking up on us, Peter. But I really should be finding us a place to stay, since our home is currently a crime-scene."

"Well, that is why I have brought Eckhart with me, Jim. He will sort out your Family's sleeping arrangements, because you and I have been called to see the Deputy Mayor." Foley replied, bringing a surprised look to his Boss's face.

"Michael Murphy, I thought he was currently out of the City?"

"He was in Central City, filling in for Mayor Garcia at the opening another one of those STAR Labs by it's owner, Dr. Harrison Wells, who apparently wants to open another here in Gotham. But since the Mayor was killed by Two-Face, Murphy was called back." the Lieutenant explained, though all Gordon could do was stare back with a knowing look.

"I see you're calling Harvey by his alter-ego now, why is that?" he asked curiously, which only made his Subordinate get angry in response.

"I respected that Man...that Monster, but he took this City's trust and flushed it down into the gutter, twisting our hopes for the future and completely shattering them..." he started to rant back, only to notice that Gordon was about to speak and so stopped him from doing so.

"...and before you say it, yes I know that it was Joker that turned him into what he is...or more likely, he just revealed that Two-Face was really who Dent was the whole time, just as our colleagues thought back then."

This brought a thoughtful look to Gordon's face as he sighed in return, because for him, the entire world was flipped upside down from the moment he came too and found that Harvey was helping Batman get the three of them to safety.

'One moment can't rectify all the wrong that Harvey has done, but it did show that there was still a glimmer of hope that this Man was not beyond redemption.'

"The only thing that matters to me, Peter, is that my Family is safe and Harvey is in Prison and no longer a threat to anyone." he replied, only to get a surprised look from the Lieutenant as he looked between his Superior and his Family.

"I find it surprising that you're just 'fine' that Monster who tried to kill your Family not once...but 'twice', is just going to rot in Prison and not face actual Justice for what he did, not only to you and your Family, but also to Gotham herself." Foley said back, before Barbara stepped in between the two men.

"That's enough..." she said at them both, before turning her attention to her Husband.

"...we have been through a lot and I think that the Children have seen enough arguing."

"Yes, I agree." Gordon replied, while Barbara looked over at the youngest of the three Policemen.

"I'd like it if you would show us to where we will be staying, Officer." she said in a firm but diplomatic tone, which earned an unsure look from Eckhart, who then looked at the Commissioner for confirmation.

"Go on, Son." he said, making the other guy nod back and return his focus to his Superior's Family.

"Okay, now if you will follow me, I'll take you to the Hotel."

Both Jimmy and his Sister acknowledged him with a nod and started to follow, only to stop as their Mother gave their Father one last look.

"We will talk later, Jim." she said with a finality to her voice that only he recognised, well it isn't like he hasn't known her long enough.

"Okay, I'll see you all later." the Police Chief replied with a smile as he looked at his Wife and then at his Children, with that smile looking more realistic with them before Barbara ushered them out of the room while following Eckhart, leaving Jim standing there with Foley as an uneasy silence surrounded them.

"Right, shall we go then? The Deputy Mayor is waiting for us downstairs." the younger of the two Men then said, breaking the uneasy silence and earning a nod from the other.

"Very well, let's go."

The two then went back to the main floor and found Mr. Murphy waiting for them in the Commissioner's Office, sitting opposite Gordon's desk and chair as they entered.

"It was good of you to come, Commissioner Gordon,since we have some business to discuss." the greying Man said as he looked over his shoulder at Jim and Foley, making the former nod back in response.

"Yes, Sir, I guess we do. Though, it's not like I could just not come and see you." he replied while walking around to his chair, only for Murphy to put his hand up in protest.

"There's no need to sit down, Gordon..."

This brought a knowing look to the Police-Chief's face as he could sense how this conversation was going to go as he stopped next to his desk, while Foley remained quiet and stood by the door.

"...because this isn't going to be that long, but before we go any further, I have one question for you..." the Deputy-Mayor spoke as he stood up and faced Gordon.


"Why what, Mr. Murphy?" Jim replied, trying to sound confused by the question despite knowing what he was about to ask.

"Why did you and that Vigilante fake Dent's death and keep it a secret from the rest of the City? I only ask, because I remember a conversation that Anthony Garcia had with Dent a year ago, just after both you and him had told the Mayor your plan to arrest the entire Mob. Tony told me afterwards and I never forgot it, want to hear it?" he asked, while Gordon replied with the slightest of gulps in return.

"...The Mayor had warned Dent on what would happen if he went through with this mass of arrests, because it would paint a bullseye on his back and anyone who would lose something from his plan would be gunning for him, looking for anything that could overturn his impressive and risky idea..." Mr. Murphy continued, while the two Cops remained quiet and listened.

