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Against the Sun We're the Enemy

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Just read, I guess. I don't really have a summary for it.

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Just something I came up with. Tell me whether or not you like it

Nora’s P.O.V.

“So…I was thinking that if we get up early maybe we could go get breakfast before the Meet and Greet. That way you’re not a grouch.” I suggest as we sit at the table on the bus.

“I’m only a grouch when you don’t allow me enough time to get my beauty rest.” Gerard teases primping. The raven-haired God sitting next to me tosses his dark hair dramatically. I giggle softly pushing him playfully.

“Well maybe if you didn’t stay up until all hours of the night doodling, you wouldn’t be so tired.” I shoot back looking into his hazel-green eyes intensely.

“Stop being such an interesting subject.” He says his eye matching my intensity. I’m caught off guard by his response, and it shows. He grins, before leaning forward and kissing me softly. I pull away quickly.

“Gerard…What are you doing?” I ask softly.

“Shh,” He whispers as he kisses me again, soft and slow. His mouth tastes like coffee and cigarettes. I pull away again turning away from him.

“Gerard, you know why we can’t do this.” I say. I feel him put his arms around me from behind, nuzzling his face into my dark purple hair.

“Why? Because you know, it’ll distract from your work. Or because you don’t want the entire staff to hear you in the throes of passion every night?” He purrs, nuzzling my neck. I sigh deeply trying to collect my thoughts.

“Because it didn’t work the first time around, why would it now? Because every time we get together it ends in a blaze of self-destruction, because…..because you’re engaged and planning your wedding.” I point out standing up, my entire body humming.

“Who says we have to involve feelings? We’ve been on tour for months now, we’re both lonely, and the whole ‘1000 miles’ rule is a thing. Come on Nora, through all the bullshit we had excellent chemistry in bed.” Gerard says. “The way I see it, Kelsi is at home getting fucked by Bert anyway. So what does it matter?”

My face blanches. “You know?” I ask softly, knotting my hands in my lap.

“Yeah, I’m shocked you weren’t the one to tell me. A little betrayed actually, I thought we were friends.” He says quietly.

“We are; I just didn’t know how to break the news to you. I can’t stand the idea of seeing you hurt. I also don’t think revenge cheating, is a good way to go about it either. Everyone just ends up hurt in the end.”

I say giving Gerard a soft smile. I kiss him lightly before heading towards the door of the bus. “Goodnight Gerard.” I whisper softly, before leaving. I stand outside the bus willing him to come out behind me. Tears welling in my eyes with every passing moment that he didn’t come.

I bury my hands in my face and sob as I head back to my bus.


I guess I should explain everything.

Gerard and I have history. We dated back in high school. When it was good, it was fucking phenomenal, and when it was bad, it was volatile. Fist fights, mean words, drug binges, and hate sex. But we loved each other and were endlessly loyal to one another, but it ended with me going to live with my aunt in upstate New York.

Then 10 years later when my college roommate and best friend introduced me to her fiancé, we were thrust back together, all of the unfinished business between us, screaming loudly.

It was a nightmare. We had a fight like no other. The worst part was sneaking behind Kelsi’s back to do so. Gerard didn’t want to blow his chances with Kelsi by having history with her roommate. Which I understood.

He’d struggled to sober up to make things work with her. That had been a slap in the face for me. We eventually settled things, made amends to one another, and had rebuilt our friendship. But the tension was still there.

Even more so after Gerard found out that Kelsi was having an affair with Bert McCracken. Gerard was devastated. He wanted to break things off, she begged him to stay. We had just gone on tour together, me as his personal assistant, and when he found out I ended up staying up all night listening to him rant and rave.

Chased him for five and a half blocks to a bar in Vegas, where we ended up hammered, and I almost let him romance me into getting married by Elvis. I puked just in time to ruin the moment. A monster hangover followed the next day for the both of us, and we decided it was better that we keep things friendly.

I’m guessing that’s not the case anymore.


I woke the next morning exhausted, sleep having evaded me. As things begin to come into focus, I sit up in my bunk; my face hits a piece of paper. I sit back snatching the paper down to get a better look. It’s a drawing of a bouquet of dying roses.

I smile biting my lip, rolling my eyes. Tucking the drawing into my book.

I take my time getting ready as usual. I pick out a black swing dress with lace sleeves, and an emerald satin sash in the middle. It sounds stupid but I always dress up on Meet and Greet and concert days.

Hell, I dress up all the time, but I put a little extra effort in on days like today. More paparazzi.

After putting my makeup on and curling my dark purple dark, I slip into a worn pair of Steve Madden pumps with black ribbon ties. I quickly make my way off the bus, and hurry to find the nearest Starbucks to get coffee.

I come back to find Gerard talking to Frank and Ray wearing sunglasses. I hand him his coffee wordlessly, nodding at Frank and Ray before walking away to go take a look at the venue. I inspect the space, wondering how we should set everything up for the quickest tear down.

“So you’re not talking to me now?” I hear Gerard ask from behind me, sipping his coffee.

“I uh….I actually thought you were mad at me.” I admit, taking a long sip of my Frappuccino. “I was giving you you’re space.”

“Why would I be mad at you for telling the truth? Revenge cheating isn’t the way to solve this….that’s why I broke things off with Kelsi this morning.”

“You what! And she hasn’t called me yet?” I ask looking at Gerard.

“She probably isn’t going to. She thinks you’re the one who told me she was cheating.” He said.

“You told I didn’t right? You told her that you found out on your own, right?” I pry my full attention on Gerard.

“She didn’t want to listen to me Nora, what was I supposed to say?” He says with an exasperated sigh. Silence falls between us.

“Thanks for the drawing.” I say clearing my throat as I change the subject. "Any reason why you chose dying roses?"

“Live roses are such a cliche.” He replies sipping his coffee. He wanders off to go get ready. Plastering on a smile through the Meet and Greet during the day, then crushing it during the concert at night.

Both events going off without any issues; thanks to my superb organization skills. By the end of the night, I am exhausted. I make my way back to the bus, carrying my heels in my hand.

I feel someone tug me in between the buses shoving me back, planting a deep kiss on my lips. A kiss that tasted of coffee and cigarettes. A kiss that was so familiar and felt like home. I pour everything into that kiss, locking my fingers in his dark raven colored hair. Savoring the feeling of having Gerard hold me again. His lips find my neck licking and sucking at my pulse point. I let out a low moan as he presses his body into mine.

My whole body responds to the feel of him against me.

Let’s go back to my bunk. The guys shouldn’t be back until later." He purrs hotly, tugging me in the direction of his bus. I grin as I follow behind him eagerly.

Tell me what you think. I'll continue based on feedback.

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