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Criminal Minds ~ WIP

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The CM series re-written with a new twist (sort of)

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The Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) consists of the following official members:

Unit Chief and Supervisory Special Agent (SSA)
• Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner

Communications Liaison Supervisory Special Agent (SSA)
• Jennifer “JJ” Jareau

Senior Supervisory Special Agents (SSA)’s
• Jason Gideon

Supervisory Special Agents (SSA)’s
• Dr. Spencer “Spence/Pretty Boy/Boy Genius” Reid
• Derek “Chocolate Thunder” Morgan
• Elle “El” Greenaway

Technical Analyst (TA)
• Penelope “Techy/Baby Girl” Garcia

And YOU!
Basically this is sort of a second person X Reader fanfiction that takes place beginning at the very start of Criminal Minds … I will be re-writing every episode one by one and possibly adding a couple of new episodes or changing the plot of a few to match what I want to happen to my new character that I am inserting into the TV show. It will be written in a mixture of different Points Of View (POV) and it will differ from being in first and third person.

I was originally planning to write it all in second person to let it be more X Reader but I figured it would be too hard to make it so that the reader can insert themselves into the character Kat (as of her history and character personality and looks, etc.) so I’ve decided to change it to Kat being an actual character and if you wish you can imagine that you are Kat …

This is a WIP (Work In Progress) and will be for a very long time (as there are at least 11 seasons with at least 23 episodes each, all of which are in very great detail and I’m adding in my own episodes, etc.) and I do not have all the time in the world that I wish I could have (school and work and assignments and bla bla bla) but I will try my best to update or at least write an episode here and there to try keep it flowing …

I’ve had this idea for a very long time (couple of good long years at least) and Kat has been developed through watching Criminal Minds, personal experiences (sort of not really), and pure imagination and she has been sitting in my mind for too long.

Kat’s general description here is usually what I base Kat off every time I decide to use her in a story because I love her very much and I believe she is a very workable character … Also I favour the name Kat a lot.

Also with the FBI character thing above I will be doing one every now and then because I haven't decided when ... I'm thinking of every episode (because it changes in between seasons so I can't really do it there) or whenever the character list changes ...

ANYWAY here is a little taste of what is to come and I hope you wish to stay tuned for possible updates … This next segment is an original and I haven’t fixed it and moved it out of second person yet but it will happen soon.


Kat, no last name and multiple different identities and no living family as you killed them all in cold-blooded defence. All known living relatives that have ever crossed paths with you have never been seen or heard from again.

You are two years younger than Spencer, bleach white female with no reproductive organs (including breasts), thousands of scars ranging from size, shape and colour due to the deepness of those said scars and the instrument of torture used to create it. You are instinctively protective of the people close to you and children (by default). You were born into a horrid family in a small town surrounded by woods and a lake. The whole town all knew each other well, so they all knew what the family was doing to you, and they supported it ...
When your mother fell pregnant she was expected to have twins, the doctor said that one would be a male and the other a female (based on the ultra sounds and the size of each growing child [males are generally larger than females]), however that was not to be the case. You both ended up being females, and you can out first. The doctors said that the male child would come out first due to the positioning of you both. This is how your parents knew which child was the disappointment and which was the miracle gift. Because your parents desired a male child, they would have been so proud of you at birth, but because you were a female and so was your twin, they were immediately disappointed and ashamed of you. They were heavily religious, and believed that you were a curse upon the family and that they had been wronged by God somehow, so they took vengeance upon your life. They treat you cruelly, they tortured you, made you their slave and household servant. They never acknowledged anything that you did correctly and they always punished you severely for anything you did wrong.
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