"...and if the former DA had anything that these disgruntled parties could use, that it could bring down the very Council of this City and turn Gotham into the chaos that you and he were trying to stop."

"Look, Mr. Murphy..." the Commissioner began to say as his the elected Official took a slight pause, only for the latter to speak up and cut him off.

"I'm not finished, Commissioner, please...don't interrupt..." he replied with a diplomatic yet stern tone, making the former sigh defeatedly.

"...because that is exactly what happened, didn't it? That after Dent survived the tragedy that claimed the life of Miss. Dawes, he did something didn't he? Something that led along the lines of what the Mayor had been worried about, so what was it, Commissioner?" the Deputy Mayor asked with an intuitive expression, which made Gordon adjust his glasses uncomfortably before looking his Boss in the eye.

"You want the truth..." the older Man began to reply, before taking a breath as he turned to look at Foley and then back to Murphy.

"...okay...of course, the Batman didn't kill Harvey Dent..." he started to explain with a pained tone, while the other two men listened.

"...because Harvey was going to murder my Son, had the Batman not stopped him. And then my 'friend' decided to take the blame for the crimes that Harvey had committed, so that I could reluctantly use his death and his reputation as Gotham's White Knight to do some good and keep the Mob off the City's streets." he continued before looking down at his desk, breaking eye contact with Murphy as he took another breath.

"Well, that was very noble of the Vigilante..." the Deputy-Mayor began to reply, his voice sounding somewhat sympathetic, which brought Jim's attention back up to him.

"...but what did you mean with 'reluctantly'?" he added with his tone shifting to more cautious and questioning, which only made the Commissioner feel like the imaginary spot-light on him brighten as he stood there, being watched by the others in the room.

"Well, Mr. Murphy..." Jim then started to say, not bothering to hide the pain and anger he was feeling at having been made to explain himself as he looked back at the Official.

" would you feel if you had to praise the Madman that tried to kill 'your' own Son, instead of the man who saved him?" he asked in a knowing tone, while a single tear started to run down his left cheek.

"My God..." Foley muttered under his breath as a look of realisation appeared on his face, it was a look shared by the Deputy-Mayor who took a step back from the Commissioner as he put his hand to his mouth.

"Damn it, Gordon, why didn't you or your Family say anything?" he asked by in an adamant tone, though it was slightly broken by the revelation that he had just heard,

"Because Mayor Garcia was right, that if anything was pinned on Harvey after what we managed to do together with the Mob...then it would all fall apart. Batman understood that, so he decided to take the blame for everything Harvey had done, as well as the former-DA's murder. He would rather the world hated him, then let Gotham fall back under the shadow of the Mob, and I had to condemn him myself..." the Police Chief continued, only to stop and take a breath as he wiped the tear away.

"...I took the lesser of two evils to ensure that our City would see the 'Dawn' that Harvey spoke of many times during his tenure as Gotham's District Attorney, which was a choice that weighed heavily on my shoulders for the past year and also damaged my relationship with my Family, because they did not agree with me throwing the Batman to the Wolves."

Murphy then looked down at the desk, taking note of the Photo of the Commissioner's Family which stood there with his Children and Wife frozen in a moment of happiness, before sighing and returning his attention to Gordon.

"I am sorry to hear that, Commissioner, and as I said previously, the Batman made a very noble sacrifice for the rest of us..." he began to say with a slither of sympathy to his voice, which then disappeared as he continued.

"...but he is still a Vigilante and acting outside of the Law and is guilty of that, if not the crime of murdering Dent, something that itself wasn't true either."

"No, I found out shortly after the incident with the Joker that Harvey was actually in a Coma. And it looked as if he would never wake from, so I decided to hide him in Arkham Asylum and act as if he was truly dead, which in itself was true, from a certain point of view." Jim replied, gaining a confused look from Foley.

"A certain point of view?"

"Yes, the Harvey Dent we knew had died at the hands of the Joker, leaving Two-Face for the rest of us. It was his twisted attempt at a joke, one that would have ruined everything if it had come out." his Superior said back, making the Deputy-Mayor take a breath before placing his hands on his hips.

"That might be true, Gordon, that you and the Barman were simply trying to save us from an unfortunate and terrible truth. But what is also true and I cannot ignore, despite your good intentions, is that you not only aligned yourself with a Vigilante that the Mayor tasked you to find and arrest. But you also broke your vow as a Policeman and lied to the very City you were charged to protect." Murphy replied in a reluctant manner-of-fact tone, making the Commissioner nod back knowingly.
"I know, so what happens now?" he asked, trying to feign a confused tone of voice, though he already knew where this conversation was heading.

