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"Jeff worriedly peered out his bedroom window at the cold, Indiana rain. He wondered how Bill could stand such inclement weather..."

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Jeff worriedly peered out his bedroom window at the cold, Indiana rain. He wondered how Bill could stand such inclement weather. He knew mother nature pressed on his urges, but he so badly wanted Bill to come inside. In a sleepy state, he crawled out of bed and reached for his striped crimson and brown scarf, too lazy to change out of his pajamas. The smell of his mother making pie wafted to his nostrils as he walked through the kitchen to the back door. The unwieldy, so-big-you-could-hide-a-family-inside-it" TV was on Channel 3 at a low volume, and the lamps gave off a dim light making the small house cozy.

"I'm going to go invite Bill to sleep over, Mom!" He called out. The gloomy rain was turning the thin sheet of snow into mush. The outdoors were pretty silent at the moment- the main roads were a distance away, families were inside, and any animals around were hibernating. He ignored the cold already biting at his skin and further numbing his body; he could even see his breath condense in front of him. The raven-haired boy mustered up the energy to run into the patch of forest.

"Bill?! Where are you? Come out, it's Jeff." After a moment of listening, which was fairly difficult due to the hissing wind, he sighed and rested himself against a tree. Suddenly, he felt the rough bark of the tree brushing against his back. He yelped and dove down. Quickly standing up, his foot caught his scarf. He whipped around to find Bill in the tree's place. His forest green eyes sparkled as rain droplets began to make home on his rosy cheeks. His arms were still branches and he was naked. The redhead immediately began to shiver.

"Is everything all right?"

"Yeah. You just scared me. It's always amazing when you transform," He whispered with a grin as he picked up his now soaked scarf.

"What do you need?"

"It's too cold and rainy, Billy. I want you to come inside." He said as he lifted up his shirt and tied it around the shorter's waist.

"I'm fine J, really. Besides, I'm having trouble staying hum..." He trailed off, noticing the taller one beginning to shiver as well. He tried his best to hug Jeff in his condition.

"Please?" Jeff whined, resting his forehead against his friend's. Seeing the worry in his darkened eyes crushed him. With much effort in his muscles, Bill's last two branches morphed into arms. He closed the hug, kissed Jeff's nose, and looked at him with those eyes as dark and green as the distant Appalachians.

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