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sat outside of my front window. this story's going somewhere

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Emily Ikuhara thinks expects her sophomore year to suck. Boy was she wrong...

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Disclaimer: The following is purely fiction. I don't own fall out boy, only a crazy imagination and a lot of free time.

c h a p t e r ONE
{sat outside of my front window. this story's going somewhere

Emily's POV

"Boredom has officially taken over my life," I quietly said to myself, flipping through channels on my television.

It is more than a month into summer and I have nothing to do. It's ridiculous. "Sophomore year is going to blow."

Jay is on vacation in the Philippines. Paige is moving to California. Brian is...well I have no idea what he's up to, but I haven't seen him around. That leaves--

All my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it seems as if they're here to stay..."

"Gah. Where is that thing?!" I said, going through my purse. I only found lip gloss, keys and a wallet. The ringtone played again, taunting me, making me wish that I kept better track of where I keep my crap. I looked under my bed, but it wasn't there either. Eventually I found it in one of my shoes. Don't ask.

"Why, speak of the devil. I was just thinking about you," I said.
"Something erotic, I hope."
"Mhmm. We were in the shower...I was screaming 'Oh my God!...What the fuck are you doing in the shower with me!'"
"Hey, a guy can dream, right?" he laughed.
"Yeah, whatever." He was such a dork sometimes.
"Well are you doing anything today?" he asked, after our laughter subsided.
"Ummm. Sort of. I was planning on being bored out of my mind today, but I could put that aside for you."
"I was thinking movies, then maybe something to eat."
"Sounds good."
"I'll pick you up in 30."
" 'Kay."

I changed into a lime green t-shirt and jeans that I randomly found in my closet. That only took 5 minutes, so I plopped in front of the television again and flipped through channels again. I stopped once I saw ads for the Bullet Blender . The guy with the British accent was making a power drink using the extractor kit and blender. He put a floret of broccoli, beets, pineapple and spinach. Apparently the fruits overpowered the taste of the random green food he put in there.

I felt the bed shift, then laughter. "I see that you're watching the magic blender commercial again."
"For your information, it's called the bullet blender, and I happen to like it."
"You're weird."
"I know. "
We watched the rest of the infomercial, then I grabbed my purse. "Okay, lets go."

Going downstairs my 5-year-old brother, Ben, saw us. "Trick, are you gonna marry Emi?" We laughed.
"I don't think so little guy," Trick said, ruffling Ben's hair. "We're just friends."
"Oh, okay."

We continued down the stairs and I yelled to my mom, who was in the kitchen "I'm going out with Patrick!"
"Have fun!"

And we were out the door.

"Sorry about my brother," I said, while Trick opened the door for me.
"It's no problem," he said, hopping into the driver's seat.
"What movie are we going to see?"
"What are you in the mood for?"
"Something scary."

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