"Well no offence, Jim, but I was going to insist that you take early retirement. Because no matter how I look at it, you broke the Law and should face the consequences of your actions..." Murphy continued to say, which made Gordon want to answer, but the City Official beat him to it.

"But that being said, Lieutenant Foley made quite the argument for keeping you on the force..."

The older Man turned his attention to his younger Colleague, who simply gave him a sympathetic smile back as their Boss kept talking.

"...saying that you were too good a resource to let go and it would hurt the GCPD's morale to see you go at this time."

"Really?" Jim replied with a surprised tone, not even attempting to hide it as he return his focus to the Deputy Mayor.

"Yes, so instead I am going to have to strip you of the title of Police Commissioner and push you back down to Sargent. And from there, Foley will partner you with Officer Bullock."

"So that means the Lieutenant is going to be the new Police Commissioner?" Gordon said back with an inquisitive and knowing tone, earning a nod back from Murphy in response.


This brought a thoughtful expression to the Commissioner's face as he pondered on the choice presented to him, while the Deputy-Mayor and Foley waited before sighing.

"Thank you, Mr. Murphy, for a very generous offer considering what I had done. Because I certainly do not think I would have, if someone under me had done the same..." he started to reply, gaining a knowing look from Foley as he could see how his Superior's answer was going to turn out.

"...but I am going to go with early retirement..." he carried on, making the City Official silently nod back as he and the Lieutenant listened.

"...because even though I agree somewhat with Peter here, I would be a reminder of what has previously happened if I stay on and the citizens of Gotham deserve to see that the system works, even with one of it's own who has tried to cheat it."

"Okay, Gordon, in that case I can assure you that there will be no charges brought to you and you will leave here with your pension intact, since your service-record is one of finest in the GCPD's history." Murphy replied, earning an appreciated nod from Gordon.

"Thank you." he said back, only for the former to gesture at Foley as he ushered the Commissioner to the door.

"Well if you will now follow Lieutenant Foley, then we can get on with the Press-conference and inform the Citizens of our City what is happening." he said, while Foley opened the door and followed Gordon outside as the two men left the Deputy-Mayor in Gordon's old office.

"Look, Jim..." Peter then said, stopping his soon to be former-Colleague in his tracks as the latter turned to him.

"...I just wanted to tell you that I didn't want this to happen like this." he said with a sympathetic tone, but this just earned him an angry glare from Gordon in return.

"Oh, don't give me that, Peter. You have been hounding me for the last year about chasing down the Batman..." he replied, before taking a reluctant breath.

"...well now it appears you will get your chance, Commissioner."

"Now just a minute, Jim, I didn't ask for your Job." the Lt. replied defensively, though that didn't stop the older Man from biting back.

"No, but you have it now. Which means that you have the responsibility of protecting the entire City, making sure it's Citizens feel safe and secure. I hope that you will keep that in mind and not waste all of your time hunting down the Batman, who is someone that is simply trying to help." he replied with a somewhat critical tone, which made Foley narrow his eyes back as his temper flared.

"I do not understand why you keep defending that Vigilante, a man who defies all of our laws in his own misguided attempt to enforce them. He is nothing but a Criminal and I will make sure that he pays for those crimes, which will be much easier without you there to get in the way." he spat, gaining a mirrored expression from Gordon in return.

"You are an Idiot! Because if you have not noticed, the Batman pretty much saved us all tonight and it wasn't for the first time."

"Yeah, I know that and I appreciate how he helped us in this latest crisis, but that doesn't change the fact that he is a criminal and I will continue to treat him as such." Foley replied as the older Man turned and waved him off as he continued to walk away.

"Like I said, you're an Idiot." Jim said back as another person met him at the end of the room, which made the Lieutenant join his side reluctantly.

"Mr. Gordon, we are ready for you." the new guy said, earning a reluctant nod from the older Man as he acknowledged him, but then stopped and returned his attention to his soon-to-be former-subordinate.

"I just hope, Peter, that you won't have to face a similar situation as I did. A situation that has no easy way out, where you're damned whether you do a particular thing or not. Because one thing is certain to me, which is that when that moment comes, you will not have anyone at your side to help you, not like I did. A 'Friend' that will do the things that you can't, even if that comes as a sacrifice on their part." he said in a low and judging tone, before walking through the door into the next room with the other guy, leaving the Lieutenant to stand there and contemplate what he had just been told.


Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Bruce was lying down on what looked like a Gurney with his shirt off as Alfred attended to his wounds.

"Ouch! Alfred, careful!" the younger Man said with an annoyed tone, earning an eye roll from the Butler as he removed the bullet from his Master's upper-torso.

