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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Battle of Mygoon

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Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Senator Amidala and the 501st Legion engage the Separatists on the planet Mygoon.

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A.N: So I decided to take a break from Star Wars sequel things and decided to do some Clone Wars things. This will be a new series with Kenobi, Skywalker, Amidala, Windu, Yoda and many more characters from the animated TV shows. I am only using Canon material.

Quick Note: I have used some Star Wars words you might not know about. Darth Tyranus is the Darth/Sith given name for Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems is the real name of the Separatists in the Prequel trilogy.

Chapter I - The Battle Begins
Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight and master of Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, arrived at the Jedi High Council room to await orders from the council for his next battle.
"Send you to Mygoon with the 501st Legion, we will," Yoda said.
"As you request, Master Yoda," Anakin said.
As the Jedi Knight walked off, he was called back in by Obi-Wan. A still wary Obi-Wan commanded,
"Take Senator Amidala with you. We still need to protect her for now, and she will be a great help to you and the 501st."
General Skywalker reluctantly agreed, worried for the life of his wife.
"Anything wrong, Master Skywalker?" Mace Windu asked.
Anakin shook his head.
"N-No nothing wrong Master. I'll gather my strike team immediately," he said.
Anakin left the Council Room, to be greeted by Tano while walking out.
"Sky Guy?" she asked.
"Yes Snips?" he replied.
"Am I allowed to assist you on Mygoon?" she asked again.
Anakin stammered. He wasn't going to argue with his Padawan and confirmed she was allowed to join him. Ahsoka ran off to find Rex, while Anakin was searching for his wife Padmé.
If she's with Clovis... he thought.
"Calm down," a voice said. Anakin, however, never heard this voice.
Eventually, Padmé was found by Anakin sitting alone and reading a book quietly. Anakin walked in and sat next to her. He leaned to her shoulder to see what she was reading but the book closed as Padmé said,
"Yes Anakin?"
"Yoda, Windu, Kenobi and the Council commanded me to go to Mygoon with the 501st Legion and Ahsoka. They also requested that you come with me so you do not get attacked here on Coruscant after the recent attacks by the Confederacy," he said. "We must depart now. Are you ready, love?"
Padmé kissed her husband on the cheek and they walked out of her home.
Ahsoka, Rex and the 501st Legion were waiting outside of the Jedi Temple for General Skywalker and Senator Amidala to arrive at the temple.
Eventually, the two lovers arrived and they all departed for Mygoon.

Meanwhile, in the Confederacy's HQ, Darth Tyranus (better known as Count Dooku) and Darth Sidious were discussing how the Battle of Mygoon will work out.
"Master, I shall personally arrive on Mygoon and take care of Skywalker and the clones," Dooku said.
"You must take some legions of droids to your fight, Lord Tyranus," Sidious demanded.
"As you wish," Dooku said. "The Jedi are walking into a trap. They will never know that millions of battle droids will be on the planet to greet them and viciously murder them all and relocate our base to Mygoon."
"Brilliant. Everything is going as I have foreseen," Sidious said, before letting out a evil cackle. The Confederacy of Independent Systems were attempting to gain the upper hand over the Galactic Republic.

Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker shoots down multiple Confederacy TIE fighters while travelling to Mygoon, saving his wife from certain death a few times during transportation.
"Nearly there!" the General cried out. He was having too much fun shooting down TIE Fighters and was ready for whatever the Separatists' space crew threw at him. Eventually the strike team consisting of Anakin Skywalker, Senator Padmé Amidala (legal name Skywalker), Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and the whole of the 501st Legion arrived on the planet of Mygoon. Immediately, they are greeted by tons of Battle Droids. He uses the Force to put his ship in front of his wife so she is safe while he, his apprentice and the clones destroy the droids. Padmé attempted to shoot a few droids and was successful. After the droids were wiped out, the team advanced to an absolutely massive orange-rusty building.
"What is this place?" Rex asked.
Skywalker used the Force to sense what the building was and said,
"A droid factory. We have to some how get into it and destroy it."
However, before they could move, hundreds of thousands of droids and destroyer droids surrounded the team.
"Well, I have a bad feeling about this..." Padmé said.

Afternote: Thank you so much for over 5000 views on all my stories combined! I am so happy that this many views have been put on my story and I am excited for the next 5000 to come!
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