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Role-Play Peterick ~ WIP

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My friend FallOutWinchester (find on Deviantart) and I got on to Skype and decided to do a role-play

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So basically because I can't colour the text here I'm going to differentiate the person like this. So FallOutWinchester is the plain text and I am the bolded text.
Also Charlie is a character that I hear about a lot in FOB fanfic and he's usually playing as one of their bodyguards or crew members when they go on tour and shit so yeah I'm using him here as that kinda role.

Scene: We are in the tour bus somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Andy and Trohman are in their hotel room having a very serious gaming battle. Patty and I are in the tour bus with blindfolds on. Charlie is with us, making us play a game. He is feeding us food and making us guess what the food is.
Charlie: “So Pat you're up, what's this I'm putting in your mouth now?”

Patrick: “I'm not sure if I want to know, honestly. But, I'll take a shot in the dark with a French fry?”

Charlie: “Dude, not even close!”
Pete: “Here lemme have a crack at it Charlie.”

Patrick: “What? It tasted like one!”

Pete: “Dude this tastes nothing like a frigging French Fry!”

Patrick: “Well, excuse me, Mr. Food Expert!”

Pete: “Oh a food expert am I now? Says the one who made me try and eat baby food and watch me eat half of all the tubs and still get it wrong?”

Patrick: “You were so unlucky with that.”

Pete: “Yeah ... And guess who made me do that? Mr. Patrick StumpyPants over there!”
Charlie: “Would you just guess already??”

Patrick: “Yeah, Petey. Just guess!”

Pete: “Fine Pattycakes I will! So I'm gonna go with ... Hmm ... This is a tough one ... A potato? Did you cut up a raw potato? Into French Fry shapes??”

Patrick: “Well, I was right then!”

Pete: “No you weren't because it was not a French Fry.”
Charlie: “Pete's actually right Pat.”

Patrick: “You just- I-”

Charlie: “For once …”
Pete: “OI! What's that supposed to mean?”
Charlie: “Oh and yes I just fed you a raw potato.”

Patrick: “Aw, nasty.”

Pete: “Ha ha! I was right! And you were wrong!”

Patrick: “Rude!”

Pete: “But you love me anyways!” (Flashes you my signature Wentz smile)

Patrick: (I grumble, making a scrunched up face)

Pete: “What was that Pattycakes? You need to speak up because I can't understand you when you do the cute scrunchy face thing.”

Patrick: “Rude.” (I draw out the word)

Charlie: “Girls girls you're both pretty can I go home now?”
Pete: “We're on tour dude you can't go home?”

Patrick: “You'll miss the fun!”

Charlie: “Dude it's a Megamind reference …”
Charlie: “Anyways so that's the end I'm calling it quits because there is no way in Hell that Pete can catch up to you Patrick ... SO the end final scores are Patrick 35 and Pete 1.”

Patrick: “Woop!”

Pete: “Aw come on! How did that happen! And I can make a comeback from that thanks!”
Charlie: “Oh really, how?”
Pete: “Because I'm Mr Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third ... I can do anything!”

Patrick: (I roll my eyes with a small smile)

Pete: “See! Even Pattycakes agrees with me!” (Pulls you into a big bear cuddle)

Patrick: (I let out a small squeak) “Hey!”

Pete: (Breaks into a massive grin) “You squeaked ...”
Charlie: “Okay I'm gonna join Andy and Joe now and leave you two to ... Whatever this even is …”

Patrick: “Wow, abandoned!”

Pete: (Starts singing) “I'm all alone …”
Pete: “There's no one here beside me …”

Patrick: “Aaalll by myyyselfff …”

Charlie: “Yep I'm going bye.”

Patrick: “WELL SORRY!”

Charlie leaves the van
Pete: “I was singing Donkey's song from Shrek!”

Patrick: “I didn't recognize it!”

Pete: “How dare ... How the fuck do you NOT recognise that!!!”
Pete: “That's it!”
Pete: “We are having ...”

Patrick: “What?”

Pete: “A movie marathon!”
Pete: (Breaks into massive evil grin)

Patrick: “End my suffering.”

Pete:” And I'm gonna make you stay with me ... There'll be popcorn!! And you will stay ... Or else.” (Evil smirk)

Patrick: “Oh, gee …”

Pete: “Don't make me bring Brendon or worse ... Tyler.”

Patrick: “OK OK!”

Pete: “You submissive little sweaty man hehe.”

Patrick: “Excuse-”

Pete: “Denied.”

Patrick: “Oh boy.”

Pete: (Starts getting the TV ready with the DVDS)

Patrick: (Gets on the couch, snuggling in to the cushions to get comfortable)

Pete: (Looks back at you) (Smirks)

Patrick: (Doesn't notice, too busy fiddling with a loose string on the blanket)

Pete: (Internally thinking) “He's so cute what am I even doing anymore ...”

Patrick: (Takes off my hat, ruffling my hair a bit and smiling to myself. I make a mental note) “This shouldn't be too bad, right?”

Pete: (Notices this little movement) (Smirks)

Patrick: (Looks over at Pete and notices this) “What?”

Pete: “Just you're being cute again.”

Patrick: (Face turns red) “Oh …”

Pete: “So the movie is ready ... You wanna go get snickety snacks for me please?” (Puts on famous puppy eyes and pouty face)

Patrick: (Smiles and nods, going to go find food)

Pete: (Starts going through the movie menus to get it ready)
Pete: “You got some food yet Tricky?”

Patrick: “Getting some!”

Pete: “Well hurry up the movie is ready!”

Patrick: (Walks back in with an armful of food)

Pete: (Starts eating food from your arms)

Patrick: “Dude, what-”

Pete: “What I'm hungry! Anyway hurry up and get comfy!” (Takes food from you to make it easier)

Patrick: (Sits down, getting comfortable)

Pete: “You all comfy Tricky?”

Okay so as a note on the end here I may not be able to update this for a while because I don't have Skype myself I was using my friend's account and I don't have access to that all the time and FallOutWinchester is in America and I'm here etc. so I'll try to update when I can I'm so sorry

Much Love - Kat
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