"And I thought you were trained to block out pain..." he started to say as he applied pressure to the spot as the un-masked Vigilante sat up, only for the latter to cut him off.

"Actually I was taught to put pain in it's place." he replied, which only made his old Friend raise an eyebrow as he stopped and gave Bruce a knowing look.

"Well I doubt whoever tutored you in that skill meant for you to voice your pain, Master Bruce, so don't be a Baby." he replied with a sarcastic tone, making the Billionaire smile in return.

"Fair point..." he began to say back, before looking at the Gurney as Alfred finished and bandaged hiw wound up.

"...though I think that we should install a proper medical unit down here, right?"

"That's a good idea, Mr. Wayne." a familiar voice spoke up from behind the pair, making the younger Man look over his shoulder and see Lucius standing there."

"Luicus, I didn't know you were here..." he started to say with a surprised expression, before Pennyworth cut him off as he finished and started to pack away his medical kit.

"Mr. Fox arrived here shortly after I had left to pick you up, Sir."

"But how did he..." Bruce then started to ask, a bewildered expression growing on his face that made both older Men look at each other and sigh.

"Still not quite the Master-Detective are you, Bruce. You gave me access to the Cave only last year."

"Well, Lucius, what can I say..." the Billionaire began to reply, a cheeky smile growing on his face at the same time.

"...but when facing a City-wide emergency, the third in three years, I might add. It's easy for the smaller details to be misplaced or forgotten in the madness of it all." he added, gaining a nod back from his CEO.

"How true that it is, Bruce, but once more 'you' managed to stop Gotham falling into that madness."

"No, 'we' did, the three of us." the younger Man quickly replied, bringing an appreciative smile to his Butler's face.

"That's kind of you to say, Master Bruce, though it would be foolish not to acknowledge that it was Batman's example that inspired us to do our part."

"Agreed, in fact there is something you should see, Bruce..." Fox then said, before turning his attention to the nearby Bat-Computer.

"Computer, show news-feed on the main-screen." he then commanded, with the large device quickly executing it as it's main screen came to life and showed a news broadcast.

"Wow, you added verbal commands to the Bat-Computer..." Bruce started to say with an impressed and surprised tone, only for his Colleague to cut him off.

"Just watch, Bruce." he said back, making the Wayne stare back at the screen, just as a reporter started to talking whilst standing next to some random people.

"...this is Jack Ryder for Gotham News and since the incident surrounding former-District Attorney Harvey Dent, now known as Two-Face. It appears that despite City Officials and GCPD's repeated callings for the Batman's arrest, that the Public's views on our resident Vigilante are changing."

"The Batman saved us, he saved the entire City. Now I don't know what happened the night that he apparently killed Dent and in fact I didn't believe it, because he once saved my Wife from being mugged by two scum-bag losers. And to see that he is still out there, protecting us. Well it helps me sleep better at night."

"Why does the Batman continue to do this, as things have only got worse since he showed up."

"We need Batman out here on the streets, since the Cops can't seem to stop this shit from happening."

"He stinks and I don't like him."

"It appears that there are some in Gotham that no longer see the Batman as a menace." Lucius then said, regaining Bruce's attention back to him and Alfred, while the News Broadcast returned to it's studio on the screen.

"I appreciate why you showed me that, Lucius, but I don't do what I do to get good publicity, I do it because it is necessary." the younger Billionaire replied, gaining a knowing nod back from his CEO.

"I know, Alfred to me as much. But you cannot deny that despite some still feeling ill intent against your masked Alter-Ego, there are others that the Batman is clearly inspiring."

This brought a knowing look to Bruce's face, as he looked back at Fox.

"I agree, that is good and they are going to need that. Because very soon the Dent Act is going to be scrapped, meaning that the one thousand Inmates at Blackgate will be released back into Gotham and the GCPD will not be able to handle it on their own."

"In that case, Master Wayne..." Alfred then began to say, earning the attention of both Men as they looked back at him.

"...we are lucky that the City still has Batman to defend it, since everyone of those Criminals fears you." he added with a proud smile as he placed a hand on his young Master's shoulder, which made the latter smile back appreciatively.

But then as he was about to reply, the three Men found their attention caught by the main screen of the Bat-Computer as it continued to show the current News broadcast.

"We have breaking news for you as we take you to the GCPD Headquarters, where Commissioner James Gordon is about to make a statement."

"What!" Bruce said back with a surprised tone, as the broadcast changed to show the Police Commissioner standing at a podium before a host of Journalists and Camera-Men.

