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Of All The Gin Joints In The World

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the photoshoot

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Ten:
Of All The Gin Joints In The World
"I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive. Now I only waste it dreaming of you."

The past couple of days I had spent the night over at Pete's. All I ever wanted to do was be around him. It was the day before we would start shooting the music video, and we only had one more song to record. I was excited to do the photo shoot today. It would take all day, so Pete set his alarm for the both of us.
That morning I woke up with a strange feeling someone was holding on to me. I looked down to see a tattooed arm around my waist. I rolled over to see Pete looking at me. I smiled, and started to trace his tattoo.
"Natalie," he said softly.
I looked up at him, "Yes."
"Will you sing to me?" he asked.
I opened my mouth put for just a whisper.
Always you make my stomach turn,
And all the long drives
With my friends blur.
And I wish I kept them inside my mind.
I hide behind these words,
And think of all the places
Where you've been lost,
And found out.
In between my sheets,
In between the rights and the wrongs.
Pete chuckled, "Why that song?'
"Because it reminds me of you," I said.
Pete wrapped his arm around me more, "Why?"
"Because you make me feel transparent. Like I couldn't hide anything from you. Do you know how that feels?" I asked.
He nodded, "Yes, because that's the way I feel when I'm with you."
About an hour later we were heading to the photo shoot. When we arrived I saw everybody for about a minute, and then they rushed me into a dressing room with a dress.
When I put the dress on it was stunning. It was a black dress that was flowing and sheer on the bottom. There was also white roses falling from the bodice down to the flowing skirt part.
I came out, and I had someone there to do my make up and hair. My hair was braided in some placed, and curled in others. My make up had black eyeliner and eye shadow with some lip gloss. It was all simple.
About an hour after being rushed in my band came to see me. I looked at them. Eric was dressed in a black suit with white pinstripes and a white tie. His hair was pushed to the side like he liked it.
Brennan was in black girl jeans with a black long sleeve shirt. The sleeves were rolled up to his forearms, and he wore a white rose corsage.
Then Zack had on black dress pants with a regular black shirt, and he wore white shoes.
"Wow guys looks like we are a black and white movie," I said looking at all of them
Zack smiled, "No they just made us look good enough to be in your black and white movie."
I swung out my arms, and they came in a gave me a big group hug. "So, who designed this anyway?" I asked.
"Uh, I did," I heard from behind me.
I turned to look at Pete. "It's really beautiful."
"Everything is going onto my Clandestine line. We are now designing prom dresses," he said with a laugh. I laughed too. This was too cool.
The first shot was a group shot. I was short so I was put in the front. I had Brennan on one side putting his arm on my shoulder, and Eric on the other side doing the same. Then I had Zack behind me resting his hands on my shoulder. We stood in front of a white back ground.
The next shot Brennan picked me up bride style, and he was standing in front of Eric and Zack. I pretended to be unconscious, so I was limp.
The last shot was of all of us with our back to the camera.
Then next it was just me, and a couch. The photographer said to look like I was dead. So, I did the best I could for a living person.
Eric did a shot by himself where he was just facing left, and so Brennan just had his back to the camera, and Zack faced right.
Then they sent us in to the dressing rooms again to get dressed in our regular clothes. I was wearing a Paramore tee, and black pants with my white converse.
I had to take another group shot with the boys this time behind a black background. We were all smiling this time.
Then I had to take a shot looking over the couch I was laying down earlier with. I had to be sad for myself.
The day was long when we were done, and I was glad to go back to my apartment. This time Pete came over to hang out with us. We watched Star Wars, and we were kind of making fun of it.
That day was one of the best days of my life. I had finally come into myself. I had finally excepted the fact that I was in love. I could squeal at the thought.

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