"Good Evening, I have come before you all to tell you the truth about what happened to Harvey Dent that night, over a year ago. I chose to hide the truth because I believed it was the right thing to do, due to the high tensions and panic created amongst the Citizens of our great City were experiencing that night with the Joker..." he started to say, which immediately made the Billionaire narrow his eyes in response, because he could see the reluctant and pain expression on his Ally's face.

"...but the Batman did not kill Harvey Dent, he saved my Son and then took the blame for Harvey's atrocious crimes..." he continued to say, only stopping to take a breath.

" I could to my shame, create a lie around this fallen White Knight...I gave praise to the Lunatic that attempted to murder my own Child..." Gordon continued, before awkwardly adjusting his glasses as unbeknownst to him, Bruce Alfred and Lucius simply watched silently from their location in the Bat-Cave.

"...but the Lie has been revealed to you all today, which has brought my shame into the light, letting the People of Gotham know the truth...and there is nothing left for me to do now but resign."

The Audience then came to life as all the reporters began loudly shouting their questions over each other, while Gordon quickly left the room and the range of the main Camera as Foley then took his place.

"It is sad to see such a distinguished member of our Police-Force have to leave, but I want to assure everyone that the GCPD is still committed to protecting our Citizens, maintaining Law and Order in Gotham. This also pertains to 'the Batman', who as a Vigilante, acts outside of the Law and must be brought to Justice for those very laws he has broken..." the Lieutenant started to say, only for Bruce to speak up and cut off the broadcast.

"Computer, deactivate screen." he said, making the device do just that as he got off the Gurney and began heading to the Lift in a slightly rushed Manner.

"I've got to go." he said, leaving a bemused Alfred and Fox behind.

"Go where, Sir?" the former asked, stopping his Master who looked back over his shoulder.

"To see Gordon, but I have to make a stop first and for that, there is something up-stairs that I need."

"I take it you are going to need your 'formal wear'..." Fox then asked, before turning his attention to the Butler.

"...that's the correct term, right, Alfred?" he added, gaining a nod back as Bruce looked back questioningly.

"That's right, Lucius, why do you ask?"

"Because I think you will want to use what I have brought in that large case over by the Computer..." the CEO began to explain, making the Billionaire turn his attention to the metal crate standing next to the Bat-Computer.

"What's in there?" he asked while walking over the to the large object, with Fox quickly joining his side as he began to open it up.

"Take a look, Bruce, because I think you will like what you see." the older Man replied as he watched the Wayne unlock the Crate's lid and open it, before his eyes widened as he smiled down at what he saw.

"Wow..!" he started to exclaim, earning a mirrored look from Lucius in return before the former then turned and looked back with a curious expression.

"...but I thought you said it would take another day or so to finish?"

"Well I may have lied a little, since it was not ready when you saw it, but it is now..." the CEO replied as he gestured at the crate's contents.

"Now this 'Version-3 has a handful of new features that your previous-version does not, as well as some alterations and it too comes with it's own instruction manual..." he continued, only for Bruce to cut him off.

"Which I will read, this time."

This brought surprised looks to both Lucius and Alfred's faces, with the latter joining the pair beside the open crate.

"Really, Master Bruce?" the Butler asked, gaining a nod from his younger Master.

"Naturally, since I need to be more hands on with all of this..." he began to answer, before turning around and looking back to the Lift.

" I guess I can take this out for a test-run?"

"Yes, Bruce..." Fox replied with a smile, while the Billionaire headed back towards the Lift.

" the way, you do know that you have a second Bat-pod here, at least until your 'Batmobile' and the second Batwing are completed, right?" he then asked, bringing a knowing smirk to Bruce's face as he turned and looked back at his friends.

"Of course I do, thanks in advance, Lucius." he replied before then entering the Lift, leaving both Fox and Pennyworth in the Cave.

"Well, it's about time." the former then said with a relieved tone, earning a knowing nod from Alfred.

"That it is, Lucius."


In Arkham Asylum, Harvey sat on the bunk in his cell, once more dressed in the Inmate clothing that he awoke from his Coma in. The fallen DA simply stared blankly at the concrete wall before him, one of three that made up his cell, except for the large metal door that stood to his left. It was so quiet in there as the Scarred-Man sat in complete isolation, that he had nothing to distract him from his thoughts as he continually went over them in his mind. But then the sound of metal being moved as something on the door was unlocked, caught Dent's attention as it's viewer port opened and revealed a familiar masked-Man to it's occupant.

'Bruce!' he thought as he stood up and stared back at Batman through the small window.

"Hello, Harvey." the Vigilante said, making the prisoner stare back at his Visitor with an unsure expression as he walked up to the door, but the former recognised what he was thinking and gave him a slight smile in return.

"Don't worry, we have at least 5 minutes before Arkham's security realises that the glitch their cameras and audio-receivers are suffering is anything but that." he added with his usual disguised voice, gaining a nod back.

"So how did you get passed the Security to get even this far into the Asylum, since I heard that it had been strengthened quite a bit since I was last here, Bruce."

"Let's just say that I have a 'friend' on the inside, plus as the increased security goes, I had Wayne Enterprises give the Arkham a much needed cash boost to their budget." the Dark Knight replied, as a more serious expression befell Harvey's face.

"You do know that I will not tell anyone your identity, right?

"Yes, I know, Harvey."

"I know Rachel would not forgive me if I were to out your identity, especially since Gotham needs you more than it did me." Dent replied with a knowing look.

"I heard that you asked to be locked away without hope of parole, even telling them what regulations they could use to ensure anything like that could not happen." his Visitor asked, earning a nod back in return.

"You helped me see the truth of what I had become, Bruce, which was a betrayal to Rachel and everything that she believed about me, which was something that I could not live with." he added with the tone of his voice tinged with guilt and self loathing, gaining a nod from the Vigilante in return.

"It wasn't entirely your fault, Harvey, because the Joker was the one who set you on this dark path. He targeted you because you were Gotham's symbol of hope, it's one chance for something better."

"And he was wrong about that..." the scarred-Man then said back, turning round to face Batman once more.

"...and so were you, Bruce. Because in the end, I was just a Man, someone that could be silenced or corrupted...which was exactly what happened..." he continued as a knowing look appeared on his face.

"...but you, Bruce, you have created in 'Batman' something that could never be defiled or destroyed and your example will eventually inspire Gotham to be better than it is."

This brought a surprised expression to Bruce's face, which Harvey could see, even beneath that Cowl as the former remembered what the Inmate was referring to.

"You can be the symbol of hope that I can never be."

"It's funny how the people around me have been throwing words that I have said in the past, back in my face recently." the costumed-Man said back with a humbling tone, which brought a saddened smile to Dent's face.

"Perhaps you should listen to them more..." he began to reply, as his face then looked back more knowingly.

"...because I wish that I had."

This brought a moment of silence between the two Men as they stood either side of the Cell-door, as Batman nodded back knowingly.

"My friend here in at the Asylum has told me that you convinced the GCPD and the Mayor-Office to put you behind bars with no hope of Parole, even bringing up the regulations that would cement that decision in place."

"That's right, because I remember when I made a promise to the City, that it's Laws do work and can again for their benefit. So it is only fair that those same Laws apply to me, considering what I ended up doing. If going in here for the crimes that I committed helps the people to see that, then at least I will have done something good and I can start redeeming myself in 'her' eyes once more."he said back with a hopeful tone, which brought a smirk to Batman's face.

"You will, Harvey, in time..." he started to say before looking down at his utility-belt and opening one of its pouches, earning a curious stare from Harvey as he could not see it through the door.

"...which brings me to this..." the Vigilante added, before opening the package hatch of the door on his side and placing something within.

"...because I want you to have it."

This made the former DA's expression become more curious as he turned his attention to the hatch on his side of the door, opening it and retrieving the item.

"Oh..." he then started to say in surprise as his eyes widened, for he found himself holding a photo of Rachel.


"There is no need to say anything, Harvey, since you need this more than I do." the Dark Knight quickly replied with a smile, gaining a mirrored expression from Dent in response as he looked down at the photo.

Well, I should get going now." the costumed-Billionaire then said, making the Inmate nod back as he returned his attention to the Vigilante.

"Of course, but promise me one thing while you are out there."

"What's that?"

"Don't fail Gotham, don't let the City down like I did." Harvey said back with a hopeful tone to his voice, which gained a confident expression from Batman in return.

"I won't, Harvey, I promise."

This brought a thankful smile to Dent's face as he looked back down at Rachel's photo.

"Good, then you better..." he started to reply, before looking back up and noticing that the Dark Knight was no longer standing there.

"...get back out there."

This made his smile widen a little more as he then went back to his bunk and sat down, before returning his gaze to the photo.

'Jim was right, he really 'does' do that.'

Twenty minutes later and Jim walked into the living-room of the Hotel suite that was now the Gordon's residence for the next several days, sighing heavily as he dropped his coat on the couch there.

'It's finally done...' he started to think, before something caught the corner of his eyes which made him turn to see that there three packed suitcases standing by the wall next to the door.

"What's going..." he began to say as Barbara and the Kids walked in from the Bedroom, with their coats already on.


Both kids looked at their Father with saddened expressions, though his Daughter was the more upset of the two as their Mother stepped toward the older Man.

"Jim, the Kids and I are going to my Mother's in Cleveland." she said in very clear and calm tone, which made her Husband's expression become even more bewildered.

"What?...but...but why?" he replied, not even attempting to hide his emotions as the room's phone, that stood on a stand next to the main door, began to ring.

"Jimmy, get the phone. It should be the front desk, letting us know that the Taxi has arrived." Barbara then said, earning a solemn nod from her Son, before returning her attention to Jim once more.

"Barbara, tell me what the hell is going on." he said back, trying to stay calm, despite what he was feeling inside.

"Jim, if you haven't noticed, this Family has suffered at the hands of that Maniac, not once...but twice in a year, a year. I don't want our Kids to live here anymore, so I am taking them somewhere far from the madness that this City invites..." she started to say, while Jimmy spoke on the phone.

"...I would ask you to come with us, but I know what your answer will be and I just can't have our Kids stay in this environment because of that." she answered, gaining a knowing look from Gordon as he turned his eyes to the floor tellingly.

"Also I feel that the only tie that we have to each other because of them." the Wife continued while gesturing at little Barbara who stood at her side, holding her hand.

"Mom, they said the Taxi is waiting to take us to the Airport." the older Son then answered as he put the phone down, earning a nod back in return as he walked up to his Father.

"Dad, we saw the news. You really took responsibility for lying about Batman and Dent?" he asked, there was a slither of un-believability to his words, but just a slither as Jim nodded back with a slight smile.

"Yeah, Son, I did."

This made the boy give his Father a hug, with the latter kneeling down to return the gesture as they embraced.

"I'm proud of you, Dad."

"Thanks, Jimmy." he replied as the two then separated and his attention turned to little Barbara, who was watching with a mixture of sadness and defiance.

"I don't want to go, Daddy." she stated with her bottom lip trembling away, earning a loving stare from her Father as her took in a warm embrace, which made her grip tightly as she then hugged him back.

"I know, Sweetheart, but your Mom is right, you would be much safer in Cleveland." he said back with a tinge of reluctance to his voice, which made her cling to him even tighter.

"...but..." she managed to say, while tears slowly started to run down her face, so he pulled away just enough to look his Daughter in her eyes.

"What kind of Father would I be if I kept you here in harms way..." he started to say before looking back to his Son, who acknowledged him with a solemn nod.

" you will go with your Mom and be on your best behaviour, okay?" he then asked, whilst little Barbara simply looked down at the ground.

"I don't want to hear back from your Gran, telling me that your causing her trouble." he added, though now he could feel his eyes welling up as he watched his youngest, who then returned her attention back to him and nodded slowly.


"Come here." he said back with hurt smile as the two hugged once more, before his Wife then spoke up.

"Jim, we really should get going."

"Right then, I see you both real soon." he replied as he and his Daughter separated, with the little girl joining her Brother's side reluctantly.

"Jimmy, take your sister outside, please?" the Mother then said, earning a nod from him before both the kids gave their Father one last look.

"Bye, Dad."

"Bye, Daddy."

"See you soon, Kids." Jim replied before the two youngsters left the room, with the oldest pulling along one of the suitcases, while Barbara grabbed the last two and started for the same door.

"Let me help you with that Barbara." the former Commissioner offered, making the Woman shake her head as she stopped by the now open door.

"They are not heavy, Jim, since the two Cops that brought them here for us didn't pack everything that was back at the house..." she began to say, before looking over her shoulder at him.

"...anyway, our Son is right." she continued, gaining a curious look back from Gordon.

"About what?"

"That you did a 'good thing' tonight...good bye." she then said before walking out the door and down the corridor, out of sight of her Husband, who then closed the door and stood there for what felt like a long moment as he thought about what had just happened.

But then he suddenly looked over to the Balcony-door with a curious expression, before re-adjusting his glasses and then walking over to it, exiting the interior and stepping out into he cool night air as he leaned on the railing and looked out at the City around him.

"I'm sorry, Gordon." a familiar disguised voice then spoke from his right, earning a sigh from him.

"There's no need to apologise, Batman, this was going to happen sooner or later..." he began to say back, making the Vigilante step out of the shadowed area of the Balcony and stand beside his Ally.

"...I mean Barbara and I have had our troubles anyway, this was just the last nail in the coffin. Plus she is right about the Kids, they shouldn't have to live in a City where they are constant targets..." he continued while looking down at the street below, just as his family got into the waiting taxi, which then left moments later.

"...but at least they will be safe now, since things are about to get a lot messier from now on."

"Because of the one thousand Mob members that will be released in the next day or so from Blackgate." Batman replied, earning a nod from Gordon.

"Yeah, Gotham's going to need you now, more than ever. Because I doubt that the GCPD is going to be as effective with Foley in charge." he said back with a knowing expression, gaining a nod back from the costumed-Man.

"I agree, especially as Foley has made it clear that he will still be targeting me as well..." he began to say while turn ing his attention to the view.

"...but let him come, I can handle it."

This made Gordon smirk and look at him with an admirable expression, while a breeze gently blew through the area.

"I know that's true..." he said before noticing that the breeze had gently blown open a gap in the Dark Knight's cape, revealing the new bodysuit underneath which was dark grey with a new shaped Bat-symbol cover it's chest.

" the way, I notice you've got a new look." he added while gesturing to his Ally's costume, which was now in the light and he could see the slight difference in the black Cowl and the leathery look of it's cape.

"I thought it was time for a change..." the Vigilante began to reply, while keeping his attention on the City.

" what are you going to do now, since you are no longer in the GCPD?"

This brought a thoughtful look to the former Commissioner, before a slight smile appeared on his face as he mirrored his friend.

"Since I am not following my Family to Cleveland, you have probably guessed that I am staying in Gotham."

"It doesn't take a Genius." Batman replied, earning another thoughtful look from Gordon.

"Yeah well, I still believe that I can help this City, even if I'm no longer a member of it's Police-Force. I just need to figure out how."

"You will, Gordon, I know it. Just as I know that we can still bring Gotham back, although it will take longer than we thought." the Vigilante said back with a confidant tone to his disguised voice, before he then started to move.

"Wait, Batman, before you go and disappear like you do..." the former-Cop then began to say, stopping the costumed-Man in his tracks as he looked back over his shoulder.

"...there was something that I wanted say."

"What is it?" the Dark Knight replied as he turned back to face his Ally.

"Before all of this happened with Harvey, you and I worked together for over a year as we fought to loosen the Mob's grip on Gotham. Over that time we learnt to trust one another as we succeeded in beating the organised Crime machine and I feel honoured to call you my friend." Gordon said with a heartfelt tone, which brought a surprised look to the Batman's masked-face.

"...Gordon..." he began to say back, only for Jim to cut him off in a friendly manner.

"Batman, my friends call me 'Jim'." he replied, which brought a smile to the Vigilante's face as he nodded back in return.


"That's better, now get out there, there's work to be done." the older Man said back with a warm smile, gaining another nod and smirk from the Dark Knight before he then quickly leapt over the railing and dropped out of view of the Balcony. Gordon then looked over to the ground below and saw that there was now no sign of his friend as he then returned his gaze to the view of the City, just as the clouds gave way to the Moon in the night sky.

"Thank you and good luck." he then said while behind the building, Batman landed back on his Batpod and drove off into the night.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the City, a black Limousine parks under a street lamp that is just aways from the Sandy Hook Bridge. Then a black-suited Man steps out of the driver's side of the vehicle and walks to it's back, before opening the passenger door there.

"We have arrived at Gotham, Sir." he spoke while looking into the low lit interior.

"Very good. And what have you heard about 'the Bird' and the rest of those Traitorous Bastards, what has happened to them?" an angry grizzled voice spoke back, to which the Driver simply looked back with a calm and focused expression.

"It has been reported that 'the Bird', Wintergreen and his team have all been arrested by the Police, Sir."

"Now that's what I like to hear, traitors getting their just-deserts. Serves them right for ditching my services for that Freak's." the Passenger replied happily, gaining a nod back from the other.

"Indeed, Sir."

"Well help me out, because I want to see the view from here."

"Of course, Sir." the Driver answered as he helped the other older-sounding Man out of the back of the vehicle, revealing the latter to be a short, round, balding Man wearing an expensive-looking suit. He had a rather pointed nose and wore a single eye-glass over his left eye.

"Hand me that, will you?" he then said, gesturing to something that was lying on the back-seat, which the other Man then picked up.

"Here you are, Sir." he replied while handing a black Umbrella to his Passenger, who then stood there and admired the view of the bridge and the City behind it.

"Yes, I think it is time that Gotham City remembered one of it's oldest Families, wouldn't you agree?"

"Of course, Mr. Cobblepot." the Driver said back, turning his attention to the view as the shorter Man smiled.

"Yes, wait until they all see what I can do, Wah Wah Wah."


A/N: And so I finish my first Batman Fan-Story. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Thank you for taking the time to read this story, I really appreciate it. :)

Next Story: Five Years later, the City is under the shadow of the mysterious Penguin and Black Mask, the last two Mob Bosses still operating in Gotham. But as public opinion grows for the Batman, due to his one Man crusade against the Mob. The Dark Knight finds himself targeted by two Assassins, whose sole purpose appears to be making him pay for a Sin from his past.
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